THOMSON WEST American Jurisprudence 2d. 1985 Federal Taxation Vols. 33-34a 3 Books
STALLARD, GEORGE; RICHARDS, EDWARD HARRINSON Ordinances, an Orders and Rules Thereunder, in Force in the Colony. .
BEROLZHEIMER, FRITZ The World's Legal Philosophies. Translated by Rachel Szold. With. .
JENKS, EDWARD The History of the Doctrine of Consideration in English Law (Being. .
INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE. UNITED NATIONS Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders. 2011 (2 Book)
HARVARD LAW SCHOOL A Catalogue of the Students of Law School in Harvard University.
TAYLOR, JOHN OF CAROLINE An Inquiry Into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the. .
RADIN, MAX Law As Logic and Experience
KALMAN, LAURA Legal Realism at Yale, 1927-1960
COOKE, EDWARD; DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM Chronica Juridicialia: Or, an Abridgment and Continuation of Dugdale's
DIGGS, DUDLEY; DIGGES, SIR DUDLEY The Unlawfulnesse of Subjects, Taking Up Armes Against Their. .
WARDEN, DAVID B. WILLIAM E. BUTLER (NEW INTRO.) On the Origin Nature Progress and Influence of Consular Establishments
HOEFLICH, MICHAEL Legal Publishing in Antebellum America
THOMSON WEST United States Code Congressional and Administrative News 2000 Pts 1-5
TRIAL; MURDER; HARDEN, JACOB S. Life, Confession, and Letters of Courtship of Rev. Jacob S. Harden. .
GREAT BRITAIN; POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT An Essay on CIVIL Government in Two Parts, Part I. An Enquiry. .
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