PLAYFAIR, I.S.O. History of the Second World War, The Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume II.
SNELL, J.B. Mechanical Engineering: Railways.
CHAUNCEY, A. Women of the Royal Air Force.
HONIG, PIETER (EDITOR) Science and Scientists in the Netherlands Indies.
BAGWELL, PHILIP SIDNEY The Railway Clearing House in the British Economy 1842-1922.
FÜRST VON BISMARCK, OTTO Bismarck: Gedanken und Erinnerungen.
PIRIE, ANTOINETTE Fall Out, Radiation Hazards from Nuclear Explosions.
PRATT, EDWIN A. British Railways and the Great War. Organisation, Efforts, Difficulties and Achievements..
STADLING, JONAS In the Land of Tolstoi, Experiences of Famine and Misrule in Russia..
MACKINNON, A. G. Things Seen in the Bay of Naples.
DE LA MOTHE-FENELON, FRANCOIS SALIGNAC The Adventures of Telemachus the Son of Ulysses.
PASSERON, ROGER Impressionist Prints.
URWIN, KENNETH A Short Old French Dictionary for Students.
, Trubner's Catalogue of Dictionaries and Grammars Of the Principal Languages and Dialects of the World.
TISSANDIER, GASTON Popular Scientific Recreations, a Storehouse of Instruction and Amusement.
PALMER, RICHARD The Bible Atlas, or Sacred Geography Delineated, in a Complete Series of Scriptural Maps..
WALKER, C. F. The Alpine Garden.
TER HAAR, D. Selected Problems in Quantum Mechanics.
HENDERSON, JUNIUS Geology in its Relation to Landscape.
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