YULE, HENRY AND A. C. BURNELL, WILLIAM CROOKE (ED) Hobson - Jobson : A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo - Indian Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and Discursive
GREENE, JOHN O. The Ke Whonkus People: A Story of the North Pole; a Thrilling Story of a Voyage to the North Pole, and an Astonishing Account of the Oldest Civilization on Earth Found There
MALONE, MARVIN (EDITOR) AND A. SYPHER , ART EDITOR The Wormwood Review, Issue No. 21 (Vol. 5, No. 1)
CARD, ORSON SCOTT, LARRY NIVEN, ROBERT LYNN ASPRIN ET ALIA Ender's Game: Novelette in Analog: Science Fiction / Science Fact, August 1977
NEWSWEEK News-Week Magazine February 17, 1933; (Very First Issue of Newsweek)
MOORE, BRIAN The Great Victorian Collection
ENGELS, FREDERICK The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State
MAVITY, NANCY BARR A Dinner of Herbs (Signed)
MANNHEIM, KARL Ideology and Utopia : An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge
SPRINGMEIER, FRITZ Bloodlines of the Illuminati
MACALPINE, NEIL A Pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary
JAREMKO, GORDON AND DAVID FINCH, WITH PAINTINGS BY ROBERT MAGEE Legendary Horsemen : Images of the Canadian West (Inscribed by Robert Magee, Tommy J. Bews, and Herman Linder)
TARASSUK, LEONID AND CLAUDE BLAIR (ED.) The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons
BLECH, RABBI BENJAMIN The Secrets of Hebrew Words
PRASAD, RAJIVA NAIN Raja Man Singh of Amber
WEBSTER, NOAH Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language: Second Edition, Unabridged
CHERKOVSKI, NEELI Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski (Signed, Limited, Numbered Edition)
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