Iwahashi Zenbei (or Yoshitaka depending on the transcriber). [Heitengi Zukai].
KANT, Immanuel. Metaphysical Works of the celebrated Immanuel Kant, translated from the German, with a Sketch of his Life and Writings, by John Richardson ... Containing 1. Logic. 2. Prolegomena to Future Metaphysics. 3. Enquiry into the Proofs for the Existence of God, and into the Theodicy, now first published.
Kuriki Kojiro. [Oshogatsu Asobi Sugoroku].
Kurita Jiro (illustrator). [Shogaku Kagaku Ehon : Sato].
BRECKINRIDGE, Col. Henry. Airship Investigation. Report of Col. Henry Breckinridge Counsel for the Joint Committee to Investigate Dirigible Disasters.
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