MARIA WILLETT HOWARD (AUTHOR) Lowney's Cook Book, Illustrated in Colors; a New Guide for the Housekeeper, Especially Intended As a Full Record of Delicious Dishes Sufficient for Any Well-to-Do Family, Clear Enough for the Beginner, and Complete Enough for Ambitious Providers, Prepared
ATWATER, DORANCE Prisoners Who Died at Andersonville Prison - Atwater List
NO AUTHOR LISTED Ministry of Angels
TENNEY, SAMUEL Genealogical Data Concerning the Family of Captain Edward Brown of Newbury, Massachusetts and Boston (Photocopy Only) Now for the First Time Published from the Manuscript Autobiography. . . Some to Have Been the Victim of Witchcraft
KINCAID, NANCI Pretending the Bed Is a Raft (Author Signed)
PATERSON, ALAN STUART The Bull Pen (Author Signed)
UNDERHILL, EVELYN Mixed Pasture Twelve Essays and Addresses,
BLACK, JEREMY Culloden and the '45
NO AUTHOR LISTED Civil War Naval Chronology. Part V, 1861-1865, 1865
BIRMAN, SAMUEL (EDITOR) Army Fun, July-August 1961, Vol. 5 No. 11
TAYLOR, ARTHUR Rules for Wargaming
MCGEHEE, NICOLE Regret Not a Moment (Author Signed)
WELLER, JACK E. Yesterday's People, Life in Contemporary Appalachia
SPURGEON, C. H. Certain Singular Subjects a Sermon Delivered Circa 1890 Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
FRAELICH, REE ADAMSON Adamson-Duvall and Related Families
Champ Clark Memorial Addresses
MILLER, LILLIAN TOLAND The Family of Michael M. Toland
DRUMMOND, JOSIAH H Genealogy of Isaac Dean of Grafton, N. H (Photocopy Only) Fourth in Descent from John Dean of Taunton
STEMMONS, JOHN "D" The United States Census Compendium; a Directory of Census Records, Tax Lists, Poll Lists, Petitions, Directories, Etc. Which Can Be Used As a Census
DAHL, WINSTON A. The United States Army Marksmanship Unit, Counter Sniper Guide
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