CHRISTIE'S The Nineteenth Century. Thursday, 14 May 1998 (FALCINI-5951)
SOTHEBY & CO. Catalogue of English pottery comprising medieval pottery including a green-glazed oil jar and a rare jug with combed decoration, Delftware including a Lambeth tulip charger ... Day of Sale Tuesday, 25th November, 1969
SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET MONACO Importante Collection de la Compagnie des Indes et porcelaine de Chine. Lundi, 9 février 1981
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Antique Guns and Militaria. Wednesday 28th September 1994
SOTHEBY'S Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Paintings ... Day of Sale Wednesday, 16th November 1983 "Mint"
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Portrait Miniatures. Wednesday 19th June 1996
CHRISTIE'S English and Continental Pottery and Porcelain. The properties of Oliver Mesel, Esq., C.B.E., K.C. Slater, Esq., the late Commander R.G. Lock, R.N. and others ... on Monday, February 20, 1967
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Aeronautica and Fire Brigade Memorabilia Wednesday 9th November 1994
BONHAMS The Cunliffe Collection: Chinese Ceramics and Jade Carvings. Monday 11 November 2002
BONHAMS CHELSEA Pictures at Bonhams Chelsea. Parts I and II. Wednesday 23rd August 1995
SOTHEBY'S Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Drawings and Watercolours. Day of Sale Thursday 13th July 1989 "Dee"
BONHAMS The Scottish Sale. Made in Scotland. Thursday 22 August 2002. Friday 23 August 2002. Saturday 24 August 2002.
CHRISTIE'S Furniture and Works of Art. Wednesday, 3 February 1999 (FRN-8275)
BONHAMS WEST COUNTRY IN ASSOCIATION WITH MICHAEL NEWMAN The collection of D. Sybil Glover R.I., RSMA, RWA Deceased. Friday October 13th 1995
CHRISTIE'S British Ceramics. The Properties of L.A. Compton, Esq. P.W. Crowe, Esq. Mr.. Raymond Yarbrough and from various sources. Monday 12 February 1990
SOTHEBY'S Chinese Snuff Bottles comprising porcelain snuff bottles, bottles in various materials including cinnebar lacquer, lacque burgaute, metal, cloisonné enamel, ivory snuff bottles, various hardstone snuff bottles, agate and chalcedony snuff bottles, nephrite and jadeite snuff bottles ... Day of Sale Tuesday 9th October 1979
SOTHEBY'S Japanese Works of Art, Prints and Paintings. Days of Sale Thursday 19th November ... Friday 20th November 1992 "Nami"
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Fine Portrait Miniatures including the property of Mrs. Albert E. Hoffmann. Thursday, 21st November 1996
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Antique & Modern Guns & Militaria. Thursday, 24th February 2000
BONHAMS CHELSEA Ceramics and Glass. Wednesday 20th July 1994. Far Eastern Ceramics and Works of Art. Wednesday 20th July 1994
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