KAPLAN, BENJAMIN An Unhurried View of Copyright
LEAR, WALTER E., AND EDUARD FABRE SURVEYER, EDS Digest Canadian Case Law, September, 1912-August, 1913
WESTERN AUSTRALIA The Statutes of Western Australia. By Authority. 2 Volumes
LYNDWOOD, WILLIAM; LYNDEWOOD, WILLIAM Provinciale [Prouinciale] Seu Constitutiones Anglie Cum Summariis. .
HAWLES, SIR JOHN; FRANCIS BACON The Englishman's Right; a Dialogue between a Barrister at Law... 1798
CROMPTON, RICHARD L'Authoritie Et Iurisdiction [Jurisdiction] Des Courts de la Maiestie
CANCER, JAIME Variae Resolutiones Iuris Caesarei, Pontificii, & Municipalis.
PUFENDORF, SAMUEL VON; TOOKE, ANDREW, TRANSLATOR The Whole Duty of Man According to the Law of Nature. .
BORGES, JOSE FERREIRA Diccionario Juridico-Commercial, Porto, 1856
FLANDERS, HENRY A Treatise on the Law of Shipping
POWELL, THOMAS The Attornies Almanacke, Provided & Desired for the Generall Ease. .
BELLI, PIERINO; INTRO. BY ARRIGO CAVAGLIERI De Re Militari Et Bello Tractatus Reprint of the 1563 Edition in Latin
PUFENDORF, SAMUEL VON; INTRO. BY BASIL KENNETT Of the Law of Nature and Nations. Eight Books. Written in Latin by. .
HOLMES JR., OLIVER WENDELL Collected Legal Papers
GOLDBERG, ARTHUR J. 9" X 7" Black-and-White Press Portrait Photograph of Goldberg
HAMBURGER, PHILIP Separation of Church and State. Cambridge, 2002
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