GOEBEL, JR., ET AL (EDS.), JULIUS The Law Practice of Alexander Hamilton, Documents and Commentary. Five Volumes [complete]
LEIGH, VALENTINE The Moste Profitable and Commendable Science, of Surveying of Lands, Tenementes, and Hereditamentes . . . of the measuring of all kindes of Landes, be it Meadow, Pasture, Errable, Wood, Hill, or Dale . . . Newly Imprinted and corrected. S.T.C. 15419
WILLIAMS, T.W. A Compendious Digest of The Statute Law, Comprising The Substance and Effect of All the Public Acts of Parliament . . . from Magna Charta in the Ninth Year of King Henry III to the Twenty-Seventh Year of . . . King George III Inclusive. Cowley 276
CORDEAUX, WILLIAM A Handbook on the Law of Traction Engines, With the Statutes Which Govern Their Use upon Highways
HUTTON, RICHARD The Young Clerks Guide: Or, An Exact Collection of choice English Presidents . . . For all sorts of Indentures, Letters of Atturney, Releases, Conditions [bound with] The Second Part Of the Young Clerks Guide [etc.]. Wing H3849A and Not in Wing
BENEDICT, ERASTUS C. The American Admiralty, Its Jurisdiction and Practice, With Practical Forms and Directions. Cohen 1568
PULTON, FERDINANDO A Collection of sundrie Statutes, frequent in use: With Notes in the Margent and References to the Booke cases and Bookes of Entries and Registers . . . Together with an Abridgement of the residue which be Expired [etc.]. S.T.C. 9328. Folio
, History of Eugene Aram, Who Was Convicted at York Assizes, of the Murder of Dan'l Clark of Knaresborough, Fourteen Years after the Crime was committed [and the] Singular and Talented Defence he made on his trial [etc.]
BLACKWELL, GEORGE Mr. George Blackwel . . . his Answeres vpon sundry his Examinations . . . And his Letter written to his Assistants, and brethren, moouing them not onely to take the said Oath [of Allegeance], but to aduise all Romish Catholikes so to doe. S.T.C. 3105
FRANKFURTER, FELIX The Conditions for, and the Aims and Methods of, Legal Research
DEAN, AMOS Principles of Medical Jurisprudence Designed for the Professions of Law and Medicine
LEY, JAMES Reports of Divers Resolutions in Law, Arising upon Cases in the Court of Wards
, Proceedings of a General Court-Martial. . .upon the Trial of Lieutenant-General Sir John Mordaunt [etc.]
FALDO, THOMAS Reformation of Proceedings at Law. By way of Petition, Dedicated to the Honourable Committee of Parliament, for Reformation of Courts of Justice, and Proceedings at Law. Wing F208. Quarto
BROOKE, ROBERT La Graunde Abridgement, Collecte & escrie per le Iudge tresreuerend Syr Robert Brooke, Chiualier, nadgairs chiefe Iustice del common banke [with] La Secound part du Graunde Abridgement [etc.]. Two Volumes in one [complete]. S.T.C. 3828; Beale R471 & R472
TURNER, FRANCIS The Contract of Pawn, As It Exists at Common Law, and As Modified by the Pawnbrokers' Acts, The Factors' Acts, and Other Statutes
, In This Volume are conteined the statutes made and established from the time of kyng Henry the thirde, unto the fyrste yere of the reigne of our most gratious and victorious soueraine lorde king Henry the viii. S.T.C. 9301; Beale S27
MAINE, HENRY SUMNER Village-Communities in the East and West, Six Lectures Delivered at Oxford to which are added other Lectures, Addresses and Essays
, An Act for naturalizing such foreign Protestants, and others therein mentioned, as are settled, or shall settle in any of His Majesty's Colonies in America [13 Geo II c.7]. Folio
POYNTZ, ROBERT A Vindication of Monarchy and The Government long established in the Church and Kingdome of England, Against The pernicious Assertions and tumultuous Practises of the Innovators during the last Parliament in the Reign of Charles I. Wing P3134. Quarto
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