BLAKESLEE, ALBERT FRANCIS Differentiation of Sex in Thallus Gametophyte and Sporophyte
CASPARI, E. 3 Items: 1) the Role of Genes and Cytoplasmic Particles in Differentiation 2) on the Biological Basis of Adaptedness 3) Genetic Costitiution and Cytoplasmic Particles in Animals
HARRISION, ROSS G. The Reaction of Embryonic Cells to Solid Structures
MANN, THOMAS Adel Des Geistes: Sechzehn Versuche Zum Problem Der Humanitat
HARRIS, J. ARTHUR A Neglected Paper on Natural Selection in the English Sparrow
American Directory of Organized Labor: Unions, Locals, Agreements, and Employers
BOWDEN, WRAY M. A List of Chromosome Numbers in Higher Plants. II. Menispermaceae to Verenaceae
BATESON, WILLIAM 5 Offprints by William Bateson Including Heredity
Bibliographic Guide to Law 1998
HOVANITZ, WILLIAM Parallel Ecogenotypical Color Variation in Butterflies
RAMUZ, C.F. Das Regiment Des Bosen
FOWLER, KAREN JOY The Sweetheart Season: A Novel
MCPHEE, H. C., AND SAX, KARL. Color Factors in Bean Hybrids
DELAUNAY, L.N. Phylogenetische Chromosomenverkurzung
PAINTER, T.S. Salivary Chromosomes and the Attack on the Gene
HUGHES-SCHRADER, SALLY AND MONAHAN, DORIS F. Hermaphroditism in Icerya Zeteki Cockerell, and the Mechanism of Gonial Reduction in Iceryine Coccids (Coccoidea: Margarodidae Morrison)
JORDAN, ROBERT Thanksgiving
MCMAHON, BRYAN The Lion Tamer and Other Stories
HARTMAN, C. Observations on the Habits of Some Solitary Wasps of Texas
MICHAEL LEVIN The Pool of Memory
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