NEARING, HELEN AND SCOTT Living the Good Life (Inscribed, and Signed by Both Helen and Scott)
HAGEDORN, PETER (TRANSLATED BY WOLFRAM STADLER) Non-Linear Oscillations (Oxford Engineering Science Series)
DAVIDSON, B. The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon; Consisting of an Alphabetical Arrangement of Every Word and Inflection Contained in the Old Testament Scriptures, Precisely As They Occur in the Sacred Text, with a Grammatical Analysis of Each Word, and Lexicographical Illustration of the Meanings
MÜHLBACH, L. The Works of Mûhlbach ( 18 Volumes, Complete)
MALKIN, PETER Z. & HARRY STEIN Eichmann in My Hands
ALCOCK, RUTHERFORD (SIR) The Capital of the Tycoon: A Narrative of a Three Years Residence in Japan    (2 Vols. , Complete, 1863)
BUKOWSKI, CHARLES War All the Time : Poems 1981-1984; (First Edition, Hardcover, Numbered and Signed Issue)
CABEZAS, OMAR (TRANSLATED BY KATHLEEN WEAVER) Fire from the Mountain : The Making of a Sandinista
FRIEDLANDER, ALBERT H. AND HERBERT BRONSTEIN (EDITORS) The Five Scrolls : Hebrew Texts, English Translations, Introductions, and New Liturgies
ALBEE, EDWARD Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? a Play
SWALES, FRANK Driving As I Found It: What to Drive; How to Drive
GRUELLE, JOHNNY Raggedy Ann Stories
IRODOV, I. YE A Collection of Problems in Atomic and Nuclear Physics
DRIVER, S.R. A Treatise on the Use of Tenses in Hebrew
TOWNSEND, W.G. PAULSON Plant & Floral Studies for Designers Art Students and Craftsmen
BOWER, B.M. Chip of the Flying U * * * Signed Copy * * *
BASS, MICHAEL, ERIC W. VAN STRYLAND, DAVID R. WILLIAMS AND WILLIAM L. WOLFE Handbook of Optics Volume I : Devices, Measurements and Properties (Second Edition); Sponsored by the Optical Society of America (Michael Bass, Editor in Chief)
CARPENTER, DORR AND NORMAN POLMAR Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy
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