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EDITED BY JERZY ZELAZOWSKI - Ptolemais in Cyrenaica, Studies in Memory of Tomasz Mikocki, Ptolemais I

Warsaw, University of Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology. 2012. (ISBN: 9788361376453). Hardcover, 30,5x23,5 cm. Book, ISBN: 978-83-61376-45-3 Description: hardback, 419 pp. (30,5x23,5cm), phots. drawings, plans Condition: new Weight: 2130g. MONIKA REKOWSKA Ptolemais in early European research and topography of the city in travellers' accounts WIESLAW MALKOWSKI JERZY ZELAZOWSKI Some remarks on the history and topography of Ptolemais in the light of Polish research KRZYSZTOF MISIEWICZ Geophysical prospection in Ptolemais - interim report MIRON BOGACKI Archaeological kite aerial photography in Ptolemais in years 2006-2008 WIESLAW MALKOWSKI Investigation of the aqueduct of Ptolemais using GPS RTK survey equipment FARAJ ABDUL KARIM OMRAN TAHIR The ancient sarcophagus from the basilica in Wadi Omran and the necropoleis of Ptolemais RADOSLAW TUSZNIO A new statua loricata from Ptolemais. Aspects of conservation and exhibition of the sculpture JERZY ZELAZOWSKI General remarks on Polish excavations in Ptolemais MONIKA REKOWSKA Architectural decoration of the House of Leukaktios: preliminary remarks JERZY ZELAZOWSKI Painted decoration from the House of Leukaktios 183 KRZYSZTOF CHMIELEWSKI Wall paintings from the House of Leukaktios. Technology and conservation IRENA Koss ANNA ZATORSKA JOANNA KURKOWSKA Studies on samples of wall paintings from the House of Leukaktios ADAM LAJTAR Greek inscriptions discovered during archaeological works of the Polish mission RENATA KUCHARCZYK Glass with cut decoration from the House of Leukaktios PIOTR JAWORSKI Roman Republican coins found in Ptolemais 285 MONIKA MUSZYNSKA Figural marble and limestone sculptures from the Polish excavations in Ptolemais KRZYSZTOF DOMZALSKI At the crossroads of trade routes: terra sigillata, red slip wares and related fine pottery from the Polish excavations in Ptolemais (2002-2009) ZOFIA KOWARSKA Late Roman unguentaria from the Polish excavations at Ptolemais MICHAL AUCH The resource base for the production of local pottery in Ptolemais in the light of preliminary research ZOFIA KOWARSKA SZYMON LENARCZYK Preliminary remarks on coarse pottery from Polish excavations in Ptolemais SZYMON LENARCZYK Pottery from cisterns discovered during Polish excavations in Ptolemais in 2002-2008 PIOTR JAWORSKI Synesius Stanislao Ilovio Polono interprete. A newly acquired 16th century book in the collection of the National Library of Poland PIOTR JAWORSKI Bibliography of Polish archaeological research in Cyrenaica. New/No Jacket.
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