PETROVA, OLGA. (1894-1977). SILENT FILM ACTRESS AND PLAYWRIGHT. Typed Letter Signed by Silent Film Actress and Playwright Olga Petrova to Agent Chamberlain Brown.
FURNISS, HARRY. Betsy Prigg and Mrs. Gamp". A Superb Color Print Signed by Harry Furniss.
FISH, HAMILTON. (1808-1893). U.S. SENATOR AND GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK. U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE FROM 1869 TO 1877. Free Frank of U.S. Secretary of State Hamilton Fish on the Front Cover of an Envelope Addressed to Vermont Senator George F. Edmunds. With Wax Seal.
AMMANN, ROBERT. Die Handschrift Der Kunstler.
MCCARTHY, CORMAC. The Gardener's Son: A Screenplay.
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