FULTON, HAMISH. Wild Life. Walks in the Cairngorms. Extra: with invitation card exhibition Gallery Danese, New York.
SILLEVIS, JOHN; SMETS, IRÈNE; STUMPEL, JEROEN; De Schilderkunst der Lage Landen, Deel 3: De Negentiende en Twintigste Eeuw.
DISLER, MARTIN. Drawings. With dedication by Martin Disler. Text in German and English by Disler.
HALL, JAMES The Self-Portrait. A Cultural History. From the earliest myths of Narcissus to the prolific self-image-making of today, this cultural history of self-portraiture, filled with illustrations, offers insights into artists' personal, psychological, and creative worlds.
HILL, JOHN 100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs. Following up on 100 Years, 100 Buildings, author John Hill steps outside to present a century's worth of the most breathtaking and significant landscape designs around the globe. Beginning with Filoli, the century-old, forward-looking estate situated just south of San Francisco, and closing with The Park, the first public garden ever created in Las Vegas, John Hill takes readers on a worldwide tour, one per year, of beautiful, inspiring, creatively designed, and historically significant landscapes. From the leafy promenades along the Ljubljanica River in Slovenia and the lush, tropical gardens at Lunuganga in Sri Lanka, to the Peace Memorial Park in Japan and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., each of these public sites is currently accessible--a fact that makes this grouping a superb must-seelist for landscape enthusiasts. Double-page spreads feature color images paired with Hill's insightful texts.
MILLER, GEROLD. Gerold Miller. In conjunction with the Gerold Miller retrospective at the Kunsthalle Weishaupt in Ulm, we are releasing this comprehensive catalogue, which provides an overview of his oeuvre from 1986 to 2015. The catalogue presents a tour of the exhibition and features a richly illustrated chronology of Miller's artistic development over the past thirty years. In his works he explores pictorial questions that arise inside the zone of sculpture, unlimited wall surface, and architecture defined by sculpture and visuals. Exhibition: Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Ulm, Germany (23.04.2016-02.10.2016).
ZYBOK, OLIVER Martin Neumaier. Yellowed, moldy pages are the support material for the multilayered collages of Martin Neumaier (born 1970), in which he carries out an intense examination of European colonialism and imperialism.
SU, BO Yoyo. Su Bo - Fotografien.
HORVAT, FRANK Frank Horvat. Please Don't Smile. A photograph by Frank Horvat always shows a very individual view. Horvat likes to transgress boundaries, and he also does not care about the comme il faut in his fashion photographs either: as early as the 50s, he goes out onto the street, brazenly positions a model in the middle of a vegatble market for 'Jours de France', or shortly afterwards experiments with boldy cropped motifs or amusing film quotes. In doing so, Horvat mostly dispenses with artificial light and shoots many of his fantastic pictures with a 35mm Leica from the hip, so to speak. He works for 'Elle,' 'Vogue,' 'Harper's Bazaar' and other major magazines, with famous models and celebrities, and he is one of the first photographer ever to use Photoshop for his work. Respect for the portrayed women and palpable endearment distinguish Horvat's sensual, elegant pictures from those by all other photographers.
WALCOTT, DEREK & DOIG, PETER. Morning, Paramin. Nobel Prize-winner Derek Walcott is the world's most eminent living poet; Peter Doig the world's most coveted living painter. Through a long-standing friendship and creative affinity the two great artists have collaborated to produce a stunning full-colour book of fifty paintings and original poems in response to those paintings.
PAOLI, ROBERTA DE St. Moritz's Soul.
BÜNDGE, HENDRIK; MARANIELLO, GIANFRANCO; Li Songsong: Historical Materialism.
LOOS, WIEPKE, RIJDT, ROBERT-JAN TE & HETEREN, MARJAN VAN. Langs velden en wegen. De verbeelding van het landschap in de 18de en 19de eeuw.
FUCHS, RUDI & GACHNANG, JOHANNES. Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik 1960 - 1973 von Johannes Gachnang.
LUCKOW, DIRK & HELLMOLD, MARTIN. You Laugh an Ugly Laugh. Kunsthalle zu Kiel - Kunsthalle Tübingen. Extra: with exhibition poster.
SELZ, PETER Beyond the Mainstream. Essays on Modern and Contemporary Art. This selection of essays by a prominent art historian, critic and curator of modern art examines the art and artists of the twentieth century who have operated outside the established art world. In a lucid and accessible style, Peter Selz explores modern art as it is reflected, and has had an impact on, the tremendous transformations of politics and culture, both in the United States and in Europe. An authoritative overview of a neglected phenomenon, his essays explore the complex relationship between art at the periphery and art at the putative center, and how marginal art has affected that of the mainstream.
SCHMITT, EVA; SCHMITT, PETER; WHEILL, ANNA; Franz X. Höller. Glas - 1980-2017. *This publication illustrates all stages in the development of Höller, a glassworker who blends artisanal techniques with modern forms In the glass art of Franz Xaver Höller (b. 1950) artisanal techniques rich in tradition, such as cutting and engraving, collide with modern forms. Vibrantly sculptural bodies engraved on their surface with fine lines, the drawing of which generates impressive depth via incidental light, make up the majority of the vessels and objects that he has created over the last thirty-five years. Sharp edges protrude and challenge the conception of a harmonious form. This publication illustrates all stages of Höller's development, drawing the view to the artist's multi-variant language of forms. Large-format details reveal the beauty and precision of the meticulous workmanship. Accomplished authors expound sources of inspiration as well as turning points in creativity, while preliminary sketches afford insights into the developmental process of his works.Text in English and German.
GRIMM, ARTY, GUWY, FRANCE, NOOTEBOOM, CEES & ACHMATOVA, ANNA. Arty Grimm. Text in English and Dutch.
TOLMAN, TOM & LEWINGTON, RICHARD. Die Tagfalter Europas und Nordwestafrikas.
FOSTER, HAL The First Pop Age. Painting and Subjectivity in the Art of Hamilton, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Richter, and Ruscha. Who branded painting in the Pop age more brazenly than Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and Ed Ruscha? And who probed the Pop revolution in image and identity more intensely than they? This book presents an interpretation of Pop art through the work of these Pop Five.
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