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28270: FAHERTY, WILLIAM BARNABY, S.J. - Daughter of Rising Moon: Portrait of a Potawatomi Storyteller
20774: FAINHAUZ, DAVID - Lithuanians in Multi-Ethnic Chicago Until World War Ii
15955: FAIRBAIRN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Some Game Birds of West Africa
28932: FAIRWEATHER, SALLY - Picasso's Concrete Sculptures
19225: FALK, FRITZ; PETER SCHMITT ET AL. - Ebbe Weiss-Weingart: Schmuck Und Objekte 1946-1993
28887: VON FALKENHAYN, GENERAL ERICH - General Headquarters 1914-1916 and Its Critical Decisions
23320: FALLON, CAROL & SHARON BROWN - E-Learning Standards: A Guide to Purchasing, Developing, and Deploying Standards-Conformant E-Learning
21037: FARNAM, RUTH S. - A Nation at Bay: What an American Woman Saw and Did in Suffering Serbia
26931: FARRAR, CANON FREDERIC W. - The Story of St. Paul
26534: FARRELL, MICHAEL R. - The History of Baltimore's Streetcars
25759: FARRER, CARL (ED.) - The Audrey Mieir Song Book: A Biography in Words and Music
16513: FASSETT, NORMAN C. - Grasses of Wisconsin: The Taxonomy, Ecology, and Distribution of the Gramineae Growing in the State without Cultivation
23211: FAWCETT, DON W. & J. MICHAEL BEDFORD (EDS.) - The Spermatozoon: Maturation, Motility, Surface Properties and Comparative Aspects
28884: FAY, SIDNEY BRADSHAW - The Origins of the World War, Vol. 1: Before Sarajevo: Underlying Causes of the War
28885: FAY, SIDNEY BRADSHAW - The Origins of the World War, Vol. 2: After Sarajevo: Immediate Causes of the War
21009: FEHRING, JOHN J. ET AL. - Gregorian Chant: Kyriale and Motet Book
27297: FEJOS, PAUL - Ethnography of the Yagua
23422: FELL, CAPT. EDGAR TREMLETT (COMPILER) - History of the Seventh Division, United States Army, 1917-1919
13710: FENNIMORE, DONALD L. (ED. ) - Henry Will Account Book: A Record of His Pewtering and Related Activities in New York City and Albany from 1763 to 1800
14727: FERNEL, JEAN PAUL & EDNA PURDY WALSH - The Chemical Woman and the Chemical Man
1434: FIELD, EUGENE - Songs of Childhood
18930: FIELD, MARY & MAUD M. MILLER - The Boys' & Girls' Film Book
21073: FIELD, FLO - A la Creole: A Comedy
28896: FIELDEN, GREG - Forty Years of Stock Car Racing: Forty Plus Four 1990-1993
28895: FIELDEN, GREG - Forty Years of Stock Car Racing: The Modern Era 1972-1989
27878: FIENUP-RIORDAN, ANN & ALICE REARDEN - Ellavut, Our Yup'ik World & Weather: Continuity and Change on the Bering Sea Coast
27380: FIFE, MURRAY - Configuring Warehouse Management Within Dynamics Ax 2012
17399: FILLIS, JAMES; ED. BY GUSTAV GOEBEL - Grundsätze Der Dressur Und Reitkunst, Vierte Vebesserte Auflage
23783: FILLMORE, PARKER (RETOLD BY) ; ED. BY KATHERINE LOVE - The Shepherd's Nosegay: Stories from Finland and Czechoslovakia
28790: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Norman Rockwell: 332 Magazine Covers
28330: FINGER, JOHN R. - The Eastern Band of Cherokees 1819-1900
23677: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie at Home (Elsie Dinsmore #22)
19914: FISCH, MICHAEL J. & ALLEN W. BURTON - Cancer Pain Management
28531: FISCHLER, GEORGE & BARRETT GOULD - Scandinavian Ceramics & Glass: 1940s to 1980s
12863: FISHER, GLEN - Directed Culture Change in Nayarit, Mexico: Analysis of a Pilot Project in Basic Education
27062: FISHER, JOHN (ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET LORD FISHER) - Memories and Records, 2 Vols.
21055: FISHER, EDWIN L. - The Cheese Factories of Sheboygan County [Wisconsin]
26525: FISHER, CYRUS T. - Ab Carmody's Treasure
27630: FISHER, CARRIE - Delusions of Grandma
27907: FISHER, J.D.C. - Christian Initiation: Baptism in the Medieval West; a Study in the Disintegration of the Primitive Rite of Initiation
27342: FITTKAU, GERHARD - Mein Dreiunddreissigstes (33. ) Jahr
18322: FITZMAURICE, JOHN W. - The Shanty Boy, Or Life in a Lumber Camp. Being Pictures of the Pine Woods, in Descriptions, Tales, Songs and Adventures in the Lumbering Shanties of Michigan and Wisconsin
22059: FIXICO, DONALD L. (ED. ) - An Anthology of Western Great Lakes Indian History
18737: FLAGG, PETER J. ET AL. - Fred Dalkey: Retrospective
28877: FLAMMANG, JAMES M. & AUTO EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE - Firebird: Pure Excitement from Pontiac
17990: FLANDERS, HELEN HARTNESS (ED.) ET AL. - Ancient Ballads, Traditionally Sung in New England, Vol. Ii: Ballads 53-93 (Correlated with the Numbered Francis James Child Collection)
21338: FLATHMAN, RICHARD E. - The Philosophy and Politics of Freedom
24349: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE; TRANS. BY LAFCADIO HEARN - The Temptation of St. Anthony
26165: FLEMING, MARGARET; ED. BY PEARLANN REICHWEIN & KAREN FOX - Mountain Diaries: The Alpine Adventures of Margaret Fleming 1929-1980
13222: FLORESCU, RADU & ION MICLEA - Tezaure Transilvane: La Kunsthistorisches Museum Din Viena
6681: FLORY, JANE - The Liberation of Clementine Tipton
23914: FLYNN, THOMAS R. & DALIA JUDOVITZ (EDS. ) - Dialectic and Narrative (Contemporary Studies in Philosophy and Literature 3)
22932: FOCK, GUSTAV; ED. BY HARALD VOGEL; TRANS. & ED. BY LYNN EDWARDS & EDWARD C. PEPE - Hamburg's Role in Northern European Organ Building
22657: FOGLE, PHIL - My Lake. . . Your Lake: How to Protect Your Lake
18135: FONER, PHILIP S. & DANIEL ROSENBERG (EDS.) - Racism, Dissent, and Asian Americans from 1850 to the Present
18425: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fifth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the United States of America, from the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, to the Definitive Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, September 3, 1783. Volume Iii
26154: FORD, FORD MADOX - The Good Soldier Audiobook
24069: FORGAS, JOSEPH P. (ED.) - Feeling and Thinking: The Role of Affect in Social Cognition
28751: FORNELL, EARL WESLEY - The Unhappy Medium: Spiritualism and the Life of Margaret Fox
19793: FORSYTH, A.R. - Calculus of Variations
27344: FORTES, M. & E.E. EVANS-PRITCHARD (EDS.) - African Political Systems
28011: EDITORS OF THE ARCHITECTURAL FORUM - The 1938 Book of Small Houses
28656: FOSTER, PATRICK R. - The Story of Jeep, 2nd Ed.
28709: FOSTER, MARK S. - Henry J. Kaiser: Builder in the Modern American West
12490: FOTHERGILL, J. MILNER - A Manual of Dietetics
25582: FOWLER-LUNN, KATHARINE - The Gold Missus: A Woman Prospector in Sierra Leone
24280: FOWLES, JOHN - The French Lieutenant's Woman
26669: FRACASTORO, GIROLAMO; TRANS. BY WILLIAM VAN WYCK - The Sinister Shepherd: A Translation of Girolamo Fracastoro's 'syphilidis Sive de Morbo Gallico Libri Tres'
27304: FRAKE, CHARLES O.; ED. BY ANWAR S. DIL - Language and Cultural Description
26621: FRAMB, CARLOS - Del Otro Lado Del Jardín
28262: FRAME, JANET - Daughter Buffalo
8116: FRANCAIS, JACQUES - The Dr. Herbert Axelrod Stradivari Quartet
28828: FRANCISCUS, REV. PIUS - Mother Love: A Manual for Christian Wives and Mothers with Information About the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers
28829: FRANCISCUS, REV. PIUS - Mother Love: A Manual for Christian Wives and Mothers with Information About the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers
22933: FRANK, GERALD DAVID - A German Organbuilder on the Texas Frontier: The Life and Work of Johann Traugott Wandke
28207: FRANKEL, STEPHEN - The Huli Response to Illness
15157: FRANKLIN, FRANK GEORGE - The Legislative History of Naturalization in the United States from the Revolutionary War to 1861
28423: FRANKLIN, SIMON (TRANS. & ED.) - Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus
16863: FRANZKE, ANDREAS - Volkmar Schulz-Rumpold
24362: FRASCA, ALBERT J. & ROBERT H. HILL - The . 45-70 Springfield
27084: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Flashman and the Mountain of Light
18331: FREDE, SIMONE; WITH SILKE GRALLERT & HEIKE RICHTER - Die Phonizischen Anthropoiden Sarkophage, Teil I: Fundgruppen Und Bestattungskontexte
28452: FREDERICK, MICHAEL - Already Bad, Vol. 2: Episodes 6-10
28547: FREEDBERG, DAVID (ESSAY) - Glenn Brown
28755: FREEDMAN, JILL - Old News: Resurrection City
19782: FREEMAN, EDWARD A. - Sketches from the Subject and Neighbour Lands of Venice
17354: FREES, HARRY W. - The Sandman: His Puppy Stories
26350: FREMANTLE, ARTHUR JAMES LYON - Three Months in the Southern States, April-June, 1863 Audiobook
15964: FREY, GILBERT - The Modern Chair: 1850 to Today / le Siège Moderne de 1850 à Aujourd'hui / Das Moderne Sitzmöbel Von 1850 Bis Heute
16191: FRIGSTAD, DAVID - Industrial Market Engineering: A Measurement-Based Marketing System to Drive Profitability
15444: FRISBY, DEREK (ED.) - The West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, Vol. 59, 2005
4115: FRISKEY, MARGARET; ILLUS. BY KATHERINE EVANS - Chicken Little Count-to-Ten
19101: FRITZ, JEAN - Make Way for Sam Houston
19696: FROST, WADE HAMPTON; ED. BY KENNETH M. MAXCY - Papers of Wade Hampton Frost, M.D. : A Contribution to Epidemiological Method
25848: FROST, GINGER S. - Promises Broken: Courtship, Class, and Gender in Victorian England
10749: FRUCHT, ABBY - Polly's Ghost
22903: FRUMENTO, ARMANDO - Le Repubbliche Cisalpina E Italiana Con Particolare Riguardo a Siderurgia, Armamenti, Economia, Ed Agli Antichi Luoghi Lombardi Del Ferro 1796-1805
27952: FRUMKIN, HOWARD; LAWRENCE FRANK; RICHARD JACKSON - Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities
28655: FRUMKIN, M.J. - Classic Muscle Car Advertising: The Art of Selling Horsepower
23597: FRYER, JANE EAYRE; ILLUS. BY MARGARET G. HAYS & JANE ALLEN BOYER - Mary Frances' First Cook Book, Or Adventures Among the Kitchen People
28585: FRYER, JANE EAYRE; ILLUS. BY JANE ALLEN BOYER - The Mary Frances Sewing Book, Or Adventures Among the Thimble People
24103: FUCHS, RUDI; DOMINIC VAN DEN BOOGERD; BERT JANSEN - Han Schuil: Schilderijen / Paintings 1983-1999
24589: FUJIWARA, YUCHIKU; TRANS. BY NORMAN SPARNON - Rikka: The Soul of Japanese Flower Arrangement
24012: FULKERSON, A.O. (ED.) - History of Daviess County, Indiana: Its People, Industries and Institutions
26140: FULLER, HOWARD WITH LISA FRAZIER PAGE - No Struggle, No Progress: A Warrior's Life from Black Power to Education Reform
27042: FULLER, JANICE ET AL. - Galway's Living Landscapes, Part 2: Trees and Woodland / Tírdhreacha Beo Na Gaillimhe, Cuid 2: Crainn Agus Coillearnach
28857: FULTON, ELAINE - Catholic Belief and Survival in Late Sixteenth-Century Vienna: The Case of Georg Eder (1523-87)
28349: GABL, FRANZ - Franzl: The Story of Franz Gabl
28536: GABSZEWICZ, ANTON WITH GEOFFREY FREEMAN - Bow Porcelain: The Collection Formed By Geoffrey Freeman
5252: GADD, H. WIPPELL - Drugs: Their Production, Preparation, and Properties
25100: GAHETE JURADO, MANUEL & FATIHA BENLABBAH (EDICIÓN Y COORDINACIÓN) - El Protectorado Español En Marruecos: La Historia Trascendida, 3 Tomos
25150: GAHETE JURADO, MANUEL (ED.) - México Y España: La Mirada Compartida de Antonio García Pérez
27857: GAINES, JOANNE (ED.) ET AL. - The Harvard Architecture Review, Vol. 5: Precedent and Invention
8720: GALAVARIS, GEORGE - Invocation to a Pagan Divinity
14635: GALE, ZONA - Neighborhood Stories
17677: GALENS, DAVID (ED.) - Drama for Students, Volume 8: Presenting Analysis, Context and Criticism on Commonly Studied Dramas
25243: LE GALL, HUBERT ET AL. - Design Contre Design: Deux Siècles de Créations
28850: GÁLLEGO, JULIÁN & JOSÈ GUDIOL - Zurbarán 1598-1664
7051: BOWERS & RUDDY GALLERIES - The William R. Sieck Collection, in Conjunction with the Ana Convention
25546: GALLOT, S.; D. HULIN; J. LAFONTAINE - Riemannian Geometry, Second Ed.
3852: GAMULIN, GRGO - I Pittori Naifs Della Scuola Di Hlebine [Naive Painters of Hlebine]
8009: GARCIA PAYON, JOSE - Prehistoria de Mesoamerica: Excavaciones En Trapiche Y Chalahuite, Veracruz, Mexico, 1942, 1951 Y 1959
14112: GARCIA-MARTIN, MANUEL & JOSEP MA. ESPINAS - Els Fanals de Gas: Nostalgia D'una Barcelona Preterita
22559: GARCIA ALCARAZ, RAMON ET AL. - Orientalism in the Painting of Antonio Munoz Degrain / El Orientalismo En la Pintura de Antonio Munoz Degrain
8526: GARD, ROBERT E. - The Big One
22258: GARD, ROBERT E. (TEXT) & DALE O'BRIEN (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Down in the Valleys: Wisconsin Back Country Lore and Humor
28714: GARD, ROBERT E. (TEXT); EDGAR G. MUELLER (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Wild Goose Country: Horicon Marsh to Horseshoe Island
22453: GARD, ROBERT E. - Wisconsin Is My Doorstep: A Dramatist's Yarn Book of Wisconsin Lore
21610: GARD, ROBERT E. (TEXT); EDGAR G. MUELLER (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Wild Goose Country: Horicon Marsh to Horseshoe Island
7783: GARDUNO, FLOR & GUYETTE LYR - Mummenschanz: 1972-1997
27673: GARESCHÉ, REV. EDWARD F. , S. J - Moments with God
9606: GARIS, HOWARD R. (ILLUS. BY LOUIS WISA) - Buddy and Brighteyes Pigg
13201: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Back-Trailers from the Middle Border
22169: GARLINSKI, JOZEF - Poland in the Second World War
22021: GARLITS, DON & MICHAEL MIKULICE - Big Daddy: A Career Pictorial, Volume 2
5990: GARRETT, HELEN; ILLUS. BY LEO POLITI - Angelo the Naughty One
14384: GARRIDO GALLARDO, MIGUEL ANGEL (ED.) - Teoria Semiotica. Lenguajes Y Textos Hispanicos
1039: GARRIGUE, FRANCOIS - Enchanted Morocco
27291: GARRISON, JOHN S. - Friendship and Queer Theory in the Renaissance: Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern England
24171: GARSTEIN, OSKAR - Rome and the Counter-Reformation in Scandinavia Until the Establishment of the S. Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in 1622, Vol. I (1539-1583)
27354: GARTON, RAY - Slivers of Bone
27356: GARTON, RAY - Graven Image
15864: GASK, LILIAN (ILLUS. BY M.D. HARDY) - Brave Dogs
26568: GASQUE, JIM - Hunting and Fishing in the Great Smokies
20111: GAST, IRA MORRIS - Our American Colonists
24368: GATES, NORMAN - A Practical Guide to Sheep Disease Management, Revised Ed.
27725: GAUER, PAUL - The Gauer Story: A Chronicle of Bay View 1881-1955 [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
21339: GAUGUIN, POLA - Grafikeren Edvard Munch, Litografier
8808: GAYNOR, ALAN KIBBE & JANE L. EVANSON - Project Planning: A Guide for Practitioners
28680: GEEN, RUSSELL G. & EDWARD DONNERSTEIN (EDS.) - Human Aggression: Theories, Research, and Implications for Social Policy
25770: GELPI, ALBERT (ED. ) - Denise Levertov: Selected Criticism
19653: GEMANT, ANDREW - Frictional Phenomena
27322: GEMIN, MASSIMO & FILIPPO PEDROCCO - Giambattista Tiepolo: I Dipinti, Opera Completa
2790: DU GENESTOUX, MAGDELEINE (TEXT) - Mickey Presente: L'arche de Noé [Mickey Mouse Presents: Noah's Ark]
2870: GENTRY, JAMES W. (ED. ) - Guide to Business Gaming and Experiential Learning
25212: GERDTS, WILLIAM; NATHAN VONK - Leon Dabo's Florals
19621: GERE, CHARLOTTE & GEOFFREY C. MUNN - Artists' Jewellery: Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts
17654: GERE, J.A. - Taddeo Zuccaro: His Development Studied in His Drawings
21144: GIBBON, EDWARD; ED. BY BETTY RADICE - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vols. 1-4
20592: GIBBS, GEORGE - The Bolted Door
11131: GIEBELHAUSEN, JOACHIM (TRANS. BY E.F. LINSSEN) - Photography in Industry
21616: GIFFORD, DAVID EDWIN - Collector's Guide to Camark Pottery
18369: GILBERT, BRUCE - Hunting & Horse Trails, from Mongolia to the Yukon
20443: GILBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale, 2 Vols.
28915: GILES, DIANE M., ET AL. - Focus on Louis Thiers: A Photographer's View of Kenosha
24311: GILL, JERRY H. (ED.) - Essays on Kierkegaard
26379: GILLIS, FRANK J. & GERTRUDE P. KURATH (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. Xiv, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1970
26374: GILLIS, FRANK J. & GERTRUDE P. KURATH (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. Xi, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1967
26375: GILLIS, FRANK J.; GILBERT CHASE; BRUNO NETTL (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. X, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1966
26377: GILLIS, FRANK J. & GERTRUDE P. KURATH (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. Xiii, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1969
26376: GILLIS, FRANK J. & GERTRUDE P. KURATH (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. Xii, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1968
27850: GINGOLD, JEFFREY N. - Tunnel, Smuggle, Collect: A Holocaust Boy
25185: GIST, GLADYS LEFFLER; ED. BY JAMES MARTEN - Chasing Rainbows: A Recollection of the Great Plains 1921-1975
27736: GJERDE, JON; ED. BY S. DEBORAH KANG - Catholicism and the Shaping of Nineteenth-Century America
28737: GLASS, MOGENS L. & STEPHEN C. WOOD (EDS.) - Cardio-Respiratory Control in Vertebrates: Comparative and Evolutionary Aspects
24840: GLAUBER, UTA - How the Willow Wren Became King
7974: GLEIT, MARIA - Niko's Mountains
25676: GLENN, HAROLD T. - Glenn's Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Tune-Up and Repair Guide
28162: GLUCKMAN, MAX (ED.) - Closed Systems and Open Minds: The Limits of Naivety in Social Anthropology
16112: GNACINSKI, JANNEYNE L. - Iola Fire Department Centennial: A History of the Iola Volunteer Fire Dept. , Iola, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
27836: GO, JUSTIN - The Steady Running of the Hours
26881: GOC, MICHAEL J. - Forward in Flight: The History of Aviation in Wisconsin
25284: GOC, MICHAEL - The Bud Norton Story: Green Lake's Legendary Fishing Guide [Wisconsin]
19807: GODSHALK, WILLIAM LEIGH - In Quest of Cabell: Five Exploratory Essays
28514: GOEBEL, JOHN & ALBERTA ET AL. - Tracks of Time: Mendota, Illinois 1853-1978
24198: VAN GOETHEM, LARRY - Not Long Ago: 1879-1979, the Langlade County Centennial Story [Wisconsin]
21613: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM H. - Army Exploration in the American West 1803-1863
23296: GOFF, AL (ED.) - Nobles County History [Minnesota]
25993: GOFFEN, RONA - Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian
27537: GOGUEL, MAURICE; TRANS. BY H.C. SNAPE - The Primitive Church
302: GOLDICH, SAMUEL S. ET AL. - The Precambrian Geology and Geochronology of Minnesota
27458: GOLDMAN, IRVING - Ancient Polynesian Society
13015: GOLDSTEIN, ARNOLD P. & DONALD W. KODLUBOY - Gangs in Schools: Signs, Symbols, and Solutions
26471: GOLDTHWAIT, JAMES WALTER - The Abandoned Shore-Lines of Eastern Wisconsin
24702: GOLOMBEK, H. - Prague 1946; International Chess Tournament
28916: GOMME, A.W.; A. ANDREWES; K. DOVERS - A Historical Commentary on Thucydides, 5 Volume Set
21980: GONZALEZ ECHEGARAY, JOSE & LESLIE G. FREEMAN - Vida Y Muerte En Cueva Morin
28902: GONZALEZ, JUSTO L. - Faith and Wealth: A History of Early Christian Ideas on the Origin, Significance, and Use of Money
25674: GONZALEZ, MARK - An Overview of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware
24957: GOODRICH, ALBERT M. - History of Anoka County and the Towns of Champlin and Dayton in Hennepin County, Minnesota
13159: GOODWIN, DEREK - Pigeons and Doves of the World, 3rd Ed.
24080: VAN GOOZEN, STEPHANIE - Male and Female: Effects of Sex Hormones on Aggression, Cognition and Sexual Motivation
26782: GORALSKA, MARTA - Wilhelm August Stryowski 1834-1917: Malarz, Kolekcjoner, Konserwator, Muzealnik, Pedagog
4924: GORDON, ROBERT - It Came from Memphis
22722: GORDON, W. J. - The Pursued: A Tale of the Yellowstone
26461: GORDON, GENERAL JOHN B. - Reminiscences of the Civil War
17574: GOSNELL, HARPUR ALLEN - Before the Mast in the Clippers; Composed in Large Part of the Diaries of Charles A. Abbey, Kept While at Sea in the Years 1856 to 1860
13698: GOSS, I.J.M. - New Medicines and Their Special Therapeutics
4037: GOSS, VLADIMIR P. (ED. ) ET AL. - Marko Spalatin: A Retrospective 1970-1995
26813: GOULDS, PETER & ELIZABETH EAST - Frederick Hammersley, 22 March - 12 May 2012
27560: O'GRADY, JOHN - The Catholic Church and the Destitute (the Calvert Series)
15125: GRAFFENIUS, MELVIN A. - A City Park for the South Side 1889-1936 [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
26477: GRAHAM, THOMAS - Greenberg's Guide to Aurora Model Kits
17813: GRAHAM, BILL - Yellow Birds and Silver Eagles
15420: GRAND, STANLEY I. (ESSAY) - Paul Georges: Self-Portraits January 22 - March 5, 1995
28217: DE LA GRANGE, HENRY-LOUIS - Mahler, Volume One
2189: GRANT, BRUCE - The Star-Spangled Rooster
28925: GRASSELLI, JEANETTE G.; MARCIA K. SNAVELY; BERNARD J. BULKIN - Chemical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
24986: GRAY, HAROLD - The Pop-Up Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, the Circus Elephant
28736: GRAY, ANDREW - The Arakmbut: Mythology, Spirituality, and History in an Amazonian Community
26519: GRAY, ED (ESSAYS); ROBERT ABBETT (ART) - Wings from Cover: The Upland Images of Robert Abbett and Ed Gray
28959: GREAVES, BETTINA BIEN & ROBERT W. MCGEE (COMPILERS) - Mises: An Annotated Bibliography, with 1982-1993 Update: A Comprehensive Listing of Books and Articles By and About Ludwig Von Mises, 2 Vols.
28905: GREAVES, PERCY L., JR. (PREPARED BY) - Mises Made Easier: A Glossary for Ludwig Von Mises' Human Action, 2nd Ed.
21071: GREB, RICHARD - The First 50 Years: Society of Actuaries 1949-1999
5671: GREEN, J. REYNOLDS - The Soluble Ferments and Fermentation
25113: GREEN, WILLIAM & ROBIN M. LILLIE (EDS.) - Archaeology and the Great Midwestern Floods of 1993
26121: GREEN, GEORGIA M. & JERRY L. MORGAN - Practical Guide to Syntactic Analysis, 2nd Ed.
24946: GREENAN, RUSSELL H. - Nightmare
21855: GREENBERG, MARTIN J. - The Stadium Game, 2nd Ed.
26757: GREENBERG, HANK; IRA BERKOW - The Story of My Life
8957: GREENE, CARLA - A Trip on a Plane
28215: GREENE, LAWRENCE S. (ED.) - Malnutrition, Behavior, and Social Organization
28279: GREENE, GRAHAM; ILLUS. BY JOHN HOLDER - Our Man in Havana
19536: GREENE, CONSTANCE C. - Ask Anybody
28604: GREENLEAF, WILLIAM - Monopoly on Wheels: Henry Ford and the Selden Automobile Patent
14714: GREEPE, THOMAS (ED. BY DAVID W. WATERS) - The True and Perfecte Newes of the Woorthy and Valiaunt Exploytes, Performed and Doone By That Valiant Knight Syr Frauncis Drake: Not Onely at Sancto Domingo, and Carthagena, But Also Now at Cales, and Uppon the Coast of Spain
23343: GREGORY, HORACE - Collected Poems
15400: GREGORY, JOHN G. (ED. ) - Wisconsin's Gold Star List: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Nurses from the Badger State Who Died in the Federal Service During the World War
25611: GREGORY, JOHN D. (ED.) - Southeastern Wisconsin: A History of Old Milwaukee County, 4 Vols.
15390: GRETTLER, DAVID J. ET AL. - Marginal Farms on the Edge of Town: Final Archaeological Investigations at the Moore-Taylor, Benjamin Wynn (Lewis-E), and Wilson-Lewis Farmsteads, State Rte 1 Corridor, Kent Co. , Delaware
22671: GREWE, LARRY & JOAN SCHOPPER KEMPF (COMPILED & ED.) - The Lone Pine Remembers: The Bruckerville and Barry Country School Communities [Wisconsin]
23339: GREY, ZANE - The Arizona Clan
27693: GREY , JOHN & JOHN SCHROEDER - The Sheboygan Country Club: A Centennial History, 1905-2005 [Wisconsin]
23338: GREY, ZANE - The Ranger and Other Stories
15121: GRIAULE, MARCEL - Arts de L'afrique Noire
28971: GRIFFIN, DAVID RAY - Religion and Scientific Naturalism: Overcoming the Conflicts
5674: GRIFFITH, JOHN R. - Quantitative Techniques for Hospital Planning and Control
22580: GRIFFITH, R. EGLESFELD - Medical Botany: Or Descriptions of the More Important Plants Used in Medicine, with Their History, Properties, and Mode of Administration
28551: GRIFFITHS, GWIL - Packard: A History in Ads, 1903-1956
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23336: LAW, JUDGE [JOHN] - The Colonial History of Vincennes, Under the French, British and American Governments, from Its First Settlement Down to the Territorial Administration of General William Henry Harrison
27730: LAWLESS, CHRISTINE E. (ED.) - Sports Cardiology Essentials: Evaluation, Management and Case Studies
22871: LAWRENCE, C. H. (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Story-Land Express
19721: LAWSON, HENRY; ED. BY LEONARD CRONIN - A Camp-Fire Yarn: Complete Works 1885-1900 & a Fantasy of Man: Complete Works 1901-1922
25421: LAWSON, NIGELLA & PIER LUIGI BASSIGNANA - Il Museo Immaginario Della Pasta / the "Musée Imaginaire" of Pasta
22475: LAWSON, PUBLIUS V. - Bravest of the Brave: Captain Charles de Langlade
25146: LEAF, MUNRO - Reading Can Be Fun
28429: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Info - Psychology [a Revision of Exo-Psychology], an Extension Amplification: A Manual on the Use of the Human Nervous System According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers
25962: LEARY, JAMES P. - Yodeling in Dairyland: A History of Swiss Music in Wisconsin
21263: LEBLANC, SYLVIE (ED.) - Etudes Inuit Studies, Volume 27(1-2), 2003: Architecture Paleoesquimaude / Palaeoeskimo Architecture
26927: LECKY, WALTER - Mr. Billy Buttons
24405: LEE, RUTH KLINE - William Lee Risley, His Ancestral Lines, Including Risley, Millard, Strong and Related Families, and His Descendants
27455: LEE, W.O. & JEFFREY T. FOUTS (EDS.) - Education for Social Citizenship: Perceptions of Teachers in the Usa, Australia, England, Russia and China
16261: TONG HUN LEE - The Collected Papers of Tong Hun Lee
27206: LEE, EDWARD - The Backwoods
27898: LEE, HOWARD B. - My Appalachia: Pipestem State Park Today and Yesterday
20433: LEES, FREDERICK - The Arthuriad of Catumandus
11696: LEET, ERNEST D. (ED.) - History of Chautauqua County, New York 1938-1978
28775: LEFKOWITH, CHRISTIE MAYER - Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry
6235: LEGNER, ANTON - Spätgotische Skulpturen [Late Gothic Scuptures] Im Schnütgen-Museum
28033: LEHNER, ADOLPH PHILIP - The Moose Call
5297: LEIDIGKEIT, KARL-HEINZ & JURGEN HERMANN - Auf Leninistischem Kurs: Geschichte Der Kpd-Bezirksorganisation Halle-Merse Burg Bis 1933
13701: LEIGHTON, W.A. - The Lichen-Flora of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands
28281: LEIGHTON, MARGARET - The Secret of Bucky Moran
28779: LEITCH, ROGER D. - Reliability Analysis for Engineers: An Introduction
23668: LEONARD, MARY F. ; ILLUS. BY LAETITIA HERR - Everyday Susan: A Story for Girls
16777: LEROUX, GASTON; ILLUS. BY ANDRE CASTAIGNE - The Phantom of the Opera, Photoplay Ed.
18925: LESKY, ALBIN; TRANS. BY JAMES WILLIS & CORNELIS DE HEER - A History of Greek Literature
24914: LESTER, JOHN ERASTUS - The Atlantic to the Pacific: What to See, and How to See It
21702: LETHBRIDGE, T.C. - The Painted Men
4307: LETOURNEAU, P. A. (ED. ) - Hart-Parr Photo Archive
28690: LETOURNEAU, P.A. (ED.) - Imperial 1955-1963 Photo Archive
18692: LEUCHTER, SARA (ED.) WITH JEAN LOEB LETTOFSKY - Guide to Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust: A Documentation Project of the Wisconsin Jewish Archives
27568: LEVIN, MEYER - If I Forget Thee: A Picture Story of Modern Palestine
26823: LEVIN, MICHAEL - Santiago Calatrava: Drawings and Sculptures
26484: LEVINE, ROGER S. - A Living Man from Africa: Jan Tzatzoe, Xhosa Chief and Missionary, and the Making of Nineteenth-Century South Africa
28169: LEVINE, ROBERT A. & DONALD T. CAMPBELL - Ethnocentrism: Theories of Conflict, Ethnic Attitudes and Group Behavior
25509: LEVINE, DAVID A. & EKKEHARD MAI (EDS.) ET AL. - I Bamboccianti: Niederländische Malerrebellen Im Rom Des Barock
13829: DE LEVIS, MARQUIS - Visite Au Canada, Suivie D'une Course Aux Montagnes-Rocheuses Et a L'ocean Pacifique En 1895
28165: LEVIS, JOHN HAZEDEL - Foundations of Chinese Musical Art
27825: LEVY, YONATA & JEANNETTE SCHAEFFER (EDS.) - Language Competence Across Populations: Toward a Definition of Specific Language Impairment
28955: LEWIN, PETER - Capital in Disequilibrium: The Role of Capital in a Changing World
7078: LEWIS, ERNEST - Beowulf, Guide Dog to the Blind
18205: LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising
26885: LEWIS, JACK - The Delaware Scene
25931: LEWIS, CHARLES M.N. & MADELINE KNEBERG - Tribes That Slumber: Indian Times in the Tennessee Region
27125: LEWIS, THOMAS M.N. & MADELINE KNEBERG - Hiwassee Island: An Archaeological Account of Four Tennessee Indian Peoples
21683: LICHON, CHUCK - Waterfowling Boats, Blinds and Related Gear, 2nd Ed.
25072: LIEPNIEKS, ALEXANDER - The Chess Psychologist World Champion Tal
16634: LIGGETT, WALTER W. - The River Riders
27940: LIGGETT, HELEN & DAVID C. PERRY (EDS.) - Spatial Practices: Critical Explorations in Social/Spatial Theory
28269: LIGIBEL, TED J. - Clark Lake: Images of a Michigan Tradition
25371: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM; ED. BY STEVEN B. SMITH ET AL. - The Writings of Abraham Lincoln
8689: LINCOLN, DORIS BRANDT - Greening Twig
25270: LIND, INGELA - Lena Cronqvist: Målningar 1964-1994
16672: LINDHORST, ANDRE (TRANS. BY MARY ROZELL-HOPKINS) - Christoph Rihs: Erde Gemessen Am Ohm
23349: LINDSAY, VACHEL; INTRO. BY HARRIET MONROE - The Congo and Other Poems
24210: LINDSAY, VACHEL - Rigamarole, Rigamarole
27164: LINDSEY, JOHANNA - Love Me Forever
21403: LINDSTROM, VARPU - From Heroes to Enemies: Finns in Canada, 1937-1947
27671: DE LINT, CHARLES - Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks
27777: DE LINT, CHARLES - Promises to Keep
28786: LINTON, RALPH & PAUL S. WINGERT ET AL. - Arts of the South Seas
8083: LISTER, ROBERT H. - The Present Status of the Archaeology of Western Mexico: A Distributional Study
23576: LITTLE, MARY E. - 1 2 3 for the Library
15349: LITTLEJOHN, JEAN - Fabrics for Embroidery
25541: LIVIO, M.; S.M. FALL & P. MADAU (EDS.) - The Hubble Deep Field
28081: LIZARS, ROBINA & KATHLEEN MACFARLANE - In the Days of the Canada Company: The Story of the Settlement of the Huron Tract and a View of the Social Life of the Period, 1825-1850
24122: LJUNGBERG, LENNART; TRANS. BY JOHN OWEN - Hysteria: A Clinical, Prognostic and Genetic Study
27705: LLORACH, EMILIO ALARCOS - Gramática de la Lengua Española
28366: LLOYD, SUZANNE (ED.); FOREWORD BY ROBERT WAGNER - Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3-D
27351: LOCKWOOD, BRIAN - Samoan Village Economy
25731: LOFFICIER, JEAN-MARC (ED.) - L'almanach Des Vampires 2
25730: LOFFICIER, JEAN-MARC (ED.) - L'almanach Des Vampires
19789: LOFGREN, CAROL (ED.) - Historical Album: Stone Lake, Wisconsin
19035: LOMBARDI, VINCE WITH W. C. HEINZ - Run to Daylight!
28964: LOMBARDO, JOSEF VINCENT - Attilio Piccirilli: Life of an American Sculptor
21025: LOMBARDO, JAMES C. - Mary O'neil
28845: LOMBARDY, WILLIAM & DAVID DANIELS - U.S. Championship Chess; with the Games of the 1973 Tournament
8821: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - The Royal Society of London: Philosophical Transactions, Vol. 40, 1737-1738
8841: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - The Royal Society of London: Philosophical Transactions, Vol. 37, 1731-1732
8119: LONGHURST, M.H. - English Ivories
21731: LOOMIS, FREDERICK BREWSTER - Hunting Extinct Animals in the Patagonian Pampas (Eighth Amherst Expedition, 1911)
2478: LOOSBROCK, RICHARD J. - The History of the Kansas Department of the American Legion
8023: LOPEZ LUJAN, LEONARDO ET AL. - Gli Altopiani Delle Guerre: Xochicalco E Tula (Corpus Precolombiano)
19928: LÓPEZ-REY, JOSÉ - Velázquez: A Catalogue Raisonné of His Oeuvre, with an Introductory Study
25271: LORD, FR. DANIEL A.; REVISED & EXPANDED BY KELLY BOWRING - Little Child of God: Prayer Book for Boys and Girls
15653: LOUGHLIN, JAMES - The Ulster Question Since 1945, 2nd Ed.
25758: LOVE, RICHARD H. & MICHAEL PRESTON WORLEY - Reflections of Reality: American Paintings from the Collection of John and Susan Hainsworth
15365: LOVISI, GARY - Hardboiled Detective Story Magazine, Number 11
15366: LOVISI, GARY - Hardboiled Detective Story Magazine, Number 10
8696: LOYO, GILBERTO ET AL. - Los Recursos Naturales de Yucatan
18764: LUCAN, JACQUES; TRAD. DI SERENA MARCHI - Francia: Architettura 1965-1988
24950: LUCAS, MIKE - Five Golden Rings: The Saga of Wisconsin Hockey
15702: LUCAS, PAUL - Jazz Improvising for the Rock/Blues Guitarist
28590: LUDVIGSON, SUSAN - Everything Winged Must Be Dreaming
11284: LUDWIG, SISTER M. MILETA - Right-Hand Glove Uplifted: A Biography of Archbishop Michael Heiss
10605: LUNDQVIST, STIG (ED.) ET AL. - Order and Chaos in Nonlinear Physical Systems
26332: LUNDRIGAN, TED NELSON; ILLUS. BY BOB WHITE - Grouse and Lesser Gods
8964: LUTZ, JESSIE G. & SALAH EL-SHAKHS (EDS.) - Tradition and Modernity: The Role of Traditionalism in the Modernization Process
22403: LYFORD, CARRIE A. - Ojibwa Crafts
25263: LYNSKEY, MARIE - Illumination for Calligraphers: The Complete Guide for the Ambitious Calligrapher
28263: LYONS, DOROTHY; ILLUS. BY W.C. NIMS - Midnight Moon
23945: MAASS, DAVID (PAINTINGS); GENE HILL (STORIES) - A Gallery of Waterfowl and Upland Birds
18681: MACANDREW, CRAIG & ROBERT B. EDGERTON - Drunken Comportment: A Social Explanation
24326: MACAYEAL, H. S. - Tiger! Tiger!
27976: MACDONALD, GEORGE; ILLUS. BY JESSIE WILLCOX SMITH - The Princess and the Goblin
28306: MACDONALD, DOUGALD - Longs Peak: The Story of Colorado's Favorite Fourteener
25779: MACGREGOR, DAVID R. - The Tea Clippers: An Account of the China Tea Trade and of Some of the British Sailing Ships Engaged in It from 1849 to 1869
28949: MACHOVEC, FRANK M. - Perfect Competition and the Transformation of Economics
7290: MACKAYE, LORING - The Far Distant Bugle
27477: MACKENZIE, CATHERINE - Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Who Contracted Space
28119: MACLACHLAN, MORGAN D. (ED.) - Household Economies and Their Transformations
23669: MACLAREN, IAN - Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
21971: MACLEOD, J.J.R. (PART I) & W.R. CAMPBELL (PART II) - Insulin: Its Use in the Treatment of Diabetes; Part I - Physiology, Part Ii - Clinical Section
8183: MACNEISH, RICHARD S, & FREDERICK A. PETERSON - The Santa Marta Rock Shelter, Ocozocoautla, Chiapas, Mexico
10644: MADAN, T.N. (ED.) - Towards an Ethnosociology of India (Contributions to Indian Sociology, Special Issue, Vol. 23, No. 1)
18301: MADDISON, CAROL - Apollo and the Nine: A History of the Ode
17671: MADLEE, DOROTHY - Miss Lindlow's Leopard
19261: EDITORS OF BREAKTHROUGH MAGAZINE - The Breakthrough Habitat and Exhibit Manual
23634: MAHY, MARGARET - The Haunting
28477: MAIENSCHEIN, JANE & MICHAEL RUSE (EDS.) - Biology and the Foundation of Ethics
27885: MAILS, THOMAS E. & DAN EVEHEMA - Hotevilla: Hopi Shrine of the Covenant, Microcosm of the World
11977: MAINWARING, COLONEL G.B. - A Grammar of the Rong (Lepcha) Language, As It Exists in the Dorjeling and Sikim Hills
27596: MAIWALD, EVI - Porzellanpuppen: Von Den Anfängen Bis 1930
9055: MAJUMDAR, D.N. - Race Realities in Cultural Gujarat (Report on the Anthropometric, Serological and Health Survey of Maha Gujarat)
27389: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW - The Sexual Life of Savages in North-Western Melanesia: An Ethnographic Account of Courtship, Marriage and Family Life Among the Natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea
23577: MALLON, CAROLINE H. ; ILLUS. BY MARY GEHR - Happy Gingerbread Boy
23755: MALON, BOBBIE; JEFFERSON J. GRAY; ANIKA FAJARDO - Working with Water: Wisconsin Waterways, Teacher's Guide and Student Materials
14751: MALONE, KEMP - The Literary History of Hamlet: The Early Tradition
25666: MALONE, KEVIN - Don't Try This at Home: A Collection of True Stories Told without Exaggeration
28907: MALTHUS, T.R.; ED. BY DONALD WINCH - An Essay on the Principle of Population
24995: MANKO, SANDRA; KATINA MANKO; JEAN BAKKOM - Reflections on Sharon: 1797-1997, a Pictorial History [New York]
28938: MANN, W.L. & S.A. FOLSOM - A Manual of Foot Care and Shoe Fitting, for Officers of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps
16743: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH; ILLUS. BY MARY SHEPHARD - Adventure May Be Anywhere [Children By the Sea]
28022: MANNION, M. FRANCIS - Masterworks of God: Essays in Liturgical Theory and Practice
26312: MANSAVAGE, JOHN R. - Days of Kilimanjaro: The African Safaris of Leo "the Lion" Roethe
6593: MARASOVIC, JERKO ET AL. - Diocletian's Palace: Report on Joint Excavations in Southeast Quarter, Part One
17465: MARCHAL, HENRI - Les Temples D'angkor
15529: MARCKS, GERHARD (ART); MARTINA RUDLOFF (NACHWORT) - Was Das Auge Sah Und Das Herz Empfand, Zeichnete Die Hand, Und Nun Hast Du's Da!
13644: MARCOSSON, ISAAC F. - S.O. S. : America's Miracle in France
15687: MARGOLIES, BARBARA LUISE - Princes of the Earth: Subcultural Diversity in a Mexican Municipality
27565: MARGULL, HANS JOCHEN ED.) - The Councils of the Church: History and Analysis
21305: MARIS, GUUS - Tim Brown: Master of Mississippi, 1950s and 1960s
25277: MARKBREIT, JERRY & ALAN STEINBERG - Last Call: Memoirs of an Nfl Referee
15017: MARLEY, DAVID F. - Pirates and Privateers of the Americas
24974: MARQUES, LUIZ - Catalogue of the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand: French Art and the School of Paris
28394: MARQUESE, RAFAEL; TAMIS PARRON; MARCIA BERBEL; TRANS. BY LEONARDO MARQUES - Slavery and Politics: Brazil and Cuba, 1790-1850
12870: MARS [MAURICE BONVOISIN] - La Vie de Londres: Côtés Riants
3816: MARSCHALL, WERNER; TRANS. BY JAMES PALMES - Contemporary Architecture in Germany
15133: MARSHALL, JOHN DAVID (ED. ) ET AL. - Books, Libraries, Librarians: Contributions to Library Literature
28332: MARSHALL, ROBERT C. (ED.) - Case Studies in Aphasia Rehabilitation, for Clinicians By Clinicians
24070: MARTIN, LEONARD L. & ABRAHAM TESSER - Striving and Feeling: Interactions Among Goals, Affect, and Self-Regulation
24144: MARTIN, EDWARD WINSLOW - The Secrets of the Great City: A Work Descriptive of the Virtues and the Vices, the Mysteries, Miseries and Crimes of New York City
7501: GENEALOGICAL COUNCIL OF MARYLAND - Inventory of Maryland Bible Records, Vol. 1
18437: MASON, GEORGE C. - The Life and Works of Gilbert Stuart
22769: MASON, VAN WYCK - The Vesper Service Murders
25764: MASON, BILL - Song of the Paddle: An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping
22821: MASSICOTTE, E.Z. & REGIS ROY - Armorial Du Canada Français: Première Série & Deuxième Série, 2 Vols. In 1
25: MASSIE, DIANE REDFIELD - King Henry the Mouse
23297: MASTEN, JEFFREY (ED.) ET AL. - Renaissance Drama, New Series 34: Media, Technology, and Performance
26707: MASTERS, TGHOMAS (INTRO.) - Diane Thodos: Lyric & Elegy
25409: MATHER, COTTON; P. P. KARAN; SHIGERU IIJIMA - Japanese Landscapes: Where Land and Culture Merge
4390: MATHUR, N. L. - Sculpture in India: Its History and Art
7965: MATOS MOCTEZUMA, EDWARDO (COORDINADOR) - El Templo Mayor: Excavaciones Y Estudios
26573: MATTHIAS, JOHN - New Selected Poems
21282: MATZELLE, AL & JERRY SCHNEIDER - History of the American Bowling Congress: Celebrating 100 Years of Service to the Sport of American Tenpins
18176: MAUDSLAY, A. P. & J. T. GOODMAN - Biologia Centrali-Americana, Archaeology, Vol. Vi: Appendix: The Archaic Maya Inscriptions
25211: MAURER, SHERRY C. (ED. ) - The Olson-Brandelle North American Indian Art Collection
11223: MAUTNER, THOMAS (ED.) - A Dictionary of Philosophy
19899: MAW, NICHOLAS (MUSIC); BEVERLEY CROSS (LIBRETTO) - The Rising of the Moon: An Opera in Three Acts
22756: MAWHINEY, R. B. - Chiropractic in Wisconsin 1950-1990
25862: MAXWELL, ROBERT S. - Emanuel L. Philipp: Wisconsin Stalwart
27966: MAY, TIM (ED.) - Qualitative Research in Action
27513: MAYAKOVSKY, VLADIMIR; ED. BY MICHAEL ALMEREYDA - Night Wraps the Sky: Writings By and About Mayakovsky
27416: MAYER, ALLAN - Gaston's War: The True Story of a Hero of the Resistance in World War Ii
23742: MAYER, ALICIA - El Descubrimiento de América En la Historiografía Norteamericana (Siglos Xvii Al Xx)
27637: MAYLE, PETER - Hotel Pastis
12304: MAYRANT, DRAYTON [KATHERINE SIMONS] - Lamp in Jerusalem
27882: MAZOR, YAIR - Who Wrought the Bible? Unveiling the Bible's Aesthetic Secrets
24192: MCALISTER, LYLE N. - The "Fuero Militar" in New Spain 1764-1800
26566: MCALLISTER, BRUCE - Wings over the Yukon: A Photographic History of Yukon Aviation
27816: MCATEER, TOM; WITH RESEARCHER BOB CAREY - Warrenpoint Golf Club 1893-1993: A History
26858: MCCANN, DENNIS - Rough Stuff: The Golf Columns of Dennis Mccann
28205: MCCLAIN, CAROL SHEPHERD (ED.) - Women As Healers: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
26521: MCCLELLAND, ADIE - Black Dog Cottage Cookbook
8824: MCCLOY, HELEN - Dance of Death
13132: MCCOLLUM, JOHN W. (ED. ) - The Best of War Stories of the National Area Chapter, 8th Air Force Historical Society
28607: MCCOOG, THOMAS M., S.J. (ED.) - The Mercurian Project: Forming Jesuit Culture 1573-1580
21615: MCCORD, MONTY. - Hastings: The Queen City of the Plains [Nebraska]
26660: MCCORMICK, THOMAS - Space Odyssey: The Art of John Little (1907-1984)

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