LEMOS, PEDRO J. The Art Teacher : A Book for Children and Teachers
HOAG, DONALD G. Trees and Shrubs for the Northern Plains
FLEISCHER, NAT Nat Fleischer's All-Time Ring Record Book
BESSINGER, JESS B. AND STANLEY J. KAHRL Essential Articles for the Study of Old English Poetry
GRAY, WILLIAM S. AND LILLIAN GRAY Fun with Dick and Jane: Guidebook for the Basic Primer (Teacher Edition)
SMITH, BARBARA HERRNSTEIN (ED.) William Shakespeare Sonnets
ABU BAKR SIRAZ ED-DIN The Book of Certainty : The Sufi Doctrines of Faith, Vision and Gnosis
MANUS, WILLARD Mott the Hoople
GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. LTD G.E. C. Cookery and Instruction Book for Use with Electric Cookers
ROOSA, DANIEL BENNET ST. JOHN A Vest Pocket Medical Lexicon : Being a Dictionary of the Words, Terms and Symbols of Medical Science Collated from the Best Authorities with the Addition on New Words Not Before Introduced Into a Lexicon
IMBER, NAPHTALI HERZ Treasures of Two Worlds : Unpublished Legends and Traditions of the Jewish Nation; Half-Bound Leather
HUTCHEON, LINDA Narcissistic Narrative : The Metafictional Paradox
DONATH, B. Physikalisches Spielbuch Fur Die Jugend : Zugleich Eine Leichtfassliche Anleitung Zu Selbststandigem Experimentieren Und Frolichem Nachdenken
DANOWSKI, FRAN Fishermen's Wives: Coping with an Extraordinary Occupation
TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN Greek Biology and Medicine
PREVELAKIS, PANDELIS (TRANSLATED BY PHILIP SHERRARD, PREFACE BY KIMON FRIAR) Nikos Kazantzakis and His Odyssey : A Study of the Poet and the Poem
KINGSLEY, CHARLES The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
DENSMORE, FRANCES Yuman and Yaqui Music
LEWIS, ALLAN P. Clearing Your Lifepath Through Kahuna Wisdom (Signed & Numbered); Special Numbered and Autographed Series
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