JACOB, GILES A New Law-Dictionary Containing Interpretation and Definition of Words
POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK; F.W. MAITLAND The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I. 2d Ed. 2 Vols
SLEEMAN, BILL, EDITOR David Hoffman: Life Letters and Lectures at the University of Maryland
SCOTT, HENRY W. The Courts of the State of New York: Their History, Development. .
NOYES, C. REINOLD The Institution of Property; a Study of the Development, Substance. .
VAN BUREN, MARTIN; JOHNSTON, DAVID CLAYPOOLE Political Campaign Transformation Card Depicting Van Buren. .
INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin. 2013-1 January-June
PLOWDEN, EDMUND; ASHE, THOMAS Abridgement Des Touts Les Cases Reportes Alarge Per Mounsieur Plowden
HALE, SIR MATTHEW; SOLLEM EMLYN (EDITOR) Historia Placitorum Coronae. The History of the Pleas of the Crown. .
BROADSIDE; EXECUTION; SATTLER, CHRISTIAN Life, Trial, Confession, and Execution of Christian Sattler, for the.
MAINWARING, SIR THOMAS The Legitimacy of Amicia, Daughter of Hugh Cyveliok Earl of Chester. .
KELSEN, HANS Principles of International Law
MATSELL, GEORGE W., COMPILER Vocabulum; or, the Rogue's Lexicon. Compiled from Most Authentic. .
BEARD, CHARLES A. Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy
ROGERS, R[OBERT] VASHON The Law of Hotel Life or, the Wrongs and Rights of Host and Guest
HARVARD LAW REVIEW ASSOCIATION Harvard Law Review. Vol. 124 (2010-2011) Part 1-2, in 2 Books
PRATT, CHARLES T; JONES, SAMUEL F. Autograph Letter, Signed, Pumpkintown, Connecticut, February 27. .
U.S. GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States. Vols 1-69
BUXTON, SIR THOMAS FOWELL An Inquiry, Whether Crime and Misery Are Produced or Prevented. .
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