KELWAY, PHYLLIS The Squirrel Book
ZINDEL, BONNIE AND ZINDEL, PAUL A Star for the Latecomer
BRANSBY, LILIAN S. The Seasons and Other Fairy Tales
JARRELL, RANDALL The Gingerbread Rabbit
The Girl Guide Annual
ARMITAGE, EDWARD John Dudley's Secret or the Gambler's Daughter
CROMPTON, RICHMAL William the Gangster
The Bumper Book for Boys
WALL, DOROTHY Meet Blinky Bill
URE, JEAN Jam Today
HIMMELSTRUP, KAJ The Children of Tonacatecutli
Jackie Annual 1989
BERENSTAIN, MICHAEL The Sorcerer's Scrapbook or "Why I Am a Wizard"
TAGGART, MARION AMES The Little Grey House
STIMSON, JOAN Storytime for 5 Year Olds
FOX, CECILY That New Girl Anna
BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY According to Jennings
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN The Sword of the Spirits
BLYTON, ENID My First Nature Book
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