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1501907: HOBB, ROBIN - Shaman's Crossing (Book One of the Soldier Son Trilogy)
1900625: HOBBIE, HOLLY; MOORE, CLEMENT C. - The Night Before Christmas
1960567: HOBBS, WILLIAM HERBERT; MILL, HUGH ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - The Glacial Anticyclones: The Poles of the Atmospheric Circulation (University of Michigan Scientific Series Volume IV [4])
2191308: HOBSBAWM, E.J. - The Age of Capital, 1848-1875 (the History of Civilization)
2144267: HOCHBAUM, H. ALBERT - Wings over the Prairie
2144277: HOCHBAUM, H. ALBERT - The Canvasback on a Prairie Marsh
1309126: HOCHDOERFER, RICHARD - Introductory Studies in German Literature
1976286: HOCKING, GEOFF - Bailup! a Pictorial History of Australia's Most Notorious Bushrangers, Including a Complete Transcript of Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter
2005747: HOCKNEY, DAVID; LEVEY, MICHAEL - The Artist's Eye: David Hockney - Looking at Pictures in a a Book at the National Gallery, 1 July - 31 August 1981
1531017: HODDER, EDWIN - In Strange Quarters: A Story of Constantinople
1651068: HODGES, FLETCHER - The Swanee River [Ribber] and a Biographical Sketch of Stephen C. [Collins] Foster
1532783: HODGINS, ERIC; MAGOUN, F. ALEXANDER - Sky High: The Story of Aviation
2132942: HODGMAN, CAROLYN S. - Wild West Rhymes: Indians, Cowboys, Bronchos, Schooners, Mail Coach, Cabin, Ponies, Wigwam and Buffalo. (No. 451) [Wild West Book]
2174900: HODGMAN, EDWIN R. - History of the Town of Westford, in the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts, 1659-1883.
1503972: HOEG, PETER - Smilla's Sense of Snow
2186697: HOEHLING, A.A.; HOEHLING, MARY - The Day Richmond Died
1299929: HOELTERHOFF, MANUELA - Cinderella & Company: Backstage at the Opera with Cecilia Bartoli
2160365: HOENIG, PAM - The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes
1538765: HOFF, ERNEST G. - Take Heart
1538276: HOFF, ERNEST G. - Emanuel B. Hoff: Bible Teacher
1514091: HOFFMAN, W.D. - Westward to Paradise
2175640: HOFFMAN, ABBIE - Revolution for the Hell of It
1810902: HOFFMAN, ALICE - The River King
1919146: HOFFMAN, ALICE - Turtle Moon
2139131: HOFFMAN, PAUL - The Left Hand of God
1506509: HOFFMAN, DANIEL - Paul Bunyan: Last of the Frontier Demigods
1529302: HOFFMAN, FREDERICK J.; VICKERY, OLGA W. - William Faulkner: Three Decades of Criticism
1522983: HOFFMAN, W.D. - Knights of the Desert
2172391: HOFSTADTER, RICHARD - America at 1750: A Social Portrait
1684152: HOGAN, JAMES P. - Out of Time
1713854: HOGAN, JAMES P. - Code of the Lifemaker
1806138: HOGAN, RICHARD - Class & Community in Frontier Colorado (Studies in Historical Social Change)
1901935: HOGAN, JAMES P. - Code of the Life Maker
1675835: HOGAN, JAMES P. - The Immortality Option
1701722: HOGAN, JAMES P. - The Genesis Machine
1822501: HOGE, PEYTON; HOOPER, THOMAS J.; LOTT, VICTOR H. - 38th Infantry Division: Avengers of Bataan
1716585: HOGG, IAN V. - Gas (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century, Weapons Book No. 43)
1964202: HOGG, GARRY - Airship over the Pole: The Story of the Italia
1991052: HOGG, IAN V. - Weapons of the CIVIL War
1536515: HOGNESTAD, EIVIND - Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete in American Design Practice
1959927: HOGREFE, JEFFREY - O'Keeffe: The Life of an American Legend
1523052: HOGREFE, C.J. - Allgemeine Psychologie: II. Motivation (Handbuch Der Psychologie, in 12 Banden)
1528944: HOGUE, JOHN - Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming
2073670: HOHAUSER, SANFORD - Architectural and Interior Models: Design and Construction
2093246: HOKE, GEORGE WILSON - Blazing New Trails: The Biography of a Pioneer in Education
1743422: HOLBROOK, FRANKLIN F.; APPEL, LIVIA - Minnesota in the War with Germany (Volume 1 of 2)
2112374: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Dreamers of the American Dream (Mainstream of America Series)
1296621: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - Olivier
1519783: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - King Charles III: A Biography
1537943: HOLDER, NANCY - Evil That Men Do (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
2149136: HOLDING, ELISABETH SANXAY - Murder Is a Kill-Joy [Killjoy] (Dell Mapback No. 103)
G25: HOLDREN, MARK W. - Spirit Wolf: A Mystical Adirondack Journey (Signed)
1873411: HOLDREN, MARK W. - Lost Pond (Signed)
1873404: HOLDREN, MARK W. - Raven: An Adirondack Odyssey Across Time and Space (Signed)
1873408: HOLDREN, MARK W. - Back Roads of the Finger Lakes: A Journalist's Sketch Book (Signed)
1988679: HOLDREN, MARK W. - Lost Pond (Signed)
1526705: HOLDSTOCK, ROBERT - Earthwind
1533483: HOLLAND, LEE; GILL, JIM, ET AL - Army Motors, Number 92, Summer 2000
2178417: HOLLAND, FREDERICK MAY; MARTYN, CARLOS - Frederick Douglass: The Colored Orator. (American Reformers Series)
1300261: HOLLAND, J.G. (JOSIAH GILBERT) - Bitter-Sweet: A Poem -- Thirtieth Edition [Bittersweet]
2144275: HOLLAND, BOB - Good Shot! a Book of Rod, Gun, and Camera
2172112: HOLLAND, CLIVE - Things Seen in Egypt
2077509: HOLLEY, O.L. - The Life of Benjamin Franklin
1540470: HOLLEY, MARIETTA - Samantha Among the Brethren: The Upholdin' of the Meetin' House
2003866: HOLLIDAY, CARL - Woman's Life in Colonial Days
1643023: HOLLIDAY, FRED (EDITOR) - Wildlife of Scotland
2081195: HOLLING, HOLLING CLANCY - Choo-Me-Shoo
2053612: HOLLINGER, ELIZABETH M. - Castlevania 64 (Prima's Unauthorized Strategy Guide)
2170987: HOLLISTER, JOHN J. - Gettysburg on Your Own: A Picture Guide to the Battlefield
1522047: HOLMAN, RUSSELL; TURNBULL, HECTOR - The Cheat: Based Upon the Story by Hector Turnbull, with Illustrations from Paramount's New Photoplay Starring Tallulah Bankhead
1948890: HOLME, BRYAN - Chats
1729994: HOLMES, GEORGE (EDITOR) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe
1741532: HOLMES, JANET - The Physicist at the Mall (Signed)
1509200: DEMOSTHENES; HOLMES, ARTHUR - Demosthenes with English Notes, Part I. -- de Corona
1863209: [HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL] - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Every Man His Own Boswell
2135505: HOLMES, RICHARD - Dr. Johnson & Mr. Savage
1529029: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - John Lothrop Motley, a Memoir
1533799: HOLMES, MARY J. - Aikenside
1537630: HOLSINGER, H.R. - Holsinger's History of the Tunkers and the Brethren Church, Embracing the Church of the Brethren, the Tunkers, the Seventh-Day German Baptist Church, the German Baptist Church, the Old German Baptists, and the Brethren Church, Including Their Origin, Doctrine, Biography and Literature
2141442: HOLST, GAIL - Road to Rembetika: Music of a Greek Sub-Culture - Songs of Love, Sorrow & Hashish (the Romiosyni Series)
2108692: HOLSTUN, JAMES - A Rational Millennium: Puritan Utopias of Seventeenth-Century England and America
1281784: HOLT, JOHN - Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better
1527456: HOLT, DAVID H. - The Student's Handbook 1953-54, Frosh Bible, U of R 1953-54, College for Men
2026820: HOLT, L. EMMETT - The Care and Feeding of Children: A Catechism for the Use of Mothers and Children's Nurses
1999528: HOLT, L. [LUTHER] EMMETT - The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine
1699519: HOLT, STEPHEN - The Phantom Roan
1524482: HOLTHOUSE, HECTOR - Gympie Gold
1792170: HOLTON, GLADYS REID; MERRILL, ARCH; SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY; PAVIOUR, ERNEST A. - Genesee Country Scrapbook (Volume XIV, Number 5 - Fall, 1967)
1265062: HOLTON, PRISCILLA - Chinese Children of Woodcutters' Lane
1534205: HOLZEL, TOM; SALKELD, AUDREY - The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine (Revised Edition)
2184603: HOLZER, HAROLD - Lincoln As I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes & Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies
2166445: HOLZER, HAROLD - The New York Times: Complete CIVIL War, 1861-1865 (Book & Cd)
1523953: HOLZER, BAMBI; FLOYD, ELAINE - Retire Rich: The Baby Boomer's Guide to a Secure Future
1856934: HOMBURGER, L. - The Negro-African Languages
1527479: HOME, D.D.; EDMONDS, JUDGE (INTRODUCTION) - Incidents in My Life
2150130: HOMES, GEOFFREY - The Doctor Died at Dusk (a Robin Bishop Murder Mystery) (Dell Mapback No. 14)
1515562: HONDA, KEIGO - Gotsumuri's Concert (Japanese Text)
1955294: HONDA, NOBUO - Exploring Kittens
1530465: HONGO, GARRETT - Volcano: A Memoir of Hawai'i
1521136: HONNIBALL, SPENCER - Beg, Steal or Borrow: The Official Babyshambles Story
1819808: HONOUR, HUGH - Cabinet Makers and Furniture Designers
1968081: HOOD, ROBERT; HOUSTON, C. STUART (EDITOR) - To the Arctic by Canoe, 1819-1821: The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin
2157307: HOOD, STEPHEN M. - John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General
1504036: HOOPER, JOHN - The New Spaniards: Completely New and Revised Edition
1538499: HOOPER, ANNE - Ultimate Sex Guide: A Therapist's Guide to the Programs and Technqiues That Will Enhance Your Relationship and Transform Your Life
1979955: HOOVER, HERBERT; GIBSON, HUGH - The Problems of Lasting Peace
1525038: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Home
1816783: HOPE, ANTHONY - Phroso: A Romance
1511793: HOPE, LAURENCE - India's Love Lyrics
1509260: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook
1509558: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore
1537251: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at the Ice Carnival (the Bobbsey Twins Series Book 34)
1537253: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins on an Airplane Trip (the Bobbsey Twins Series Book 26)
1537249: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea (the Bobbsey Twins Series Book 11)
1538023: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda: Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
2165858: HOPKINS, JERRY - The Hippie Papers
2055156: HOPKINS, J.A.H.; ALEXANDER, MELINDA - Machine-Gun Diplomacy
1777196: HOPKINS, KEITH - Conquerors and Slaves (Sociological Studies in Roman History 1)
1523792: HOPKINS, LEE BENNETT - Kim's Place and Other Poems
1990739: HOPKINS, ELLEN - Glass
1978535: HOPKINS, SAMUEL MILES - Sketch of the Public and Private Life of Samuel Miles Hopkins, of Salem, Connecticut, Written by Himself, and Left As a Token of Affection to His Children. Together with Reminiscences by His Children, and a Genealogy of the Hopkins Family. (Publications of the Rochester Historical Society No. II [2])
1705958: HOPPE, STEPHANIE T. - The Windrider
1720453: HOPPER, JAMES - Medals of Honor
G132: HORAN, JAMES D. - Mathew Brady: Historian with a Camera
2181934: HORGAN, PAUL - Citizen of New Salem
2057043: HORNADAY, W.T. [WILLIAM TEMPLE] - The American Natural History: A Foundation of Useful Knowledge of the Higher Animals of North America
1533897: HORNADAY, WILLIAM T. - Camp-Fires in the Canadian Rockies: Big-Game Hunting in the Wild Terrain of British Columbia in 1905 (the Abercrombie & Fitch Library)
1939954: HORNBY, NICK - Slam: A Novel
2172713: HORNE, WILLIAM W. - Mhq: The Quarterly Journal of Military History (Summer 2009)
1519212: HORNE, ARTHUR M.; SAYGER, THOMAS V. - Treating Conduct and Oppositional Defiant Disorders in Children (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
1309435: HORNER, LANCE - Flight to Falconhurst
1540501: HORNEY, KAREN - The Neurotic Personality of Our Time
1518597: HORNEY, KAREN - Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis
1518700: HOROWITZ, MARDI J. - Image Formation and Cognition
1296487: HOROWITZ, DAVID - Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes
2075196: HORSFALL, J.E. - Aero Digest: October 1937 (Vol. 31, No. 4)
2066269: HORT, FENTON JOHN ANTHONY; HORT, A.F. - Six Lectures on the Ante-Nicene Fathers
1951122: HORTON, TOM - Bay Country
2158191: HORTON, JAMES OLIVER - Slavery and the Making of America
2182636: HORWITZ, TONY - Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished CIVIL War
1969310: HORWOOD, HAROLD - Bartlett: The Great Canadian Explorer [Captain Robert Bartlett]
1535374: HOSKING, MICHAEL; BARKER, NICOLAS - INTRODUCTION - David Garnett C.B. E. -- a Writer's Library (Catalogue 22 -- June 1983, Michael Hosking/Golden Hind)
2164135: HOSLEY, WILLIAM N. - Special Places: A History of Irondequoit and Allens Creek Valleys
1522157: HOSMER, HOWARD C. - Monroe Country (1821-1971)
2004112: HOSMER, JAMES K. - The Life of Young Sir Henry Vane, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, and Leader of the Long Parliament, with a Consideration of the English Commonwealth As a Forecast of America
1628727: HOSMER, HOWARD C.; THOMPSON, LAROY B. - The Year of the Diamond: Being an Account of the First Seventy-Five Years of the Country Club of Rochester, N.Y. , Founded 1895
1797742: HOSMER, HOWARD C. - Monroe Country (1821-1971)
1841756: HOSMER, WILLIAM - The Higher Law, in Its Relations to CIVIL Government: With Particular Reference to Slavery, and the Fugitive Slave Law
1924080: HOSMER, WILLIAM H.C. - Yonnondio, or Warriors of the Genesee: A Tale of the Seventeenth Century
1528153: HOSP, DAVID - The Betrayed: A Novel
1528574: HOSP, DAVID - Innocence
1990745: HOSSEINI, KHALED - A Thousand Splendid Suns
2111184: HOSTETLER, JOHN A. - Hutterite Society
1825042: HOTCHKISS, JED; ALLAN, WILLIAM - The Battle-Fields of Virginia. Chancellorsville; Embracing the Operations of the Army of Northern Virginia, from the First Battle of Fredericksburg to the Death of Lieutenant-General Jackson
1826309: HOTRA, LYNDA MCCURDY; STEVENS, ANN H. (EDITOR) - Roseland: Playground of the Finger Lakes, 1925-1985
1951149: HOTRA, LYNDA MCCURDY - Landscape Artists of Canandaigua Lake, 1830-1930
2078218: HOUGH, DONALD - Big Distance
1301586: HOUGHTON, FREDERICK L. - Register Year Book: Containing a List of the Official Butter and Milk Records of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America
1971796: RANDOM HOUSE - The Random House Library of Painting & Sculpture (4-Volume Set)
2161945: HOUSE, HUMPHRY - The Dickens World: Second Edition
1533137: GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE - Trains: 3 Exhibitions Fall 2008 -- Steam and Steel: The Photographs of O. Winston Link, Tracks: The Railroad in Photographs from the George Eastman House Collection, Passing Time: Video by Andrew Cross
2069281: OLD SOUTH MEETING HOUSE - Lord Baltimore's Plantation in Maryland (a Relation of the Successefull Beginnings of the Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary-Land; Being an Extract of Certaine Letters Written from Thence, by Some of the Adventurers to Their Friends in England. Anno Domini 1634)
1508285: A PRACTICAL HOUSEKEEPER - The American Practical Cookery Book; or, Housekeeping Made Easy, Pleasant, and Economical in All Its Departments
2125149: HOUSTON, CHARLES S.; BATES, ROBERT H. - Five Miles High: The Thrilling True Story of the First American Expedition to K2
1310610: HOUYING, DAI; WOOD, FRANCES (EDITOR) - Stones of the Wall: The First Major Novel to Come out of Contemporary China
2100118: HOVEY, CARL - Stonewall Jackson
2073603: HOWARD, HORTON - Howard's Domestic Medicine, a Complete Guide to the Preservation of Health and Treatment of Disease. Comprising the Structure and Functions of the Human Body; the Cultivation of Health; Influence of Air, Sunlight, Exercise Etc. ; a Full Description of All the Various Diseases, Causes of Each, Symptoms of Each, with Plain, Practical Directions As to the Best Remedies and How to Administer Them; a Full Description of Botanic Medicines, How to Gather and Prepare Them for Use; Full Directions for Nursing; Best Articles of Food, How Prepared, Etc. , Etc. , Etc. Covering, in Fact, the Whole Range of a Home Medical Adviser [with] Supplement to Howard's Domestic Medicine, Being a Practical Treatise on Midwifery and the Diseases Peculiar to Women. Giving Elaborate Instructions in All That Pertains to the Structure, Functions and Health of the Organs of Generation; and Treating Fully of Conception, Development, Labor, Nursing, Diseases of the Womb, the Best Remedies, How to Prepare...
1873069: STENDHAL; HOWARD, RICHARD (TRANSLATOR) - The Charterhouse of Parma
1796264: HOWARD, BLANCHE WILLIS - Guenn: A Wave on the Breton Coast
2077772: HOWARD, ROBERT WEST - Thundergate: The Forts of Niagara (American Forts Series)
1750144: HOWARD, WILLIAM - Gore Vidal's Caligula: A Novel Based on Gore Vidal's Original Screenplay
1929319: HOWARD, MONROE - Call Me Brick
1535772: HOWARD, ROBERT E.; DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE & CARTER, LIN - Conan (Conan Series Book 1)
2155591: HOWARD, FRANK W. - Banbury Cross Stories (Merrill's Story Books)
1877562: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Crimson Shadows (the Best of Robert E. Howard, Volume One)
2076812: HOWARTH, STEPHEN; LAW, DEREK; BROWN, J.D. [DAVID]; ET AL - The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945: The 50th Anniversary International Naval Conference
1283183: HOWE, JAMES - Eat Your Poison, Dear: A Sebastian Barth Mystery: Signed Copy
1288232: HOWE, JAMES - Nighty-Nightmare: Signed Copy
2086137: HOWE, F.L. (EDITOR) - This Great Contrivance: The First Hundred Years of the Telephone in Rochester
2189233: HOWE, DANIEL WALKER - What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of American , 1815-1848 (the Oxford History of the United States)
1311087: HOWE, BEA - A Fairy Leapt Upon My Knee: First Edition
1510419: HOWE, JAMES - Return to Howliday Inn
1534265: HOWE, JAMES - Nighty-Nightmare
1838422: HOWELL, ARTHUR H. - The Relation of Birds to the Cotton Boll Weevil
1534299: HOWELL, WILLIAM H. - A Text-Book of Physiology for Medical Students and Physicians
1518719: HOWELL, MICHAEL - Atlantic Seafood: Recipes from Chef Michael Howell
1293552: HOWES, ROBERT CRAIG (TRANSLATOR / EDITOR) - Testaments of the Grand Princes of Moscow
1525758: HOWS, JOHN W.S. - Golden Leaves 2-Volume Hardcover Set: Golden Leaves from the British Poets / Golden Leaves from the American Poets
1510719: HOY, CYRUS - The Hyacinth Room: An Investigation Into the Nature of Comedy, Tragedy, & Tragicomedy
1901928: HOYLE, FRED - Element 79
2066778: HOYT, MURRAY - Jewels from the Ocean Deep: The Complete Guide to Shell Collecting
1746809: HOYT, EDWIN P.; ELLER, ERNEST M. (INTRODUCTION) - Blue Skies and Blood: The Battle of the Coral Sea
1737491: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Nantucket: The Life of an Island
2178778: DE LA HOZ, CINDY - Marilyn Monroe: Platinum Fox
1956968: HUBBARD, WILLIAM - A General History of New England, from the Discovery to Mdclxxx. [1680]
1703777: HUBBARD, L. RON - Slaves of Sleep
1304095: HUBBARD, REVEREND HENRY E. - Lights and Shadows of a Long Ministry
1856272: HUBBARD, L. RON - Slaves of Sleep
1706011: HUBBARD, L. RON - Black Genesis (Mission Earth Series Vol 2)
1706000: HUBBARD, L. RON - Fortune of Fear (Mission Earth, Book 5)
1782870: HUBBARD, KARL H. (EDITOR) - Rochester Heritage Cook Book
1510086: HUBBARD, L. RON - Fear: A Novel of Suspense
1507593: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Guide Book for Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great
2140928: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, in Fourteen Volumes: Good Men and Great; Famous Women; American Statesmen; Eminent Painters; English Authors; Eminent Artists; Eminent Orators; Great Philosophers; Great Reformers; Great Teachers; Great Businessmen; Great Scientists; Great Lovers; Great Musicians [Volumes I - XIV [1-14]], with Guide Book
1706014: HUBBARD, L. RON - Black Genesis (Mission Earth Series Vol 2)
1706004: HUBBARD, L. RON - An Alien Affair (Mission Earth, Vol 4)
2015961: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great -- Complete 14 Volume Hardcover Set: Good Men and Great; Famous Women; American Statesmen; Eminent Painters; English Authors; Eminent Artists; Eminent Orators; Great Philosophers; Great Reformers; Great Teachers; Great Businessmen; Great Scientists; Great Lovers; Great Musicians (Memorial Edition) [Volumes I - XIV]
2190331: HUBBELL, CHARLES H. - Record Breakers of the Air
2066757: HUBBELL, HARRIET WEED - Treasures of the Shore: A Beachcomber's Botany
2020911: HUBER, TONI - The Cult of Pure Crystal Mountain: Popular Pilgrimage and Visionary Landscape in Southeast Tibet
1800615: HUBIN, ALLEN J. - Crime Fiction 1749-1980: A Comprehensive Bibliography
2078449: HUBLER, RICHARD GIBSON - Flying Leathernecks: The Complete Record of Marine Corps Aviation in Action 1941-1944
1731791: HUBSCHMAN, THOMAS - Space Ark
1948891: HUDDLESTON, EUGENE L. - World's Greatest Steam Locomotives: C&O 2-6-6-6; Virginian 2-6-6-6; N&W 2-6-6-4; Up 4-8-8-4
1512670: HUDSON, BRYAN - We Are the Children of the Dream, Insights on the Prophetic, Relevant, Socially Active Church in 21st Century Urban America
2144193: HUDSON, W.H.; VAN DOREN, CARL - Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest (the Collector's Library of Famous Editions)
1513115: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions
2191572: HUDSON, HENRY N. - Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, with Introduction, and Notes Explanatory and Critical.
1866317: HUDSON, LARRY E. - To Have and to Hold: Slave Work and Family Life in Antebellum South Carolina (Signed First Edition)
1533785: HUDSON, W.H. - Nature in Downland
1889742: HUDSON, DAVID - Pheasant Shooting
2093318: HUDSON, CHARLES - A Series of Letters, Addressed to Rev. Hosea Ballou, of Boston; Being a Vindication of the Doctrine of a Future Retribution, Against the Principal Arguments Used by Him, Mr. Balfour, and Others.
2141774: HUDSON, W.H. [WILLIAM HENRY] - The Book of a Naturalist
1741161: HUFF, STEVEN - Proof (Signed Copy)
2139053: HUFSMITH, GEORGE W. - The Wyoming Lynching of Cattle Kate, 1889
1678330: HUGH, DAFYDD AB - Vengeance (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #22)
1678004: HUGH, DAFYDD AB - Balance of Power (Star Trek the Next Generation, No 33)
2016107: HUGHES, THOS. [THOMAS]; BENIANS, E.A. - A Journal by Thos: Hughes for His Amusement, & Designed Only for His Perusal by the Time He Attains the Age of 50 If He Lives So Long. (1778-1789)
1873085: HUGHES, [JAMES] QUENTIN - Military Architecture (Excursions Into Architecture Series)
1500928: HUGHES, ROBERT DAVIS (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF); KRAKER, JAMES LEWIS (BUSINESS MANAGER) - The Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Two [1942] Cornellian, Published for the Students of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
1817152: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Famous American Negroes (Famous Biographies for Young People)
1712320: HUGHES, ZACH - Seed of the Gods
2177933: HUGHES, BETTANY - The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens, and the Search for the Good Life
1684826: HUGHES, MARIAN - Initiation
2135210: HUGHES, RUPERT - Mrs. Budlong's Christmas Presents
1926600: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's School Days
1540239: HUGHES, [JAMES] QUENTIN - Military Architecture (Excursions Into Architecture Series)
1956420: HUGO, VICTOR; WILBOUR, CHARLES E. (TRANSLATOR) - Les Miserables (the Modern Library of the World's Best Books) (Modern Library Giants G3)
2172307: HUGO, VICTOR; WILBOUR, CHARLES E.; WASHINGTON, PETER - Les Miserables (Everyman's Library 239)
1815823: HUGO, VICTOR; HOLMES, MABEL DODGE; BENSCOTER, GRACE A. - Les Miserables (Classics for Enjoyment) - Photoplay Edition
2075406: HUGO, VICTOR; SLOUS, FREDERICK L.; CROSLAND, MRS. NEWTON - The Novels of Victor Hugo. [with] the Dramatic Works of Victor Hugo, Volumes I-V: Notre-Dame. The History of a Crime: The Testimony of an Eye-Witness. ; Les Miserables. Part One. ; Les Miserables. Part Two. By Order of the King: A Romance of English History. ; Toilers of the Sea. Ninety-Three. ; Hernani. The King's Diversion. Ruy Blas. ;
2068235: HUGO, VICTOR; WILBOUR, CHARLES E. (TRANSLATOR) - Les Miserables (the Modern Library of the World's Best Books) (Modern Library Giants G3)
1806245: HUGO, VICTOR - Hugo's Works, in Ten Volumes: Les Miserables (3 Vols. ); Hans of Iceland; Dramas (2 Vols. ); Notre Dame de Paris; the Toilers of the Sea; Poems & the History of a Crime; the Man Who Laughs; Ninety-Three & Bug-Jargal & Claude Gueux
2153475: HULL, EDWARD - The Wall Chart of World History: From Earliest Times to the Present, with Maps of the World's Great Empires and a Complete Geological Diagram of the Earth (a Facsimile Edition)
1953075: HULL, E.M. - The Lion-Tamer
1834451: HULLFISH, WILLIAM - The Canaller's Songbook
1527855: HULSING, HARRY - Measurement of Peak Discharge at Dams by Indirect Method (Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations of the United States Geological Survey, Book 3: Applications of Hydraulics, Chapter A5)
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1291970: KELLEN, KONRAD - Khrushchev: A Political Portrait (Praeger Publications in Russian History and World Communion Number 93)
1523276: KELLER, CLAUDIA - Frisch Befreit Ist Halb Gewonnen: Reisebriefe Einer Verhinderten Emanze
2162636: KELLER, HERMANN - Phrasing and Articulation: A Contribution to a Rhetoric of Music with 152 Musical Examples
1514142: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Self-Defense (the Alex Delaware Series Book 9)
1915849: KELLEY, KITTY - Oprah: A Biography
1537915: KELLEY, WELBOURN - Alabama Empire
1688910: KELLEY, LEO P. - The Coins of Murph
2077036: KELLY, EMERSON CROSBY - Medical Classics 1-5, September, 1936 - May, 1941, in Fifteen Volumes
1731841: KELLY, JAMES P. - Planet of Whispers
2177778: KELLY, GEORGE ARMSTRONG - Mortal Politics in Eighteenth Century France
1508219: KELLY, CATHY - Past Secrets
2184301: KELLY, C. BRIAN; SMYER, INGRID - Best Little Stories from the CIVIL War
1511414: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Primer for Parents (Tv Division)
1300273: KELLY, CHLOE TALBOT - Collins Handguide to the Birds of New Zealand
2033591: KELLY, ARTHUR C.M. - Baptismal Record of German Flats Reformed Church
2033310: KELLY, A. - Baptism Record of the Reformed Church, Herkimer N.Y. : 1801-1899
2141569: KELLY, FANNY; SPENCE, CLARK & MARY LEE - Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians (the Lakeside Classics)
1701716: KELLY, ROBERT B. - The Cloud People
2159814: KELLY, EMERSON CROSBY; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Medical Classics Vol. I [1], No. 3, November, 1936 [Contains: The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever; Puerperal Fever As a Private Pestilence]
2123454: KELLY, ARTHUR - The Mohawk, Volume 13, Number 1-4, First-Fourth Quarter, 1996
1849520: KELSEY, D.M. - Deeds of Daring by Both Blue and Gray: Thrilling Narratives of Personal Adventure, Exploits of Scouts and Spies, Forlorn Hopes, Heroic Bravery, Patient Endurance, Imprisonments and Hair-Breadth Escapes, Romantic Incidents, Hand to Hand Struggles, Humorous and Tragic Events, Perilous Journeys, Bold Dashes, Brilliant Successes, Magnanimous Actions, Etc. On Each Side of the Line During the Great CIVIL War (Revised Edition)
1507009: KELSEY, MORTON T. - God, Dreams, and Revelation: A Christian Interpretation of Dreams
2194631: KELSEY, BENJAMIN S. - The Dragon's Teeth?: The Creation of United States Air Power for World War II
2162357: KELTY, MARY GERTRUDE - The American Colonies (the Tryon and Lingley History Series)
2142307: KEMP, PAUL S. - Shadows Witness (Sembia, Forgotten Realms)
1950841: KEMP, ANTHONY - The Maginot Line: Myth & Reality
1749089: KEMP, MARTIN - Leonardo
1292494: KEMP, GERALD VAN DER - A Visit to Giverny [Home of Claude Monet]
1313153: KEMPER, DAVE; NATHAN, RUTH; SEBRANEK - Writers Express: A Handbook for Young Writers, Thinkers, and Learners
1771330: KEMPER, DAVID; CASSIDY, SHAUN; RAIMI, SAM - American Gothic Television Show Script: Learning to Crawl (Complete with Production Notes)
1813174: KEMPTON, ARTHUR - Boogaloo: The Quintessence of American Popular Music
1855299: KENDALL, K. - South from 'Frisco
1800923: KENDALL, MARTHA E. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902)
2184674: KENDRICK, BAYNARD H. - The Iron Spiders
2148558: KENDRICK, BAYNARD - Death Knell: A Duncan Maclain Mystery (Dell Mapback No. 273)
1504209: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - American Diplomacy 1900-1950
1518367: KENNEDY, BELLE CUMMING; BROWN, GILMOR (FOREWORD) - Gillean: A Play in Three Acts and an Epilogue
2182491: KENNEDY, JOHN F.; KENNEDY, ROBERT F. - Profiles in Courage: Memorial Edition
2118807: KENS, KARLHEINZ; NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Die Deutschen Flugzeuge, 1933-1945: Deutschlands Luftfahrt-Entwicklungen Bis Zum Ende Des Zweiten Weltkrieges
1928966: KENT, SIMON - The Doctor on Bean Street (Dell D143)
1727429: KENT, ALEXANDER - Signal - Close Action!
1629328: KENT, ALEXANDER - Enemy in Sight!
1890808: KENT, ROCKWELL - Salamina
1914641: KENT, JAMES - Commentaries on American Law, Volume IV [4]
1914643: KENT, JAMES; HOLMES, O.W. [OLIVER WENDELL] (EDITOR) - Commentaries on American Law, Volume II [2]
1914645: KENT, JAMES; HOLMES, O.W. [OLIVER WENDELL] (EDITOR) - Commentaries on American Law, Volume I [1]
2077114: KENT, KATHLEEN - The Heretic's Daughter: A Novel
1629332: KENT, ALEXANDER - Passage to Mutiny
1629333: KENT, ALEXANDER - Command a King's Ship
2092787: KENT, EDWIN C.; LEE, W. CREIGHTON - The Isle of Long Ago: Sporting Days
2075138: KENWORTHY, AUBREY SAINT - The Tiger of Malaya: The Story of General Tomoyuki Yamashita and 'Death March' General Masaharu Homma (the Inside Story of the Japanese Atrocities)
1534606: KENYON, BERNICE LESBIA - Songs of Unrest 1920-1922
1513676: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Bad Attitude
1521108: KEOGH, JIM - The Essential Guide to Computer Hardware
1296900: KEPEL, GILLES - Muslim Extremism in Egypt: The Prophet and Pharaoh
1740300: KEPHART, BETH - Dangerous Neighbors
2175602: KEPHAS, AEOLUS - Homo Serpiens: A Secret History of Dna from Eden to Armageddon
2029310: KERBEY, J.O. - A Boy Spy in Dixie: Service Under the Shadow of the Scaffold. (Old Glory Library No. 5)
1539591: KERCHEVAL, JESSE LEE - The Museum of Happiness
1731545: KERN, GREGORY - Cap Kennedy #15: Mimics of Dephene
2173892: KERN, RICHARD - New York Girls
1708458: KERN, GREGORY - Beyond the Galactic Lens
1823126: KERN, GREGORY - Jewel of Jarhen (Cap Kennedy Book 5) (Daw Uq1098)
2172115: KEROUAC, JACK - Tristessa (Ace T-429)
2082782: KEROUAC, JACK - Big Sur
1532542: KEROUAC, JACK - Visions of Gerard
1729761: KERR, ALEXANDER - Atlantis Found and Other Verse
1792178: KERR, JAMES P.; ROLLINS, FRED H. - The Fruit Industry in Wayne County, New York 1823-1984
1304364: KERR, KATHARINE - Days of Air and Darkness: A Novel of the Westlands
1753514: KERRIGAN, MICHAEL - Dark History of the Roman Emperors - from Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome
1854342: KERSHAW, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Weapons of War (History of the World Wars Special)
1745900: KERSHAW, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Weapons of War (History of the World Wars Special)
1655016: KERSTEN, MICHIEL; LOKIN, DANIELLE - Delft Masters, Vermeer's Contemporaries: Illusionism Through the Conquest of Light and Space
1785600: KERWIN, MADELEINE; HERTS, B. RUSSELL - Expert Misbidding
1841475: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
1641774: KESEY, KEN; FAGGEN, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest: 40th Anniversary Edition
1517541: KESSEL, JOSEPH - Sirocco
1913748: KESSEL, JOSEPH - The Lion
1527711: KESSLERE, G. MAILLARD - Hollywood Revue Beauties, from the Works of G.M. Kesslere
2162653: KETCHAM, RALPH - From Colony to Country: The Revolution in American Thought 1750-1820
2123263: KETTERING, KAREN L. - Russian Glass at Hillwood
1529658: KEUNEKE, ROBIN - Total Breast Health: Power Foods for Protection and Wellness
2148581: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - Dinner at Antoine's (Dell Mapback No. 443)
1505466: KEYES, GREG - Conquest: Edge of Victory 1 (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Book 7)
1791600: KEYES, DANIEL - Flowers for Algernon
2072622: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Personality of William Harvey: The Linacre Lecture, Delivered at St. John's College, Cambridge on 6th May 1949
1505425: KHASHOGGI, SOHEIR - Mirage: A Novel
1510434: KHASHOGGI, SOHEIR - Mirage: A Novel
2021406: KHAYAM, ABOLFAT' H GHIA'TH-E-DIN EBRAHIM [KHAYYAM, OMAR] - The Quatrains of Abolfat' H Ghia'Th-E-Din Ebrahim Khayam of Nishabur [Rubaiyat Hakim Omar Khayyam]
2002882: KHAYYAM, OMAR - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam [of Naishapur]
1981800: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Rendered Into English Verse
1803576: [KHAYYAM, OMAR]; MIRZA-MEM'N (ZIMMERMAN, JOHN STEVENS) - The Rubaiyat of Mirza-Mem'n
2184305: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD; UNTERMEYER, LOUIS - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam; Translated Into English Quatrains by Edward Fitzgerald -- a Complete Reprint of the First Edition and the Combined Third, Fourth and Fifth Editions, with an Appendix Containing Fitzgerald's Prefaces and Notes
2164485: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
1536991: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Astronomer-Poet of Persia, Rendered Into English Verse
1890792: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Rendered Into English Verse
1889848: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Rendered Into English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald -- First and Fifth Versions
1674074: KHORT, MICHAEL - The Silent Sphinx
1512783: KHOURY, RAYMOND - The Sanctuary
2120144: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Secret Life of Bees
1512559: KIDDER, STEVEN; KIDDER, VIRELLE - Getting the Best out of Public Schools
1873380: KIDDER, TRACY - Old Friends (Signed First Edition)
2096567: KIEFER, W.R.; MACK, NEWTON H. - History of the One Hundred and Fifty-Third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry, Which Was Recruited in Northampton County, Pa. , 1862-1863 [153rd P.A. ]
2064344: KIENER, L.-C. [LOUIS CHARLES]; FISCHER, P. [PAUL] - Species General Et Iconographie Des Coquilles Vivantes, Comprenant la Collection Du Museum D'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, la Collection Lamarck, Celle Du Prince Massena, (Appartenant Maintenant a M. Le Baron Benjamin Delessert), Et Les Decouvertes Recentes Des Voyageurs. - Incomplete Set, Seven Volumes: Famille Des Ailees. ; Famille Des Canaliferes. , Premiere, Deuxieme, & Troisieme Partie. ; Famille Des Purpuriferes. , Premiere & Deuxieme Partie. ; Famille Des Turbinacees.
2172753: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; HANNAY, ALASTAIR - TRANSLATION & NOTES - Papers and Journals: A Selection (Penguin Classics)
1878445: KIERNAN, ROBERT F. - Frivolity Unbound: Six Masters of the Camp Novel - Thomas Love Peacock, Max Beerbohm, Ronald Firbank, E.F. Benson, P.G. Wodehouse, Ivy Compton-Burnett
1704156: KILIAN, CRAWFORD - Rogue Emperor
1678364: KILIAN, CRAWFORD - Gryphon
1890376: KILLEEN, ROY & JACQUELINE - The Cabildo, New Orleans - a Mini-Mansion Model Kit: Three-Dimensional, 16th-Inch Scale, Color Model, Ready to Cut and Construct
1890372: KILLEEN, ROY & JACQUELINE - Saint Paul's Trinity Chapel, New York - a Mini-Mansion Model Kit: Three-Dimensional, 16th-Inch Scale, Color Model, Ready to Cut and Construct
2019712: KILLINGER, CHARLES L. - The History of Italy
1511991: KILLINGSWORTH, RENEE PREWITT - Morning Drive to Midnight
1684770: KILLOUGH, LEE - Dragon's Teeth
1684167: KILLOUGH, LEE - The Leopard's Daughter
1704155: KILLOUGH, LEE - The Doppelganger Gambit
2008821: KILLPATRICK, JA. [KIRKPATRICK, JAMES] - A Full and Clear Reply to Doct. Thomas Dale. Wherein the Real Impropriety of Blistering with Cantharides in the First Fever of the Small-Pox Is Plainly Demonstrated. With Some Diverting Remarks on the Doctor's Great Consistence, and Exquisite Attainments in Physick and Philology.
2187085: KILMA, JOHN - Willie's Boys: The 1948 Birmingham Black Barons, the Last Negro League World Series, and the Making of a Baseball Legend
1506964: KILWORTH, GARRY D. - Angel
1533883: KIMBALL, K. - Rochester: A Sketchbook
1889188: [KIMBALL, HORACE] - American Naval Battles: Being a Complete History of the Battles Fought by the Navy of the United States from Its Establishment in 1794 to the Present Time, Including the Wars with France, and with Tripoli, the Late War with Great Britain and with Algiers: With an Account of the Attack on Baltimore, and of the Battle of New Orleans.
2161066: KIMBER, SIDNEY A. - The Story of an Old Press: An Account of the Hand Press Known As the Stephen Daye Press, Upon Which Was Begun in 1638 the First Printing in British North America
1826388: KIMBERLY, ROBERT L.; HOLLOWAY, EPHRAIM S. - The Forty-First Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion. 1861-1865. [History of the 41st Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry]
2120129: KIMZEY, LOU - Earlyriders: Motorcycling Through the Years
1896364: KINCAID, JAMAICA - The Autobiography of My Mother
2194359: KINERT, REED - America's Fighting Planes in Action
1999537: KING, JOHN - American Eclectic Obstetrics.
2043273: KING, HENRY T.; ELLES, BETTINA - The Two Worlds of Albert Speer: Reflections of a Nuremberg Prosecutor
2072546: KING, JOHN - The Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
1717805: KING, W.C.; FOCH, FERDINAND (INTRODUCTION) - King's Complete History of the World War, Vividly Illustrated with Panoramic Charts Visualizing the Great Conflict in All Theaters of Action, 1914-1918 -- Europe's War with Bolshevism, 1919-1920; War of the Turkish Partition 1920-1921; Warfare in Ireland, India, Egypt, Far East 1916-1921; Epochal Events Thru-out the Civilized World from Ferdinand's Assassination to Disarmament Conference
1857325: KING, ROSS - Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
1808560: KING, WILLIAM C. - Woman: Her Position, Influence, and Achievements Throughout the Civilized World. Her Biography. Her History, from the Garden of Eden to the Twentieth Century, Prepared by Carefully Selected Writers
2132454: KING, STEPHEN - Cycle of the Werewolf
1948508: KING, JONATHAN - Gallipoli Diaries: The Anzacs' Own Story Day by Day
2069287: KING, CHARLES - Campaigning with Crook
2025239: KING, JOHN - The American Dispensatory
2040981: KING, STEPHEN - 'Salem's Lot
1516600: KING, MARTHA C. - The Magic Whistle
1538086: KING, MICHAEL A.; SIMONS, HERBERT W. (FOREWORD); WEAVER, J. DENNY (INTRODUCTION) - Fractured Dance: Gadamer and a Mennonite Conflict over Homosexuality (C. Henry Smith Series Volume 3)
2077117: KING, DAN - Quackery Unmasked: Or, a Consideration of the Most Prominent Empirical Schemes of the Present Time, with an Enumeration of Some of the Causes Which Contribute to Their Support.
1632302: KING, B.B. - Blues Master I
2034934: KING, JOHN - Woman: Her Diseases and Their Treatment
2089942: KING, STEPHEN - The Stand: Original Edition
1980695: [KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER WILLIAM] - Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East. [Eothen]
1500650: KINGSLEY, NELLIE F. - The Story of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark for Young Readers (Baldwin's Biographical Booklets)
1641195: KINGSLEY, MARY - Travels in West Africa: Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons (Virago/Beacon Travelers Series)
2190675: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
1934786: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Lacuna
1919171: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Pigs in Heaven
1938128: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Pigs in Heaven
1641181: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Prodigal Summer: First Edition
2099554: BALFOUR-KINNEAR, G.P.R. - Catching Salmon & Sea-Trout
2158212: KINNEY, FLORENCE B. - From the Heart of a Child: Our Incredible Journey
1819542: KINSELLA, W.P. - Five Stories
1854647: KINSTLER, EVERETT RAYMOND - Everett Raymond Kinstler: Fifty Years: An Artist's Journey
2172596: KIPLING, RUDYARD; CARRINGTON, CHARLES EDMUND - Kim (the Collector's Library of Famous Editions)
1832721: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Light That Failed
2189954: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Second Jungle Book
1536316: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Brushwood Boy
2065244: KIRA, TETSUAKI - Coloured Illustrations of the Shells of Japan: Enlarged & Revised Edition
2172728: KIRBY, F.E. - Music in the Classic Period: An Anthology with Commentary
2098129: KIRCHBERGER, JOE H. - The CIVIL War and Reconstruction: An Eyewitness History
1525372: KIRCHOFF, MARY; WILLIAMS, MICHAEL - Kendermore (Preludes Volume 2) (Dragonlance Saga)
1524714: KIRK, ROBERT W. (EDITOR) - Current Veterinary Therapy X: Small Animal Practice
1951127: KIRK, RUTH - Desert: The American Southwest (the Naturalist's America Series Book 3)
1531751: KIRK, RUSSELL; GREGOR, IAN, ET AL - The Dublin Review, Number 457: Third Quarter 1952
1745890: KIRK, JOHN; WESTWOOD, JOHN - Atlas of American Wars
1310706: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - Spring Is Not Gentle: First Edition
1841757: KIRKE, EDMUND [GILMORE, JAMES R.] - Among the Pines. Or South in Secession-Time
1514467: KIRKLAND, TURNER E. - Dixie Gun Works, Inc. : Black Powder Guns, Shooting Supplies & Antique Gun Parts - a Salute to American Storyteller John Milius (Catalog No. 148)
2173887: KIRKLAND, DOUGLAS - An Evening with Marilyn
1909845: KIRKLAND, DOUGLAS; THURMAN, JUDITH (INTRODUCTION) - Light Years: 3 Decades Photographing Among the Stars
2059815: KIRKMAN, ROBERT - The Walking Dead, Volume 18: What Comes After
1539790: KIRKWOOD, JAMES - Hit Me with a Rainbow
2158187: KIRSCHNER, DAVID - The Pagemaster
1510741: KIRSHENBAUM, RICHARD; ROSENBERK, DANIEL - Closing the Deal: Two Married Guys Take You from Single Miss to Wedded Bliss
1521970: KIRWAN - Letters to the Rt. Rev. John Hughes, Roman Catholic Bishop of New York (First Series)
1969624: KISH, GEORGE - North-East Passage: Adolf Erik Nordenskiold, His Life and Times
1525405: KISHON, EPHRAIM - Kishons Beste Reisegeschichten (Rhodos, Turkei, Italien, Ungarn, Osterreich, Deutschland, Schweiz, Frankreich, Spanien, Holland, England, Israel, Amerika)
2008745: KISTLER, W.P. - Practical Medical and Surgical Family Guide in Emergencies. A Manual Explaining the Treatment of Diseases, Accidental Injuries and Cases of Poisoning Which Demand Prompt Action in the Absence of the Physician. Hints and Helps on Health. Home Nursing and Remedies. Care of Children. How to Cook for the Sick, Etc. Also a Complete Pronouncing Vocabulary of Medical Terms Designed for Families, Students, Teachers, and Practitioners of Medicine.
1745636: KIT, WONG KIEW - The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu: The Secrets of Kung Fu for Self-Defence, Health and Enlightenment
2190322: KITAHARA, TERUHISA - Yesterday's Toys: Planes, Trains, Boats, and Cars
2155374: AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN - The Complete America's Test Kitchen Tv Show Cookbook 2001-2015
1520332: KITCHEN, JUDITH - Distance & Direction
2174212: KITS, INC. - The Kits Plane Spotter
1812546: KITT, PHYLLIS PITTMAN; BOLGER, STUART; GROSS, FRANK - God's Country: Historic Churches and Chapels of the Genesee Valley
2004164: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN; THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Old Farmer and His Almanack: Being Some Observations on Life and Manners in New England a Hundred Years Ago, Suggested by Reading the Earlier Numbers of Mr. Robert B. Thomas's Farmer's Almanack, Together with Extracts Curious, Instructive, and Entertaining, As Well As a Variety of Miscellaneous Matter
2044557: KIVY, PETER - The Corded Shell: Reflections on Musical Expression (Princeton Essays on the Arts)
1744711: KJELGAARD, JIM - The Coming of the Mormons (Landmark Books Vol. #37)
1534972: KJELLSTROM, BJORN - Be Expert with Map and Compass: The Orienteering Handbook (New - Revised Edition)
1530759: KLAINER, PAMELA YORK - How Much Is Enough? Harness the Power of Your Money Story -- and Change Your Life
1298213: KLAPPER, PAUL - The Teaching of History, with Chapters on the Teaching of Civics: A Manual of Method for Elementary and Junior High Schools
1519597: KLARMANN, ANDREW - The Fool of God: A Historical Novel of the Pharaohs
1703892: KLASS, JUDY - Star Trek: The Cry of the Onlies
1676146: KLASS, JUDY - The Cry of the Onlies (Star Trek, Book 46)
2183366: KLEE, PAUL - Paul Klee: I. Teil: Dokumente Und Bilder Aus Den Jahren 1896-1930
2184329: KLEES, EMERSON - Underground Railroad Tales: With Routes Through the Finger Lakes Region
1890764: KLEES, EMERSON - More Legends and Stories of the Finger Lakes Region
1864317: KLEES, EMERSON - The Erie Canal in the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State (Signed First Edition)
1864312: KLEES, EMERSON - People of the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State
2194696: KLEIN, NAOMI - This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate
1948328: KLEIN, MARCELLA - Buffalo's Favorite Annuals & Bulbs: Pocket Guide
1310724: KLEIN, CHARLES - The Heart of Maggie Pepper
1823809: KLEIN, GERARD - Starmasters' Gambit
1978782: KLEIN, PHILIP S. - President James Buchanan: A Biography
1506457: KLEINER, DICK - Esp and the Stars: Wild, Incredible, and Weird Psychic Experiences of Famous People Confronted by the Sixth Dimension
1896071: KLEM, JUDY A. & PETER G. - The Webster Volunteer Fire Department, 1906-2006
1823387: KLEM, JUDY A. & PETER G. - The Webster Volunteer Fire Department, 1906-1981
1519665: KLEMM, W.R. - Science, the Brain, and Our Future (a Biological Sciences Curriculum Study Book)
1632268: KLEYPAS, LISA - Married by Morning
1531794: KLIMO, VERNON (JAKE); OURSLER, WILL - Hemingway and Jake: An Extraordinary Friendship
1731518: KLINE, OTIS ADELBERT - The Outlaws of Mars
1657390: KLINGEL, GILBERT - The Bay
1949231: KLINGEL, GILBERT - The Bay
1636436: KLOS, LLOYD E. - A Resident's Recollections (Book 1)
2123713: KLOSE, NELSON - A Concise Study Guide to the American Frontier
1523215: KLOSE, NELSON - Modern Western Civilization 2: A Student's Synopsis and Guide to the History of Modern European World (Revised, Since 1848)
1640505: KLUGER, STEVE - Last Days of Summer
2176504: KNAAK, RICHARD A. - Dragonlance: The Minotaur Wars 3-Volume Set (Night of Blood; Tides of Blood; Empire of Blood)
1523784: KNAPMAN, TIMOTHY - Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood
1991377: KNAPP, BETTINA L. - Anais Nin
2151971: KNAPP, LEWIS G. - In Pursuit of Paradise: History of the Town of Stratford, Connecticut
1523231: KNAPP, RONALD G. - China's Traditional and Rural Architecture: A Cultural Geography of the Common House

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