FOSTER, JOSEPH Some Feudal Coats of Arms from Heraldic Rolls 1298-1418
West Ham United Football Company Limited, Boleyn Ground, Green Street, Upton Park, London West Ham United Versus Coventry City | Season 1948-49 | Official Match Day Football Programme
PIVKA, OTTO VON Navies of the Napoleonic Era
PREBBLE, JOHN The King's Jaunt | George IV In Scotland, 1822 'One And Twenty Daft Days'
The Committee on Science and Freedom [Mekki Shubeika; Eni Njoku; E. G. Malherbe; H. A. Oluwasanmi et al] Science and Freedom | A Bulletin of the Committee on Science and Freedom Number 13 | The Scholar and Society Report on a Study Group Held in Tunis April 1959
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