[STARRING IRINA BARONOVA, ANTON DOLIN, ANTON VLASSOFF, ROMAN JASINSKY, JAN HOYER IN] 'The Swan Lake' Followed by 'An Episode in the Life of an Artist' Followed by 'Auror's Wedding': Souvenir Performance Programme at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London Season of Covent Garden Russian Ballet with The London Philharmonic Orchestra
AMBROSE, TOM The Nature of Despotism; From Caligula to Mugabe, the Making of Tyrants
Manual of Seamanship Volume I
Commando for Action and Adventure: No. 3031 Programmed to Destroy
YOUNG, JOHN V. Kokopelli; Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers
SCOBLE, CHRISTOPHER (RICHARD HOOKER, JOSEPH CONRAD, JOCELYN BROOKE) Letters From Bishopsbourne; Three Writers in an English Village
[RED BANK MANUFACTURING CO. LTD] All Round Efficiency at Red Bank Products 30th Anniversary Product Catalogue 1919-1949
HUTCHINSON, WALTER [INTRODUCTION BY EDMUND GOSSE] The Splendour of France; A Pictorial and Authoritative Account of our Great and Glorious Ally and of Her Country Unsurpassed in Beauty and Magnificence [Volumes 1 and 2 Complete]
TREMAIN, ROSE Music and Silence
HULTON, PAUL AND LAWRENCE SMITH Flowers in Art From East and West
BING CROSBY [HARRY LILLIS "BING" CROSBY, JR. (MAY 3, 1903 - OCTOBER 14, 1977) WAS AN AMERICAN SINGER AND ACTOR. CROSBY'S TRADEMARK WARM BASS-BARITONE VOICE MADE HIM THE BEST-SELLING RECORDING ARTIST OF THE 20TH CENTURY] WORDS AND MUSIC BY RODGERS & HART, Bing Crosby's 20th Musical Anniversary Song Album: Containing complete words and music of song favourites of Bing Crosby [Vintage Piano Sheet Music] It's Easy to Remember - June in January - Just One More Chance - Love in Bloom - Moonlight Becomes You - Out of Nowhere - Please.
Commando War Stories in Pictures: No. 2049 Fly High, Dive Deep
MOORE, PATRICK [1923-2012] AND FRANCIS JACKSON Life in the Universe
COX, PAUL The Adventures of Archibald Koala: The Great Eucalyptus Mystery
BARTON, JAMES R. Shadow Over Europe
BONNER, HILARY For Death Comes Softly [Signed]
HORRABIN, JAMES FRANCIS [1884-1962] KATHLEEN STARR The Japhet and Happy Annual circa 1950
Starblazer: Space Fiction Adventure in Pictures No. 7 Holocaust Hogan
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