TAHARALLY, KENNETH Anthrophanies 1. Nightwinds. Drawings by Monito Arrhenius. Signed and Inscribed by Kenneth Taharally
ROTHKOPF, CAROL; EDITOR. Gazette of the Grolier Club. New Series. Number 51, 2000.
WAYNE, JOHN (1907-1979); AND RUSSELL, GAIL (1924-1961). A Vintage Publicity Photograph Portraying Gail Russell Seated in John Wayne's Lap in a Scene from Republic Pictures' "Angel and the Badman
WOOLNER, THOMAS (1825-1892). ENGLISH SCULPTOR AND POET WHO WAS ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE "PRE-RAPHAELITE BROTHERHOOD". Autograph Note Signed by the English Sculptor and Poet Thomas Woolner.
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