SOPWITH. Gunbus, Pusher Seaplane.
WEBBER, JOHN. Chevaux de Mer.
ILYUSHIN. IL-14, DM-SBV, Zentralflughafen Berlin-Schönefeld.
COLORADO. Mushrooms. Garden of the Gods.
AKRON. Bow Mooring Cone and Spindle of the USS Akron.
HMS FURIOUS. A Fairey Barracuda being pushed to the lift.
FOCKE-WULF. Fw 189 A-1, (with rain-protection).
ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO. Tragedy in Los Angeles. Mrs. Marcus Shaddock with ther wto year old child, Tommy, who drowned in a fish pond.
CAM. Portrait Prinses Sophie van Württemberg. Koningin Sophie.
BOSBOOM, JOHANNES. Gezicht in Bosbooms atelier.
AGRA. Taj Mahal, Agra.
LAPIE, M. (PIERRE), ALEXANDRE EMILE LAPIE. Carte des Royaumes de Belgique et de Hollande.
AMERICAN COLONY. Jerusalem. Garden Tomb exterior.
WEIJNEN, JOS. Groupportrait of Ludmilla d'Ansembourg born Harnoncourt with her 11 children (à' lóccasion du "Hochzeit von Franz").
NIEUHOF, JOAN. View on Jejenjeen.
BELLIN, J. N. Carte de l'Isle Célèbes ou Macassar.
STREET, GEORGE EDMUND, ARCHITECT. Royal Courts of Justice. Details of Turrets at the South End of Central Hall & Great South Window in the Central Hall.
PHOTOGRAPHISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT. Portrait of Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
BARBIE DU BOCAGE, J. D. Le Palus-Méotide et le Pont-Euxin.
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