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BERNSTEIN, GEORG HEINRICH (ED.) (F MUEHLAU, ADOLPH RUECKER) Syriac - Das Heilige Evangelium Des Iohannes : Syrisch in Harklensischer Uebersetzung, Mit Vocalen Und Den Puncten Kuschoi Und Rucoch Nach Einer Vaticanischen Handschrift. Nebst Kritischen Anmerkungen Von Georg Heinrich Bernstein (Gedruckt Mit Neuen Syrischen Typen Der Teubner'Schen Officin
PALMER, FRANK Grammar. A Pelican Original.
DALTON-BROWN, SALLY Pushkin's Eugene Onegin
RUTHVEN, K. K. Feminist Literary Studies
KOTOSIXIN, GRIGORIJ (ED. A.E. PENNINGTON) Russia in the Reign of Aleksej Mixajlovic o Rossi V Carstvovanie Alekseja Mixajlovica. Edited with a Commentary by a E Pennington.
GRIFFITHS, KENNETH & LOU ACKNER & VERONICA COSTA Pigeon Portuguese Almost Get by in Portuguese
UFO (PSEUD. VALERY NIKOLSKI) . REVISED AND ENLARGED BY JAMES DAVIE. A Russian-English Dictionary of Contemporary Slang a Guide to the Living Language of Today.
KUSNIERZ, DR BRONISLAW, ZALESKI, AUGUST, ANDERS, MALENKOW Stalin and the Poles (Association Copy General Anders Signed Ephemera) an Indictment of the Soviet Leaders. Presented by Dr Bronislaw Kusnierz Minister of Justice in the Government of General Bor-Komorowski with a Foreword by His Excellency August Zaleski
BOYD, ANDREW. Guide to 14 Asiatic Languages.
KASHPER, MARA, LEBEDEVA, VALENTINA, MILLER, FRANK J Workbook for: Reading and Speaking About Russian Newspapers. Third Edition.
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HYLTENSTAM, KENNETH & VIBERG, AKE (ED.) Progression and Regression in Language Sociocultural, Neuropsychological and Linguistic Perspectives
YOUNG, HAZEL A Week on the Water. Fandango & Tango Cuisine Scrapbook. (French Cooking on a Barge)
THORPE, BENJAMIN. RASK, ERASMUS. A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, from the Danish of Erasmus Rask by Benjamin Thorpe. Rask's Anglo-Saxon Grammar.
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