CLARKE, STANLEY Stanley Clarke - I Wanna (Want to) Play for You: Songbook (Song Book) with Sheet Music for Piano with Guitar Chords
LIVINGSTONE, ROBERTA Beyond the Gate: Artists' Journeys to Save the Tsitika Valley and Robson Bight
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Shooting Times and Country Magazine: February 16-22, 1984
CONRAD, DEWEY A Mini-History: The David Rudolph Conrad Family / The Daniel Elisha Conrad Branch
AUTHOR NOT STATED The London Scottish Regimental Gazette: No. 121 - Vol. XI, January 1906
MAY, SHEILA; ET AL Niche Magazine, Fall 2013 - Coco Chanel
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Trains - The Magazine of Railroading: October 1965
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BAREHAM, LINDSEY In Praise of the Potato: Recipes from Around the World
BERNAYS, EDWARD L.; SWIFT, PAUL (EDITOR) The Later Years : Public Relations Insights, 1956-1986 - Edward L. Bernays
REVEREND BILLY GRAHAM; BLOCK, JEAN LIBMAN; MCCARTHY, JOE; JONES, CAPTAIN MEL R.; LANE, JUDY; ASHLEY, ROBERTA; GEHMAN, BETSY HOLLAND; WEISINGER, MORT; This Week Magazine, December 26, 1965 - Insert to the Boston Sunday Herald: Interview with Billy Graham
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS The Wide World Magazine, February 1934
O. HOWARD & SON Howard's Hand-made Reproductions and Antique Furniture
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Harper's Bazar (Bazaar) Magazine, November 4, 1871 - A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction
KOCH, JOHN W. (SIGNED) No Escape: My Young Years Under Hitler's Shadow
TIMMEN, FRITZ Blow for the Landing: A Hundred Years of Steam Navigation on the Waters of the West
EVANS, F.J.; SMITH, ARCHIBALD Admiralty Manual for the Deviations of the Compass
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