PASSERON, ROGER Impressionist Prints.
SANDINI, A. Historia Familiae Sacrae ex Antiquis Monumentis Collecta.
MAYOUX, JEAN-JACQUES La Peinture Anglaise. De Hogarth aux Préraphaélites..
WHITE, BRIAN A Look at the Night Mail. Travelling Post Offices- a history.
CLOUGH, BRIGADIER A.B. Maps and Survey.
PEIERLS, R.E. Quantum Theory of Solids.
SNELL, J.B. Mechanical Engineering: Railways.
ANDRADE, E.N. DA C. The Structure of the Atom.
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM COLEBROOK Atomic Structure as Modified by Oxidation and Reduction.
SCHWARTZ, LOUIS Occupational Diseases of the Skin.
KENDALL, P.F. The Geology of Yorkshire. An illustration of the evolution of northern England. Volume 1 only..
W.T. GLOVER AND CO., Glovers Vade Mecum.
HAYES, LOUIS D. The Struggle for Legitimacy in Pakistan.
NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENTS LTD, Chronology and Index of the Second World War.
ADMIRALTY, Uniform Regulations for Officers of the Fleet.
, Panhandle-Plains Historical Review XXXVIII.
TOVEY, DAVID W.H.Y. Titcomb, Artist of Many Parts.
LAMBERT, ANDREW The War Correspondents, The Crimean War.
PLAYFAIR, I.S.O. History of the Second World War, The Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume II.
AILSBY, CHRISTOPHER Allied Combat Medals of World War 2: Volume 1 Britain, the Commonwealth and Western European Nations.
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