Suomen Taide-Yhtion Nayttelo 1871: Olinmaalauksia, Vesivarikuvia Ja Piirustuksia = Finnish Art Company Exhibition 1871: Oil Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
TRAUB, CHARLES H. Object of My Creation: Photographs 1967-1970
STYLES, JOHN Threads of Feeling: The London Foundling Hospital's Textile Tokens 1740-1770
KRÖNER, MAGDALENA Jeff Cowen: Sculpture Photographs
Scrapbook of Engravings by French Artists
MORSE, REYNOLDS The Decade, 1971-1961 : Updating Supplement to a New Introduction to Salvador Dali
MCCULLY, MARILYN ET AL. Picasso in Paris, 1900-1907: Eating Fire
SEGY, LADISLAS African Names and Sculpture
SPANIERMAN GALLERY, NY: SEPT. 9 TO OCT. 2, 2004 Terry Delapp: California Reveries
EATWELL, ANN Susie Cooper Productions
SADINSKY, RACHAEL A Collector's Vision: The 1910 Bequest of Matthias H. Arnot
GREENE, CARROLL JR. The Evolution of Afro-American Artists: 1800-1950
MORRISON, CRAIG Theaters (Norton / Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks in Architecture, Design and Engineering)
EVERTS & STEWART Combination Atlas Map of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Compiled, Drawn and Published from Personal Examinations and Surveys
BLUMHELMAN GALLERY, NY: 1986 Ellsworth Kelly: Paintings and Sculptures, 1986
KORDA, T. (EDITOR) Photography Year Book: The International Annual of Camera Art, Vol. III, 1938
GERGELY, MARIANN Bela Kadar, 1877-1956 : A Melancholy Journey
GIBBONS, FELTON Catalogue of Italian Drawings in the Art Museum, Princeton University (2 Volumes)
MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume III: Dieric Bouts and Joos Van Gent
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