CHITHAM, EDWARD The Poems of Anne Bronte - A New Text and Commentary
PHIPPS, CATHERINE Chicken: Over two hundred recipes devoted to one glorious bird
PUTNAM; PHARR Disaffected Democracies: What's Troubling the Trilateral Countries?
CAROL, MARIUS; ALGUERSUARI, JOSEP Montjuic: La Muntanya Encantada
WARD, MARK Mark Ward: Right Wing to B-Wing ... Premier League to Prison
NYE, NELSON Death comes riding
DUSKO POPOV Spy Counter Spy
JENNINGS, CHARLES The Fast Set: Three Extraordinary Men and Their Race for the Land Speed Record
LINKLATER, ERIC A Year of Space: A Chapter of Autobiography
JANET AYER FAIRBANK The Cortlandts of Washington Square
BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE The Complete Moon Trilogy: The Moon Maid, the Moon Men & the Red Hawk
NATHANSON, RICHARD Walk to the Moon: Story of Albert Houthuesen, 1903 - 1979
STUART CLARK The Sky's Dark Labyrinth
TRAVIS, JOSEPH, WILSON, EDWARD O., RUSE, MICHAEL Evolution - the first four billion years
HARTLEY, L. P. The Collected Macabre Stories of L. P. Hartley
DUPARC, PIERRE Proces En Nullite de La Condamnation de Jeanne D'Arc, 1455 - 1456 Tome II
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