TRAPP, J.B. Supplementa Iconographica Moreana: Portraits of Thomas More in Italy and in Spain.
PH. PUSEY, M.P. Experiment on the Action of Dung, and of some Artificial Manures, upon Beet-root.
--- The Vizier and The Fly.
R. SHELFORD, B.A. Observations on Mimicry in Bornean Insects.
JOHN WILSON CROKER. Eustace, Shepherd, &c. on Paris.
R. H. CHENEY. Public school education.
HOLLAND, BERNARD. Balzac's ''Prince'' and ''Discours''.
BALFOUR STEWART, LL.D., F.R.S. On the Errors of Aneroids at various Pressures.
CHARLES II [Making of stuffs in Norfolk and Norwich Act 1662 c. 5]. An Act for Regulating the making of Stuffs in Norfolk and Norwich.
F. W. OLIVER. Discussion on the Utilisation and Improvement of Waste Lands.
CLARK, J. DESMOND. Further Excavations at Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia.
---. James's Travels in Sweden, Prussia, etc. during the years 1813 and 1814.
C.A. STOREY A Baz-Namah and a Faras-Namah.
VICTORIA An Act to amend the Law relating to Fairs in England and Wales.
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