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ARENDT, HANNAH, - The origins of totalitarianism. [New edition with added preface]

New York, Lond., Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, (1973); 20,5x13,5 cm. Pb. IX, 527 pp.(1st fly-leaf loose), notes, bibliography, index; one of the major interpretations of totalitarianism, in which totalitarian systems in Soviet Russia and (especially) nazi- Gemany are analysed and characterized as completely new phenomena in political history. Unlike 'ordinary' dictatorships, totalitarian regime's seek to curb totally man's individual abilities to think and to act according to his free will, by giving full authority to terrorist methods of the secret police. Because of the diffuse distribution of powers within the regime, the totalitarian dictator can not only secure his powers, but also can hold on to ideological fictions (e.g. the jewish world-conspiracy, influence of trotzkist renegates) to continue his regime. Concentration-camps are the regime's utter attempt to a total annihilation of human individuality. Good. Brievenbuspost. ISBN 0 15 670153 7
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