HANS CHRISTIAN BJERG Fair Practice and Common Sense - Shipbrokers Wonsild & Son 1904 - 2004
HOCKING, GEOFF Under The Southern Cross: The Rebels Martyrs Exiles & Activists Who Shaped Australia
SHAW, IAN AND ROBERT JAMESON (EDITORS) A Dictionary of Archaeology
GARVEY, KEITH Night of the Dingo and Other Stories
SHARKEY, OLIVE Common Knowledge - The Irishness Of Everyday Things
EWER, DR PETER Wounded Eagle: The Bombing of Darwin and Australia's Air Defence Scandal
TATE, DON The War Within
JOHN GASCOIGNE Joseph Banks and the English Enlightenment: Useful Knowledge and Polite Culture
JOHN SUSMAN,ANTHONY HUCKSTEP,STEPHEN HODGES,SARAH SWAN Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook - The Ultimate Kitchen Companion
J. M. BERGER Beachport & The Rivoli Bay District Of The South-East Of South Australia
WOOD, JAMES Chiefs of the Australian Army: Higher Command of the Australian Military Forces 1901-1914
MALCOLM FRASER Common Ground : Issues That Should Bind Us Not Divide Us
DINA MONKS - IAN WYND - WENDY BLACK Lucy Shaw - Headmistress
JACOBSEN, CAROL. L. A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls, Volume 2
K.S GARRETT Everard of Greenhithe - Second Edition
REES, PETER Anzac Girls: The Extraordinary Story of Our World War 1 Nurses
HAAGEN, CLAUDIA Bush Toys: Aboriginal Children at Play
MARCUS, ERIC Making History: The Struggle For Gay & Lesbian Equal Rights 1945 - 1990 An Oral History
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