SYMONS, J[ELLINGER] The Excise Laws Abridged. Second Edition. London, 1775
SUAREZ, FRANCISCO Selections from Three Works of Francisco Suarez. Vol. 2 English trans.
COMMITTEE ON THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Crime in the National Capital. Hearings Before the Committee...
WOOD, THOMAS An Institute of the Laws of England; or, The Laws of England...
CARE, HENRY A Vindication of the Proceedings of His Majesties Ecclesiastical...
DELIKAT, MICHAEL; RENEE PHILLIPS Corporate Whistleblowing in the Sarbanes-Oxley/Dodd-Frank Era, 2nd ed.
CORY, ISAAC PRESTON A Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mercantile, Private, and Official
FUTRELL, WILLIAM H. The History of American Customs Jurisprudence.
CARDOZO, BENJAMIN N. Autograph Letter, Signed [with] 6" x 8" Black-and-White Photograph.
MCILWAIN, CHARLES HOWARD The American Revolution: A Constitutional Interpretation.
STEVENS, JOHN Examen du Gouvernement d'Angleterre Compare aux Constitutions...
HUNTER, JAMES DAVISON, EDITOR Articles of Faith, Articles of Peace: The Religious Liberty Clauses...
SCHECHTER, FRANK I. The Historical Foundations of the Law Relating to Trade-Marks
ANTHONY, SUSAN B An Account of the Proceedings in the Trial of Susan B. Anthony on...
HINDS, ASHER C., CANNON, CLARENCE; COMPILERS Hind's & Cannon's Precedents of the House of Representatives. 11 Vols.
TRIAL; HUGHES, DR. JOHN W., DEFENDANT The Trial of Dr. John W. Hughes, for the Murder of Miss Tamzen Parsons
UNITED STATES TAX COURT Tax Court Reports of the U.S. Vols. 1 to 126 (1942-2005)
PORTUGAL Leis de 18 de Agosta de 1769 e de 3 de Agosto de 1770-E de Tabella..
BROADSIDE; ESTATES; BROWN, WM M Executor's Sale, Valuable Real Estate at Auction!
OGLE, ARTHUR The Canon Law in Mediaeval England. An Examination of William...
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