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73938: PATMONT, LOUIS RICHARD - The Mystery of Iniquity : An Expose of the Spirit and Nature of International Communism
76585: PATTERSON, FREDERICK B. - African Adventures; (with Illustrations by the Author)
76582: PATTERSON, J.H. (COLONEL, D.S.O) - In the Grip of the Nyika : Further Adventures in British East Africa
76776: PAUL, HERBERT - Queen Anne
73878: PEAKE, HAROLD; HERBERT JOHN FLEURE - Peasants and Potters; (Volume 3 in a Series of Eight Volumes the Corridors of Time
75390: PEASE, RICHARD H. - Map of French and English Grants on Lake Champlain
75743: PEASE, RICHARD H. - Map of French & English Grants on Lake Champlain
76021: PEAT, FERN AND FRANK - Mother Goose
73862: PECK, JOHN MASON AND RUFUS BABCOCK, (EDITOR) - Forty Years of Pioneer Life: Memoir of John Mason Peck D.D. ; Edited from His Journals and Correspondence
73978: PENN, WILLIAM AND HANNAH FLAGG GOULD - The Death-Bed of a Young Quaker
74448: PENNANT,THOMAS - History of Quadrupeds Third Edition (Two Volumes, Complete)
82940: PERRY, JOHN (CAPTAIN) - The State of Russia Under the Present Czar (Signed); "... In Relation to the Several Great and Remarkable Things He Has Done, As to His Naval Preparations, the Regulating His Army, the Reforming His People, and Improvement of His Countrey : Particularly Those Works on Which the Author Was Employ'd... : Also an Account of Those Tartars, and Other People Who Border on the Eastern and Extreme Northern Parts of the Czar's Dominions... : To Which Is Annex'd, a More Accurate Map of the Czar's Dominions, Than Has Hitherto Been Extant.
76716: PESMAN, M. WALTER - Meet Flora Mexicana : An Easy Way to Recognize Some of the More Frequently Met Plants of Mexico As Seen from the Main Highways
75830: PETERSEN, ROBERT - Petersen's Surfing Yearbook Number Two
74441: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - Get-a-Way and Hary Janos
73782: PETERSON, PETE AND JERRY WILLILAMS - Our Wagon Train Is Lost (Special Commemorative Issue); the True Story of 1,000 Pioneers Who Left the Main Oregon Trail in the Fall of 1853 to Follow a 'Short Cut' over the Desert and Into the High Cascades
75344: PETERSON, LARRY LEN - Charles M. Russell : Legacy [Limited Edition]; Printed and Published Works of Montana's Cowboy Artist
74462: PETESHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - David [ Signed Copy]
75332: PETTENGILL-ANDREWS COMPANY - Pettengell-Andrews Company Electrical Merchandise Catalogue No. 18 (1918)
70655: PHAEDRI, AUGUSTI LIBERTI - Phaedri Augusti Liberti Fabularum Aesopiarum Libri V. Recte Tandem Captui Puerorum Accomodati. Oder: Deutlicher Und Nach Dem Begriff Der Jugend Endlich Recht Eingerichtete Erkl‰Rung Der Aesopischen Fabeln, Welche Phaedrus Ein Freygelassener Des Kaysers Augusti in F¸Nf B¸Chern Hinterlassen: Worinnen Die Constructiones Gewiesen, Die Lateinische Phrases Mit Teutschen Redens-Arten Erl‰Utert, Und Die Sachen Selbst Mit Zul‰Nglichen Notis Erkl‰Ret Werden, Nebst Einem Teutschen Und Lateinischen Register Durch Emanuelem Sincerum (Five Books in One Binding); Aesop's Fables in Five Parts (in Latin with German Notes)
75442: PHILIPPART, JOHN - Memoirs and Campaigns of Charles John, Prince Royal of Sweden
74720: PHILLIPS, STACY - Easy Klezmer Tunes : Classic Tunes from Eastern Europe Arranged for Beginners on All Instruments
76697: PHOCION [TRANSLATED BY GABRIEL BONNOT DE MABLY] [L'ABBEY MABLY] - Entretiens de Phocion, Sur le Rapport de la Morale Avec la Politique; Traduits Du Grec de Nicoles, Avec Des Remarques Par M. L'Abbe Mably; 1763
74799: PIERCE, RICHARDS AND JOHN H. WINSLOW, EDITORS - H.M. S. Sulphur at California, 1837 and 1839 : Being the Accounts of Midshipman Francis Guillemard Simpkinson and Captain Edward Belcher
74370: PIKE, WARBURTON - Through the Subarctic Forest : A Record of a Canoe Journey from Fort Wrangel to the Pelly Lakes and Down the Yukon River to the Behring Sea
75751: PLATT, KIN - The Blue Man
76196: PLINE SECOND [PLINY THE YOUNGER] - Panegyrique de Traian [de la Traduction de Monsieur L'Abbe Esprit]
76623: PLOTTS, WILLIAM - Isogeotherm Hypothesis of Mineral Occurrence and Origin: Origin of Petroleum, Coal, and Other Carmonaceous Products; Showing How These Products Occur in Orderly, Definite, Limited Horizons, Independently of the Plane of Stratification
74717: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Journal of Julius Rodman : Being an Account of the First Passage Across the Rocky Mountains and North America Ever Achieved by Civilized Man
76065: POINTER, LARRY AND DONALD GODDARD - Harry Jackson (Signed)
62922: POLACK, W.G. - The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal
74983: POLEVOY, NIKOLAI - Istoriia Napoleona (2 Vols. )
74114: POLITZER, JUDY - Early Tuesday Morning : More Little Irons and Trivets
74445: POLLEY, LOUIS E. , SUE BAILEY (ASSISTED BY) - A History of the Mohawk Valley and Early Lumbering (Signed)
74172: POPE, DUDLEY - Graf Spee: The Life and Death of a Raider
74708: PORTER, JOHN W. H. - A Record of Events in Norfolk County, Virginia, from April 19th, 1861, to May 10th, 1862, with a History of the Soldiers and Sailors of Norfolk Couny, Norfolk City and Portsmouth Who Served in the Confederate States Army or Navy
76688: POSSELT, ERIC (EDITOR) - Give out! Songs of, for and by the Men in the Service
76160: POSTELS, LEOPOLD (DE) - Atlas of World War II [Published for Greek War Relief Association]
73931: POTTER, CORA BROWN - The Secrets of Beauty & Mysteries of Health : Being Practical Suggestions for the Right Care of the Person Together with a Collection of Valuable Receipts Pertaining to Health & Beauty Gathered During the Author's Stage Experiences & Travels in All Parts of the World
74056: POUND, EZRA - Translations; (with an Introduction by Hugh Kenner)
76104: POUND, EZRA - Personae : The Collected Poems of Ezra Pound Including Ripostes, Lustra, Homage to Sextus Propertius, H.S. Mauberley
74422: POWELL, ADDISON M. - Trailing and Camping in Alaska
74431: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY - Canyons of the Colorado
83039: POWNALL, THOMAS - The Administration of the Colonies
74463: PRELUTSKY, JACK [POEMS BY] PETER SIS [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Dragons Are Singing Tonight [Signed Copy]
75068: PRENTICE, AMY - Frisky Squirrel's Story (Aunt Amy's Animal Stories)
76094: PRESCOTT, KENNETH W. [BEN SHAHN] - The Complete Graphic Works of Ben Shahn
75320: PRESSLAND, DAVID - The Art of the Tin Toy
84529: PRESSMAN, JOSEPH (?) - Letter of New Hampshire Horse Trader Dodging Responsibility for Passing Off a Lame Horse (1888)
74631: PRESTON, CAROLINE E. - Psychological Testing with Northwest Coast Alaskan Eskimos
76807: PRICE, RICHARD - Observations on the Nature of CIVIL Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with America (Bound with 3 Additional 18th Century Pamphlets); to Which Is Added, an Appendix, and Postscript, Containing, a State of the National Debt, an Estimate of the Money Drawn from the Public by the Taxes, and an Account of the National Income and Expenditure Since the Last War
76861: PRIEST, JOSIAH - American Antiquities, and Discoveries in the West : Being an Exhibition of the Evidence That an Ancient Population of Partially Civilized Nations, Differing Entirely from Those of the Present Indians, Peopled America, Many Centuries Before Its Discovery by Columbus. And Inquiries Into Their Origin, with a Copious Description of Many of Their Stupendous Works, Now in Ruins. With Conjectures Concerning What May Have Become of Them. Compiled from Travels Authentic Sources, and the Researches of Antiquarian Societies
83064: PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH, LLD, FRS ETC. ETC. - Delivered in the Church of the Universalists, at Philadelphia, 1796. And Published at the Request of Many of the Hearers; Discourses Relating the Evidences of Revealed Religion
73105: PRISONER 4382 (VANTIFFIN) - Prison Tours and Poems: A Sketch of the Oregon State Penitentiary
84550: PRIVATE COLLECTOR - Telephone Scrapbook
76836: PROVENSEN, ALICE AND MARTIN - The Animal Fair
76189: PUBLIUS VERGILIUS MARO (VIRGIL); JOHN DRYDEN (TRANSLATOR); GEORGE F. WHICHER (INTRODUCTION) - The Georgics : Translated Into English Verse by John Dryden; Illustrated by Bruno Bramanti
68341: PUGHE, W. OWEN AND ROBERT JOHN PRYSE - A National Dictionary of the Welsh Language with English and Welsh Equivalents (Two Volumes, Complete); Geiriadur Cenhedlaethol Cymraeg a Saesneg
76735: PURVIS, J.B. - Through Uganda to Mount Elgon
72379: PUTNAM, GEORGE HAVEN, LITT.D. - Memories of a Publisher 1865-1915 (Signed)
75801: PUTNAM, SAMUEL - The Works of Aretino: Translated Into English from the Original Italian, with a Critical and Biographical Essay (2 Volumes, Complete)
74723: QUEBEDEAUX, RICHARD - Prime Sources of California and Nevada Local History : 151 Rare and Important County and State Directories 1850-1906
74582: RA'ANAN, URI, ROBERT L. PFALTZGRAFF, JR.; RICHARD H. SHULTZ; ERNST HALPERIN; IGOR LUKES - Hydra of Carnage : The International Linkages of Terrorism and Other Low-Intensity Operations : The Witnesses Speak
74309: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS ; JOHN M. COHEN (TRANS. BY) - The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel (Franklin Library)
76818: RACHEBOEUF, P.R. - Upper Lower and Lower Middle Devonian Chonetacean Brachiopods from Bathurst, Devon and Ellesmere Islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago; (Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 375)
75646: RAMAGE, JAMES A. - Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan
74121: RAWLE, WILLIAM (COMMITTEE HEAD AND COPYRIGHT HOLDER) - History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, Sixtieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the American CIVIL War 1861-1865
75358: RAWLINSON, A. - Adventures in the Near East : 1918-1922
75802: RAY, THOMAS BILL - The Adventures of Surveyorbill
75865: RAY, JOHN - The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation in Two Parts
73844: RAYBACK, ROBERT J. - Millard Fillmore : Biography of a President (the Library of the Presidents)
75295: RAYMOND, MARY AND SHIPMAN ANDREWS - Joy in the Morning
74338: RAYNE, M. L. - What Can a Woman Do ; or Her Position in the Business and Literary World
76759: READE, CHARLES - Works of Charles Reade : Complete 12 Volume "Autograph Edition" (12 Volumes)
75623: READER'S DIGEST - The Ellery Queen Casebook
75680: REARDON, WILLIAM R, AND THOMAS D. PAWLEY (EDITORS) - The Black Teacher and the Dramatic Arts
75919: REED, IVY KELLERMAN - A Practical Grammar of the International Language [Esperanto]
76663: REID, W. MAX - Lake George and Lake Champlain : The War Trail of the Mohawk and the Battleground of France and England in Their Contest for the Control of North America
74956: REID, P. R. - The Latter Days
84439: REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION COMMITTEE - Official Order of Business of the Republican National Convention, June 16, 1908, Chicago
74693: REVERE, JOSEPH W. - Keel and Saddle : A Retrospect of Forty Years of Military and Naval Service
74901: REXROTH, KENNETH - Beyond the Mountains (#2o New Directions Poetry Series)
73347: REYNOLDS, MALVINA - Malvina Reynolds Songbook (Signed)
75000: RICE, JERRY AND BRIAN CURTIS - Go Long! : My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame
76119: RICHARDS, PAUL - Breads, Rolls, and Sweet Doughs
74356: RICHMOND, LEONARD, AND J. LITTLEJOHNS LOT 76 - The Technique of Water-Colour Painting
74589: RIDGE, MARTIN - Westward Journeys : Memoirs of Jesse A. Applegate and Lavinia Honeyman Porter Who Traveled the Overland Trail
73935: RIFFERT, GEORGE R. - Great Pyramid Proof of God
74555: RIFFLE, DAVE - The Greatest Hammerless Repeating Shotgun Ever Built : The Model 12 1912-1964
83192: RIMMER, ALFRED - Ancient Stone Crosses of England
75575: RIPLEY, HENRY J. - Sacred Rhetoric; or, Composition and Delivery in Sermons. To Which Are Added Hints on Extemporaneous Preaching, by Henry Ware, Jr.
69355: RIUS, D. LEOPOLDO - Bibliografia Critica de Las Obras de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (3 Volumes)
73732: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN AND RENE MAGRITTE - La Belle Captive : A Novel
70660: ROBELO, CECILIO A. - Nociones Del Idioma Nahuatl (in Boletin Del Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia Y Etnologia (15 of 18 Issues Present); (Nahautl Language Concepts)
75525: ROBERTS, DOROTHY JAMES - The Enchanted Cup
73919: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Kings in Exile
74786: ROBERTS, W. ADOLPHE - Semmes of the Alabama
75880: ROBERTS, CLAYTON - The Logic of Historical Explanation
75262: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Earth's Enigmas
74375: ROBERTSON, JAMES I., JR. (EDITOR) - The CIVIL War Letters of General Robert Mcallister
75740: ROBERTSON, ANDREA - Museum of Automata
74719: ROBERTSON, JOHN W. - Francis Drake and Other Early Explorers Along the Pacific Coast (Signed)
69588: ROBERTSON, FLORENCE H. - Shadow Land : Stories of the South
74272: ROBINSON, CHARLES (III) - The Frontier World of Fort Griffin : The Life and Death of a Western Town
73453: RODALE, J.I. - Stone Mulching in the Garden
74882: ROETHKE, THEODORE - Words for the Wind
71043: ROGERS, FAIRMAN - A Manual of Coaching
74948: ROGERS, FRED B. - Soldiers of the Overland : Being Some Account of the Services of General Patrick Edward Connor & His Volunteers in the Old West
74350: ROGOFF, HERBERT (ED.) - The Best of Canadian Pastels (Pastel Society of Canada)
75807: ROHMER, SAX - Moon of Madness
74032: ROMO, TERECITA - Chicanos En Mictlan : Dia de Los Muertos in California
74034: ROONEY, ANDY - My War (Signed)
64414: ROOSA, DANIEL BENNET ST. JOHN - A Vest Pocket Medical Lexicon : Being a Dictionary of the Words, Terms and Symbols of Medical Science Collated from the Best Authorities with the Addition on New Words Not Before Introduced Into a Lexicon
74014: ROSE, AUGUSTUS F. - Art Metal Work : A Portfolio of Designs
74744: ROSENBAUM, ART AND AND BOB STEVENS - The Giants of San Francisco
76120: ROSENBAUM, ART AND BOB STEVENS - The Giants of San Francisco
74113: ROSENMEYER, THOMAS G. - Senecan Drama and Stoic Cosmology
75443: ROSSITER, JOHNSON - A History of the War of Secession : 1861-1865
76244: ROURKE, CONSTANCE - Troupers of the Gold Coast or the Rise of Lotta Crabtree
84433: RUARK, ROBERT (AND STUART ROSE, EDITOR) - Use Enough Gun : On Hunting Big Game
75050: RUBIN, ROBERT - Ty Cobb : The Greatest
74203: RUBIO, DARIO LOT 74 - Refranes, Proverbios Y Dichos Y Dicharachos Mexicanos, Segunda Edicion Tomo 11 N - Z (Paramiological Studies) Volume 2 Only
74517: RUBY, ROBERT H. AND JOHN A. BROWN - Ferryboats on the Columbia River Including the Bridges and Dams
72135: RUDOW, MARTIN, GARY BANNISTER AND DAVE BURNGASSER - Weekends of Glory: The History of Northwest Sports Car Racing: Volume Two: 1962 Through 1970
75255: RUGE, FRIEDRICH - Rommel in Normandy : Reminiscences by Friedrich Ruge
75311: RUSSEL, ROBERT - Seven Sermons on Important Subjects (the Sixty-Second Edition)
84541: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
75905: RUSSELL, FREDERICK STRATTEN - The Medusae of the British Isles : Anthomedusae, Leptomedusae, Limnomedusae, Trachymedusae and Narcomedusae
83271: RUXTON, GEORGE F. - Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains
74293: RYAN, ERIC AND ADAM LOWRY, (WITH LUCAS CONLEY) - The Method Method : 7 Obsessions That Helped Our Scrappy Start-Up Turn an Industry Upside Down (Signed)
73955: SACHS, CARROL C. AND EUGENE H. SNYDER - Plastics Mold Design
73773: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Full Disclosure
75728: SALMON, THOMAS AND SOLLOM EMLYN - A Complete Collection of State-Trials and Proceedings Upon High-Treason, and Other Crimes and Misdemeanours; from the Reign of King Richard II. To the End of the Reign of King George I: The Fourth Volume (1685-1696); (with Two Alphabetical Tables to the Whole)
75727: SALMON, THOMAS AND SOLLOM EMLYN - A Complete Collection of State-Trials and Proceedings Upon High-Treason, and Other Crimes and Misdemeanours; from the Reign of King Richard II. To the End of the Reign of King George I: The Third Volume (1679-1684); (with Two Alphabetical Tables to the Whole)
74866: SALVATOR, LUDWIG LOUIS - Los Angeles in the Sunny Seventies : A Flower from the Golden Land
84549: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Post Card Album Featuring Cliff House, in San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge
76612: SANDERS, ALVIN HOWARD AND WAYNE DINSMORE (EDITORS) - A History of the Percheron Horse
74950: SANDERSON, WM - Scottish Life and Character
76802: SANDYS, GEORGE - Sandys Travailes: Containing a History of the Originall and Present State of the Turkish Empire; Their Lawes, Governement, Policy, Military Force, Courts of Justice, and Commerce : The Mahometan Religion and Ceremonies. A Description of Constantinople, the Grand Signiors Seraglio, and His Manner of Living: Also, of Greece, with the Religion and Customes of the Graecians. Of Aegypt; the Antiquity, Hieroglyphicks, Rites, Customes, Discipline, and Religion of the Aegyptians: A Voyage on the River Nilus: Of Armenia, Grand Cairo, Rhodes, the Pyramides, Colossus; the Former Flourishing and Present State of Alexandria. A Description of the Holy-Land; of the Jews and Severall Sects of Christians Living There; of Jerusalem, Sepulchre of Christ, Temple of Solomon; and What Else Either of Antiquity, or Worth Observation. Lastly, Italy Described and the Islands Adjoyning; As Cyprus, Crete, Malta, Sicilia, the Aeolian Islands; of Rome, Venice, Naples, Syracusa, Mesena, Aetna, Scylla and Charybdis; and Other Places of Note
78930: SARGENT, WINTHROP - A History of an Expedition Against Fort Du Quesne, in 1755; Under Major-General Edward Braddock, Generalissimo of H.B. M. Forces in America
74202: SAVAS, THEODORE P. AND DAVID ALLEN WOODBURY LOT 74 - CIVIL War Regiments : A Journal of the American CIVIL War, Volume One, Number One
76837: SCARRY, RICHARD - Animal Nursery Tales
75345: SCHAFFER, ARMIN - Eppendorfer Kopfe
74658: SCHENK, BEATRICE - What Happens Next
69123: SCHMELTZ, J.D.E, AND HANS J. WEHRLI - Internationale Archiv Fur Ethnographie -- the Ethnology Chingpaw (Kachin) from Upper Burma
75590: SCHMIDI, SARAH LINDSAY - Ranching on Eagle Eye
76208: SCHMIDT, WILLIAM SIDNEY - The Doberman Pinscher in America : A Comprehensive Treatise on the Doberman, Covering Every Phase from Puppyhood to Championship
73751: SCHOENEWOLF, GERALD - The Art of Hating
75576: SCHREVELII, CORNELII [CORNELIS SCHREVEL] EDITED BY JOSEPH HILL - Lexicon Manuale : Graeco-Latinum Et Latino-Graecum
64418: SCHRODER, GUNTER AND DIETER SEIBEL - Ethnographic Survey of Southeastern Liberia: The Liberian Kran and the Sapo
76806: SCHULTZ, CHRISTIAN - Travels on an Inland Voyage Through the States of New-York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and Through the Territories of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and New-Orleans : Performed in the Years 1807 and 1808; Including a Tour of Nearly Six Thousand Miles
83329: SCHULTZ, J.W. - My Life As an Indian : The Story of a Red Woman and White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet
74323: SCHUSTER, ERNEST OTTO - Pancho Villa's Shadow : The True Story of Mexico's Robin Hood As Told by His Interpreter
84531: SCHWATKA, FREDERICK - Along Alaska's Great River : A Popular Account of the Travels of the Alaska Exploring Expedition of 1883, Along the Great Yukon River, from Its Source to Its Mouth, in the British North-West Territory, and in the Territory of Alaska
76783: SCOTT, GEORGE - The Memoires of Sir James Melvil of Hal-Hill; Containing an Impartial Account of the Most Remarkable Affairs of State During the Last Age, Not Mention'd by Other Historians: More Particularly Relating to the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, Under the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James. In All Which Transactions the Author Was Personally and Publickly Concern'd. Now Published from the Original Manuscript
76138: SCOTT, ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series 1. Vol. 23 Part 2 - Correspondence Etc. Operations in Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia, Jan, 21 - Aug 10, 1863
78911: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe : A Romance
73848: SEAGER, ROBERT - And Tyler Too : A Biography of John & Julia Gardiner Tyler (the Library of the Presidents)
73681: SEIFERT, JAROSLAV ; EWALD OSERS (TRANS. BY) ; GEORGE GIBIAN (ED. & TRANS.) - The Selected Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert
76641: SELIGMAN, EDWIN, R.A., AND ALVIN JOHNSON (EDITORS) - Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences (15 Volumes in 8 Bindings, Complete)
73847: SELLERS, CHARLES - James K. Polk Jacksonian 1795 - 1843, Vol. I ; James K. Polk Continentalist 1843 - 1846, Vol. II (the Library of the Presidents) 2-Volume Set, Complete
83363: SEMMES, RAPHAEL - The Log of the Alabama and the Sumter : From the Private Journals and Other Papers of Commander R. Semmes, C.S. N. , and Other Officers
60935: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Biography of a Grizzly
75421: SEVIGNE, MADAME (DE) AND MONMERQUE, M. - Letters de Madame de Sevigne de Sa Famille Et de Ses Amis . (14 Volumes)
72273: SEYMOUR, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Intimate Papers of Colonel House Arranged As a Narrative (4 Volumes) Signed
73981: SHAKESPEARE, WILIAM ; E. NESBIT (RETOLD BY) - Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare Being a Choice Collection from the World's Greatest Classic Writer Wm. Shakespeare
75657: SHALHOPE, ROBERT E. - Sterling Price: Portrait of a Southerner
76206: SHAMBERG, MICHAEL - Guerilla Television
75539: SHANNON, SARA - Diet for the Atomic Age
75521: SHAW, GEORGE C. - The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It; a Complete and Exhaustive Lexicon of the Oldest Trade Language of the American Continent
76559: SHAW, SAM (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Marilyn Monroe As the Girl; the Candid Picture-Story of the Making of "the Seven Year Itch
84545: SHAY, FRANK, EDITOR, AND EDW. A. WILSON (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Iron Men and Wooden Ships: Deep Sea Chanties (Signed by Illustrator)
74653: SHERINGHAM, HUGH AND JOHN C. MOORE (EDITED) - The Book of the Fly Rod
71049: SHERWELL, JOHN W. (CLERK OF THE COMPANY) - A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Guild of Saddlers of the City of London; "a Concise Historical Account of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers
74316: SHERWELL, J. W. ; K. S. LAURIE AND F. G. EVERITT (REV. BY) - The History of the Guild of Saddlers of the City of London
72487: SHUMAKER, WALTER, GEORGE FOSTER LONGSDORF AND JAMES C. CAHILL (SECOND EDITION) - The Cyclopedic Law Dictionary Comprising the Terms and Phrases of American Jurisprudence, Including Ancient and Modern Common Law, International Law, and Numerous Select Titles from the CIVIL Law, the French and the Spanish Law, Etc. , Etc. With an Exhaustive Collection of Legal Maxims
75540: SHUMATE, ALBERT - James F. Curtis Vigilante
73998: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - The Deluge. An Historical Novel of Poland, Sweden, and Russia. A Sequel to "with Fire and Sword. " 2 Volumes, Complete
84420: SIMPSON, SAMUEL L. ; (EDITED W.T. BURNEY) - The Gold-Gated West : Songs and Poems
84446: SINATRA, FRANK - Tips on Popular Singing
76569: SINCLAIR, UPTON - King Coal: A Novel of the Colorado Coal Country
75236: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Letters to Judd, an American Workingman
76034: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL; WILFRED BLUNT; PATRICK MILLINGTON SYNGE - Great Flower Books 1700-1900 : A Bibliographical Record of Two Centuries of Finely-Illustrated Flower Books
76564: SIZER, NELSON AND H.S. DRAYTON - Heads and Faces, and How to Study Them; a Manual of Phrenology and Physiognomy for the People
79391: SLATIN PASHA, RUDOLPH C. - Fire and Sword in the Sudan : A Personal Narrative of Fighting and Serving the Dervishes 1879-1895
76552: SMART-FORM INCORPORATED - Smart-Form Girdles - Belts- Brassiers and "Sm-Artist" Foundation. Sample Catalog
74951: SMEATON, OLIPHANT - Edinburgh and Its Story
84523: SMITH, WILBUR - A Sparrow Falls
74586: SMITH, ROSWELL C. - Practical and Mental Arithmetic, on a New Plan: In Which Mental Arithmetic Is Combined with the Use of the Slate; Containing a Complete System for All Practical Purposes; Being in Dollars and Cents
76813: SMITH, R (ROY) E. SMITH - Lower Devonian (Lochkovian) Biostratigraphy and Brachiopod Faunas, Canadian Arctic Islands (Gs Bulletin 308) (Signed Copy)
76549: SMITH, GARDNER - Poetry Walks : The Travel Diary of One Foot
76754: SMITH, GEORGE - The Chaldean Account of Genesis, Containing the Description of the Creation, the Fall of Man, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel the Times of the Patriarchs and Nimrod: Babylonian Fables, and Legends of the Gods; from the Cuneiform Inscriptions
76770: SMITH, WILLIAM (JR.) - The History of the Province of New-York from the First Discovery to the Year Mdccxxxii. To Which Is Annexed, a Description of the Country, with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, Their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of the Courts of Justice in That Colony
76752: SMITH, GEORGE - The Chaldean Account of Genesis, Containing the Description of the Creation, the Fall of Man, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel the Times of the Patriarchs and Nimrod: Babylonian Fables, and Legends of the Gods; from the Cuneiform Inscriptions
76011: SMITH, WILLARD M. - Gloves Past and Present
68742: SMITH, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Friend: Religious and Literary Journal: Volume IV
76751: SMITH, GEORGE - The Chaldean Account of Genesis, Containing the Description of the Creation, the Fall of Man, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel the Times of the Patriarchs and Nimrod: Babylonian Fables, and Legends of the Gods; from the Cuneiform Inscriptions
73740: SMITH, JEFF - Recipes from the Frugal Gourmet : A Television Series on Frugal Cooking; Featuring Jeff Smith of the Chaplain's Pantry
76805: SMITH, WILLIAM - The History of the Province of New York, from the First Discovery to the Year M. Dcc. XXXII : To Which Is Annexed, a Description of the Country, with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, Their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of the Courts of Justice in That Colony
79850: SMITH, CAPTAINE JOHN - The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africke, and America : Beginning About the Yeere 1593 and Continued to This Present 1629. (Two Volumes, Complete]; Title of Volume II: The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Iles, with the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning, an. 1584. To This Present 1626. With the Proceedings of Those Severall Colonies and the Accidents That Befell Them in All Their Iournyes and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of Those Countries Their Commodities, People, Government, Customes, and Religion Yet Knowne. Divided Into Sixe Bookes
75639: SMITH, HENRY LADD - The High, High Road
76696: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Adventures of Roderick Random [Two Volumes]
73887: SOGOLOW, ROSALIE (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Memories from a Russian Kitchen from Shtetl to Golden Land
76749: SOLIS, ANTONIO (DE), THOMAS TOWNSEND (TRANSLATOR) - The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards : Done Into English from the Original Spanish of Don Antonio de Solis, Secretary and Historiographer to His Catholick Majesty
76733: SOLIS, ANTONIO DE RIBADENEYRA, (THOMAS TOWNSEND, TRANSLATOR) - The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. Done Into English from the Original Spanish of Don Antonio de Solis, Secretary and Historiographer to His Catholick Majesty
76756: SONNINI, C.S. - Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt, Undertaken by Order of the Old Government of France
75456: SOUTHERN PACIFFIC COMPANY - Yosemite National Park California
73976: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - Thalaba the Destroyer : A Rhythmical Romance (Part II)
74139: SPATZ, LYLE AND STEVE STEINBERG - 1921 : The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York
78924: SPENCE, MR.[JOSEPH] - An Essay on Mr. Pope's Odyssey. In Five Dialogues
75175: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Breakdowns : From Maus to Now. Anthology of Strips by Spiegelman (Signed)
76761: SPOTSWOOD, JOHN ([IOANNES SPOTISWOODE] LORD ARCHBISHOP OF ST ANDREWS) - The History of the Church of Scotland, Beginning the Year of Our Lord 203, and Continued to the End of the Reign of King James the VI. Of Ever Blessed Memory; Wherein Are Described, the Progressof Christianity; the Persecutions and Interruptions of It; the Foundation of Churches; the Erecting of Bishopricks; the Building and Endowing Monasteries, and Other Religious Places; the Succession of Bishops in Their Sees; the Reformation of Religion, and the Frequent Disturbances of That Nation, by Wars, Conspiracies, Tumults, Schisms. Together with Great Variety of Other Matters, Both Ecclesiasticall and Politicall
84533: SPRIGGS, DAVID - Purple Heart: The Men, the Medals, the Menus (Some Gave All; All Gave Some)
75845: STANDARD, STELLA - Stella Standard's Cook Book
75742: STANFORD UNIVERSITY - Stanford "from the Foot-Hills to the Bay
83545: STANLEY, HENRY - The Congo and the Founding of Its Free State : A Story of Work and Exploration (Two Volumes, Complete)
79394: STANLEY, HENRY [EDITED BY DOROTHY STANLEY] - The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morgan Stanley
74579: STARMORE, ALICE - Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting
73924: STARMORE, ALICE - The Celtic Collection : Twenty-Five Knitwear Designs for Men and Women
64847: STATIONERS' COMPANY - A Transcript of the Registers of the Worshipful Company of Stationers : From 1640-1708 A.D. (3 Volumes)
76627: STAUNTON, GEORGE LEONARD (SIR, BARONET) - Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China (Two Volumes); Including Cursory Observations Made, and Information Obtained, in Travelling Through That Ancient Empire and a Small Part of Chinese Tartary
75658: STEBBINS, J.E. - Moses and the Prophets: Christ & the Apostles; Fathers and Martyrs
79867: STEDMAN, CAPT. J.G. - Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America; from the Year 1772, to 1777: Elucidating the History of That Country, and Describing Its Productions, Viz. Quadrupedes, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Trees, Shrubs, Fruits, & Roots, with an Account of the Indians of Guiana, & Negroes of Guinea (Two Volumes, Complete); Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America, from the Year 1772 to 1777... With an Account of the Indians of Guiana & Negroes of Guinea
74584: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Gathering of Zion : The Story of the Mormon Trail
75953: STEICHEN, EDWARD - A Life in Photography
75762: STEIN, JESS (EDITOR) - The Random House Dictionary of the English Language: Thumb Tabbed
83572: STEIN, SIR AUREL - On Alexander's Track to the Indus : Personal Narrative of Explorations on the North-West Frontier of India
83568: STEIN, M. AUREL - Ruins of Desert Cathay : Personal Narrative of Explorations in Central Asia and Westernmost China. (Two Volumes, Complete)
74048: STEINBECK, JOHN - Of Mice and Men
65934: STEINER, RUDOLF (TRANSLATED BY A.H. PARKER) - Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha : Ten Lectures Given in Berlin from 27th March to 8th May, 1917
75875: STENTON, DORIS M. - English Justice between the Norman Conquest and the Great Charter 1066-1215
76177: STENTON, F.M. - Anglo-Saxon England
76038: STEPHENS, JAMES - The Crock of Gold (Signed)
79398: STEPHENS, JOHN - Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan [Two Volumes, Complete]
76698: STEPHENSON, EDWARD S, AND W. ASANO - Famous People of Japan
74352: STERN, JEAN AND WILLIAM H. GERDTS (ESSAYS BY) LOT 76 - Masters of Light : Plein - Air Painting in California 1890 - 1930
74397: STEVENS, CAPTAIN C.A. - Berdan's United States Sharpshooters in the Army of the Potomac 1851-1865
74724: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - La Porte de Maletroit [with Prospectus]
73727: STEWART, SARAH - The Money Tree
75689: STEWART, GEORGE R. - Ordeal by Hunger : The Story of the Donner Party (Signed)
69970: STING (SUMNER, GORDON MATTHEW THOMAS) - Broken Music : A Memoir (Signed)
73846: STOCKHAMMER, MORRIS (ED. BY) - Plato Dictionary
72372: STODDARD, LOTHROP - Europe and Our Money
75643: STOLORZ, JOZEF - Obrazy
75757: STONEHENGE PRESS - Treasures of the World (8 Volumes)
84467: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly (Volume II Only)
73358: STOWE, C. (CALVIN) E. - Origin and History of the Books of the Bible Both the Canonical and the Apocryphal (the New Testament, Illustrated); Designed to Show What the Bible Is Not, What It Is, and How to Use It
84472: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Woman in Sacred History : A Series of Sketches Drawn from Scriptural, Historical, and Legendary Sources (Two Volumes, Complete)
75361: STRACHAN, CAPTAIN JOHN - Explorations and Adventures in New Guinea
75955: STRAND, PAUL - Paul Strand a Retrospective Monograph: Volume II : The Years 1950 -1968
75950: STRAND, PAUL - Paul Strand a Retrospective Monograph: The Years 1915 -1946
75951: STRAND, PAUL - Paul Strand a Retrospective Monograph: The Years 1915 -1946
63721: STRECKER, EDWARD A. AND FRANCIS T. CHAMBERS - Alcohol: One Man's Meat
74436: STRELOW, MICHAEL - Kesey
76088: STRINDBERG, AUGUST - Married : Twenty Stories of Married Life
75798: STROBRIDGE, WILLIAM F. - Regulars in the Redwoods: The U.S. Army in Northern California 1852-1861
75707: STRONG, EZRA BALDWIN - The Lives and Bloody Exploits of the Most Noted Pirates, Their Trials and Executions, Including Correct Accounts of the Late Piracies, Committed in the West Indias, and the Expedition of the Commodore Porter ; Also, Those Committed on the Brig Mexican, Who Were Executed at Boston in 1835
74831: STUART, LOUISA - Selections from the Manuscripts of Lady Louisa Stuart
74477: STUCK, HUDSON - The Alaskan Missions of the Episcopal Church. A Brief Sketch, Historical and Descriptive
72001: STUMPF, M. - Self Instructor for the Tenor or Plectrum Banjo
76621: SUHAILI, ANVAR I., AND J.V.S. WILKINSON - The Lights of Canopus
63440: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH (EDITED BY E.D. CUMING) - The Hunting Tours of Surtees
75593: SURTEES, R.S ; ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN LEECH - Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorricks's Hunt
71029: SWALES, FRANK - Driving As I Found It: What to Drive; How to Drive
76853: SWART, STEPHEN - The Netherland-Historian, Containing a True and Exact Relation of What Hath Passed in the Late Warrs between the King of Great Britain, and the French King with Their Allyes, and Against the States Generall of the United Provinces; from the Beginning Therof Anno 1671, to the Conclusion of Peace between His Aforesaid Majesty of Britain, and the Said States, with the Continuation of What Hath Since Happened between France and His Allyes, Against the Said States and the Confaederates to the End of the Year 1674
75184: SWIFT, JONATHAN - A Tale of a Tub; Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind. Diu Multamque Desideratum. To Which Are Added, an Account of a Battle between the Ancient and the Modern Books in St. James's Library; and, a Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit
74487: SWINEFORD, A.P. - Alaska: Its History, Climate and Natural Resources
76794: SWINEFORD, A.P. - Alaska: Its History, Climate and Natural Resources
70622: T. NORTHCOTE TOLLER - An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary: Supplement
75372: TAKAMA, SHIJI [PHOTOGRAPHS BY] - The World of Bamboo [in Slipcase]
75185: TAYLOR, CAPTAIN MEADOWS - Confessions of a Thug
76112: TAYLOR, BERT LESTON AND W.C. GIBSON - The Log of the Water Wagon or the Cruise of the Good Ship "Lithia
75448: TELLMAN, JOHN - The Practical Hotel Steward
76840: TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM - Memoirs of What Past in Christendom, from the War Begun 1672 to the Peace Concluded 1679. [Volume II]
75075: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Idylls of the King
76026: TERMAN, LEWIS M., ET. AL. (EDITORS) - Genetic Studies of Genius, Volume I : Mental and Physical Traits of a Thousand Gifted Children
75721: TERRELL, JOHN UPTON - War for the Colorado River (2 Volumes), Volume 1: The California-Arizon Controversy. Volume 2 Above Lee's Ferry - the Upper Basin
76214: TERRY, T. PHILIP - Terry's Guide to Mexico : The New Standard Guidebook to the Mexican Republic with Chapters on the Railways, the Airways, and the Ocean Routes to Mexico
76810: THACHER, JAMES (M.D.) - A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783, Describing Interesting Events and Transactions of This Period, with Numerous Historical Facts and Anecdotes, from the Original Manuscript. ; to Which Is Added an Appendix, Cntaining Biographical Sketches of Several General Officers
75748: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Chest of Cigars (Limited, Signed); from the Wagstaff Papers in the New Monthly Magazine of July, 1845
75850: THACKERY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE AND JOHN HENRY NASH - The Chest of Cigars (Signed); from the Wagstaff Papers in the New Monthly Magazine of July, 1845
84466: THE WAR DEPARTMENT - The War in Outline 1939-1944 : Materials for the Use of Army Orientation Course
84535: THE WORLD AND HIS WIFE - The World and His Wife: A Monthly Magazine for Gentlewomen, September 1908; a Monthly Magazine for the Home
76798: THE TIMES - The Japanese Empire : A Reprint of the Times Japanese Edition July 19, 1910
76220: THE INTERPRETER - The Interpreter : Volume V, Number 4. April 1926 "to Interpret the Immigrant to America
73772: THEROUX, PAUL - Picture Palace
73455: THOELE, MICHAEL - Bohemia: The Lives and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture; (Signed by Author Michael Thoele)
75464: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac 1902 (No. 110); Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1902; New, Useful and Entertaining Matter
75465: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac 1903 (No. 111); Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1903; New, Useful and Entertaining Matter
75467: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac 1918 (No. 126); Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1918; New, Useful and Entertaining Matter
75468: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac 1918 (No. 126); Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1918; New, Useful and Entertaining Matter
75463: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer's Almanac 1902 (No. 110); Calculated on a New and Improved Plan for the Year of Our Lord 1902; New, Useful and Entertaining Matter
74315: THOMAS, T.T. - I, James Dean : The Real Story About America's Most Popular Idol -- James Dean
75367: THOMAS, BENJAMIN F. - Goodwin's Town Officer
73735: THOMAS, DAVID HURST (ED. BY) - Columbian Consequences : Archaelogical and Historical Perspectives on the Spanish Borderlands West, Volume 1
74366: THOMASON, CAROLINE WASSON - In the Wallowas : A Novel in Two Parts
76184: THOMPSON, HALSEY C. - The Dream City : A Portfolio of Photographic Views of the Columbian Exposition; Comprising Its Marvelous Architectural, Sculptural, Artistic, Mechanical, Agrigultural, Industrial, Archeological, Ethnological, Historical and Scenic Attractions; Also Presenting and Describing the Magnificent Vistas, Water-Ways, Natural Scenery and Landscape Effects. .
75083: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - The Cowardly Lion of Oz
75595: THOMSON, JAMES - The Complete Poetical Works of James Thomson; with Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes by the Rev. George Gilfillan
74710: THOMSON, O.R. HOWARD AND WILLIAM H. RAUCH - History of the "Bucktails" Kane Regiment of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps (13th Pennsylvania Reserves, 42nd of the Line)
73752: THORNE-THOMSEN, KATHLEEN AND PAUL ROCHELEAU - A Shaker's Dozen : A Counting Book
75641: THORPE, LIEUT. LESLIE - Simplified Definitions and Nomenclature for Aeronautics: 1942 Illustrated Edition
76814: THORSTEINSSON, R. AND T.T. UYENO - Stratigraphy and Conodonts of Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian Rocks in the Environs of the Boothia Uplift, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. (Gs Bulletin 292); (Part I: Contributions to Stratigraphy; Part II: Systematic Study of Conodonts
76056: THURSTON, CLARA BELL - The Jingle of a Jap
69360: TISCHENDORF - Novum Testamentum Graece: Ad Antiquissimos Testes Denuo Recensuit (Editio Critica Minor Ex VIII, Maiore Desumpta)
73937: TODD, BURBANK L. - Hiram the Young Farmer or Making the Soil Pay (Back to the Soil Series)
75694: TOEDTEMEIER, TERRY - Basalt Exposures
67278: TOILET REQUISITES - The Tr Register, (Toilet Requisites)1926 Edition: A Reference Book for Buyers of Perfumeries, Cosmetics, and Toilet Articles
75497: TRAJAN - Panegyrique de Traian Par Pline Second; de la Traduction de Monsieur L'Abbe Esprit
74652: TREANOR, DAVID (EDITOR) - Portrait of Victory : 49ers the Season; (from the Library of Lynn Grier, Signed by Ray Wersching)
76175: TREMBLE, RONALD - Confessions to a Taxi Driver
63587: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Badger's Beech
67189: TRIPLETT, FRANK - The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James: The Only Correct and Authorized Edition, Giving Full Particulars of Each and Every Dark and Despe. Rate Deed in the Career of This Most Noted Outlaw of Any Time or Nation
74326: TRISTRAM, OUTRAM - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways
72838: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY (BETTY JANE SLEMP BREYER, ED.) - Anthony Trollope : The Complete Short Stories (Five Volumes, Complete)
83770: TROLLOPE (MRS.), FRANCIS MILTON - Domestic Manners of the Americans (2 Volumes, Complete); Domestic Manners of the Americans
84431: TROTSKY, LEON - Whither France
75478: TRUMBULL ELECTRIC - The Trumbull Electric Mfg. Co. Catalog 15 -- 1931; Manufacturers of Complete Interior Electrical Distribution and Control Systems
76860: TUCKER, JOSIAH (AND) WILLIAM KNOX - Tract V. The Respective Pleas and Arguments of the Mother Country, and of the Colonies, Distinctly Set Forth; and the Impossibility of a Compromise of Differences, or a Mutual Concession of Rights, Plainly Demonstrated. With a Prefatory Epistle to the Plenipotentiaries of the Late Congress at Philadelphia, [Bound with] Knox, William the Controversy between Great Britain and Her Colonies Reviewed;the Several Pleas of the Colonies, in Support of Their Right to All the Liberties and Privileges of British Subjects, and to Exemption from the Legislative Authority of Parliament, Stated and Considered; and the Nature of Their Connection with, and Dependence on, Great Britain, Shewn, Upon the Evidence of Historical Facts and Authentic Records
76832: TUHKA AUKUSTI - Luonnoksia Lapista - Skisser Fran Lapplan - Skizzen Aus Lappland - Dessins de Laponie - Drawings from Lapland
84537: TURGENIEFF, IVAN - The Novels and Stories of Ivan Turgenieff (12 Volumes)
74351: TURNBULL, ANN - The Tapestry Cats
69319: TURNBULL, COULSON - Sema-Kanda : Threshold Memories (a Mystic's Story)
73788: TURNER, FREDERICK JACKSON - The Frontier in American History (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
61552: TUTU, DESMOND - The Rainbow People of God : The Making of a Peaceful Revolution (Advance Reading Excerpt)
70610: TYRER, JOHN H. AND JOHN M. SUTHERLAND - Exercises in Neurological Diagnosis
74069: U.S. GOVERNMENT - Executive Orders Relating to Indian Reservations : Volume II : From July 1, 1912 to July 1, 1922
75500: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture 1917
75494: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture 1918 (with Color Plates)
84532: U.S. SENATE - Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, Before the Senate of the United States on, Impeachment by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Published by Order of the Senate (Three Volumes, Complete)
76793: U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS - Angels without Wings: 52nd College Training Detachment (Air Crew), Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana
74772: U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Violations of State Department Travel Regulations and Pro-Castro Propaganda Activities in the United States, Part 5 (House of Representatives, Eighty-Eighth: September 3, 4, and 28, 1964 Congress, Second Session)
76137: UNDERHILL, CHARLES STERLING - Your Soldier Boy Samuel" CIVIL War Letters of Lieut. Samuel Edmund Nichols, Amherst, '65 of the 37th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers
71053: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS T. - Driving for Pleasure -- or, the Harness Stable and Its Appointments
74834: UNITED ART PUBLISHING - Stampkraft : Six Favorite Stories : Peter Rabbit, the Three Bears, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Robinson Crusoe, Jack and the Bean-Stalk. "Fit the Picture to the Story
74832: UNITED ART PUBLISHING - Stampkraft : Six Favorite Stories : Peter Rabbit, the Three Bears, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Robinson Crusoe, Jack and the Bean-Stalk. "Fit the Picture to the Story
75063: UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Homestead of Abraham Lincoln : Speeches in the House of Representatives April 5, 12, 1916, on a Bill to Accept a Deed of Conveyance from the Lincoln Farm Association to the United States of the Homestead of Abraham Lincoln, Near the Town of Hodgenville, State of Kentucky
75559: UNKNOWN (CHARLES LE ROY?) - Traite' de L'Orthographe Francoise En Forme de Dictionnaire (Nouvelle Edition, Revue & Corrigee); Enrichi de Notes Critiques, & de Remarques Fur L'Etymologie & le Genre Des Mots, la Conjugaison Des Verbes Irreguliers Et Les Variations Des Auteurs
72124: UNKNOWN - Antiphonariu
73777: UNKNOWN - Swiss Made Wooden Children's Book
74102: UPDIKE, JOHN - Marry Me : A Romance (First Edition Society)
76680: USDA - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture - 1913 (Hemp Production)
76681: USDA - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture - 1913 (Hemp Production)
73710: VACCARI, ORESTE AND MRS. ENKO ELISA VACCARI - A.B. C. Japanese-English Dictionary (Parts I and II, Complete); an Entirely New Method of Classification of the Chinese-Japanese Characters
74132: VAN HORNE, THOMAS B. - History of the Army of the Cumberland, Its Organization, Campaigns, and Battles. Written at the Request of Major-General George H. Thomas. Complete 3 Volume Set: Two Volumes Text Plus Atlas Volume Compiled by Edward Ruger
76042: VAN AUKEN, KENNETH L. - Practical Track Work
75788: VAN NOSTRAND, JEANNE - The First Hundred Years of Painting in California 1775-1875, with Biographical Information and References Relating to the Artists
74777: VAN FLEET, CLARK G. - Steelhead to a Fly
61222: VAN VOGT, A.E. - The Players of Null-a (Signed)
74915: VANCE, JONATHAN F. - A Gallant Company : The Men of the Great Escape
75669: VANDEN, HARRY E. AND GARY PROVOST - Politics of Latin America: The Power Game
76562: VANDERWALKER - House Painting Methods with the Brush and Spray Gun : Industrial Painting on Steel, Iron, Cement, Brick and Wood Surfaces
76736: VARGAS, FRANCOIS DE (TRANSLATED BY MICHEL LE VASSOR) - Lettres Et Memoires de Francois de Vargas, de Pierre de Malvenda, Et de Quelques Eveques D'Espagne Touchant le Concile de Trente
76014: VARIOUS - The Laundry Manual: Containing a Compilation of Articles Published in the National Laundry Journal; Concerning the Methods of Conducting the Business and Materials Used; Advertising; Fire Prevention and Protection; Insurance and Law
75219: VARIOUS - Works (58 Volumes)
75337: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Proceedings in Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Nathaniel Hawthorne Held at Salem, Massachutts June 23, 1904
74085: VARIOUS - Bibliotheque Universelle: Agriculture: Tome Troisieme
74231: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Valenti Angelo. Author Illustrator Printer
75864: VARIOUS - Values
73776: VARIOUS - Six Wonder Tales for Boys; a Book for Boys Eight to Twelve Years Old
75775: VARNEDOE, KIRK - Duane Hanson
74009: VEILLUX, ARMAND (TRANSLATION AND INTRODUCTION) - Pachomian Koinonia Volume One : The Life of Saint Pachomius and His Disciples
74344: VENTUROLL, MARCELLO - Sculture Di Nag Arnoldi : Spoleto, Fontanarte, 19 Giugno - 10 Luglio 1988
76234: VIART - Le Cuisinier Royal Par Viart, Homme de Bouche. Dix-Neuvieme Edition Augmentee de Douze Cents Articles Noveaux, Par MM. Foret Et Delan
76811: VICO, ENEA - Le Imagini Delle Donne Auguste Intagliate in Istampa Di Rame; Con le Vite Et Ispositioni Di Enea Vico, Sopra I Riversi Delle Loro Medaglie Antiche: Libro Primo
73882: VINOGRADOV, V. V. - Ocherki Po Istorii Russkogo Literaturnogo Iazyka XVI - XIX VV; History of the Russian Literary Language from the 17th to the 19th Centuries
75265: VOLTAIRE - Zadig -- L'Ingenu -- le Crocheteur Borgne
78927: VON KOTZEBUE, AUGUSTUS - Travels Through Italy, in the Years 1804 and 1805 : Four Volumes
75433: WADE, MARY HAZELTON - Our Little Hawaiian Cousin
76700: WALKER, GORDON JESSE - Six Years with a Government Mule
75846: WALLACE, LILY - The American Family Cook Book
71831: WALLACE, W. STEWART - Encyclopedia of Canada (Six Volumes, Complete)
75894: WALLIS, HELEN - The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake Mapped in Silver and Gold
74284: WALSH, LAWRENCE E. (INDEPENDENT COUNSEL) - Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters: Volume III: Comments and Materials Submitted by Individuals and Their Attorneys Responding to Volume I of the Final Report
76568: WALTON, IZAAK - The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation; Being a Discourse on Fish and Fishing, Not . Unworthy Theperusal of Most Anglers
74465: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Black Marble [Signed Copy]
74510: WARBELOW, WILLY LOU - Kopotuk, the Eskimo and Other Stories [Signed Copy]
84451: WARD, LYND - God's Man : A Novel in Woodcuts
74099: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Selected Poems 1923 -- 1975 (First Edition Society)
75710: WARREN, INA RUSSELL - The Doctor's Windows: Poems by, for and About the Doctor
74185: WASEURTZ OF SANDELS, G.M. - A Sojourn in California by the King's Orphan. The Travels and Sketches of G.M. Waseurtz of Sandels, a Swedish Gentleman Who Visited Clifornia in 1842-1843
75659: WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFIICE - Investigation of the Fur-Seal and Other Fisheries of Alaska: Report from the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries of the House of Representatives
74178: WATANABE, YOSHIO - Bunraku. Japanese Puppet Play
74341: WATERS, B. - Modern Training, Handling and Kennel Management
76795: WATERTON, CHARLES - Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820, and 1824; with Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds, &C. For Cabinets of Natural History
75700: WATSON, PATRICK - Fasanella's City: The Paintings of Ralph Fasanella, with the Story of His Life and the Art by Patrick Watson
75730: WATSON, DOUGLAS SLOANE (EDITOR) - California in the Fifties (Limited Edition); Fifty Views of Cities and Mining Towns in California and the West, Originally Drawn on Stone Bykuchel & Dresel and Other Early San Francisco Lithographers
74818: WATSON, KATE HEINTZ; MARIAN FOSTER WASHBURNE; ALFRED CLEVELAND COTTON - Handbook of Dress and Childhood : A Complete Home Study Course Comprising Textiles and Clothing, Study of Child Life, Care of Children
76550: WEBSTER, THOMAS - An Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy : Such Subjects As Are Most Immediately Connected with Housekeeping; Comprising Such Subjects As Are Most Immediately Connected with Housekeeping... ; As, the Construction of Domestic Edifices, with the Modes of Warming, Ventilating, and Lighting Them; a Description of the Various Articles of Furniture; a General Account of the Animal and Vegetable Substances Used As Food, and the Methods of Preserving and Preparing Them by Cooking; Making Bread; Materials Employed in Dress and Toilet; Business of the Laundry; Description of the Various Wheel-Carriages; Preservation of Health; Domestic Medicines, Etc. Etc.
72860: WEBSTER, KENNETH G. T. - Guinevere : A Study of Her Abductions
73766: WEEMS, M.L. - The Life of William Penn, the Settler of Pennsylvania
78928: WEIDENREIUCH, FRANZ - Morphology of Solo Man : Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History (Volume 43, Part 3)
75771: WEINRIB, RABBI YONAH - Hallel : A Treasury of Illumination, Calligraphy Commentary, Insights and Laws
75612: WEINTRAUB, ROBERT - The Victory Season: The End of World War II and the Birth of Baseball's Golden Age
74763: WELLS, HENRY P. - The American Salmon Fisherman
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74346: WESTERMAN, ARNE - Paint Watercolors Filled with Life and Energy
76085: WESTON, EDWARD - My Camera on Point Lobos
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74429: WHALEN, PHILIP - Like I Say (Poems)
84514: WHATLEY, THOMAS - An Improved Method of Treating Strictures in the Urethra
76686: WHELAN, MAJOR TOWNSEND - The American Rifle: A Treatise, a Text Book, and a Book of Practical Instruction in Theuse of the Rifle
74509: WHITE, GEORGE M. - Craft Manual of Alaskan Eskimo
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76238: WHITE, J.J. - Moviegrins
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75857: WILKINS, HAROLD T. - Flying Saucers Uncensored
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84426: WILLIAM OF NEWBURGH - (Historia) Rerum Angilicarum Libri Quinque, Recens Ceu č Tenebris Eruti, & in Studiosorum Gratiam in Lucem Dati
74646: WILLIAMS, VERA B. - Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart; the Story of Amber and Essie Told Here in Poems and Pictures
75920: WILLIAMS, THOMAS & WILLIAM WARD - All Religions and Religious Ceremonies : In Two Parts. Part I : Christianity, Mahometanism, and Judaism. To Which Is Added a Tabular Appendix Exhibiting the Present State of the World As to Religion -- Population-- Religious Toleration-- Government, Etc. Part II : A View of the History, Religion, Manners and Customs of the Hindoos. Together with the Religion and Ceremonies of Other Nations
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76129: WILLSON, LOU AND OLIVE HOOVER - Meals on Wheels: A Cook Book for Trailers and Kitchenettes
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73741: WILSON, INGEBORG BEIFY - Growing Up Under Hitler (Signed)
84086: WILSON, HELEN CALISTA, AND ELSIE REED MITCHELL - Vagabonding at Fifty : From Siberia to Turkestan
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74022: WRITERS DISCUSSION GROUP - Golden Was the Past 1850 - 1970 : Cottage Grove, Oregon
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74829: XX CORPS PERSONNEL - Saga of the XX "Ghost" Corps : Its History and Service in World War II
76221: YEATS, W.B. - The Augustan Books of English Poetry: Second Series: Number Four
76010: YEZIERSKA, ANZIA - Bread Givers
75432: YOLEN, JANE - The Transfigured Hart [Signed Copy]
70662: YORAN, SHALOM (TRANSLATED BY VARDA YORAN) - The Defiant: A True Story (Signed)
75854: YOUNG, WALDEMAR AND JOHN HENRY NASH - The Lace of a Thousand Trees and Other Lyrics (Signed)
84165: YOUNG, ARTHUR - A Six Week's Tour Through the Southern Counties of England and Wales... ; Describing Particularly : I. The Present State of Agriculture and Manufactures; II. The Different Methods of Cultivating the Soil; III. The Success Attending Some Late Experiments on Various Grasses, Etc. ; IV. The Price of Labour and Provisions ; V. The State of the Working Poor in Those Counties, Wherein the Riots Were Most Remarkable. With Descriptions and Copper-Plates of Such Newly Invented Implements of Husbandry As Deserve to Be Generally Known: Interspersed with Accounts of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, and Other Objects Worthy of Notice
73994: ZAFFO, GEORGE J. - The Giant Nursery Book of Things That Work
73716: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - They That Walk in Darkness" (Ghetto Tragedies)
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