LEWIS, PAMELA [LINO CUT BY DUINE CAMPBELL] Amalfi (Phoenix Broadsheet Number 330).
BUCHAN, JOHN [1875-1940] FRANCES JENKINS OLCOTT [ILLUSTRATED BY VERNON L. SOPER AND MONRO S. ORR] The Magic Walking Stick and Stories from the Arabian Nights
HANDCOCK, JOHN E. The Institute That Became an Institution | The History of the Royal Albert Institute
THE WAR IN THE CRIMEA Historic The Times Broadsheet Newspaper | Tuesday, November 14, 1854 (Replica Edition) | The War in the Crimea
OMAR KHAYYÁM (18 MAY 1048 - 4 DECEMBER 1131) WAS A PERSIAN MATHEMATICIAN, ASTRONOMER, PHILOSOPHER, AND POET. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám; and the Salámán and Absál of Jámí; Rendered into English Verse
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