FINCH, MARY ROBERTS Stars and Dust a Collection of Poems, Paintings and Photographs Covering 30 Years of Work and Thoughts
SMITS, EDWARD J. Nassau, Suburbia, United States America the First Seventy-Five Years of Nassau County 1899-1974
CRETZIANU, ALEXANDRE (EDITOR) Captive Rumania. A Decade of Soviet Rule
CONNECTICUT History of Hamden Men in the World War from Information Collected and Compiled By the Hamden War Bureau with a Brief Summary of the Activities of the Bureau
BOSTWICK, CLIFTON A. Clifton Bostwick's Brimfield Memories of Township Life in the 1890s
SPURGEON, C. H. The Voice from the Cloud and the Voice of the Beloved (Matthew 17: 5-7) a Sermon Delivered on June 24, 1883
JERRERS, ROBINSON Medea Freely Adapted Fromt the Medea of Euripides By Robinson Jeffers
STEVENS, BROOKE The Circus of the Earth and the Air
LILLIE, JARED Jared Lillie, 1776, His Book
SMITH, ANTHONY NEIL Psychosomatic (Author Signed)
SIMON, HUGO FERDINAND Revolution Whither Bound?
DEAKIN, F.W. AND G.R.STORRY The Case of Richard Sorge
CHARLES, M.C. On Wings of Memory
HATFIELD, JO ANN LADD United States Census, 1860, Williamson County, Illinois
HANKS, AMANDA S. Louisiana Paradise the Chenieres and Wetlands of Southwest Louisiana (Author Signed)
JACKSON, CORTES Life of David, Son of Jesse the Book of Psalms Translated out of the Original Hebrew and with Former Translations Compared and Revised, with Eleven Hundred Prophetic References
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