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AVICENNA (IBN-SINA) (& KLUBERTANZ GEORGE P. S.J., ED.) - De Anima - liber excerptus ex editiones Avicenne perhypatetici philosophi ac medicorum facile primi opera in lucem redacta, ac nuper quantum ars niti potuit per canonicos emendata (Venetiis 1508)

s.l. Saint Louis University, 1949. v + 143pp. Transcription from the Venice edition of 1508, text in typoscript, text in Latin, 28cm. hardcover binding (marbled boards, spine in red cloth), good condition, weight: 1kg. [From the introduction: "This transcription from the Venice edition of 1508 has been made primarily for the use of advanced students of philosophy. In keeping with this purpose, all abbreviations have been expanded, orthography has been modernized and made consistent, punctuation and paragraphing have been used liberally as an aid to intelligent reading. The text has remained unchanged, except that obvious and simple errors of the printer have been corrected in those cases where the correct reading was unmistakeable"], F107107
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