ALLWORTH, LOUISE MCKAY, BONNIE J. WALDEN Battle Ground : In and Around; a Pictorial Drama of Early Northwest Pioneer Life
LELLENBERG, JOHN L (ED.) Irregular Memories of the Thirties : An Archival History of the Baker Street Irregulars First Decade 1930-1940; a Compendium of Old and New Essays, Newpaper and Magazine Accounts, Unpublished Memoirs and Correspondence, Copious Annotations, and an Unsolved Mystery or Two
WYETH, BETSY JAMES Wyeth at Kuerners
REJAI, MOSTAFA AND KAY PHILLIPS Loyalists & Revolutionaries: Political Leaders Compared
GREENE, JOHN O. The Ke Whonkus People: A Story of the North Pole; a Thrilling Story of a Voyage to the North Pole, and an Astonishing Account of the Oldest Civilization on Earth Found There
PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. History of the Conquest of Mexico with a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization and the Life of the Conqueror Hernando Cortes; Author's Authorised Edition
TOILET REQUISITES The Tr Register, (Toilet Requisites)1926 Edition: A Reference Book for Buyers of Perfumeries, Cosmetics, and Toilet Articles
BONOSKY, PHILLIP Washington's Secret War Against Afghanistan
MORRIS, WRIGHT Real Losses, Imaginary Gains
FOREIGN AREAS STUDIES DIVISION, SPECIAL OPERATIONS RESEARCH OFFICE Us Army Area Handbook for Iran : Prepared by the Foreign Studies Division, Special Operations Research Office
DWELLEY, MARILYN J. Trees and Shrubs of New England
SPENCER, HERBERT An Autobiography, Vol. I and II, Complete
MÜHLBACH, L. The Works of Mûhlbach ( 18 Volumes, Complete)
BABBS, KEN (EDITOR) Spit in the Ocean (Number 6 : The Cassady Issue); (Featuring Unpublished Manuscript of Neal Cassady)
GROTZ, GEORGE The Fun of Refinishing Furniture from a to Z (Signed); How to Fix and Refinish over 50 Pieces and Styles of Furniture
LE QUEUX, WILLIAM Her Majesty's Minister
BURNEY, FRANCES Evelina; or, the History of a Young Lady's Introduction to the World
SMITH, ROBERT (EDITOR) The Friend: Religious and Literary Journal: Volume IV
VINKEN, P.J. AND G.W. BRUYN (EDS.) Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Diseases (Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Volume 9)
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