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25839: HOUSE, FLORENCE E.; REVISED BY ELIZABETH H. SALISBURY - Notes on Weaving Techniques, Ninth Revision
31079: HOUSTON, VICTORIA - Dead Hot Mama
30899: HOUSTON, DANIEL COLLIER - Suck a Rock: The Personal Story of One Soldier, with a Worm's Eye View from a Foxhole in World War Ii
19044: HOVEY, HORACE CARTER - Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, with an Account of Colossal Cavern
24919: HOWE, JOSHUA P. - Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming
26062: HOWE, SEAN; ÉRICO ASSIS (TRAD.) - Marvel Comics: A História Secreta
30934: HSIEH, DOUGLAS H.Y. - Pa Kua Chan for Self-Defense
30890: HSIEH, DOUGLAS H.Y. - Combat Swords of the Dragon and Phoenix
26658: HSU, MANRAY (PREFACE) ET AL. - Yao Jui-Chung
28235: HU, HSIEN CHIN - The Common Descent Group in China and Its Functions
31471: HUBBELL, WALTER - The Curse of Marriage: A True Story of Domestic Life
25738: HUDSON, DAVID L. JR. - Combat Sports: An Encyclopedia of Wrestling, Fighting, and Mixed Martial Arts
7405: HUGGINS, SIR WILLIAM - The Royal Society; Or, Science in the State and in the Schools
29205: HUGUNIN, JOHN D. (TEXT) - Donald Zolan's Paintings of Early Childhood
27972: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER (ED.); HIRAM S. RUMFELD ET AL. - Letters of an Overland Mail Agent in Utah
14892: HUNT, JOHN DIXON - The Pre-Raphaelite Imagination 1848-1900
25023: HUNTER, SAM - Larry Rivers
23217: HUNTER, GEORGE; ED. BY JOHN FRANCIS MCDERMOTT - The Western Journals of Dr. George Hunter 1796-1805 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Series, Vol. 53, Part 4, 1963)
29125: HURST, FANNIE - Anitra's Dance
14293: VON HUTTEN, THE BARONESS - Eddy and Edouard
29619: HYDER, ALAN - Prelude to Blue Mountains
31605: HYERCZYK, JAMES A. - Pattern, Price & Time: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems
4477: IDING, ALLAN E. (ED. ) - Forward Freemasonry: A History of Freemasonry in Wisconsin, Vols. 1 & 2
30553: FOREST HILL CEMETERY COMMITTEE OF HISTORIC MADISON INC. - A Biographical Guide to Forest Hill Cemetery, Part Ii [Madison, Wisconsin]
22150: INGALLS, CARRIE CRANE - Fundamentals of Sewing
31035: INGBER, LESTER - Karate Kinematics and Dynamics
19676: INNES, MICHAEL - The Long Farewell
17944: INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY, WUHAN COLLEGE OF GEOLOGY - Atlas of the Palaeogeography of China
29732: INTERRANTE, C.G. & G.M. PRESSOUYRE (EDS.) - Current Solutions to Hydrogen Problems in Steels
18947: ISAAK, JO ANNA - The Ruin of Representation in Modernist Art and Texts
16837: FACULTY OF LETTERS OF ISTANBUL - Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: Founder of the Turkish Republic
9160: ITO, HAJIME - Sea Ice Atlas of Northern Baffin Bay
30570: IVERSON, PETER - The Navajo Nation
30171: IYER, PICO (ESSAY) - Leonard Cohen North America 2009 Tour
17995: JABLONSKI, ZACHARIASZ S. (ED. ) ET AL. - Jasna Gora: The World Centre of Pilgrimage
16591: JACKSON, DOUGLAS K. & NED H. HANENBERGER ET AL - Selected Early Mississippian Household Sites in the American Bottom
17166: JACKSON, RONALD VERN (ED.) & LARAINE WELCH (COMPILER) - Computer Index to Massachusetts 1800 Census
29616: JACKSON, A.J. - British Civil Aircraft Since 1919 (1919-1972), Volume Two
28435: JACKSON, JAMES M. - Cabin Fever: A Seamus Mccree Mystery
17167: JACKSON, RONALD VERN & GARY RONALD TEEPLES (EDS.) - Computer Index to New York 1800 Census, 2 Vols.
29258: JAGENDORF, M. (ED.) - Nine Short Plays, Written for Young People to Stage
17459: JAKUBOVICH, PAUL J. & LES VOLLMERT - Good for Business: A Guide to Rehabilitating the Exteriors of Older Commercial Buildings
17460: JAKUBOVICH, PAUL - Living with History: A Guide to the Preservation Standards for Historically Designated Houses in Milwaukee
8118: JALOVEC, KAREL - Enzyklopädie Des Geigenbaues, Vol. I: A-K
27676: JAMES, HENRY; INTRO. BY IRVING HOWE - The Bostonians
29995: JAMES, P.D. - A Certain Justice Audiobook
31728: JAMES, MARQUIS - The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston
30627: JAMIESON, ROBERT; A.R. FAUSSET; DAVID BROWN - A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, Volume Three (3), Parts 1-3: Matthew - Revelation
19892: JARMAN, JULIA - Ollie and the Bogle
31157: JAW, PETER - Ba Gua Zhang; Techniques and Application
31258: JEANSON, DENIS - La Maison Seigneuriale Du Val de Loire: Sa Vie, Son Economie, Ses Habitants, Son Architecture
26951: JEFFERS, THOMAS L. - Samuel Butler Revalued
31255: JEFFERSON, THOMAS; ED. BY SAUL K. PADOVER - The Writings of Thomas Jefferson
12142: JEFFREYS, SHEILA (ED. ) - The Sexuality Debates
21160: JERABEK, RICHARD; VACLAV FROLEC; DUSAN HOLY - Podluzi: Kniha O Lidovem Umeni [Book on Folk Art]
30904: LI YING JIE - Shaolin Kungfu
26032: JODOROWSKY, ALEXANDRO (STORY); JUAN GIMENEZ (ART) - The Metabarons: Path of the Warrior
18469: JOHANSSON, JOHN (ED. ) ET AL. - En Smålandssocken Emigrerar: En Bok Om Emigrationen Till Amerika Från Långasjö Socken I Kronobergs Län
5177: JOHNSON, STEPHEN MORRIS - Ellen of the Plains Country
21797: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Highways and Byways of the Great Lakes
22675: JOHNSON, GERHARD; AS TOLD TO KATHLEEN MARIE MARSH - My Mother Kept a Scrapbook: The True Story of a Wwii Pow
31190: JOHNSON, JULIE KRYSIAK - Oshkosh Down Under: Basement Businesses and the Tunnel from the Hotel Athearn to the Grand Opera House [Wisconsin]
11969: JOHNSON, A. F. - One Hundred Title-Pages 1500-1800
31512: JOHNSON, BRUCE E. - Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Furniture
9202: JOHNSTON, RICHARD B. (ED. ) - The Mcintyre Site: Archaeology, Subsistence and Environment
24195: JOHNSTON, A. J. B. ; TRADUIT DE LOUIS D. RICHARD - La Religion Dans la Vie à Louisbourg (1713-1758)
3318: JONES, J. P. - The Money Story
28064: DE JONG, CEES & ERIK MATTIE - Architectural Competitions, 2 Vols. : 1792-1949, 1950-Today
11332: DE JONGH, E. (ED. ) ET AL. - Die Sprache Der Bilder: Realität Und Bedeutung in Der Niederländischen Malerei Des 17. Jahrhunderts
29203: JORDAN, VILHELM LASSEN - Acoustical Design of Concert Halls and Theatres: A Personal Account
30307: JORGENSON, LLOYD P. - The Founding of Public Education in Wisconsin
23580: JOYNER, J. BROOKS - Artists of the American West 1830-1940
20232: JUDD, J. R. - Always Strong and Happy: A Complete System of Treatment for the General Care of the Body, with Full Directions for the Development of the Muscular System
30090: KAHN, MICHAEL A. - Trophy Widow
28336: KAISER, GEORG; ED. BY WALTHER HUDER - Werke, Erster Band: Stücke 1895-1917
28337: KAISER, GEORG; ED. BY WALTHER HUDER - Werke, Zweiter Band: Stücke 1918-1927
31347: KALE, HEMANT & SHRIRANG JOSHI - The Magic and Logic of Elliott Waves
29008: KAMINSKI, JOHN P. & JONATHAN M. REID (EDS.) - Adams and Jefferson: Contrasting Aspirations and Anxieties from the Founding
29007: KAMINSKI, JOHN P. & TIMOTHY D. MOORE (EDS.) - Assembly of Demigods: Word Portraits of the Delegates to the Constitutional Convention By Their Contemporaries
10648: KANTNER, CAROL - Roughly Chronological
16833: KAPLAN, MORTON A. - Law in a Democratic Society
31612: KASPAROV, GARRY; WITH MIG GREENGARD - How Life Imitates Chess: Making the Right Moves from the Board to the Boardroom
31616: KASPAROV, GARY; TRANS. BY LEV KHARITON - Learn Chess with Garry Kasparov
31685: KASPAROV, GARRY; TRANS. BY KEN NEAT - Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part Two: Kasparov Vs Karpov 1975-1985, Including the 1st and 2nd Matches
31613: KASPAROV, GARRY; WITH MIG GREENGARD - Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins
31362: KASPAROV, GARRY; TRANS. BY KEN NEAT - Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors, Part V: Korchnoi, Karpov
31360: KASPAROV, GARRY; TRANS. BY KEN NEAT - Garry Kasparov on Fischer: My Great Predecessors, Part Iv
31361: KASPAROV, GARRY; TRANS. BY KEN NEAT - Garry Kasparov on Fischer: My Great Predecessors, Part Iv
26378: KATZ, ISRAEL J. & NORMA MCLEOD (EDS.) - Ethnomusicology, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Vol. Xv, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, 1971
17833: KAUFMAN, BEL - Love, Etc.
15540: KAUL, H. K. (ED.) - Travellers' India: An Anthology
15995: KAULEN, FRANZ - Die Sprachverwirrung Zu Babel: Linguistisch-Theologische Untersuchungen Uber Gen. Xi, 1-9
29604: KEELER, WILLIAM FREDERICK; ED. BY ROBERT W. DALY - Aboard the Uss Florida, 1863-65: The Letters of Paymaster William Frederick Keeler, U.S. Navy to His Wife, Anna
30749: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Secret of the Wooden Lady (Nancy Drew #27)
30750: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery at the Ski Jump (Nancy Drew #29)
30751: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Velvet Mask (Nancy Drew #30)
30381: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue of the Broken Locket (Nancy Drew No. 11)
27117: KEHOE, THOMAS F.; WITH FRANCES EYMAN - The Gull Lake Site: A Prehistoric Bison Drive Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan
16852: KEISCH, CHRISTIANE - Das Grosse Silberbuffet Aus Dem Rittersaal Des Berliner Schlosses
29199: KELAREV, ANDREI - Graph Algebras and Automata
31274: KELLEY, TIM - Good As Gold: A History of Banking in Wisconsin
18342: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 15, Jan. -March, 1954
18334: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 13, July-September, 1953
18332: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 12, April-June, 1953
18336: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 11, Jan. -March, 1953
18340: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 14, October-December, 1953
18341: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 16, April-June, 1954
18337: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 7, Oct. -Dec. , 1951
18338: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum, No. 6, July-Sept. , 1951
24044: KEMFERT, BEATE & ANGELA GRATZI (EDS. ) - Line and Sculpture in Dialogue / Linie Und Skulptur Im Dialog: Rodin, Giacometti, Modigliani
25966: KEMP, ALAN; ILLUS. BY SIMON CALBURN - The Owls of Southern Africa
27250: KENNEDY, HOWARD ANGUS - The Red Man's Wonder Book
30775: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Emeralds (#14)
30778: KENNY, KATHRYN - Trixie Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi (#15)
31629: KENT, MICHAEL - The Mass of Brother Michel
29687: KEOWN, ANNA GORDON - Mr. Thompson in the Attic
31700: KERRY, JOHN - Every Day Is Extra
26409: KETCHUM, WILLIAM - An Authentic and Comprehensive History of Buffalo, with Some Account of Its Early Inhabitants Both Savage and Civilized, 2 Vols.
12986: KEY, HANS RHEINHEIMER (TRAD. DE BEATRIZ Y ERICH LERBS) - Topo: Historia de la Colonia Escosesa En Las Cercanias de Caracas 1825-1827
31077: KHALDEI, YEVGENY (PHOTOGRAPHY); ALEXANDER & ALICE NAKHIMOVSKY (ESSAY) - Witness to History: The Photographs of Yevgeny Khaldei
30845: SHAKTI PARWHA KAUR KHALSA - Marriage on the Spiritual Path: Mastering the Highest Yoga
17520: KHATCHADOURIAN, HAIG - A Critical Study in Method
25621: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Chippecotton: Root River Tales of Racine
27532: KIELY, D.G. - Naval Surface Weapons
16860: KIESOW, GOTTFRIED - Baukunst in Hessen: Von Der Romantik Zur Moderne
28503: KIKHI, KEDILEZO; ALPHONSUS D'SOUZA; VISAKHONU HIBO (EDS.) - Angami Society at the Beginning of the 21st Century
8383: KILMER, JOYCE - Summer of Love
31450: KILPATRICK, ANDREW - Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, More in '04 California Edition
31377: KILPATRICK, ANDREW - Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, 2014 Endless Edition
31376: KILPATRICK, ANDREW - Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett, 2017 Worldwide Edition
31631: KILPATRICK, ANDREW - Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett
13259: KIMBALL, ART & SCOTT - Collecting Old Fishing Tackle
29541: KIMBALL, GWEN - The Cardiff Giant
3585: KIMURA, KAZUE & SUKEHIKO KOGA (EDS. ) - Basic Principles and Clinical Applications of Helical Scan: Applications of Continuous-Rotation Ct
25511: KINDERMANN, M. ANNA FRANZISKA (FOREWORD) ET AL. - Maria Innocentia Berta Hummel, Künstlerin Und Klosterfrau: Zweite Studienzeit 1935-1937 Werkverzeichnis
30635: KING, FRANK A. - The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway
31592: KING, MARIAN; ILLUS. BY ELEANORE HUBBARD WILSON - The Golden Cat Head, and Other Tales from Holland
18279: KING, GENERAL CHARLES - A Conquering Corps Badge, and Other Stories of the Philippines
30321: KING, CHARLES F. - Roundabout Rambles in Northern Europe
28376: KINSEY, WAYNE - The House That Hammer Built, Issue 3, June 1997
28380: KINSEY, WAYNE - The House That Hammer Built, Issue 8, April/May 1998
28383: KINSEY, WAYNE - The House That Hammer Built, Issue 11 (Vol. 2: 3), March 1999
28378: KINSEY, WAYNE - The House That Hammer Built, Issue 6, December 1997
21430: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD DE L. - Dark Surrender
31085: KIRKHAM, PAT - Charles and Ray Eames: Designers of the Twentieth Century
27520: KJELLIN, MARGARETA & NINA ERICSON, ET AL. - Genuine Falun Red
8556: KLEIN, MARC - Regards D'un Biologiste: Evolution de L'approche Scientifique; L'enseignement Médical Strasbourgeois
27861: KLINEFELTER, LEE M. - Medical Occupations Available to Boys When They Grow Up
31020: LAI HUNG & BRIAN KLINGBORG - The Secrets of Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu: The History, Form, and Function of Pek Sil Lum
30424: KLINGEL, GILBERT C. - Inagua: Which Is the Name of a Very Lonely and Nearly Forgotten Island
28886: VON KLUCK, ALEXANDER - The March on Paris and the Battle of the Marne 1914
29087: KLUGER, JEFFREY - Splendid Solution: Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio Audiobook
13929: KNABENBAUER, JOS. , S. J. - Commentarius in Danielem Prophetam, Lamentationes Et Baruch
29343: KNIGHT, CHARLES HUNTOON & W. SOHIER BRYANT - Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
31054: KNUPFER, PETER B. - The Union As It Is: Constitutional Unionism and Sectional Compromise, 1787-1861
29675: KOCH, RONALD M. - All Duck Hunters Are Crazy
29676: KOCH, RONALD M. - All Duck Hunters Are Crazy
29669: KODA, KEIKO (ED.) - Reading and Language Learning
30745: KOE, FRANK THEODORE - Fabric for the Designed Interior
5247: KOEHLER, AUGUST - Practical Botany, Structural and Systematic; the Latter Portion Being an Analytical Key to the Wild Flowering Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Ordinary Herbs, Sedges and Grasses of the Northern and Middle United States East of the Mississippi
30477: KOENIG, G.H. - Once Upon a Prairie: Reflections of Waukesha's Yesterdays [Wisconsin]
25305: KOHUT, KARL & SONIA V. ROSE (EDS. ) - Pensamiento Europeo Y Cultura Colonial
28693: KOLLINS, MICHAEL J. - Pioneers of the U.S. Automobile Industry, 4 Vols: The Big Three; the Small Independents; the Financial Wizards; the Design Innovators
26991: KOLYER, JOHN - The Black Calla
27573: TOMOSHICHI KONISHI (ED.) ET AL. - New Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary, 2nd Ed
30561: KOROM, JOSEPH J.; GARY W. COTTRELL (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Look Up Milwaukee, Eastside/Westside All Around Downtown: A Descriptive and Pictorial Display of Selected Architectural Scenery
30023: KORTENHOF, KURT - Sugar Camp 1891-1941: The Origin and Early History of a Northern Wisconsin Community
30489: KOUBA, THEODORE F. - Waking a Sleeping Giant
19652: KRASHENINNIKOV, S. P. ; TRANS. BY JAMES GRIEVE - The History of Kamtschatka, and the Kurilski Islands, with the Countries Adjacent [Kamchatka]
31141: KREMENTZ, JILL - A Very Young Dancer
26647: KRESS, NANCY - Trinity and Other Stories
31652: KRIER, BEATRICE WESTER - Tapestry of Luxembourgers: The Making of Belgium [Wisconsin]
28724: KRISHNATRY, S.M. - Border Tagins of Arunachal Pradesh: Unarmed Expedition 1956
18435: KRIZIC, NADA ET AL. - Medunarodna Izlozba: Naivi "87 / International Exhibition: Naifs '87
31784: KROLL, STANLEY - Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy
31597: KROLL, STANLEY - Dragons and Bulls: Profitable Investment Strategies for Trading Stocks and Commodities
17627: KRUEGER, MARTIN A. - Sinnissippi Reflections
13699: KRUMMACHER, FREDERIC ADOLPHUS - The Parables of Frederic Adolphus Krummacher
26050: KUCKEIN, H.E. - Architectural Illustration & Presentation
11521: KURDAS, CHIDEM - Theories of Technical Change and Investment: Riches and Rationality
20840: KURSCHNER, WILFRIED (ED. ) - Linguisten Handbuch: Biographische Und Bibliographische Daten Deutschsprachiger Sprachwissenschaftlerinnen Und Sprachwissenschaftler Der Gegenwart, 2 Bände
23981: KUSSMAUL, JOHN A. - A Kussmaul History 1515 to 1923
31042: LACKEY, JILL FLORENCE & RICK PETRIE - Images of America: Milwaukee's Old South Side
20565: LACKNER, STEPHAN - Max Beckmann (the Library of Great Painters)
21882: LACKORE, JIM - Sandbar Stories: Boyhood Adventures from Another Time
21881: LACKORE, LUCILLE BYERLY - To California on Route 66 in 1932
13704: LACROIX, PAUL - The Xviiith Century: Its Institutions, Customs, and Costumes: France, 1700-1789
23386: LACRON, HELEN COWLES & BERTHA SHORE JEWETT - Picture Tales for Tiny Tots
30616: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Ii, Nos. 1-4, 1967
30614: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Iv, Nos. 1-4, 1969
30613: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. V, Nos. 1-4, 1971
30610: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Viii, Nos. 1-4, 1973
30609: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Ix, Nos. 1-4, 1974
30615: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Iii, Nos. 1-4, 1968
30608: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. X, Nos. 1-4, 1975
30611: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Vii, Nos. 1-4, 1972
30612: LADASSOR, GRAY (ED.) ET AL. - The Redskin: Official Publication of the Genuine Indian Relic Society, Vol. Vi, Nos. 1-4, 1971
15968: LAHTI, LOUNA - Taidemaalari Jonas Heiska Vaelluksellaan: Elama Ja Taide / Jonas Heiska: The Painter on His Journey Through Life
8870: LAIRD, SUSAN (ED. ) ET AL. - Philosophy of Education 1997
30928: LAMB, HAROLD - Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men
28287: LAMBERT, JANET - Five's a Crowd
29564: LAMBERT, RONALD H., SR. - A History of the Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin
26509: LAMBERT, JANET - Practically Perfect
23354: LAMBERT, JANET - Miss Tippy
30078: LAMM, JULIA A. (ED.) - The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Christian Mysticism
29665: LANDAUER, THOMAS K. (ED.) ET AL. - Handbook of Latent Semantic Analysis
12064: LANDIS, BENSON Y. - A Cooperative Economy: A Study of Democratic Economic Movements
23519: LANDRY, NICOLAS & NICOLE LANG - Histoire de L'acadie
31608: LANE, GARY - The Ultimate Colle
31482: LANE, MILLS (ED.) - "Dear Mother: Don't Grieve About Me. If I Get Killed, I'll Only Be Dead": Letters from Georgia Soldiers in the Civil War
28089: LANG, ANDREW - The Disentanglers
30012: LANGDON, JAMES M. (ED.) - Great Lakes Chronicle: Essays on Coastal Wisconsin
19414: LANGHAM, MARION - Belleek Irish Porcelain: An Illustrated Guide to over Two Thousand Pieces
25020: LANGILL, ELLEN D. & JEAN PENN LOERKE (EDS. ) - From Farmland to Freeways: A History of Waukesha County, Wisconsin
25691: LANGWORTH, RICHARD M. - The Thunderbird Story: Personal Luxury
26235: LANIER, SIDNEY - Shakspere (Shakespeare) and His Forerunners: Studies in Elizabethan Poetry and Its Development from Early English, 2 Volumes
24889: LANKENAU, THOMAS - Khakhanate, Book Ii: The Crow
29914: LAPELLE, RONALD RUTLEDGE - Practical Vacuum Systems
30092: LARCOM, LUCY - Childhood Songs
31756: LARKIN, LARRY - Full Speed Ahead: The Story of the Steamboat Era on Lake Geneva [Wisconsin]
24620: LARSEN, JAN HENNING & PERRY ROLFSEN (RED. ) - Halvdanshaugen: Arkeologi, Historie Og Naturvitenskap
29999: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Audiobook
27362: LARTIGUE, JACQUES-HENRI; FOREWORD BY DAVID BAILEY - Lartigue: Photographs 1970-1982
29099: LASKER, EDWARD - The Adventure of Chess
2637: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - Reminiscences of James Whitcomb Riley
29744: LAUMER, KEITH - Star Colony
8432: ROBIN (TEXTE) & LAURE (DESSINS) - Mimi la Fourmi
18173: LAVIGNE, JOHN R. ; ED. BY KEN L. PATRICK - Pulp & Paper Dictionary
29868: LAW, KRISTIN & NIGEL - By Canoe
29434: VAN LAWICK-GOODALL, HUGO & JANE - Innocent Killers: A Fascinating Journey Through the Worlds of the Hyena, the Jackal, and the Wild Dog
27730: LAWLESS, CHRISTINE E. (ED.) - Sports Cardiology Essentials: Evaluation, Management and Case Studies
31724: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
19721: LAWSON, HENRY; ED. BY LEONARD CRONIN - A Camp-Fire Yarn: Complete Works 1885-1900 & a Fantasy of Man: Complete Works 1901-1922
25146: LEAF, MUNRO - Reading Can Be Fun
29312: LEATHERMAN, LEROY - The Caged Birds
21263: LEBLANC, SYLVIE (ED. ) - Etudes Inuit Studies, Volume 27 (1-2) , 2003: Architecture Paleoesquimaude / Palaeoeskimo Architecture
26927: LECKY, WALTER - Mr. Billy Buttons
27455: LEE, W.O. & JEFFREY T. FOUTS (EDS.) - Education for Social Citizenship: Perceptions of Teachers in the Usa, Australia, England, Russia and China
16261: TONG HUN LEE - The Collected Papers of Tong Hun Lee
24405: LEE, RUTH KLINE - William Lee Risley, His Ancestral Lines, Including Risley, Millard, Strong and Related Families, and His Descendants
27898: LEE, HOWARD B. - My Appalachia: Pipestem State Park Today and Yesterday
31242: LEECH, MARGARET - In the Days of Mckinley
20433: LEES, FREDERICK - The Arthuriad of Catumandus
11696: LEET, ERNEST D. (ED. ) - History of Chautauqua County, New York 1938-1978
28033: LEHNER, ADOLPH PHILIP - The Moose Call
5297: LEIDIGKEIT, KARL-HEINZ & JURGEN HERMANN - Auf Leninistischem Kurs: Geschichte Der Kpd-Bezirksorganisation Halle-Merse Burg Bis 1933
13701: LEIGHTON, W. A. - The Lichen-Flora of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands
29463: LEITHAUSER, BRAD - The Friends of Freeland
30104: LEMAN, HENRI (ED.) - La Collection Foulc, Objets D'art Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaisssance: Planches
29925: LEMPRIERE, RAOUL - Portrait of the Channel Islands
23668: LEONARD, MARY F. ; ILLUS. BY LAETITIA HERR - Everyday Susan: A Story for Girls
24914: LESTER, JOHN ERASTUS - The Atlantic to the Pacific: What to See, and How to See It
4307: LETOURNEAU, P. A. (ED. ) - Hart-Parr Photo Archive
18692: LEUCHTER, SARA (ED. ) WITH JEAN LOEB LETTOFSKY - Guide to Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust: A Documentation Project of the Wisconsin Jewish Archives
27568: LEVIN, MEYER - If I Forget Thee: A Picture Story of Modern Palestine
26823: LEVIN, MICHAEL - Santiago Calatrava: Drawings and Sculptures
26484: LEVINE, ROGER S. - A Living Man from Africa: Jan Tzatzoe, Xhosa Chief and Missionary, and the Making of Nineteenth-Century South Africa
31132: LEWIN, SUSAN GRANT (ED.) ET AL. - Formica & Design: From the Counter Top to High Art
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19567: SCUTTS, JERRY - Beaufighter in Action
23638: SEBESTYEN, OUIDA - Far from Home
27601: SEELEY, MILDRED WITH VERNON SEELEY - Fabulous French Bébés, for Collectors and Crafters
29257: SEEMANN, HELLMUT ET AL. - Maxim Kantor: Gemälde Und Radierungen
16831: SEIPEL, WILFRIED (ED. ) - Thesauri Poloniae Schatzkammer Polen: Zur Geschichte Der Polnischen Sammlungen
29657: SEKERINA, IRINA A. (ED.) ET AL. - Developmental Psycholinguistics: On-Line Methods in Children's Language Processing
25714: SELTEN, REINHARD (ED. ) - Game Equilibrium Models I: Evolution and Game Dynamics
29181: SERRANO, ANTONIO - Los Aborígenes Argentinos: Síntesis Etnográfica
23786: LITTLE JOHN'S AUCTION SERVICE - Important Firearms Auction, November 10th, 2003, Session Iv
10239: SESSIONS, FRANCIS C. - From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Volga
29864: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Life-Histories of Northern Animals: An Account of the Mammals of Manitoba, 2 Vols.
28977: SETRIGHT, L.J.K. - The Grand Prix Car 1954-1966
31103: DR. SEUSS - Bartholomew and the Oobleck
31277: DR. SEUSS - The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Family
31477: DR. SEUSS - Mcelligot's Pool
31476: SHAARA, MICHAEL - The Killer Angels
9500: SHAH, VIMAL & SARLA SHAH - Bhuvel: Socio-Economic Survey of a Village
23997: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; INTRODUCED & ILLUS. BY LUCY FITCH PERKINS - A Midsummer-Night's Dream for Young People; Adapted from the Cambridge Text
27403: SHANLEY, MARY KAY - Our State Fair: Iowa's Blue Ribbon Story
9908: SHAPIRO, DOUGLAS YORK - Social Organisation and Sex Reversal of the Coral Reef Fish Anthias Squamipinnis (Peters)
30969: ZHANG JIE; WITH RICHARD SHAPIRO - Liu Bin's Zhuang Gong Bagua Zhang, South District Beijing's Strongly Rooted Style: Foundation Practices, Vol. 1
27176: SHAPIRO, WARREN - Miwuyt Marriage: The Cultural Anthropology of Affinity in Northeast Arnhem Land
30176: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER ET AL. - The Peninsula of Yucatan: Medical, Biological, Meteorological and Sociological Studies
31716: SHAVER, CARL; WITH AL KRESSE & KAREN PARKER - Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937-1946
22602: SHAW, JOHN BALCOM - Life That Follows Life
28421: SHEEHAN, CANON P.A. - Luke Delmege
29603: SHEMORRY, GLORIA & TED J. BECKER - That Darn Joe! the Life and Times of a Dakota Rancher
27109: SHERACK, MIKE - Revenge for the Hunted
19848: SHERMAN, HAROLD M. - Shoot That Ball! and Other Basketball Stories
30634: SHINE, JOSEPH W. - Spsf Motive Power - 1986: Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Prepare to Merge
31782: SHUMAN, JOHN A. III; FOREWORD BY LYNDA DAWSON - Tv Lamps to Light the World
31749: SHUMAN, JAMES B. & DAVID ROSENAU - The Kondratieff Wave
31382: SHUTE, NEVIL - On the Beach
14708: SICHEL, MARION - Costume Reference 4: The Eighteenth Century
23759: SIDRAN, BEN - There Was a Fire: Jews, Music and the American Dream
22797: SIEGAL, ARANKA - Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944
27708: SILVESTER, J.R. - Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory
29301: SIMON, JEAN-CLAUDE; TRANS. BY J. HOWLETT - Patterns and Operators: The Foundations of Data Representation
18034: SIMPSON, SIR GEORGE; ED. BY GLYNDWR WILLIAMS - London Correspondence Inward from Sir George Simpson 1841-42
31192: SIMSION, GRAEME - The Best of Adam Sharp
31460: SINCLAIR, HAROLD - The Horse Soldiers
31670: SINGER, PETER & RENATA SINGER (EDS) - The Moral of the Story: An Anthology of Ethics Through Literature
4347: SINGH, RANA P. B. - Clan Settlements in the Saran Plain (Middle Ganga Valley) : A Study in Cultural Geography
27296: SISO, CARLOS - La Formación Del Pueblo Venezolano: Estudios Sociológicos, 2 Tomos
29900: SKLAR, MARTIN J. - The United States As a Developing Country: Studies in U.S. History in the Progressive Era and the 1920s
30892: SKY, RICK - The Show Must Go on: The Life of Freddie Mercury
547: SLACK, LINA M. ET AL. - Rock Engravings from Driekops Eiland, and Other Sites South-West of Johannesburg
24354: SLOAN, BILL WITH JEAN HILL - Jfk: The Last Dissenting Witness
29297: SLUGA, GLENDA - Internationalism in the Age of Nationalism
8797: SMITH, HAROLD A. - Touring Pittsburgh By Trolley: A Pictorial Review of the Early Sixties
30422: SMITH, F. BERKELEY - How Paris Amuses Itself
15372: SMITH, GRANVILLE (ILLUS. ) ET AL. - The Storekeeper's Dream
27310: SMITH, A. LEDYARD; JEREMY A. SABLOFF ET AL. - Excavations at Seibal, Department of Peten, Guatemala. No. 1: Major Architecture and Caches; No. 2: Analyses of Fine Paste Ceramics
30702: SMITH, MERRIL D. - Women's Roles in Eighteenth-Century America
27935: SMITH, ALLISON E. - Ageing in Urban Neighborhoods: Place Attachment and Social Exclusion
29475: SMITH, LEONARD S. - The Water Powers of Wisconsin
17713: SMITH, J. RUSSELL - The Ocean Carrier: A History and Analysis of the Service and a Discussion of the Rates of Ocean Transportation
30044: SMITH, MARK A. & WADE SOKOLOSKY - No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar: Sherman's Carolinas Campaign from Fayetteville to Averasboro, March 1865
31234: SMITH, PAGE - John Adams: 1735-1784 & 1784-1826, 2 Volumes
31601: SMITH, EDGAR LAWRENCE - Common Stocks and Business Cycles: A Practical Analysis of the Basic Causes and Patterns of Cyclical Behavior in Economic Series
30310: SMITH, ALICE E. - George Smith's Money: A Scottish Investor in America
31041: SMITH, ROBERT W. & ALLEN PITTMAN - Chinese Internal Boxing: Techniques of Hsing-I & Pa-Kua
11128: SNELLING, DENNIS - A Glimpse of Fame: Brilliant But Fleeting Major League Careers
7937: SNYDER, DICK - Talk to Me Tiger
30130: SNYDER-MATTHEWS, JANET - Venice, Journey from Horse and Chaise: A History of Venice, Florida
6247: AUGUST DERLETH SOCIETY (EDS. ) - Remembering Derleth: All About Augie 1909-1971
30468: ROSS COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Ross County, Ohio Families, Vol. Ii
17547: ROSS COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Ross County, Ohio Families, Vol. I, Bicentennial Edition
31160: SOHN, TINA; AS TOLD TO DONNA FINANDO, ET AL. - Amma: The Ancient Art of Oriental Healing
30670: SOLECKI, RALPH S. - Exploration of an Adena Mound at Natrium, West Virginia
31600: SOLOVIEV, SERGEI (ED.) ET AL. - Mikhail Botvinnik, Games Ii: 1951-1970
31505: SOROS, GEORGE - The Alchemy of Finance: Reading the Mind of the Market
31747: SOROS, GEORGE - Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve
30232: SOUTER, GERRY - Edward Hopper: Light and Dark
30238: SPANBAUER, STANLEY J. - Cherishing Our Past: A History of Catholic Schools in Oshkosh
28426: SPASOVIC, STANIMIR; TRANS. BY V. REV. NEDELJKO LUNICH - The History of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and Canada 1941-1991
13403: SPATT, LESLIE E. (PHOTOGRAPHS) & MARY CLARKE (TEXT) - Antoinette Sibley
31375: SPENCE, JACK - 72nd Annual U.S. Open Chess Championship
25828: SPENCER, ISOBEL - Walter Crane
27870: SPENCER, MICHAEL; ALAN WARD; JOHN CONNELL (EDS.) - New Caledonia: Essays in Nationalism and Dependency
30018: ST. CROIX COUNTY ASSOCIATION, HISTORY PROJECT COMMITTEE - Cows, Creameries and Cheese Factories [Wisconsin]
29670: STAHL, STEVEN A. & WILLIAM A. NAGY - Teaching Word Meanings
16377: STALEY, VERNON (ED. ) - Hierurgia Anglicana: Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation, New Edition, Part I
30058: STALEY, THOMAS, BISHOP OF HONOLULU - Five Years' Church Work in the Kingdom of Hawaii
23548: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG (ED. ) - Deutsche Philologie Im Aufriss, Band I (2. Uberarbeitete Auflage)
31738: STANGE, MAREN; PHOTOGRAPHS BY RUSSELL LEE, EDWIN ROSSKAM, JOHN VACHON, JACK DELANO - Bronzeville: Black Chicago in Pictures, 1941-1943
24013: STANSBERRY, DOMENIC - The Ancient Rain
26674: STARK, WILLIAM F. - Along the Black Hawk Trail [Wisconsin & Illinois]
20203: STARRETT, AGNES LYNCH - Through One Hundred and Fifty Years: The University of Pittsburgh
27773: STAVANS, ILAN (ED.) - Latina Writers
29511: STEEGMULLER, FRANCIS - The Musicale
30174: STEELE, CLYDE - It Seems Like Yesterday
31727: STEERE, EDWARD - The Wilderness Campaign
29320: STEESE, EDWARD - First Snow: A Book of Selected Poems
31058: STEINBECK, JOHN - East of Eden
2931: STEPHENS, NICHOLAS & ROBIN E. GLASSCOCK (EDS. ) - Irish Geographical Studies in Honor of E. Estyn Evans
13781: STERN, DANIEL - The American Artisan Window Display Manual: A Choice Collection of Window Displays of Hardware and Kindred Lines, Which Progressive Merchants Have Proven to Be of Very Material Service in Advertising and Increasing Their Business.
27675: STEVENS, ROWAN; YATES STERLING ET AL. - The Battle for the Pacific, and Other Adventures at Sea
29946: STEVENSON, HEON - Selling the Dream: Advertising the American Automobile 1930-1980
6641: STEWARD, F. C. (ED. ) - Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Vol. Vic (6c) : Physiology of Development, from Seeds to Sexuality
31286: STEWART, MARTHA - Martha Stewart's Menus for Entertaining
26146: STEWART, SCOTT STEPHEN (INTRO.) - The Art of Patrick Farrell
31387: STEWART, RICK & JODIE UTTER - Charles M. Russell: Watercolors 1887-1926
30333: STILLER, DON - A Multitude of Fishes: A Century of Fishing on Green Bay
29972: STILLER, DON - Stiller's Duck Camp: A Half Century of Waterfowling on Green Bay
30257: STINTON, DARROL - The Anatomy of the Aeroplane
12178: STITT, FRED A. - Architect's Detail Library
26249: STOCK, JON - Our Wisconsin Ancestors: The Brady Street Polish Families 1868-1883: Genealogy of the Nalepinski, Plinski and Semrau Families
10030: STONE, SOLON W. & JOHN G. DENNIS - The Geology of the Milton Quadrangle, Vermont,
17463: STONE, JEAN - The Rustic Garden
31180: STONE, IRVING - Lust for Life: The Novel of Vincent Van Gogh
27314: STOUT, D.B. - San Blas Cuna Acculturation: An Introduction
31266: STOUT, REX - The Black Mountain
30059: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - We and Our Neighbors: Or, the Records of an Unfashionable Street
31068: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin; Or, Life Among the Lowly, 2 Vols.
24737: STRANGER, JOYCE; ILLUS. BY WILLIAM GELDART - The Fox at Drummers' Darkness
30623: STREHLOW, HELEN SCHMIDT - My Menomonee Falls [Wisconsin]
30273: STRODE, HUDSON - South By Thunderbird
17854: STRONG, A. B. , M. D. - The American Flora, Or History of Plants and Wild Flowers; Containing a Systematic and General Description, Chemical and Medical Properties, Vols. I & Ii
31523: STRONG, GEORGE TEMPLETON; ED. BY ALLAN NEVINS & MILTON HALSEY THOMAS - The Diary of George Templeton Strong, 4 Volumes (1835-1875)
30822: STROUD, K.A.; ADDITIONS BY DEXTER J. BOOTH - Engineering Mathematics, 6th Ed.
24651: STRYKER, WILLIAM S. - The Battles of Trenton and Princeton
7487: STUART, DONNA VALLEY (ED.) - Index to the 1860 Federal Population Census of Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan
30531: STUART, F.P. - Piang, the Moro Chieftain
21378: STURM-BEDNARCZYK, ELISABETH & ELISABETH SLADEK - Zeremonien, Feste, Kostüme: Die Wiener Porzellanfigur in Der Regierungszeit Maria Theresias
30923: SHING YEN-LING (XING YANLING); TRANS. BY MEI SUESHIONG - T'ai-Chi Swordplay and Eight-Diagram Palm
30703: SULLIVAN, JAMES A. - Fluid Power: Theory and Applications
20697: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL (INTRO. ) - Qu Lei Lei: Brush, Ink, Light, Shadow: Exhibition for New York Asia Week 2008
30493: SUPINSKI, MATT - Steelhead Dreams: The Theory, Method, Science and Madness of Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing
23579: SUSSMAN, ELISABETH - Jay Defeo: Her Tripod and Its Dress
30854: SWAN, MAGGIE AND SCOTTY - City of Plymouth, Wisconsin Centennial 1877-1977: Historical Album
24928: SWANSON, JACK - Out of Oconomowoc [Wisconsin]
19911: SWEENEY, VINCE - Always a Badger: The Pat Richter Story
22050: SWINDLER, DARIS R. - A Racial Study of the West Nakanai
14402: SWISSHELM, JANE GREY - Half a Century
26890: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON - Miscellanies By John Addington Symonds, M.D. , Selected and Edited, with an Introductory Memoir, By His Son
7747: SZEWCZYK, DAVID M. (ED. ) - A Calendar of the Peruvian and Other South American Manuscripts in the Philip H. & A.S. W. Rosenbach Foundation, 1536-1914
31421: TABER, GLADYS - Mrs. Daffodil
14610: TABURET, MARJATTA - La Faïence de Quimper
30995: TACKETT, TIM - Hsing-I Kung-Fu, Vol. Ii: Combat
31510: TAIBI, JOHN & A. BRUCE TRACY - When the Railroads Went to the Beach: The Role of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway and the Lehigh Valley Railroad in the Development of Sylvan Beach, New York
31395: TAL, MIKHAIL; TRANS. BY KENNETH NEAT ET AL. - The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
28232: TALBOT, P. AMAURY & H. MULHALL; PREFACE BY J.C. TREVOR - The Physical Anthropology of Southern Nigeria: A Biometric Study in Statistical Method
31136: TAMS, W.P. - The Smokeless Coal Fields of West Virginia: A Brief History
31275: TARBELL, IDA MINERVA - All in the Day's Work: An Autobiography
21510: TASHJIAN, VIRGINIA A. (ED. ) - Juba This and Juba That: Story Hour Stretches for Large Or Small Groups
25101: TÄUBER, RITA E. - Der Hässliche Eros: Darstellungen Zur Prostitution in Der Malerei Und Grafik 1855-1930
11822: TAYLOR, SPRAGUE - Tahquamenon Country: A Look at Its Past [Michigan]
31283: TAYLOR, JEREMY - Conrail Commodities
25484: TAYLOR, BARRY (ED. ) - Foreign-Language Printing in London 1500-1900
25074: TAYLOR, RANSOM - Tini Rupprecht: Eine Zeit Steht Modell
31433: TAYLOR, PHILIP (ED.) - Assessment in Arts Education
21656: TAYLOR, ERIC (PHOTOGRAPHS) & JAMES COLE (TEXT) - Volcanic New Zealand
30850: TEC, NECHAMA - Defiance: The Bielski Partisans Audiobook
19599: TEICHMAN, JENNY - Philosophy and the Mind
31196: TELFER, SID - The Jens Jensen I Knew
31186: TEMKIN, OWSEI - Hippocrates in a World of Pagans and Christians
18644: THARP, MARILYN SIPE & MARCIA NELSON CROTHERS - Teen-Agers in the Great Depression: Growing Up in the '30s and '40s
27629: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - My Life As a Doll
27624: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - Dolls, a Moveable Feast
27612: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - Upon Arriving Home: An Extraordinary Auction of Fine Antique Dolls
27608: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - Among Friends: The Billie and Paige Welker Collection
27607: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - Spielzeugmuseum Angela Prader Davos
26812: THODOS, DIANE ET AL. - Agustín Portillo / America Mexico
26950: THOMANN, BEVERLY M. - When a Woman Wills: A Narrative History of Ripon, Wisconsin Women
31748: THOMAS, HILARY - Complete Games of Mikhail Tal 1960-1966
31729: THOMAS, HUGH; FOREWORD BY MICHAEL ALPERT - The Spanish Civil War, Vol. I
8894: THOMPSON, SILVANUS P. - Light Visible and Invisible: A Series of Lectures Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, at Christmas 1896, with Additional Lectures
30311: THOMPSON, GEORGE - Thompson in Africa: Or, an Account of the Missionary Labors, Sufferings, Travels, and Observations
3867: THORBURN, W. A. - French Army Regiments and Uniforms, from the Revolution to 1870
24328: THORNE, DIANA - Mitzi
11145: THWAITES, REUBEN GOLD (ED. ) - The State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Memorial Volume): Exercises at the Dedication of Its New Building, October 19, 1900; Together with a Description of the Building, Accounts of the Several Libraries Contained Therein, and a Brief History
28016: THWAITES, REUBEN GOLD - The Story of Wisconsin
29316: THWAITES, FREDRIK TURVILLE - Sandstones of the Wisconsin Coast of Lake Superior
31191: TIGERMAN, KATHLEEN (ED.) - Wisconsin Indian Literature: Anthology of Native Voices
19510: TILDEN, M. H. (INDEX COMPILED BY HAZEL KRAFT EILERS) - The History of Stephenson County, Illinois, Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, Etc. , Biographical Sketches of Citizens, War Record.
31648: TIMKO, STEPHEN M. - Union Pacific Power 1965-2015 in Color, Vol. 4: Second-Generation, Newer C-C and Larger Power
31647: TIMKO, STEPHEN M. - Union Pacific Power 1965-2015 in Color, Vol. 1: Switchers, Slugs & Turbines
31019: JIN JING ZHONG; ED. BY ANDREW TIMOFEEVICH - Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Dian Xue She (Dim Mak), Skill of Acting on Acupoints
25257: TINKER, EDWARD LAROCQUE - The Horsemen of the Americas, and the Literature They Inspired
30414: TIPLER, JOHN - Land Rover: The Original 4x4
28117: TIPPETT, MARIA (ED.); CHARLES GIMPEL (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Between Two Cultures: A Photographer Among the Inuit
28985: TIPPLE, EZRA S. - Some Famous Country Parishes
30452: TITTLE, WALTER (COMPILER & ILLUSTRATOR) - Colonial Holidays; Being a Collection of Contemporary Accounts of Holiday Celebrations in Colonial Times
29689: TODD, A.L. - Abandoned: The Story of the Greely Arctic Expedition 1881-1884
15113: TODOROV, TZVETAN (TRANS. BY CATHERINE PORTER) - Symbolism and Interpretation
21179: TOLAN, STEPHANIE S. - Pride of the Peacock
29068: TOLSTOY, LEO (COUNT LÉON TOLSTOÏ) - Katia; Translated from the French
29518: TOLZMAN, BERNIE - Frank L. Weyenberg Library: The Mequon-Thiensville Library & Weyenberg Family History
18313: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Tide Marks; Being Some Records of a Journey to the Beaches of the Moluccas and the Forest of Malaya in 1923
30464: TORINUS, JOHN B. - The Packer Legend: An Inside Look; an Account of the Green Bay Packers
30543: TORINUS, MARK E. - Prairie Pothole Fever: Serious and Not-So-Serious Lessons Learned from 32 Years of Hunting Saskatchewan Prairies, Home to 10 Million Ducks

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