---. Correspondance, Literaire, et Philosophique De Grimm ; covering the period 1770 to 1782.
--- Considerations on The Policy, Commerce, and Circumstances of The Kingdom.
STEEPLE, E.W. Recent Climbs around Ogwen (also climbs on Tryfan-East Face).
STINE, C. M. A. Rise of The Organic Chemical Industry in The United States.
STANLEY, HENRY M. 'Splendid isolation' or what? China and the Dual Alliance.
O'DONNELL, M.J. The Admission of Children to Holy Communion.
JAMISON, EVELYN Pisan Churches on The Via Traiana.
--- Professor David Masson. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages.
TEFEYYUZ KITAPHANESI [PUBLISHERS] Turkceden Fransizcaya Yeni Kucuk Lugat
PROF. ALLMAN, F.R.S. On some points in the Development of Vorticellidae.
MOLOTOV, V.M. Speech at the 20th Congress of the C.P.S.U., Feb.18, 1956. [Soviet News Booklet ,No.6].
VARIOUS. We Have Learned the Truth about the Soviet Union. Various delegations from Europe and North America who visited U.S.S.R in May 1951.
ARCHIBALD GEIKIE, F.R.S. On the Origin and Age of some of the Crystalline Schists of Norway.
GEORGE III An Act for granting to His Majesty a Sum of Money to be raised by Lotteries.
ROSSETTI, W.M. The Exhibition of Miniatures at South Kensington (2 part article).
SWAIN, AUBREY Theatrical Understudies.
RYNNE, ETIENNE Observations Arising From Comments on The Social Conditions in Clare a Hundred Years Ago.
BOSWELL & G. SLATER & J. REID MOIR, P. G. H. Whitsun Field Meeting, 3rd June to 7th June, 1938. Ipswich District.
LOGGIN, MARSHALL. Dragged by a Wild Horse.
--- The Memoirs and Letters of Ulicke, Marquis of Clanricarde and Earl of St. Albans?
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