AYERS, JAMES J. Gold and Sunshine : Reminiscences of Early California
PONICSAN, DARRYL Cinderella Liberty (Signed)
HUBBARD, ALICE The Myth in Marriage
FRANCE, HECTOR Musk, Hashish and Blood (Numbered Limited Edition)
BLOCH, ROBERT The Night of the Ripper
BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD The Tokyo-Montana Express (Signed)
FENOLLOSA, ERNEST ; EZRA POUND (ED. BY) The Chinese Written Character As a Medium for Poetry, an Ars Poetica (Ideogramic Series I. )
SMILES, SAMUEL Duty (with Illustrations of Courage, Patience, and Endurance)
OLIVER, DOUGLAS L. Oceania : The Native Cultures of Australia and the Pacific Islands Volume 1
WEST, MORRIS Proteus (First Edition Society)
GRIFFITHS, DAVID B. A Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism : Jewish Studies, Part I I.
WASEURTZ OF SANDELS, G.M. A Sojourn in California by the King's Orphan. The Travels and Sketches of G.M. Waseurtz of Sandels, a Swedish Gentleman Who Visited Clifornia in 1842-1843
WEDDA, JOHN A. Sweet Land of Liberty
WALSH, LAWRENCE E. (INDEPENDENT COUNSEL) Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters: Volume II: Indictments, Plea Agreements, Interim Reports to the Congress, and Administrative Matters
HOWARD, OLIVER OTIS Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard. Major General United States Army. Two Volume Set
HORTMANN, WILLHELM Shakespeare on the German Stage : The Twentieth Century with a Section on Shakespeare on Stage in the German Democratic Republic by Maik Hamburger
DOYLE, A. CONAN The White Company
BENEDEK, ELEK Palko the Piper, the Cowherd's Daughter, Salt (Granny's Storybooks) (Diglot Version)
GREEK TESTAMENT (SEPTUAGINTA) He Palaia Diatheke Kata Tous Hebdomekonta : Vetus Testamentum Ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum : Juxta Exemplar Vaticanus, Ex Editione Holmesii Et Lamberti Bos
APTHEKER, HERBERT Afro-American History : The Modern Era
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