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The Learned Banqueters, 8 Volumes.
. Edited and translated by S. Douglas Olson, 2007-2012, ( Loeb Classical Library volumes 204, 208, 224,235, 274, 327, 345, 519 ) In The Learned Banqueters, Athenaeus describes a series of dinner parties at which the guests quote extensively from Greek literature. The work (which dates to the very end of the second century CE) is amusing reading and of extraordinary value as a treasury of quotations from works now lost. Athenaeus also preserves a wide range of information about different cuisines and foodstuffs; the music and entertainments that ornamented banquets; and the intellectual talk that was the heart of Greek conviviality. S. Douglas Olson has undertaken to produce a complete new edition of the work, replacing the previous seven-volume Loeb Athenaeus (published under the title Deipnosophists). Volume I: Books 1-3.106e, 624pp. Volume II: Books 3.106e-5,, 592pp. Volume III: Books 6-7, 592pp. Volume IV: Books 8-10.420e , 512pp. Volume V: Books 10.420e-11, 528pp. Volume VI,Books 12-13.594b, 464pp. Volume VII, Books 13.594b-14,416pp. Volume VIII, Book 15. General Indexes, 400pp. new set.
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Poet Pesni Bulata Okudzhavy / Sings Bulat Okujava's Songs
. 33 Phono record/stereo record, Melodiya, 1985, the titles of the songs are on the back of the sleeve in Russian and English.
¶ Zhanna Vladimirovna Bichevskaya (or Jeanne Bichevskaya, born 1944), is a prominent Soviet and Russian singer and folk musician. She was born in Moscow and in 1971 she graduated from the Moscow Circus and Performing Arts School. She was teacher of music in Zagorsk (Sergiev Posad). In the 1970s, Zhanna started to perform Russian folk songs and romances. At that time she was deeply influenced by Bulat Okudzhava, and she quickly gained popularity in Russia and abroad with some critics dubbing her the Russian Joan Baez. Her unique style of music is often described as Russian country-folk. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Zhanna Bichevskaya's songs started to have more political, nationalist and spiritual themes. She performed a series of White Guard officer's songs, as well as a series of religious songs. The lyrics to the latter were composed by Father Roman, a priest of the Pskovo-Pechorsky Monastery. In 1999, Zhanna also became the host of her own show on Voice of Russia radio station.
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. ] Allgemeines Gesangbuch, Auf Königlichen Allergnädigsten Befehl Zum öffentlichen Und Haüslichen Gebrauche Der Deutschen in Kopenhagen Herausgegeben.
. Kopenhagen, Im Verlage bey Christ. Gottl. Prost, Universitaets Buchhaendler, 1782. [15] ff. 754 pp. [7ff = Register ueber die Gesaenge nach dem Alphabet] . In a full richly decorated shagreen leather binding All edges gilt. sm8vo A name Eleonora Boldt is embossed in gilt on the front board with the date 1835.Lay hymnal and prayer book without music, intended for private and household devotions as well as for use in German-language speaking regions of the Danish kingdom. Edited by Johann Andreas Cramer (1723-88), a poet, hymnographer, and Chancellor at the Christian Albrecht's University of Kiel. The hymnal's text is printed in fraktur, with a woodcut title device and a few woodcut head- and tailpieces. A very good to fine copy with slightly worn corners and edges of spine and boards.
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Geschichte Des Deutschen Kirchenliedes Bis Auf Luthers Zeit
. nebst einem Anhange In Dulci Iubilo, nun Singet und seid Froh: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der deutschen Poesie. Dritte Ausgabe.Two volumes bound in one, In Dulci Iubilo containing "einer musikbeilage von Ludwig Erk"). Carl Rümpler (verlag), Hannover, 1861; xii + 540pp ("Geschichte..") & 128pp ("In Dulci.."); binder's cloth, gilt-titled; small splits in spine ends, corners bumped &, waterstain to a few corners, a few spots on occas. leaves, otherwise sound. ASK FOR POSTAL QUOTE [ST].
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A Day in a Child's Life
0. 1881. Illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Music by Myles B. Foster. London: George Routledge and Sons, n.d.[1881]; 4to. 32 pp, with illustrations throughout printed by Edmund Evans; original illustrated cloth-backed glazed-paper-covered boards, green edges to pages; boards a little age-stained, with a small light brown stain at bottom of front board and a small ink stain in top margin of rear board, edges rubbed, corners worn, contents very good. First edition, with sunflower heads on the front cover having orange centrs, on the back having yellow centres.The finely-printed illustartions mainly show children, flowers, and garden scenes.
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Shakespeare's Dramatic Songs
0. 1816. to all his Dramas, selected and composed by W.Linley, Esq. London, Printed and Sold by Preston .. n.d. [1816]; folio; copper-engraved title-page with tissue-guard, engraved dedication page, 4 pp. text, 76 engraved pages of music, [i] Preston's catalogue; publisher's original printed boards, uncut; boards detached, worn at edges, with a few very small stains, a few contemporary childish messages written on the rear board, spine missing. Volume I ONLY [of two], with the composer's ink initials beneath the imprint on the title-page. This first volume contains Linley's selection of what he considered the best and most appropriate music for the "The Tempest", "The Two Genlemen of Verona", "Twelfth Night", "Measure for Measure", "Much Ado about Nothing", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Love's Labours Lost" and "The Merchant of Venice". It includes two compositions by his now more highly regarded brother, Thomas Linley, printed from manuscript - "While you here do snoring lie" and "Ere you can say", both for "The Tempest" - many new compositions of his own, and compositions by Arne, Purcell and others.
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Catalogue: Ian
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Noch Zwei Streiche
0. von Max und Moritz. In schoene und bekannte Musik gesetzt und seinem Freunde Max gewidmet von Moritz. Op. 11. Berlin, Schlesinger, n.d. [c. 1885]; c. 32 x 25 cm.; 12 pp. including colour-printed illustrated wrapper. Setting of one of Willhelm Busch's "Max und Moritz" humorous verse narratives - the "Letzter Streich" (the printed wrapper was used for either the fourth or the last, each being part of the one opus - for two voices (or two choirs) and piano by Carl .Adolf Lorenz, with rich parodic use of or allusion to popular choral works of the day, including "Mikado von Sullivan", "Das Fischermaedchen", "Zigeunerchor aus Trovatore", "Meine Koenigin von Coote", "Margarethe von Gounod", as well as several less-remembered works. Moritz studied music in Berlin, and spent his life as music director and there and in Mecklenburg. The cover is a full-page illustration after Wilhelm Busch. Ephemeral and scarce.
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Moralia 16 Volumes (Volume 13 in 2 Part-Volumes)
. (Bi-lingual Text - Loeb Classical Library volumes 197,222,245,305, 306,321, 337,405,406,424, 425, 426,427,428,429, 470.) " VOLUME I. The education of children. how the young man should study poetry. on listening to lectures. how to tell a flatterer from a friend. how a man may become aware of his progress in virtue Translated by Frank C. Babbitt ,506pp. /frontispiece/index ; VOLUME II. How to profit by one's enemies. on having many friends chance. virtue and vice. letter of condolence to Apollonius. advice about keeping well. advice to bride and groom. The dinner of the seven wise men. superstition Translated by Frank C. Babbitt ,522pp. /index; VOLUME III. Sayings of kings and commanders. sayings of Romans. sayings of Spartans. the ancient customs of the Spartans. sayings of Spartan women. bravery of women Translated by Frank C. Babbitt ,612pp. /index; VOLUME IV. Roman questions. Greek questions. Greek and Roman parallel stories. on the fortune of the romans. on the fortune or the virtue of Alexander. were the Athenians more famous in war or in wisdom? Translated by Frank C. Babbitt ,566pp. index ;; VOLUME V. Isis and Osiris. the E at Delphi. the oracles at Delphi no longer given in verse. the obsolescence of oracles Translated by Frank C. Babbitt ,528pp. /index; VOLUME VI. Can virtue be taught? On moral virtue. on the control of anger. on tranquillity of mind. on brotherly love. on affection for offspring. whether vice be sufficient to cause unhappiness. whether the affections of the soul are worse than those of the body. concerning talkativeness. on being a busybody Translated by W. C. Helmbold ,540pp. /index; VOLUME VII. On love of wealth. on compliancy. on envy and hate. on praising oneself inoffensively. on the delays of the divine vengeance. on fate. on the sign of socrates. on exile. consolation to his wife Translated by Phillip H. De Lacy and Benedict Einarson ,634pp. /index ; VOLUME VIII. Table-talk, books I-VI Translated by P. A. Clement and H. B. Hoffleit ,540pp. /index; VOLUME IX. Table-talk, books VII-IX Translated by Edwin L. Minar, Jr. and F. H. Sandbach. Dialogue on love Translated by W. C. Helmbold ,466pp.. VOLUME X. Love stories. that a philosopher ought to converse especially with men in power. to an uneducated ruler. whether an old man should engage in public affairs. precepts of statecraft. on monarchy, democracy, and oligarchy. that we ought not to borrow. lives of the ten orators. summary of a comparison between Aristophanes and Menander Translated by H. N. Fowler ,504pp. /index; VOLUME XI. On the malice of Herodotus Translated by Lionel Pearson Causes of natural phenomena Translated by F. H. Sandbach ,254pp. /index; VOLUME XII. Concerning the face which appears in the orb of the moon Translated by Harold Cherniss . On the principle of cold. whether fire or water is more useful. whether land or sea animals are cleverer. beasts are rational. on the eating of flesh Translated by W. C. Helmbold ,602pp. index; VOLUME XIII, PART I. Platonic essays Translated by Harold Cherniss 1976/2nd printing/392pp. VOLUME XIII, PART II. STOIC ESSAYS Translated by Harold Cherniss ,525pp. /index;VOLUME XIV. That Epicurus actually makes a pleasant life impossible. reply to Colotes in defence of the other philosophers. is "live unknown" a wise precept? On music Translated by Benedict Einarson and Phillip H. De Lacy ,484pp. /index ; VOLUME XV. Fragments Translated by F. H. Sandbach ,434pp. /index; . all new hardbacks in fine dust jackets. WE SUPPLY THE LATEST EDITIONS/REPRINTS.
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0. 1845. fuer kleine und grosze Kinder gezeichnet von Dresdener Kuenstlern. Mit Erzaehlungen und Liedern von R[obert] Reinick und Singweisen von Ferd. Hiller. Leipzig, Georg Wigand's Verlag, 1845; c. 15 x 22.2 cm.; 96pp. with wood-engraved frontipiece and 26 fine wood-engraved plates illustrating songs or stories each of which relates to a letter of the alphabet; contemporary English half morocco over marbled boards, spine gilt-ruled with raised bands, marbled edges; binding strong and firm, but worn at extremities and edges, with a minor chip at head of spine; very pale scattered marginal spots. Ownerhip entry on front blank - Helen Martineau, Park Nook, 1847. An unusually good and internally bright copy of a rare and sought-after group production by the late Romantic Dresden school of artists, including celebrated plates after Ludwig Richter - "ABC- Buch", "Bilderbude", & "Quacksalber" - , as well as very fine designs by Ernst Rietschel, A.Ehrhardt, Eduard Bendemann, Julius Huebner and others. First edition. Hobrecker 1765; Hoff-Budde 1151-1153; Ruemann, "Illustrierte Buecher", 1801 & 1876.
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The Works,
0. 1760. Accurately Revised in Twelve Volumes, Adorned with Copper-Plates. With Some Account of the Author's Life, and Notes, Historical and Explanatory by John Hawksworth. 12 volumes, London, Printed for C. Bathurst, C. Hitch .. 1760; contemporary (probably publisher's original) calf, spine with raised bands and simple gilt rules, gilt numbering; slight silver-fish damage to the corners of approx. five endpapers and the extreme outer corner of first two leaves of Volume IX. An excellent set , though further volumes were published. The title-pages are printed in red and black, and there are fine plates by and after J.C.Müller in Volume I, engraved maps to "Gulliver", and four pages of engraved music at the end of Volume VII. The bindings are almost immaculate. There is no obvious sign that there were ever lettering pieces in the upper compartments, though it's possible that there were.
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Die Zauberfloete. Eine Oper in Drei Aufzuegen,
. neubearbeitet von C. A. Vulpius. Die Musik ist von Mozart. Aufgefuehrt auf dem Herzoglichen Hoftheater zu Weimar zum erstenmal am 16. Januar 1794. Leipzig, 1794. bei Johann Samuel Heinsius. Neu herausgegeben von Hans Loewenfeld.Leipzig, Insel Verlag 1911, 128pp.number 125 of a limited numberd edition of 300 copies. With a handwritten poem in old German script dated Posen im Fruehling 1918. signed with initials Th.M. In a fine new full cromson leather binding , the oritinal front board title in gilt in a gilt oval recessed in front board, blak spine with 6 raised bands. with silk page marker. [ST].
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