RICKARD, PETER A History of the French Language.
ZOLLO, M., TURK, PHIL Spanish Language, Life and Culture
ZHIVKOVA, LUDMILA Anglo-Turkish Relations, 1933-39
MAGAS, BRANKA; ZANIC, IVO (EDS.) NOEL MALCOLM (FOREWORD) The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995
GILHOOLY, HELEN Beginner's Japanese Script an Introduction to Reading and Writing Japanese.
POLONSKY, RACHEL Molotov's Magic Lantern a Journey in Russian History
CRYSTAL, DAVID & DAVY, DEREK Investigating English Style
COSTIN, W. C. AND WATSON, J STEVEN The Law and Working of the Constitution Documents 1660 - 1914. In Two Volumes. Volume I: 1660 - 1783, Volume II: 1784 - 1914.
MAIN, LAURENCE AND PHIL MARTIN. In the Footsteps of King Arthur.
REANEY, P.H. The Origin of English Surnames
MALE, D. J. Russian Peasant Organisation Before Collectivisation. A Study of Commune & Gathering 1925-1930.
SWINGEWOOD, ALAN The Novel and Revolution
WILLIAMS, RAYMOND. Writing in Society.
HEATH, CHRISTOPHER D.. Pronunciation of English in Cannock, Staffordshire a Sociolinguistic Survey of an Urban Speech-Community
OS, LEONARD W. VAN. ED. BY OS, H. J. L. VAN. Afrikaans Self Taught by the Natural Method with Phonetic Pronunciation. Thimm's System.
ALLEN, W. SIDNEY. Accent and Rhythm. Prosodic Features of Latin and Greek: A Study in Theory and Reconstruction.
MCGURN, JIM Comparing Languages English and Its European Relatives
BRISTOW, PHILIP Through the Dutch Canals
DINNEEN, REV PATRICK. ED. A Concise English-Irish Dictionary. For the Use of Schools. Compiled and Edited.
DAWISHA, KAREN; PARROTT, BRUCE Politics, Power and the Struggle for Democracy in South-East Europe
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