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BARTHOLOMEUS ANGLICUS.- John TREVISA [Transl.].- 1535 - Anno. M.D.XXXV. Bertholome / vs De /Proprietati / bvs / Rervm. [Chapter XIX, leaf CCCLXXXVI (386 =...) recto:] Endlesse grace / blysse / thankynge / and praisynge unto our lorde god Omnipotent be gyven, by whose ayde and helpe this translatiô [by John Trevisa] was ended at Berkeley the .vi. daye of Feuerer. the yere of our lorde. M.CCC.lxxxxxvii. the yere of the reyne of king Rycharde the seconde after the Conqueste of Englande. .xxii. The yere of my lordes age / syre Thomas lorde of Berkeley, that made me to make this Translation. .xlvii. And printed by me Thomas berthelet, the xxvii. yere of the most victori' reine of our mooste grations [sic!?] soueraygne lorde kynge Henry the .viii. FINIS.

Londini, In aedibus Tho- / mae Bertheleti Re- / gii Impressrois. / Cvm privilegio a Re- / ge indvlto./, 1535. 4to. Mid 19th c. English signed binding by James Hayday [Meas. appr. 20.5 x 26.5 cm; Papersize appr. 18.5 x 26 cm]. W. woodc. printer's mark on verso leaf t4. numer. woodc. initials. 19th c. polished red full clf., spine in 6 compartments (discoloured.). Spine w. 3 crowned gilt handstamps, 1 compartment w. author's name, 1 with 'Englished by Trevisa' and 1 w. impressum. Covers w. a double giltruled line outer & inner border. Idem a gilt floral roll as inner border. Turn ins w. double giltruled lines. [Binding signed recto free lower marbled endp. 'BOUND BY HAYDAY']. (Lower edges of covers rubbed/scuffed.). [¶8, A - Z6, Aa - Zz6, a - s6, t4]. [VIII), plus CCCLXXXI lvs.]. (386 (=388) lvs.). [Is in actual fact 8 prelims plus 394 main text lvs. totals 402 lvs. (8 plus 65 x 6, plus 1 x 4). (Foliation faulty in the following leaves: L4, 64, foliated as 53; N3, 75 foliated as 66; N4, 76, fol. as 67; R1, 97, fol. as 99; D.d.2, 158, foliated as 161; I.i.3, 189, foliated as 181; L.l.ii, 200, foliated as 201; L.l.iii, 201, foliated as 203; P.p.i, 223, foliated as 228; S.s.iii, 243, foliated as 242; S.s.iiii, 244, foliated as 243; (a6), 282, foliated 281; (d4), 298, foliated as 294; (tiii), 387, foliated as 383; (tiiii), 388, foliated as 386; ). (Ex Bibliotheca 'Viscount Mersey Bignor Park' & the famed ornithologist W.H.Mullens, with bookplates on upper marbled paste down]. (All edges gilt.). (n1 printed title superbly and almost invisibly remargined, next 7 lvs. [n2 - to n8], w. new margins, but the blank outer margins of the paper with medium to badly browned patches; M2 - (N1), folio 68 - 73, righthand part of leaf badly browned, (N2 - N6), much less so; Quires R + S, 12 lvs., lower righthand corner a large brown stain; Folio 259, 276 a vague spot; (d5,6 - e1,2, 299 - 302, top righthand corner vague brown spot, leaf (d6) very pronounced; leaf f1, leaf 307, top righthand corner a small hole, loss of a few letters; k1, (k6) 331 & 336, remargined, foxed and a brown stain; (r6), 378, small paper rest. top right; Quire s, 379 - 384, badly browned; Quire t1-4, 385 - 388, excellently remargined and medium browning. Restorations probably by James Hayday.). (Very nice handmarbled endpapers.). (Once bought and sold by Quaritch booksellers, see remarks in pencil signed '...Mr. B.Quaritch Ltd. Dring' [thus AFTER 1917] on recto last free endp.). First printing in the English language. Bartholomaeus Anglicus, also Bartholomew of England, the work sometimes incorrectly ascribed to Bartholomaeus de Glanvilla [died ca. 1360], see the evidence against this 'toeschrijving' in the work of Deslisle, Felder and Se Boyar [note p. 32 Boogaart]. First printed in England by Wynkin de Worde in latin in 1495, First French translation in 1525, this 'Englished' version by Trevisa [Berthelet 1535]. Printed in the 27th year of the reign of King Henry the VIII. First english translation of Bartholomeus' encyclopedic work on the system of human knowledge, in 19 books. Composed in manuscript as early as ca 1240 - 1245, translated from latin into French by Jean Corbechon in 1372 and by John Trevisa into English in 1398. The Manuscript constituted one of the most important compendia of medieval knowledge, saw its first printing in Cologne in 1472. Hain/Copinger 2520: Proctor 9725 [de Worde, c. 1495]: Brunet vol. ...: Andere postinkunabel collecties???? Jane Beale, John Trevisa: Life, Works, World-View [Br. Writer's suppl. 9, Scribner's, 2003], pp. 243 - 260 'Generically speaking, Bartolomaeus's DPR is an encyclopedia of medieval knowledge, both scientific and theological. It consists of 19 books, possibly because the number 19 combined the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seven planets in order to signify universality. The books are arranged to discuss "The Great Chain of Being", beginning with God and descending to consider the angels, the soul, the human body, and the properties of humanity - such as mortality, motherhood and dreams - as well as illness and poisons. Beginning with book 8, the encyclopedia considers aspects of the physical world, including the macrocosm (the world and heavenly bodies), seasons and times, elements like fire and air, birds, water, earth, geography, precious stones and metals, herbs and plants, animals, and finally accidents, those qualities, events, or entities that medieval philosophy considered contingent upon the existence of something else, such as colors, odors, tastes, liquids, eggs, numbers, measures, weights, and music. The encyclopedia contains an obviously rich and diverse ammount of knowledge about the world from a medieval perspective. Trevisa completed his translation of this fascinating textbook in 1398. ... '(p. 251): Thorndike, 'Magic and experimental science', vols. V, VI, pp. 148, and 280, 300, 318, 361 resp. VII, VIII pp. ... resp. The work is divided into 19 chapters, discussing: ...; Saskia Bogaart, 'Geleerde Kennis in de Volkstaal. Van den Proprieteyten der Dinghen' [Hilversum, Verloren, 2004], pp. 32 - 44 spec. [Ch. 2] and more extensively on John Trevisa and his English translation in Ch. 6. Also discussing extensively the interaction between the Dutch 1485 and the Trevisa 1535 .: J.Beal, 'John Trevisa and the English Polychronicon' [Med. & Ren. Studies vol. 437, 2012]...: Seymour, M.C. 'On the properties of things: John Trevisa's Translation of Barth. Anglicus 'De Proprietatibus Rerum' [Oxford U,P., 1975 - 1988: ... In 3 vols. Seymour, M.C. e.a. Bartholomaeus Anglicus and His Encyclopedia [Aldershot, Ashgate, 1992]: Steele, Robert, 'Mediaeval lore from Bartholomaeus Anglicus [Or. Un. of Illinois, de la More Press, 1905, King's classics nr. 17; reprinted NY, 1966, Cooper Square publ., also 'Project Gutenberg' e-book 6493, free digital copy]: David Solway, 'Bartholomaeus Anglicus, 'The properties of Things..' [Biblioasis, 2007]: Fowler, David C., 'The Life and Times of John Trevisa'[Longman, 1988, in: The English hist. review vol. 113, issue, 450...: On the binder James Hayday, see British Library database of bookbindings for examples of his bindings and 'pallett' signature 'Hayday'. See also Ramsden, British Bookbinders, pp. ...: On Viscount Mersey and Bignor Park, see.?? 1st Viscount? John Bigham, stierf 1929 boekveiling??? : On W.H.Mullens, ornithologist, see...: Despite the 38 lvs. w. remarginings, restorations and browning [out of 402 lvs.], a sound and nicely bound copy of this rare Trevisa translation of Bartholomaeus Anglicus's encyclopedic work. Quaritch and this copy: Father and Son Dring worked a combined 113 years for the firm, both becoming managing director. De 'oude' Dring heeft mogelijk de Trevisa gecollationneerd!!! gesigneerd 'Mr. B. Quaritch Ltd.' indicating a private limited company, which Quaritch became in 1917!!
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