GROTZ, GEORGE The Fun of Refinishing Furniture from a to Z (Signed); How to Fix and Refinish over 50 Pieces and Styles of Furniture
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN Poor Richard's Almanack
WIER, ALFRED E. The Piano: Its History, Makers, Players and Music
BESANT, ANNE England, India, and Afghanistan and the Story of Afghanistan, or, Why the Tory Government Gags the Indian Press: A Plea for the Weak Against the Strong
LEWIS, ALLAN P. Clearing Your Lifepath Through Kahuna Wisdom (Signed & Numbered); Special Numbered and Autographed Series
MANION, PATRICIA JEAN Beyond the Adobe Wall : The Sisters of Loretto in New Mexico 1852 -- 1894
CAYCE, EDGAR Authorized Edgar Cayce (Six Books in Slipcase)
PORTER, ROBIN (ED.) Reporting the News from China
KIENE, JULIA The Step-by-Step Cook Book for Girls and Boys
WEBSTER, NOAH An American Dictionary of the English Language (Two Volumes); (with "Dictionary" on the Spine, Misspelled!)
MALONE, MARVIN (EDITOR) AND A. SYPHER , ART EDITOR The Wormwood Review, Issue No. 20 (Vol. 4, No. 4)
DWELLEY, MARILYN J. Trees and Shrubs of New England
LOMAX, ALAN, WOODY GUTHRIE, AND PETE SEEGER Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People
VELAZQUEZ DE LA CADENA, MARIANO A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages (Seoane's Neuman and Baretti by Velazquez)
SKORKOWSKI, EDWARD Arab Breeding in Poland
ROETHKE, THEODORE I Am ! Says the Lamb
BEVANS, JOHN A Brief View of the Doctrines of the Christian Religion As Professed by the Society of Friends, in the Form of Question and Answer, for the Instruction of Youth
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