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ABERCROMBY, Dav. & VIGANI, J.Fr. - Tuta, ac Efficax Luis Venereae, Saepe absque Mercurio, Ac semper absque Salivatione Mercuriali, Curandae Methodus. B.u.w. 2) VIGANI, Joh. Franc., Medulla Cymiae, Variis Experimentis aucta, multisq; Figuris illustrata.

Londini; Londini, Impensis Samuelis Smith, ad Insigne Principis in Coemiterio Divi Pauli; ad 2) Impensis Henrici Faithorne, & Joannis Kersey ad insigne Roase in Caemeterio D. Pauli, 1684. - 1685. 12mo. 2 vols. in 1. The Vigani w. 3 engr. fold. pls. of furnaces and distillation apparatus. 19th c. half black pebbled cloth over pebbled paper brds., spine gilttooled and giltlett. [A8 [-A1, probably a half title], B-F8, G4 [G3 signed H3]. [A-E8 [-minus quire B]. (XIV, 79, I (blank), VII (Index Capitum), I (blank) pp.). ( X, 1-6, 23 - 70 pp.). (last 3 lvs. a small tear in upper margin, into the text, but skillfully closed and quite unobtrusive.). (Some annots. in ink; text and pls. quires D and E [pp. 39 to end] throughout even light browning.). (All edges vein marbled.). ad 1) G&M 2375: 'Abercromby advanced the idea that syphilis was caused by a parasite.': Hirsch vol. I, p. 6: '... verschieden Schriften über das Wesen der Syphilis, die Aufsehen machten ... In ihnen erweist sich Abercrombie als, odificirter Antimercurialist, indem er zwar einige Quecksilberverbindungen ... als zweckmässig bei Syphilis empfiehlt, die gewönliche Quecksilberanwendung dagegen aus phantastischen Gründen verwirft.': Translated into French and Dutch ['De Spaanse Pok-meester ...] Wing STC A88: Not in Osler, Waller: Wellcome vol. II, p. 3: Krivatsy, item 14 [also w. 7 lvs prelims.; The Krivatsy copy has an 8 pp book catalogue at the end, not in our copy]: ad 2) Third edition, Second London edition. [Dantzig 1682, London 1683, London 1685, here offered.; furthermore Leyden 1693 and Nuremburg 1718].: DNB (1899), p. 305: Hoefer (1843), II, 244, idem (1869), II, p. 235: Partington vol. II, p. 686: 'The book contains fairly long extracts from several chemical authors. It quotes van Helmont's 'Daegeraad'... and Mayow's 'Tractatus Quinque'... He mentions the preparation of ammonium sulphate, describes tobacco, the distillation of vipers and human skull, and describes and illustrates a portable furnace. Vigani is commended by Stahl for his experiments on the preparation of aqua fortis and spirit of salt; Stahl says Vigani worked more with his hands than his head, and criticised some of his theoretical conclusions.': Ferguson, Bibl. Chemica, vol. II, p. 510: 'John Francis Vigani of Verona travelled and studied pharmacy, mining and metallurgy. He came to England between 1670 and 1680, ... died about 1714. ...The book is not a systematic treatise, but only an exposition of some methods which he had found best for the making of certain drugs.': Schelenz, p. 485: Not in Krivatsy: The reason for the absence of quire B in Vigani's 'Medulla Chymiae' is unclear.
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