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SPEELMAN, CORNELIS JANSZOON: - Journal, oder Kurtze Erzehlung des Anfangs, Fort- und Au§gangs des Krieges, welcher zwischen dem König und mehrerer Regierunge des Reichs Macassar und der Oost-Indischen Compagnie der vereinigten Niederlanden in den Jahren 1666, 1667, 1668 und 1669, geführet worden. Hamburg, Gottfried Schultzen, 1670.

. 4to. Pp. (36). Title printed in red and black. Missing map? Modern boards. First German edition, first published in Dutch 1669, of this early and scarce account of Makassar (Sulawesi Island), an important trading centre in Indonesia at this time. Cornelis Speelman was born in Rotterdam 1628. At the age of sixteen, he left for the East Indies, where he stayed for the rest of his life in the service of the Dutch East India Company. From the beginning of the 16th century Makassar was the major trading centre of eastern Indonesia where Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Siamese, Javanese and Malays came to exchange commodities (spices, metal goods, textiles, gold, copper, pearls, etc.). Makassar was Sulawesi's major port and centre of the powerful Gowa and Tallo Sultanates. The first Europeans (Portuguese seamen) arrived in the 1500s and the Dutch arrived at the beginning of the 17th century with the aim of establishing a hegemony over the spice trade. In 1666 Speelman headed a Dutch expedition to Makassar, aided by Bugis soldiers, and managed to destroy the strongholds of the Sultanate of Gowa. The Treaty of Bongaja was signed in 1667 between Sultan Hasanudin of Gowa and the Dutch East India Company (VOC) which meant that all traders from Gowa had to apply for licences in order to do business in regions controlled by the VOC. Speelman became Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies between 1681 and his death in 1684. A few library copies found in Germany, one at Cornell and one in the Netherlands. We don't know if this edition was issued with a map. The original Dutch edition doesn't have any map but a few library copies of the German edition have a map, others not. Not in Cordier. Landwehr VOC 238. See Howgego p. 987 (for Speelman).
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