ABRAHAMS, PETER, A Perfect Crime.
BOREA, EVELINA, The High Renaissance Italian Painting.
IRWIN, THEODORE, A Colorslide Tour Of Holland Fantastic Land Below The Sea.
WILDER, THORNTON, The Bridge Of San Luis Rey (First Boni Paper Book).
STOPPARD, TOM, Lord Malquist & Mr. Moon.
BURKE, J. F., The Kama Sutra Tango.
CARLSON, P. M., Bloodstream A Marty Hopkins Mystery.
CULP, JOHN H., Born Of The Sun.
WANDREI, DONALD, The Web Of Easter Island.
BEEBE, WILLIAM, Jungle Peace.
MCMURTRY, LARRY, Cadillac Jack.
KING, STEPHEN, Four Past Midnight.
KRAFT, KEN, Garden To Order The Story Of Mr. Burpee's Seeds And How They Grow.
BRANDNER, GARY, Rot Signed Limited Edition.
BURN, BARBARA (TEXT), North American Birds.
LITTLE, FRANCES, The Lady And Sada San A Sequel to the Lady of the Decoration.
BIBBY, GEOFFREY, The Testimony Of The Spade Life in Northern Europe, from 15,000 B.C. to the time of the Vikings.
BAGBY, MEREDITH E., The First Annual Report Of The United States Of America.
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