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JOSEPHUS FLAVIUS. - Flavii Iosephi Hierosolymitani Sacerdotis Opera quae extant omnia, Antiquitatum Judaicarum libri XX, Sigismundo Gelenio interprete; De Bello Judaico libri VII, interprete Rufino Aquilejensi; Liber de vita sua, cum interpretatione Gelenii; Adversus Apionem libri II, cum versione antiqua a Gelenio emendata; & De Maccabaeis, seu De imperio rationis liber, cum paraphrasi Erasmi Roterodami. Accedit Index locupletissimus. Juxta editionem Graeco-Latinam Genevensem ad Manuscriptos Palatinae bibliothecae Codices castigatam, quae nunc a pluribus mendis expurgata, & praeterea Prolegomenis & Appendice auctior redditur.

K÷ln (Coloniae), Sumptibus Mauritii Georgii Weidmanni, 1691. Folio. (LXXVIII),1102 (recte 1098); (VIII),68,(26 index) p. Binding gone. 34 cm (Ref: VD17 14:019872D; H. Schreckenberg 'Bibliographie zu Flavius Josephus', Leiden 1979, p. 28; Hoffmann 2,444; Dibdin 2,131; Brunet 3,569; Graesse 3,480; Ebert 10898) (Details: Greek text and parallel Latin translation, printed in 2 columns. Title in red and black. Engraved printer's mark on the title, depicting the globe and the celestial sphere within a wreath; the motto reads: 'Unus non sufficit', and 'animo metitur utrumque'.)(Condition: Binding gone. The interior (the book-block) is in excellent condition, except for a tiny wormhole in the blank lower margin of the first 70 p. Paper yellowing, as usual with German imprints of the time) (Note: Flavius Josephus, born 37/38 A.D., 'was a Jewish priest of aristocratic descent and a Pharisee. Though a zealous defender of Jewish religion and culture, politically he was pro-Roman and without sympathy for extreme Jewish nationalism'. His first work was a history of the First war of Palestine Jews against the Romans, which raged from 66 till 70 A.D., and of which the author was an eyewitness. Josephus, who tried to follow the objective methods of Thucydides and Polybius, wrote this history in Aramaic, 'of which a Greek translation, the extant 'Bellum Judaicum' in seven books, appeared between 75 and 79. (.) His next work, the 'Antiquitates Judaicae' (Jewish Antiquities) in twenty books (published 93/94), is a history of the Jews from the Creation to immediately before the outbreak of the war, giving a fuller account of the period from the Maccabees to A.D. 66 than that in 'Bellum Judaicum' and showing a more hostile attitude to Herod the Great'. (OCD 2nd ed. p. 565) Josephus probably wrote the 'Jewish Antiquities', to defend the sacred history of the Jews, and 'to show that Jewish tradition was as ancient and trustworthy as the Egyptian and Mesopotamian traditions and surely preceded Greek culture'. (The Classical Tradition, Cambr. Mass., 2010, p. 497) ž The 'editio princeps' of the Greek text of the works of Josephus was published in Basel in 1544 by Frobenius, and was edited by the Dutch scholar Arnoldus Peraxylus (Arnoldus van Eyndhouts) with the help of Sigismund Gelenius, the humanist from Prague. The next important edition is that of 1611, published by De la Roviere in Geneva. He adopted more or less the text of the 'editio princeps', with the Latin translation of the 'Jewish Antiquities', and of the 'Flavii Josephi Vita' made by Gelenius, and Gelenius' revised edition of Rufinus' 4th century translation of the 'Jewish War', and of 'Against Apion'. 'De Maccabaeis' is presented with the Latin translation of the Dutch humanist Erasmus. Our Josephus edition of 1691 is for the greater part a reissue of the 1611 edition. 'The editor was Thomas Ittigius, a man sufficiant conversant in Jewish antiquities, and an able reviewer of the MSS. and previous editions of his author'. (Dibdin). Ittigius (or Ittig) (1643-1710), was a Lutheran professor of divinity at Leipsic. He wrote for the edition a very useful and learned preface of 55 pages, and added a 68 page appendix with 'Aristeas de LXX interpretibus' in the edition and translation of the German philologist Matthias Garbitius, and notes to Aristeas from the 12th book of 'Antiquitatum', compiled by the German lexicographer J.A. Fabricius, and 'Variae lectiones' collected by the Oxford bishop/scholar John Fell; he also adopted the Latin translation with notes of 'De Maccabaeis' of the French patrologist Franšois Combefis, and the fragment from 'Peri pantos', attributed to Josephus, edited by the German librarian/scholar David Hoeschel, with a Latin translation by the French theologian and orientalist ╔tienne Le Moyne) (Collation: a6 (between leaf a2 and a3 2 leaves signed *1 & *2), b6 (minus leaf b6, nothing irregular, text and catchword connect), c-f6; A-3M6, 3N4, 3O-4Y6, 4Z6 (minus leaf 4Z6). *4, a-e6, f4; *-2*6, (3*)1)) (Photographs on request)(Heavy book, may require extra shipping costs)
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