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1699480: ELDER, MICHAEL - The Alien Earth
1998582: THE WIFE OF A MORMON ELDER, RECENTLY FROM UTAH [FERRIS, MRS. B.G.] - Female Life Among the Mormons: A Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience.
1922181: ELDREDGE, JOHN; ELDREDGE, STASI - Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul
1685804: ELFORD, GEORGE ROBERT - Devil's Guard (First Edition)
1693157: ELGIN, SUZETTE HADEN PH.D. - The Language Imperative
1506316: ELGIN, SUZETTE HADEN - Staying Well with the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
1513870: ELGIN, DUANE - Voluntary Simplicity: An Ecological Lifestyle That Promotes Personal and Social Renewal
2184714: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Images & Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism
1929001: ELIAS, HORACE J. - Flash Gordon in the Sand World of Mongo
2170692: ELIOT, ALEXANDER - Abraham Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography
2175600: ELIOT, ALEXANDER - The Global Myths: Exploring Primitive, Pagan, Sacred, and Scientific Mythologies
2054169: ELIOT, GEORGE - Romola. Illustrated. In Two Volumes
2022006: ELIOT, C.W.J. - Coastal Demes of Attika: A Study of the Policy of Kleisthenes (Phoenix Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Supplementary Volume V [5])
1929310: ELIOT, ALEXANDER - Proud Youth
2135426: ELIOT, CHARLES W. (EDITOR) - Harvard Classics Complete 50 Volume Set [the Five-Foot Shelf of Books]: Alumni Edition de Luxe
1808237: ELIOT, GEORGE - Felix Holt
1808240: ELIOT, GEORGE - Poems/Clerical Life
2079692: ELIOT, JOHN; EAMES, WILBERFORCE - John Eliot and the Indians, 1652-1657: Being Letters Addressed to Rev. Jonathan Hanmer of Barnstaple, England, Reproduced from the Original Manuscripts in the Possession of Theodore N. Vail
1526875: ELIOT, ANNE - Shadows Waiting: A Novel of Romance and Suspense
1525927: ELIOT, ALEXANDER; WALKER, JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - Three Hundred Years of American Painting
1903731: ELKIN, R.H. - The Children's Corner
1530466: ELLEDGE, SCOTT - E.B. White: A Biography
2172043: ELLEMAN, BARBARA - Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art
1538331: ELLER, VERNARD - Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective
1505762: ELLERY, HELEN - How to Bring the Outside Inside: Let Your Home Reflect the Seasons
1515884: ELLIOTT, F.R. - Elliott's Fruit Book; or, the American Fruit-Grower's Guide in Orchard and Garden
1506493: ELLIOTT, WILLIAM - Tying Rocks to Clouds: Meetings and Conversations with Wise and Spiritual People
2157832: ELLIOTT, J.W.; MOFFAT, ALFRED - The Most Popular Mother Goose Songs
1512905: ELLIOTT, WILLIAM - Tying Rocks to Clouds: Meetings and Conversations with Wise and Spiritual People
1538698: ELLIOTT, SHARON NORRIS - Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus
1505814: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON - The Lore of the Train
1629322: ELLIS, C.C. - The Christian Way of Life for Young People
2183104: ELLIS, RICHARD E. - The Union at Risk: Jacksonian Democracy, States' Rights, and Nullification Crisis
1747105: ELLIS, EDWARD S. - Lone Wolf Cave: The Adventures of Two Boys in the Rocky Mountains (the Real Boys' Series)
2144270: ELLIS, RICHARD - The Book of Whales
1736995: ELLIS, RAY; GORDON, ARTHUR (INTRODUCTION) - Ray Ellis' Savannah & the Lowcountry
1539513: ELLIS, THOMAS SAYERS (EDITOR) - Standing on the Verge: Emerging Poets
2032065: ELLISON, RALPH - Invisible Man
1526764: ELLISON, HARLAN - The Time of the Eye
1531371: ELLISON, HARLAN - Paingod and Other Delusions
2135550: ELLMANN, RICHARD - The Consciousness of Joyce
2093243: ELLSBERG, EDWARD - On the Bottom [with] Autograph Letter Signed, Reviewing George Orwell's 1984
1536566: ELON, AMOS - Jerusalem: City of Mirrors
2158798: ELPHICK, PETER - Liberty: The Ships That Won the War
2045202: ELSON, HENRY W. - The CIVIL War Through the Camera: Hundreds of Vivid Photographs Actually Taken in CIVIL War Times, Sixteen Reproductions in Color of Famous War Paintings [with] the New Text History: A Complete Illustrated History of the CIVIL War
1292466: ELSON, ROBERT T. - World of Time Inc. : The Intimate History of a Publishing Enterprise 1941-1960
2170947: ELSON, HENRY W. - The CIVIL War Through the Camera: Hundreds of Vivid Photographs
2162610: ELSTOB, PETER - Battle of the Reichswald (Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II)
1901909: ELWOOD, ROGER - And Walk Now Gently Through the Fire...
1306299: ELWOOD, ROGER EDITOR - Angelwalk (a Novel)
1712304: ELWOOD, ROGER (EDITOR) - Strange Gods
1929271: ELWOOD, ROGER; MOSKOWITZ, SAM - Alien Earth and Other Stories
1517178: ELWOOD, MURIEL - Deeper the Heritage
1894419: ELWOOD, ROGER - Epoch
2081639: ELY, BEN-EZRA STILES; DAHL, CURTIS - There She Blows: A Narrative of a Whaling Voyage, in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans (the American Maritime Library: Volume III [3])
1973246: ELYOT, THOMAS [KNYGHT, THOMAS ELIOT] - The Castel of Helth (Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints) [the Castell of Health / the Castle of Health]
1949211: EMANUEL, KERRY - Divine Wind: The History and Science of Hurricanes
2144152: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; UNTERMEYER, LOUIS - The Poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Masterpieces of American Literature)
1527990: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; RUSK, RALPH L. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson 6-Volume Hardcover Set
2139765: EMERSON, RU - This Magic World
1509818: EMERSON, ALICE B. - Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures
1535123: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Letters and Social Aims
2184592: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; CABOT, J.E. - Letters and Social Aims (Emerson's Complete Works, Riverside Edition, Volume VIII [8])
2021254: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; ARNOLD, MATTHEW; TAINE, H.; MULLER, MAX; RENAN, E.; PORTER, NOAH; STANLEY, DEAN; HELMHOLTZ, H.; FROUDE, J.A.; FISKE, JOHN - The Hundred Greatest Men: Portraits of the One Hundred Greatest Men of History, Reproduced from Fine and Rare Steel Engravings.
1524984: EMERSON, EDWIN, JR.; GERVINUS, GEORG GOTTFRIED (INTRODUCTION) - A History of the Nineteenth Century Year by Year, Volume 1: The Napoleonic Era
1716333: EMERT, PHYLLIS RAYBIN - True Valor: Stories of Brave Men and Women in World War II
1943264: EMERY, FRANK - The Red Soldier: Letters from the Zulu War, 1879
2190654: EMLEN, DOUGLAS J. - Animal Weapons: The Evolution of Battle
2118837: EMMERSON, JOHN C. - The Steamboat Comes to Norfolk Harbor, and the Log of the First Ten Years
1999272: EMMET, THOMAS ADDIS - The Birthday Dinner to Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. , LL. D. Given by His Professional Friends at Delmonico's, New York, May 29, 1905, with an Autobiographical Narrative
1900608: EMMETT, JONATHAN - The Santa Trap
2008051: ENDICOTT, CHARLES M. - Memoir of John Endecott, First Governor of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay: By Charles M. Endicott, a Descendant of the Seventh Generation: Being Also a Succinct Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colony, from 1628 to 1665.
1511097: ENDORE, GUY - King of Paris
1532498: ENDORE, GUY; BLOCH, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - The Werewolf of Paris
2070548: ENGBECK, JOSEPH H. - The Enduring Giants: The Epic Story of Giant Sequoia and the Big Trees of Calaveras
1292698: ENGEL, BARBARA ALPERN - Between the Fields and the City: Women, Work, and Family in Russia, 1861-1914
1950821: ENGELBERG, EDWARD - The Unknown Distance: From Consciousness to Conscience, Goethe to Camus
1969059: ENGEN, RODNEY K. - Victorian Engravings
2037048: ENGER, LIN - The High Divide: A Novel
2005577: CORPS OF ENGINEERS, U.S. ARMY - Flood Plain Information, Red Creek and Genesee River in the Towns of Brighton and Henrietta, Monroe County, New York
1710575: MEMBERS OF THE SEVENTH REGIMENT OF ENGINEERS, FIFTH REGULAR DIVISION, U.S. ARMY - A Brief History of Seventh Engineers, 5th Division
1517295: ENGLAND, GEORGE ALLAN - The Golden Blight
1795907: ENGLE, MICHAEL - New York (Upstate) in 1905
1529358: L'ENGLE, MADELEINE - A Live Coal in the Sea: A Novel
2112331: L'ENGLE, MADELEINE - Time 4 Book Set (a Wrinkle in Time; a Wind in the Door; a Swiftly Tilting Planet; Many Waters)
1500580: ENGLER, ROBERT - Brotherhood of Oil: Energy Policy and the Public Interest
2173016: ENGLISH, E.T. - A Golden Harvest: 1904 Matted Color Print of Farming Family Loading Wagon
1314006: ENQUIST, PER OLOV; NUNNALLY, TIINA (TRANSLATOR) - Lewi's Journey: A Novel
1512407: ENRIGHT, ELIZABETH - Thimble Summer
1749157: ENSOR, ALLISON - Mark Twain & the Bible
1934162: WALT DISNEY ENTERPRISES - The Walt Disney Annual [Silly Symphony]
2140105: ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES - Elvis Presley Souvenir Photo Album
1540478: EPP, FRANK H. - Mennonite Peoplehood: A Plea for New Initiatives
1729975: EPPINGER, PAUL - Voices of Faith (Als Laid in)
2062124: EPPSE, MERL R. - The Negro, Too, in American History
2178555: EZ-ER, E. BEN.; ARNOLD, E. - Elizabeth, the Disinherited Daughter: A Monument of Free Grace in New England in the Eighteenth Century
1919162: ERDOES, RICHARD - Policemen Around the World
1522419: ERGAS, ELIZABETH - Rage
1747109: ERIC, ALLAN - A Boy Crusoe, or, the Golden Treasure of the Virgin Islands (the Real Boys' Series)
1515750: ERICKSON, PHOEBE - Wildwing
1705338: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE - Invisible Immigrants
2149128: ERMINE, WILL - Last of the Longhorns (Dell Mapback No. 378)
2108699: ERNST, JAMES E. - Ephrata: A History
1539955: ERSKINE, PAYNE - Joyful Heatherby
2150492: ERSKINE, JOHN - Adam and Eve, Though He Knew Better
2029327: ESAR, EVAN - 20,000 Quips and Quotes
2194712: ESCHER, M.C. - The World of M.C. Escher
1515475: ESCOULA, YVONNE - Le Petit Homard (the Little Lobster)
1306286: ESER, MUNIM - Encyclopedic Guide to Istanbul (Revised Edition)
1896642: ESHLEMAN, CLAYTON; KELLY, ROBERT; PHILLIPS, DENNIS; PALANKER, ROBIN; MORALES, REBECCA - Sulfur 2: A Literary Tri-Quarterly of the Whole Art
2105732: ESPOSITO, VINCENT J.; EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D.; GALVIN, JOHN R.; COFFMAN, EDWARD M.; DOUGHTY, ROBERT A. - The West Point Atlas of American Wars, in Two Volumes: Volume I. 1689-1900; Volume II. 1900-1918
2166483: ESPOSITO, VINCENT J. - The West Point Atlas of War: The CIVIL War
1517955: ESSES, MICHAEL; HARRELL, IRENE BURK - Next Visitor to Planet Earth
1512435: ESSLEY, ROGER - Reunion
2185726: ESSLIN, MARTIN - The Theatre of the Absurd
1299733: ESSLIN, MARTIN (INTRODUCTION) - Encyclopedia of World Theater: With 420 Illustrations and an Index of Play Titles
2067029: WARD'S NATURAL SCIENCE ESTABLISHMENT - Catalogue of Specimens of Mollusca
2132187: AMERICAN FAMILY PUBLICATION ESTABLISHMENT - Art Revealed, and Universal Guide; Containing Many Rare and Invaluable Recipes and Directions. For the Use of Families, from the Best Authorities. Embracing Directions for Treating Diseases - Behavior of Ladies and Gentlemen - Embroidery, and Other Kinds of Needlework - Information As to Roots and Herbs - Compounding Medicines - How to Be Prepared for Accidents, Etc. Several Recipes Cost from $20 to $50 Each, Having Never Before Been Published.
1718900: D'ESTE, CARLO - Decision in Normandy
1684162: ESTES, ROSE - The Hunter
1678358: ESTES, ROSE - The Hunter
1697702: ESTES, ROSE - Iron Dragons: Mountains and Madness
1504020: ESTRIN, MARC - Insect Dreams: The Half Life of Gregor Samsa
1677960: ETHERIDGE, RUTLEDGE - Agent of Chaos
1520082: ETS, MARIE HALL - Mister Penny's Circus
1509001: ETTINGER, BETTY - Joan and Jack
1637951: ETULAIN, RICHARD W. - Chiefs and Generals: Nine Men Who Shaped the American West
1862370: EUGENIDES, JEFFREY - The Marriage Plot
1511193: EVANOVICH, JANET - Lean Mean Thirteen
1510987: EVANOVICH, JANET - Lean Mean Thirteen
1510212: EVANOVICH, JANET - Lean Mean Thirteen
1510040: EVANOVICH, JANET - Eleven on Top: A Stephanie Plum Novel
1800042: EVANOVICH, JANET - To the Nines: A Stephanie Plum Novel (the Stephanie Plum Series Book 9)
1531038: EVANOVICH, JANET - Fearless Fourteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
1531039: EVANOVICH, JANET - Lean Mean Thirteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
1530264: EVANOVICH, JANET - To the Nines: A Stephanie Plum Novel (the Stephanie Plum Series Book 9)
1540173: EVANOVICH, JANET - Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
1508672: EVANOVICH, JANET - Plum Lovin': A Stephanie Plum between-the-Numbers Novel
1644209: EVANOVICH, JANET - Twelve Sharp: A Stephanie Plum Novel
2067052: EVANS, EVA KNOX - The Adventure Book of Shells
1724770: EVANS, MARTIN MARIX - 1918: The Year of Victories
2191209: EVANS, DON - Locust Alley: A Novel of the CIVIL War
1531630: EVANS, BILL; JAMESON, MARIANNA - Category 7: Its the Biggest Storm in History
2187700: EVANS, DON - Hot Rod Magazine January 1971
2187699: EVANS, DON - Hot Rod Magazine April 1970
2194739: EVANS, DAVID - Sherman's Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign
1512585: WATT-EVANS, LAWRENCE - The Lure of the Basilisk
2187697: EVANS, DON - Hot Rod Magazine March 1971
2187695: EVANS, DON - Hot Rod Magazine November 1970
2187696: EVANS, DON - Hot Rod Magazine December 1970
1938780: EVANS, MARTIN MARIX - The Boer War: South Africa, 1899-1902
2099530: EVANS, CURTIS - Clues and Corpses: The Detective Fiction and Mystery Criticism of Todd Downing
1518076: EVANS, MIKE - The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While the World Sleeps
1518077: EVANS, MICHAEL D.; CORSI, JEROME R. - Showdown with Nuclear Iran: Radical Islam's Messianic Mission to Destroy Israel and Cripple the United States
1943226: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Tools of Their Trades: An Oral History of Men at Work C. 1900
2111158: EVANS, F.W. - Shakers: Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government, and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming
2144489: EVERETT, EDWARD - The Consecration of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, 19th November, 1863, with the Dedicatory Speech of Abraham Lincoln [Address of Hon. Edward Everett with the Other Exercises of the Occasion, Accompanied by an Account of the Origin of the Undertaking and of the Arrangement of the Cemetery Grounds, and by a Map of the Battle-Field and a Plan of the Cemetery. ]
2144247: EVERETT, MARSHALL; VAN DYKE, HENRY - Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic: The Ocean's Greatest Disaster: A Graphic and Thrilling Account of the Sinking of the Greatest Floating Palace Ever Built, Carrying Down to Watery Graves More Than 1,500 Souls. Giving Exciting Escapes from Death and Acts of Heroism Not Equalled in Ancient or Modern Times, Told by the Survivors, Including History of Icebergs, the Terror of the Seas; Wireless Telegraphy and Modern Shipbuilding (Collector's Edition)
2172034: EVERSON, WILLIAM K. - The Detective in Film: A Pictorial Treasury of the Screen Sleuth from 1903 to the Present
2150792: EVERTON, FRANCIS - The Hammer of Doom
1523235: EWEN, DAVID - Encyclopedia of the Opera
1529301: EWEN, FREDERIC - Bertolt Brecht: His Life, His Art, & His Times
2100398: EWERS, JOHN C. - George Catlin: Painter of Indians and the West
2119367: EWERS, J.C. - Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment: A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity (Iroqrafts Indian Reprints, Anthropological Papers, No. 50)
2140016: EWERS, JOHN C. - Artists of the Old West
1534680: EWING, MRS. J.H. - Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls
2172388: EWING, HEATHER - The Lost World of James Smithson: Science, Revolution, and the Birth of the Smithsonian
1534224: EWING, WILLIAM E. - Love and Desire: Photoworks
1703159: EWING, WILLIAM E. - Love and Desire: Photoworks
1703160: EWING, WILLIAM E. - The Body: Photographs of the Human Form
1313076: EWING, BARBARA - Trespass: First Edition
1518827: EXCELL, E.O. - Triumphant Songs No. 2
1306290: BAILEY, COLIN J. (EXHIBITION AND CATALOGUE) - German Nineteenth-Century Drawings from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: C.G. Boerner, Dusseldorf, 25th February-30th March, 1983 Exhibition and Catalogue
2052656: EXKORN, KAREN SIFF - The Autism Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and Healing
2139147: BOARD OF GENERAL MANAGERS OF THE EXHIBIT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK AT THE PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION - Report of the Board of General Managers of the Exhibit of the State of New York at the Pan-American Exposition, Transmitted to the Legislature March 27, 1902
1518721: LEARNING EXPRESS - English to the Max: 1,200 Questions to Maximize Your English Power
1844254: LEARNING EXPRESS - Becoming a Police Officer
1893368: EXUM, J. CHERYL - Plotted, Shot, and Painted: Cultural Representations of Biblical Women (Gender, Culture, Theory 3) (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 215)
1299975: EYRE, ELIZABETH - Curtains for the Cardinal: An Italian Renaissance Mystery
1268090: EYSENCK, H.J.; GOTTLOBER, A.B.; SAVAGE, R.D.; MARTON, M.; URBAN, I.; SHAGASS, C.; KERENYI, A.B.; LAVERTY, S.G.; COLQUHOUN, W.P.; CORCORAN, D.W.J.; BLAKE, M.J.F.; SMITH, S.L.; DUNSTONE, J.J.; DZENDOLET, E.; HEUCKEROTH, O.; HASLAM, D.R.; LYNN, - Bearings on Basic Psychological Processes (Readings in Extraversion-Introversion Series No. 3)
2119252: L.B.F. - Heart Histories, Spirit Longings, Etc.
2194630: FABER, HAROLD - Luftwaffe: A History
1539453: FABIAN, STEPHEN E. - Women & Wonders
1535056: FABRE, J.H.; MIALL, BERNARD (TRANSLATOR) - Social Life in the Insect World (Pelican Books)
2012670: FABRICIUS, HIERONYMUS; FRANKLIN, K.J. - De Venarum Ostiolis 1603 of Hieronymus Fabricius of Aquapendente (1533?-1619): Facsimile Edition with Introduction, Translation, and Notes
2128608: [HORACE]; FABRINI, GIOVANNI [FRANCESCO] - L'Opere D'Oratio Poeta Lirico Comentate Da Giovanni Fabrini Da Fighine in Lingua Volgare Toscana, Con Ordine, Che 'l Vulgare E Comento Del Latino: & IL Latino E Comento Del Vulgare, Ambedue le Lingue Dichiarandosi L'Una Con L'Altra. Di Nuouo Ricorrette in Questa Seconda Editione. Con Privilegii. [Poems of Horace]
1518458: FAGAN, JOEN; SHEPERD, IRMA LEE (EDITORS) - Gestalt Therapy Now: Theory / Techniques / Applications
1520396: FAGAN, BRIAN - Time Detectives: How Archeologists Use Technology to Recapture the Past
1520148: FAGAN, BRIAN - From Black Land to Fifth Sun: The Science of Sacred Sites
1791520: FAGAN, BRIAN - Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations
1844238: FAGERSTROM, DOUG - Dramas with a Message, Vol. 3: 21 Reproducible Dramas for the Local Church
1844235: FAGERSTROM, DOUG - Dramas with a Message, Vol. 1: 21 Reproducible Dramas for the Local Church
1844237: FAGERSTROM, DOUG - Dramas with a Message, Vol. 2: 21 Reproducible Dramas for the Local Church
2126217: HOMER; FAGLES, ROBERT (TRANSLATOR); KNOX, BERNARD (INTRODUCTION & NOTES) - The Iliad (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
2084298: FAHEY, JAMES C. - The Ships and Aircraft of the United States Fleet: Two-Ocean Fleet Edition
1754406: FAIGLEY, LESTER - Brief Penguin Handbook
2150133: FAIR, A.A. (GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY) - Spill the Jackpot: A Bertha Cool Murder Mystery (Dell Mapback No. 109)
G12: FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. - Genesee Valley Hydrography and Drainage (Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Science, Vol. 7, Pp. 157-188)
1903642: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The Roadmender
2141714: FAIRMAN, PAUL W. - Worlds of If Science Fiction - March 1952 (Vol. 1, #1)
1299292: FAIRMAN, SEIBERT; CUTSHALL, CHESTER S. - Mechanics of Materials
1505491: FAIRSTEIN, LINDA - Killer Heat: An Alexandra Cooper Novel
1536565: EL-FAIZY, MONIQUE - God and Country: How Evangelicals Have Become America's New Mainstream
2073942: FAKHRY, AHMED - The Pyramids
1506478: FALK, QUENTIN - Travels in Greeneland: The Cinema of Graham Greene
1535738: FALKENSTEIN, GEORGE N. - History of the German Baptist Brethren Church, Reprinted from Pennsylvania-German Society Annual, 1900
2164163: FALLBERG, CARL - Tom and Jerry Meet Mr. Fingers
1535161: VISCOUNT GREY OF FALLODON - The Charm of Birds
1504624: FALLON, BERNADETTE; FLOODGATE, LAUREN - How to Decorate with Wallpaper: A Practical and Inspirational Guide with Step-by-Step Projects
1928997: FALSTEIN, LOUIS - Face of a Hero
1933931: FALUDI, SUSAN - Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man
2108052: SHAKERS CHURCH FAMILY - Products of Intelligence and Diligence
2184579: THE WILFRID WARD FAMILY; ET AL - Cinderella: A New and Original Version
2165570: FANCHER, LOU - Star Climbing
2119220: FANNING, JIM - The Disney Poster: The Animated Film Classics from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin
1528852: FARAGO, GINA - Ivy Cole and the Moon: A Novel of Unnatural Hungers
1301663: FARGE, CHRISTOPHER LA - Each to the Other
2070562: LA FARGE, OLIVER - Santa Fe: The Autobiography of a Southwester Town
2170968: FARIS, JAMES C. - The Nightway: A History and a History of Documentation of a Navajo Ceremonial
2041614: FARJEON, J. JEFFERSON - The Mystery at Dead Man's Heath
1826635: FARLEY, WALTER - The Island Stallion Races
1713875: FARLEY, RALPH MILNE - The Radio Planet
1952791: FARLEY, WALTER - The Black Stallion
2159106: FARLOW, JAMES O. - Texas Giants: Dinosaurs of the Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country
1890015: GRENTZINGER FARM - Automemories of Nineteen-Seventeen: 1917 / 1973 Classic Car Calendar
2146459: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Down in the Black Gang
1811272: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Behind the Walls of Terra (World of Tiers #4)
1512838: FARMER, JOHN S. (EDITOR); LEGMAN, G. (INTRODUCTION) - Merry Songs and Ballads Prior to the Year A.D. 1800, Vols. I-V; and Musa Pedestris: Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes (National Ballad and Song)
1515237: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Flesh
1877266: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Magic Labyrinth (the Riverworld Series Book 4)
1877267: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Gods of Riverworld (the Riverworld Saga Book 5)
1714566: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Magic Labyrinth
1775049: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Behind the Walls of Terra
1877572: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - To Your Scattered Bodies Go (the Riverworld Series Book 1)
1530052: FARRAND, PHIL - The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers: Six Seasons of Bloopers, Flubs, Technical Screw-Ups, and Picayune Plot Discrepancies for Discriminating Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation
2139116: FARRAND, MAX - The Framing of the Constitution of the United States
2140057: FARRAR, EMMIE FERGUSON - Old Virginia Houses Along the James
1927029: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Gas-House Mcginty
1912790: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Yesterday's Love and Eleven Other Stories: Yesterday's Love; After the Sun Has Risen; Counting the Waves; the Sport of Kings; the Fall of Machine Gun Mcgurk; Street Scene; Jim O'Neill; Children of the Times; Can All This Grandeur Perish?; Nostalgia; Soap; a Front-Page Story (New Avon Library 157)
1503601: FARRINGTON, LIZ; SHERWOOD, JONATHAN - Red Poppies for a Little Bird
1527293: FASOLA, GIUSTA NICCO - Caravaggio Anticaravaggesco
1528189: FASSETT, NORMAN C.; MOSE, CATHERINE - The Leguminous Plants of Wisconsin: The Taxonomy, Ecology and Distribution of the Leguminosae Growing in the State without Cultivation
2139124: FAST, HOWARD - Citizen Tom Paine
2069275: FAULK, ODIE B. - Arizona: A Short History
2150783: FAULKNER, HERBERT W. [WALDRON] - The Mysteries of the Flowers
1788840: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Soldier's Pay
2113318: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Sound and the Fury (Movie Tie-in)
1295164: FAULKNER, GEORGENE - Little Peachling and Other Tales of Old Japan
1905620: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Go Down, Moses
1523506: FAULKNER, GEORGENE - The Road to Enchantment
2116660: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Big Woods [the Hunting Stories of William Faulkner]
1661129: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Knight's Gambit
1913804: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - A Fool's Alphabet
2150055: FAURE, BERNARD; BROOKS, PHYLLIS - Visions of Power: Imagining Medieval Japanese Buddhism
2012806: [FAUST, BERNHARD CHRISTOPH; PORTER, HENRY H.; CONDIE, D. FRANCIS] - Porter's Catechism of Health; or, Plain and Simple Rules for the Preservation of the Health and Vigour of the Constitution from Infancy to Old Age. For the Use of Schools.
1535823: FAW, CHALMER - When the Way Is New
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1502722: FORCE, LILAS - Simply Enchanting Crafts: Over 30 Delightfully Delicate Projects for You and Your Home
1502721: FORCE, LILAS - Simply Enchanting Crafts: Over 30 Delightfully Delicate Projects for You and Your Home
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1518140: GARDNER, HOWARD - To Open Minds: Chinese Clues to the Dilemma of Contemporary Education
1301754: GARDNER, MALCOLM H. - Advanced Register of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America Volume XXI
1702048: GARDNER, CRAIG SHAW - Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies
1704209: GARDNER, CRAIG SHAW - An Excess of Enchantments
1504305: GARDNER, HOWARD - Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
1299738: GARDNER, MALCOLM H. - Advanced Register Year Book of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America Volume XXV [25]: Containing All Entries Received and Accepted from May 1, 1913 to April 30, 1914; a Complete List of Sires, with All Daughters of Active Sires That Have Been...
2189288: GARDNER, CHARLES - First Blood for the R.A. F. : The Valorous Story of the Advanced Air Striking Force in France
1704191: GARDNER, CRAIG SHAW - A Night in the Netherhells
2184572: GARDNER, JOHN - The Return of Moriarty
1296946: GARDNER, JOHN W. - Morale
1518141: GARDNER, HOWARD - Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
1704208: GARDNER, CRAIG SHAW - A Disagreement with Death
2008816: GARDNER, AUGUSTUS K. - The Causes and Curative Treatment of Sterility, with a Preliminary Statement of the Physiology of Generation. With Colored Lithographs and Numerous Wood Cut Illustrations.
2015974: GARDNER, JOHN - In the Suicide Mountains
2166490: GARDNER, ALEXANDER; BLEILER, E.F. - Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the CIVIL War (Dover Photography Collections)
1537304: GARFINKEL, JAY (EDITOR) - Wanderlust: 20 Extraordinary Travel Adventures: 500 Years of Travel Writing by Explorers of Jewish Origin 1492-1992
1293406: GARFINKLE, ADAM - Politics and Society in Modern Israel: Myths and Realities
1821317: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily Plays Indian Hunter; or, How Nurse Jane Thought It Very Funny to See an Indian Feathered Bunny and How the Fox and the Wolf Thought They Would Spoil the May Party Also How Uncle Wiggily Played the Hose on His Garden
1688063: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily on Roller Skates, or, What Happened When the Skillery Scallery Alligator Gave Chase and Uncle Wiggily Is Snowballed by the Fox and Wolf Also Uncle Wiggily Plays a Joke on the Wolf
1795533: GARIS, HOWARD R.; HERZBERG, MAX J. - The Uncle Wiggily Book
1804778: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily and Joie, Tommie and Kittie Kat (Uncle Wiggily Bedtime Stories)
1509310: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Picnic or How the Skee and Pip Stole the Wrong Lunch Basket and How Nurse Jane and Uncle Wiggily Went Camping. Also How Uncle Wiggily Gave the Bad Skee an Example in Arithmetic.
1539947: GARIS, LILIAN - Gloria: A Girl and Her Dad
1678331: GARLAND, MARK - Trial by Error (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, No. 21)
2178548: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Prairie Songs: Being Chants Rhymed and Unrhymed of the Level Lands of the Great West
1678005: GARLAND, MARK A.; MCGRAW, CHARLES G. - Ghost of a Chance (Star Trek Voyager, Book 7)
1893329: GARLAND, HAMLIN - The Book of the American Indian
2135420: GARLICK, MARK A. - The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe
1536674: GARNER, JAMES WILFORD; LODGE, HENRY CABOT; MCMASTER, JOHN BACH (HISTORICAL REVIEW) - The History of the United States, in Four Volumes - Edition de Luxe
1969060: GARNER, PHILIPPE - The World of Edwardiana
2123732: GARRARD, LEWIS H. - Wah-to-Yah and the American West
2165558: GARRETT, WENDELL D.; NORTON, PAUL F.; GOWANS, ALAN; BUTLER, JOSEPH T. - The Arts in America: The 19th Century
1960525: GARRETT, WENDELL D. - The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson
2187658: GARRIGUES, HENRY JACQUES - Diagnosis of Ovarian Cysts
2166496: GARRISON, WEBB - CIVIL War Stories: A Collection of Strange Tales, Oddities, Events and Coincidences
2179111: GARRISON, WEBB - More CIVIL War Curiosities: Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences
2170689: GARRISON, WEBB - Brady's CIVIL War
1857322: GARRISON, WEBB - The Unknown CIVIL War: Odd, Peculiar, and Unusual Stories of the War between the States
1857323: GARRISON, WEBB - More CIVIL War Curiosities: Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences
2183107: GARRISON, WEBB - More CIVIL War Curiosities: Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences
2188325: GARRISON, WEBB - Brady's CIVIL War: A Collection of Memorable CIVIL War Images Photographed by Mathew Brady and His Assistants
1893075: GARRITY, JOHN - Golf: A Three-Dimensional Exploration of the Game
1743659: GARROTT, HAL - Squiffer
1749496: KILWORTH GARRY - The Night of Kadar
2159045: GASH, JONATHAN - Faces in the Pool: A Lovejoy Mystery
1697693: GASKELL, JANE - The Atlan Saga 1: The Serpent
1823811: GASKELL, JANE - Atlan (the Atlan Series Book 2)
1823084: GASKELL, JANE - The Serpent (the Atlan Saga Book 1)
1823096: GASKELL, JANE - The City (the Atlan Saga)
1800927: GATELEY, SUSAN PETERSON - The Great Atomic Lake: Energy Policy, Security, and Nuclear Power on Lake Ontario
1539963: GATES, ARTHUR I.; HUBER, MIRIAM BLANTON - Round the Year
2178435: GATES, JOSEPHINE SCRIBNER - The Book of Live Dolls: An Omnibus for Children, Containing: The Story of Live Dolls; More About Live Dolls; the Secret of the Live Dolls
1671671: GATES, BERNIE - Ontario Decoys II: Some Carvers and Regional Styles
1532408: GAUMANN, ERNST - Principles of Plant Infection: A Text-Book of General Plant Pathology for Biologists, Agriculturists, Foresters and Plant Breeders
2084961: GAUSSEN, L. - The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
2015678: GAUTIER, LEON - La Chevalerie
1310735: GAY, MARGARET COOPER - Hatchet in the Sky
1310697: GAY, KATHLYN - Where the People Are: Cities and Their Future
1294942: GAY, FRANCIS - Friendship Book of Francis Gay, 1980
1697408: GEAR, W. MICHAEL - The Web of Spider
1699473: GEAR, W. MICHAEL - Starstrike
2191609: GEARY, EDWARD J. - Solitudes: Premieres Lectures Modernes--Cocteau, Colette, Ionesco, Michaux, Prevert
2158210: GEARY, JAMES - The World in a Phrase: A Brief History of the Aphorism
1921806: GEHMAN, RICHARD - Elvis Presley: Hero or Heel?
1311116: GEIKIE, JOHN C. - Adventures in Canada or, Life in the Woods
2023202: GEIKIE, [JOHN] CUNNINGHAM - Hours with the Bible; or, the Scriptures in the Light of Modern Knowledge. In Six Volumes: Creation to Moses; from Moses to the Judges; from Samson to Solomon; from Rehoboam to Hezekiah, with the Contemporary Prophets; from Manesseh to Zedekiah, with the Contemporary Prophets; from the Exile to Malachi, Completing the Old Testament. [with] New Testament Hours, in Four Volumes: The Gospels; the Apostles: Their Lives and Letters (2 Vols. ); St. Peter to Revelation
2034603: GEIS, RICHARD E. - The Corporation Strikes Back!
2034590: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review No. 19 - November 1976
2190656: GEIS, GILBERT; BUNN, IVAN - A Trial of Witches: A Seventeenth Century Witchcraft Prosecution
2141390: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review Magazine - August 1975 (Issue 14)
2061579: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review Four-Volume Set (Issues 41, 42, 43, 44)
2141396: GEIS, RICHARD E. - Star Whores
2141395: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review Magazine - May 1976 (Issue 17, Vol 5, Num. 2)
2141272: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - The Alien Critic 4-Volume Set (Issues Five, Six, Nine, and Ten)
2141392: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review - November 1975 (Issue 15, Vol. 4, No. 4)
2141273: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review Complete 1984 Series in 4 Issues (Issues 50, 51, 52, and 53)
2034588: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review No. 18 - August 1976
2034592: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review 1977 Four-Volume Set (Issues 20, 21, 22, 23)
2141393: GEIS, RICHARD E. (EDITOR) - Science Fiction Review Magazine - February 1976 (Issue 16, Vol. 5, No. 1)
1810032: DR. SEUSS (GEISEL, THEODORE SEUSS) - I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today and Other Stories
2025110: DR. SEUSS (GEISEL, THEODORE SEUSS) - Scrambled Eggs Super!
2130183: DR. SEUSS (GEISEL, THEODORE SEUSS) - Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book
1985182: GEIST, VALERIUS - Buffalo Nation: History and Legend of the North American Bison
1520403: GEIST, WILLIAM - The Zucchini Plague and Other Tales of Suburbia (Originally Published As 'Toward a Safe and Sane Halloween and Other Tales of Suburbia')
1892211: GEKLE, WILLIAM F. - The Hacketts and the Roosevelts and Other River Families: An Informal History of the Relationship between a Firm of Country Lawyers and Their Aristocratic Clients
1298603: GELB, ARTHUR & BARBARA - O'Neill
1294238: GELDERMAN, CAROL - Mary Mccarthy: A Life
2151976: GELLER, HERBERT F. - A Fight for Liberty: Southwestern Connecticut's Role in the American Revolution
2005137: GELLER, LAWRENCE D.; GOMES, PETER J. - The Books of the Pilgrims (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities Vol. 13)
2005165: GELLER, L.D. - They Knew They Were Pilgrims: Essays in Plymouth History
1298233: GELLIS, ROBERTA - Joanna (the Rosalynde Chronicles Book 3)
1539765: GELMAN, HARRY - The Brezhnev Politburo and the Decline of Detente
1641223: GEMIGNANI, MICHAEL; MILLER, KEITH (FOREWORD) - Making Your Church a House of Healing
1512378: GEMMELL, DAVID - Against the Horde (the Legend Trilogy Volume 1)
1516781: GEMMING, ELIZABETH - Huckleberry Hill: Child Life in Old New England
2153504: GENET, JEAN - The Selected Writings of Jean Genet
2194660: GENT, J.C. - Aircraft Recognition without Tears
1309721: GENTLE, MARY - Ancient Light
2072359: A SOCIETY OF GENTLEMEN - The American Medical and Philosophical Register: Or, Annals of Medicine, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts. Volume Third [Vol. 3]
2153183: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - The Science Book: Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It Works
1824257: GEORG, KATHLEEN R.; BUSEY, JOHN W.; MARTIN, DAVID G. (EDITOR) - Nothing But Glory: Pickett's Division at Gettysburg
1986938: GEORGANO, G.N. - The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars, 1885 to the Present
2065615: GEORGE, HENRY - Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth
1947341: GERIN, WINIFRED - Emily Bronte
2161018: GERLING, CURT - Smugtown U.S. A.
1694553: GERLING, CURT - Good Enough for Grandpa: First Edition
1694558: GERLING, CURT - Never a Dull Moment
1854236: GERLING, CURT - Good Enough for Grandpa: First Edition
2164498: GERLING, CURT - Smugtown U.S. A.
2184569: GERLING, CURT - Good Enough for Grandpa...
2164497: GERLING, CURT - Smugtown U.S. A.
1855341: GERLING, CURT - Good Enough for Grandpa: First Edition
2153405: GERLING, CURT - Smugtown U.S. A. (Signed)
2164086: GERLING, CURT - Never a Dull Moment
1703792: GERROLD, DAVID - Voyage of the Star Wolf
1682335: GERROLD, DAVID - The Middle of Nowhere
1682338: GERROLD, DAVID - Voyage of the Star Wolf
2130227: GERROLD, DAVID - The War Against the Chtorr: Invasion - a Matter for Men; a Day for Damnation
1699539: GERROLD, DAVID - A Matter for Men
1852302: GESSEN, MASHA; EYRE, JUSTINE (NARRATOR) - The Man without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin
1666930: GETTEMY, CHARLES FERRIS - The True Story of Paul Revere: His Midnight Ride; His Arrest and Court-Martial; His Useful Public Services
2183114: GETTLEMAN, MARVIN E. - The Dorr Rebellion: A Study in American Radicalism, 1833-1849
1536734: GHAZY, RANDA; SHORE, MARGUERITE - Dreaming of Palestine
1529544: GHOSH, AMITAV - The Hungry Tide
2190015: GIAMBASTIANI, BARBARA J. - Country Roads Revisited
1789444: GIANNETTI, LOUIS - Masters of the American Cinema
1501169: GIBALDI, JOSEPH - Mla Handbook for Writers of Research Papers: Fourth Edition
1525856: GIBALDI, JOSEPH - Mla Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (Second Edition)
1863129: GIBBON, EDWARD; BURY, J.B. (EDITOR); GUEDALLA, PHILIP (LETTER TO THE READER) - The History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, in Seven Volumes
2177757: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, in Three Volumes: Vol. 1 - the History of the Empire from 180 A.D. To 395 A.D. / Vol. 2 - the History of the Empire from 395 A.D. To 1185 A.D. / Vol. 3 - the History of the Empire from A.D. 1185 to the Fall of Constantine in 1453 (Modern Library Giant G6, G7 & G8)
1535079: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, in Three Volumes: Vol. 1 - the History of the Empire from 180 A.D. To 395 A.D. / Vol. 2 - the History of the Empire from 395 A.D. To 1185 A.D. / Vol. 3 - the History of the Empire from A.D. 1185 to the Fall of Constantine in 1453 (Modern Library Giant G6, G7 & G8)
1924469: GIBBON, EDWARD; LORD SHEFFIELD (EDITOR); BURY, J.B. (INTRODUCTION) - Autobiography of Edward Gibbon, As Originally Edited by Lord Sheffield (the World's Classics Series CXXXIX [139])
1913809: GIBBONS, KAYE - On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon
1531740: GIBBONS, WILLIAM F. - Those Black Diamond Men: A Tale of the Anthrax Valley
2193437: GIBBONS, FLOYD - The Red Knight of Germany: The Story of Baron Von Richthofen, Germany's Great War Bird
2187018: GIBBONS, DAVID - The Timechart History of the CIVIL War
1511959: GIBBONS, KAYE - On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon
1514454: GIBBS, GEORGE - The Shores of Romance
2020922: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems
2020929: GIBRAN, KAHLIL; NAHMAD, H.M. - Spirits Rebellious
2139135: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Kahlil Gibran Diary for 1973
2150816: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
2119151: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Earth Gods
1735705: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
2121362: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
2020932: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Earth Gods
2020928: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Sand and Foam: A Book of Aphorisms
1723510: GIBRAN, KAHLIL; SHEBAN, JOSEPH (TRANSLATOR) - Mirrors of the Soul
1520521: GIBSON, H.B. - Hypnosis: Its Nature and Therapeutic Uses
1539564: GIBSON, ANDREW - The Rollickers and Other Stories
1539500: GIBSON, ANDREW - Ellis and the Hummick
1313406: GIBSON, WILLIAM - A Mass for the Dead
1721659: GIBSON, LANGHORNE; HARPER, J.E.T.; HURD, ARCHIBALD (INTRODUCTION) - The Riddle of Jutland: An Authentic History, [with] Fourteen Diagrams
1728782: GIBSON, CECIL - Model Veteran & Vintage Cars
2055875: GIDE, ANDRE - Madeleine
1525392: GIDE, ANDRE - Die Schule Der Fraun Erzahlungen
1708100: GIER, SCOTT G. - Genellan: Planetfall
1798644: GIFFORD, BARRY & LEE, LAWRENCE - Jack's Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac
1889181: GIFFORD, STANLEY M. - Fort Wm. [William] Henry: A History
1942980: GIFFORD, BARRY - Barry Gifford's Perdita Durango: A Graphic Thriller
2183355: GIFFORD, JOHN - 1836 Broadside Advertising Public Auction of Livestock, Farming Utensils, and Household Furnishings in Chatham [Columbia County, New York]
1794296: GIFUNE, GREG F. - Catching Hell
2173904: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill Volume III, 1914-1916: The Challenge of War - in Two Volumes
1720612: GILBERT, EUGENE - The 28th Division in France
1905003: GILBERT, ELIZABETH - Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
2184622: GILBERT, W.S. - The Bab Ballads: Much Sound and Little Sense - Complete Edition in One Volume, Including the Bab Ballads and More Bab Ballads
1655664: GILBERT, ELIZABETH - Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
1517623: GILBERT, W.S.; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - The Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan
1527834: GILBERT, BRUCE K.; KAMMERER, JOHN C. - Hydrology of the Genesee River Basin, New York and Pennsylvania (Hydrologic Investigations Atlas Ha-368)
1670005: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill Official Biography Companion Volume III, Part 1: July 1914 - April 1915
1670006: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill Official Biography Companion Volume III, Part 2: May 1915 - December 1916
1849167: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill Volume VIII: Never Despair, 1945-1965
2193513: GILBERT, ALFRED C. - Gilbert: Handkerchief Tricks
2141421: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years
1518156: GILCHRIST, JIM; CORSI, JEROME R.; TANCREDO, TOM (FOREWORD) - Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders
2174828: GILDEMEISTER, JERRY - Avian Dreamers
1517436: GILDER, GEORGE - Visible Man: A True Story of Post-Racist America
1290129: GILES, RAY - Sleep! the Secret of Greater Power and Achievement -- with 101 Tips from Famous People
1523301: GILES, DAPHNE S. - East and West
1810897: GILL, ANNA - The Tale of Dickie Short
1854233: GILL, ANNA - The Tale of Dickie Short (Signed First Edition)
1804117: GILL, MICHAEL - Image of the Body: Aspects of the Nude
1536581: GILL, SEAN - The Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement: Campaigning for Justice, Truth and Love
1684147: GILLELAND, LINDI - Dominion's Crystal Tome
1506646: GILLETTE, M. E. - The U.S. Army: Its Men and Services
1842712: GILLETTE, A.E. (EDITOR) - Rochester Radio Revue Vol. 1 No. 2
1693172: GILLETTE, HENRY - Proceedings of the Council of the City of Rochester (Ny) 1962
2140020: GILLIAM, HAROLD - Island in Time: The Point Reyes Peninsula
2148526: GILLIGAN, EDMUND - The Gaunt Woman (Dell Mapback No. 312)
2153466: GILLINGTON, M.C. - A Day with Edvard Grieg
2104146: GILMAN, ARTHUR - The Story of Rome from the Earliest Times to the End of the Republic (the Story of the Nations)
1984828: GILMER, MAUREEN; GLASSMAN, MICHAEL - Water Works: Creating a Splash in the Garden
1630059: GILMETTE, JOHN - Panther Soup: Travels Through Europe in War and Peace (Vintage)
1761201: GILMOUR, IAN - The Making of the Poets: Byron and Shelley in Their Time
2117906: GILROY, FRANK D. - Private
1507408: GIMMEL, DENNIS - Dog Lot: A Myrtle Beach Thriller -- Signed Copy
2188919: GINGRICH, NEWT; FORSTCHEN, WILLIAM, R. - Grant Comes East: A Novel of the CIVIL War
2186677: GINGRICH, NEWT; FORSTCHEN, WILLIAM, R. - The Battle of the Crater: A Novel of the CIVIL War

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