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ALICJA LASOTA-MOSKALEWSKA, MUHIDDIN M. HUDJANAZAROV - Petroglyphs of Mammals in the Sarmissaj Gorge, Uzbek Republic, Archaeozoological Analysis, Swiatowit Supplement Series P: Prehistory and Middle Ages, Vol III

Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology Warsaw University. 2000. (ISBN: 8387496308). Hardcover, 29,5x21 cm. Book, ISBN: 83-87496-30-8 Description: hardback, 91 pp. (29,5x21cm), 42 figs. Condition: new Weight: 670g. INTRODUCTION PART 1 Archaeologist's information on the Uzbek Republic's rock art 1. State of reserach on Uzbek Republic's rock art 2. Natural environment 3. Petroglyph classification and technique of production 4. Problems with chronology of rock art 5. Characteristics of petroglyphs from the Neolithic Period and Bronze Age 6. Characteristics of petroglyphs from the early Iron Age 7. Characteristics of petroglyphs from the Turkish period 8. Possible dating of the Sarmissaj petroglyphs PART II Method of identification of the mammals in rock drawings 1. General part Head Neck Trunk Legs Tail Colour General features 2. Detailed part No. 1 Family: Canidae No. 2 Family: Mustelidae No. 3 Family: Felidae No. 4 Family: Equidae No. 5 Family: Suidae No. 6 Family: Camelidae No. 7 Family: Cervidae No. 8 Family: Bovidae PART 111 Identification of the mammals on petroglyphs in the Sarmissaj Gorge PART I VAnalysis and discussion of results 1. Frequency of particular animals 2. Morphological types Dog Cheetah Horse Wild pig Camels Red deer Aurochs (Bos primigenius) Domestic cattle Goat Ibex Sheep Gazelle 3. Style of animal representation 4. Chronological analysis BIBLIOGRAPHY. New/No Jacket.
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