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1522448: MONROE COUNTY - Enrollment List Monroe County Wards 11-17 1934
2119148: COURLANDER, HAROLD - Olode the Hunter and Other Tales from Nigeria
1523071: THE LIVING LANGUAGE COURSE - Advanced Living Spanish: A Complete Language Course, a New Tested Method, That Simplifies Language Study, Enables Anyone to Learn Spanish Quickly and Easily (2 Lp Set)
2170946: COURTNEY, KENT - Returning to the CIVIL War: Grand Reenactments of an Anguished Time
1538728: COUSINS, NORMAN - Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration
1536763: COUSINS, NORMAN - Head First: The Biology of Hope and the Healing Power of the Human Spirit
1538727: COUSINS, NORMAN - The Pathology of Power
2144265: COUSTEAU, JACQUES - Whales
1737515: COWAN, SAM K. - Sergeant York and His People
1924531: COWAN, RALPH WOLFE - A Personal Vision Volume I: Portrait Painting - 'the Noblest Art'
1797741: COWARD, NOEL - Play Parade: Design for Living; Cavalcade; Private Lives; Bitter Sweet; Post-Mortem; the Vortex; Hay Fever
1539550: COWARD, ROSALIND - The Whole Truth: The Myth of Alternative Health
1816800: COWARD, NOEL - Play Parade: Design for Living; Cavalcade; Private Lives; Bitter Sweet; Post-Mortem; the Vortex; Hay Fever
1540135: COWARD, ROSALIND - Our Treacherous Hearts: Why Women Let Men Get Their Way
1533494: COWIN, DANA (EDITOR) - Reinventing the Classics: Simple & Creative Ways to Rethink Recipes America Loves Best, Wine Wines to Match (Food & Wine)
1524040: COWLES, GEORGE W. (EDITOR) - Landmarks of Wayne County, New York
1894435: COWPER, RICHARD - The Twilight of Briareus
1905701: COWPER, RICHARD - Clone
2147974: COWPER, RICHARD - Phoenix
1523593: COWPER, WILLIAM - The Diverting History of John Gilpin: Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended and Came Safe Home Again
1893270: COWPER, WILLIAM; GRIMSHAWE, T.S. (EDITOR) - The Works of William Cowper, His Life, Letters and Poems, Now First Completed by the Introduction of Cowper's Private Correspondence
2191191: COX, RICHARD P. - CIVIL War Maryland: Stories from the Old Line State
1678341: COX, GREG - The Q Continuum: Q-Space (Star Trek the Next Generation, Book 47)
2067055: COX, IAN (EDITOR) - The Scallop: Studies of a Shell and Its Influences on Humankind
1677994: COX, GREG; BETANCOURT, JOHN GREGORY - Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11)
1678312: COX, GREG - The Black Shore (Star Trek Voyager, No 13)
2055165: COX, J. STEVENS; WEDGWOOD, C.V. - News from Canada, 1628: The Earliest Known Separate Publication in English Relating to Canada, and Describing the First English Conquest of Canada Entitled Englands Honour Revived by the Valiant Exploytes of Captaine Kirke. Now First Printed from the Two Recently Discovered Unique Poetical News-Sheets Published October, 1628.
2015772: COX, SIDNEY; FROST, ROBERT - A Swinger of Birches: A Portrait of Robert Frost
1810061: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Triple Exposure: The Jade Venus; the Fifth Key; the Glass Triangle
2148287: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Mrs. Murdock Takes a Case (Dell Mapback No. 202)
2148285: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - The Glass Triangle (Dell Mapback No. 81)
2170691: COZZENS, PETER - Battlefields of the CIVIL War: The Battles That Shaped America
1514520: CRABTREE, ARTHUR B. - The Restored Relationship: A Study in Justification and Reconciliation
2191296: CRADDOCK, HARRY - The Savoy Cocktail Book
1629359: CRADDOCK, FRED B.; HAYES, JOHN H.; HOLLADAY, CARL R.; TUCKER, GENE M. - Preaching the New Common Lectionary: Year a, After Pentecost
1629361: CRADDOCK, FRED B.; HAYES, JOHN H.; HOLLADAY, CARL R.; TUCKER, GENE M. - Preaching the New Common Lectionary Year a: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
1629363: CRADDOCK, FRED B.; HAYES, JOHN H.; HOLLADAY, CARL R. - Preaching the New Common Lectionary Year B: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
1515914: CRAFTS, WILBUR F. (EDITOR) - Bible Stories and Poems
1924462: [MISS MULOCK (DINAH MARIA MULOCK CRAIK)] - Fifty Golden Years: Incidents in the Queen's Reign
1295447: CRAIN, MARY BETH - A Widow, a Chihuahua and Harry Truman
1527837: CRAIN, LESLIE J. - Chemical Quality of Ground Water in the Western Oswego River Basin, New York (United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, Basin Planning Report Orb - 3)
1527838: CRAIN, LESLIE J. - Ground-Water Resources of the Western Oswego River Basin, New York
1527839: CRAIN, LESLIE J. - Chemical Quality of Ground Water in the Western Oswego River Basin, New York (United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, Basin Planning Report Orb - 3)
1822504: CRAINE, E.J. - Canny the Courageous (the Boys' Adventure Series)
1512941: CRAIS, ROBERT - The Two Minute Rule
2185072: CRAMER, KENYON C. - The Causes of War: The American Revolution, the CIVIL War, and World War I
2072354: CRAMP, ARTHUR J.; SIMMONS, GEORGE H. - Nostrums and Quackery and Pseudo-Medicine, Volume III [3]
2144213: CRANE, STEPHEN; VAN DOREN, CARL - The Red Badge of Courage (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
2144203: CRANE, STEPHEN; GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - Maggie: A Girl of the Streets - a Story of New York (Masterpieces of American Literature)
2122437: CRANE, FRANCES - The Pink Umbrella Murder
1714120: CRANE, ROBERT - Hero's Walk
1525308: CRANE, STEPHEN; HERZBERG, MAX (INTRODUCTION) - The Red Badge of Courage
1636784: CRANE, WALTER - Best Loved Fairy Tales
2112361: CRANE, DAVID - Lord Byron's Jackal: A Life of Edward John Trelawny
1923466: CRANE, STEPHEN; JAMES, HENRY; HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (a Story of New York)
1506990: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - The Shadow of the Winter Palace: The Drift to Revolution [in Russia] 1825-1917
1306009: CRAPOL, EDWARD P. - James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire (Biographies in American Foreign Policy Series Number 4)
1516176: CRAVEN, WES - Music of the Heart
2172720: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK - The Colonies in Transition: 1660-1712 (the New American Nation Series)
1797690: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - The White Sister
2016110: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - A Cigarette-Maker's Romance (Collection of British Authors, Tauchnitz Edition, Vol. 2680. )
1908635: CREASEY, JOHN - Battle for Inspector West
1526260: CREASEY, JOHN - The Toff Goes to Market
1526262: CREASEY, JOHN - The Baron and the Stolen Legacy
1526292: CREASEY, JOHN - Give a Man a Gun (a Roger West Mystery)
1699171: CREASEY, JOHN - The Toff at the Fair
1840365: CREETH, EDMUND (EDITOR) - Tudor Prose, 1513-1570
1539081: CREHORE, ALBERT C. - The Atom
2174182: CREPALDI, GABRIELE - The Impressionists
2105929: CRESWICK, PAUL - Robin Hood
1309236: CRICHTON, ROBERT - The Camerons
1526033: CRIPPS, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Countryman: A Quarterly Non-Party Review and Miscellany of Rural Life and Work for the English-Speaking World (Vol. LIII, No. 1, Spring 1956)
1507790: CRISP, ROGER - Ley Lines of Wessex
1676163: CRISPIN, A.C. - Time for Yesterday (Star Trek, No. 39)
1710226: CRISPIN, A.C. - Star Trek the Next Generation #13: The Eyes of the Beholders
1677984: CRISPIN, A.C. - Star Trek: Sarek
1676152: CRISPIN, A.C. - Yesterday's Son
1924111: CRISTOL, VIVIAN - Good-Time Charlie: A Real Greenwich Village Cat
1922816: CROCKETT, JAMES UNDERWOOD; WATERS, MARJORIE - Crockett's Indoor Garden
2043551: CROFTS, M. HELENA - Our Jolly Holidays Put-Together Book (No. 881)
2181945: CROMIE, ALICE - A Tour Guide to the CIVIL War: The Complete State-by-State Guide to Battlegrounds, Landmarks, Museums, Relics, and Sites
1311203: CRONIN, A.J. (ARCHIBALD JOSEPH) - A Thing of Beauty
1308322: CRONIN, A.J. (ARCHIBALD JOSEPH) - Shannon's Way
1297972: CRONYN, GEORGE - Fool of Venus: The Story of Peire Vidal
2096578: CROS, CHARLES; ALLAIS, ALPHONSE - The Salt Herring [le Hareng Saur]
2186594: CROSS, WHITNEY R. - The Burned-over District: The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York, 1800-1850
1291610: CROSS, A.G. (EDITOR); RICE, JAMES L; HART, PIERRE R.; BUDGEN DAVID E.; JONES, W. GARETH; BAEHR, STEPHEN L.; PAGE, TANYA; SMITH, G.S.; CROSS, A.G. - Russian Literature in the Age of Catherine the Great: A Collection of Essays
1513861: CROSS, CHARLES N. - Heat Engines (Engineering Science Series)
1294837: CROSS, A.G. - By the Banks of the Thames: Russians in Eighteenth Century Britain
1530060: CROSS, J.W. - Impressions of Dante and of the New World, with a Few Words on Bimetallism
1503557: CROUTHERS, DAVID D. - Flags of American History
1523713: CROWDER, HERBERT - Weatherhawk
1717520: CROWDER, WILLIAM - A Naturalist at the Seashore
2066771: CROWE, ANDREW - Which Seashell?: Identify New Zealand's Seashells - Simply
1905705: CROWLEY, JOHN - Beasts
2176517: CROWLEY, ALEISTER; DUQUETTE, LON MILO - Sex Magick (the Best of the Equinox, Vol. 3)
2178794: CROWN, LAWRENCE - Marilyn at Twentieth Century Fox
2119146: CROWTHER, GEOFF - Africa on the Cheap
1815034: CROZIER, BRIAN - Degaulle: The First Complete Biography
2191590: CRUIKSHANK, E.A. - Documents Relating to the Invasion of Canada and the Surrender of Detroit, 1812
1981923: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara (Lundy's Lane Historical Society) [Butler's Rangers: The Revolutionary Period. ]
1534284: CRUIKSHANK, DAN - Adventures in Architecture
1534951: CRUMB, DOROTHY W.; THROCKMORTON, JAMES - City Cemeteries to Boreal Bogs: Where to Go Birding in Central New York
2165821: CRUME, VIC - Dr. Syn (the Wonderful World of Disney)
1292693: CRUMMEY, ROBERT O. - Aristocrats and Servitors: The Boyar Elite in Russia, 1613-1689
2140066: CRUMP, SPENCER - The California Western Skunk Railroad
1826831: CRUTE, JOSEPH H. - Confederate Staff Officers, 1861-1865
1533198: DA CRUZ, DANIEL - F-Cubed
1527397: CUISON, DAN - Pro Football Halftime Activity Book
1310650: CULBERTSON, ELY - Contract Bridge Book of 1933
1297832: CULBERTSON, BILL M. (EDITOR) - Polymer Preprints Volume 37, Numbers 1 & 2, March 1996: Papers Presented at the New Orleans, Louisiana Meeting and the Orlando, Florida Meeting
1671662: CULHANE, JOHN; DISNEY, ROY E. (FORWARD); LEVIN, JAMES (COMMENTARY) - Fantasia 2000: Visions of Hope
2073574: CULLEN, THOMAS S. [STEPHEN] - Early Medicine in Maryland
2048781: CULLEN, MAURICE R.; RICH, HOWARD L. - Battle Road: Birthplace of the American Revolution - a Guide to Minute Man National Historical Park
1532748: CULLUM, RIDGWELL - The Son of His Father
1924485: CULLUM, RIDGWELL - The Night Riders: A Romance of Early Montana
1840343: MANITOBA HERITAGE, CULTURE AND RECREATION - The Fur Trade in the Scratching River Region
1524771: CULVER, ELSIE THOMAS - Women in the World of Religion: From Pagan Priestesses to Ecunemical Delegates
2129913: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - Calvary; or the Death of Christ. A Poem in Eight Books.
2182205: CUMBERWORTH, SHEILA M.; BILES, DANIEL V. - An Enduring Love: The CIVIL War Diaries of Benjamin Franklin Pierce (14th New Hampshire Vol. Inf. ) and His Wife Harriett Jane Goodwin Pierce
2079922: CUMMING, W.P.; SKELTON, R.A.; QUINN, D.B. - The Discovery of North America
1946421: CUMMINGS, E.E. - 100 Selected Poems
1517421: CUMSTON, CHARLES GREENE; CROOKSHANK, F.G. - ESSAY - An Introduction to the History of Medicine: From the Time of the Pharaohs to the End of the Xviiith Century
1703885: CUNNINGHAM, ELAINE - Daughter of the Drow: A Novel of the Underdark (the Starlight and Shadows Series Book 1)
1984800: CUNNINGHAM, NOBLE E. - In Pursuit of Reason: The Life of Thomas Jefferson (Southern Biography Series)
2142299: CUNNINGHAM, ELAINE - Counselors & Kings 3-Book Set (the Magehound; the Floodgate; the Wizardwar)
2153500: CUNNINGHAM, DARRYL - Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness
1306717: CUNNINGHAM, CLARICE - What Do You Know? a Book of Questions and Answers (Little Blue Book No. 1251)
1512930: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours (Movie Edition)
1934844: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours (Movie Edition)
1539509: CURREN, POLLY - The Little Red Caboose That Ran Away
1934816: CURRO, EVELYN - Triptych of Hand-Colored Locomotive Prints by Evelyn Curro
2155309: CURTI, MERLE - The Growth of American Thought
2008757: CURTIS, A. [ALVA] - Lectures on Midwifery and the Forms of Disease Peculiar to Women and Children, Delivered to the Members of the Botanico-Medical College of Ohio
2101744: CURTIS, W.H. - The Elements of Wood Ship Construction
1504630: CURTIS, T. (THOMAS) - Divine Amusement Volume 3 [Three]: A Select Collection of Psalms and Hymns As Sung at All the Principal Churches, Chapels and Dissenting Congregations, to Which Is Added Kent's Favorite Jubilate, the Whole Property Adapted for the Voice, Piano Forte or Organ
1852233: CURTIS, ALICE TURNER - A Frontier Girl of New York
1520677: CURTIUS, LUDWIG - Interpretationen Von Sechs Griechischen Bildwerken, Mit 10 Tafeln
2026092: CURTIUS, ALEX(ANDER) CAROLUS - Inaugural Medical Dissertation on the Kidney and Bladder Stone, Printed in Leiden, 1662 (Ivedamoji Medicinos Disertacija Apie Inkstu Ir Pursles Akmeni, Medicinos Daktaro Laipsniui Isigyti Spausdinta Leidene 1662 M.
1836418: CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER - The Black Hunter: A Novel of Old Quebec
1501094: CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER - God's Country and the Woman
2007120: CUSHING, ABEL - Historical Letters on the First Charter of Massachusetts Government.
1635779: CUSHMAN, DAN; GUTHRIE, A.B., JR. (EDITOR) - The Great North Trail: America's Route of the Ages - from Asia Across Alaska Down the Rocky Mountains to the Plains of Texas (American Trails Series)
2003566: CUSHMAN, ROBERT - The First Sermon Ever Preached in New England; the First Printed and the Oldest American Discourse Extant, 1621. With a Curious Account of the New England Country, Indians, Adventurers, &C. By the Same Author, and a Sketch of His Life. Also, the First Prayer Meeting and the First Thanksgiving on the 'Wild New England Shore. ' [the Sin and Danger of Self-Love, a Discourse Delivered at Plymouth, in New-England, 1621. ]
1517879: CUSHWA, FRANK W.; CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT N. - Ways of Thinking and Writing
1519780: CUSSLER, CLIVE & DIRK - Arctic Drift: A Dirk Pitt Novel
1286837: CUSSLER, CLIVE; KEMPRECOS, PAUL - Polar Shift: A Novel from the Numa Files -- a Kurt Austin Adventure
1644544: CUSSLER, CLIVE; BLACKWOOD, GRANT - Spartan Gold
1506825: CUSSLER, CLIVE - Trojan Odyssey (the Dirk Pitt / Numa Series Book 17)
1540630: CUSSLER, CLIVE; DU BRUL, JACK - Corsair
2187950: CUSTER, ELIZABETH B. - Tenting on the Plains, or, General Custer in Kansas and Texas
2187956: CUSTER, G.A. [GEORGE ARMSTRONG] - My Life on the Plains. Or, Personal Experiences with Indians.
1528142: CUTLER, DONALD R. (EDITOR) - The Religious Situation: 1968 - the First in a Series of Annual Volumes
2191838: CUTWATER, MYRA YELLIN & ERIC B. - Cast Iron Automotive Toys
1525632: CYRAN, HENRY B. - The Asian Way with Herbs: 125 Varieties Illustrated in Colour
1520804: HARRIS M.D., THOMAS A. - I'm Ok -- You'Re Ok
2132491: DACUS, J.A. - Illustrated Lives and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James and the Younger Brothers, Noted Western Outlaws
1903441: DAHL, SVEND - History of the Book
1807340: DAIL, HUBERT - The Singing Fool and the Story of Sonny Boy (Photoplay)
2171979: DAKIN, D. MARTIN - A Sherlock Holmes Commentary
1298612: DALE, JEAN N.; SHEELER, WILLARD D. - Quiet Man and Other Stories (Reading & Exercise Stories 4)
1533222: DALEY, BRIAN - Smoke on the Water (Gammalaw 1)
1533223: DALEY, BRIAN - Screaming Across the Sky (Gammalaw, Book 2)
1529017: DALEY, ROBERT - Only a Game
1718472: DALLAS, GLODEN; GILL, DOUGLAS - The Unknown Army: Mutinies in the British Army in World War I
2077541: DALLAS, SANDRA - No More Than Five in a Bed: Colorado Hotels in the Old Days
1689306: DALMAS, JOHN - The Walkaway Clause
1533229: DALMAS, JOHN - Fanglith
1713772: DALMAS, JOHN - The Walkaway Clause
1689309: DALMAS, JOHN - The Lantern of God
1501060: DALMAS, JOHN - Return to Fanglith
1708395: DALMAS, JOHN - The Three-Cornered War
1686751: DALMAS, JOHN - The Lizard War
1697307: DALMAS, JOHN - Soldiers
1697309: DALMAS, JOHN - The Helverti Invasion
1699513: DALMAS, JOHN - The Yngling
1819773: DALMATH, GABE; DEFRANCO, G.R.; WAXMAN, JAN LAMARTINA - The Image Is Rochester
1533301: DALTON, SEAN - Destination: Mutiny (Operation Starhawks, Book 5)
1684220: DALTON, SEAN - Time Trap
1795936: DALTON, SAMUEL - Second Coming (Signed)
1675864: DALTON, SEAN - Turncoat
1701990: DALTON, SEAN - Time Trap: Showdown
1697738: DALTON, SEAN - Time Trap
2059945: DALY, ELIZABETH - Evidence of Things Seen (a Henry Gamadge Mystery)
1527852: DALYRYMPLE, TATE; BENSON, M.A. - Measurement of Peak Discharge by the Slope-Area Method (Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations of the United States Geological Survey, Book 3: Applications of Hydraulics, Chapter A2)
1651599: DANIEL VAN DAM, JAN - Gedateerd Delfts Aardewerk = Dated Dutch Delftware (Dutch Edition)
1519604: DAMJANOV, IVAN - Pathology for the Health-Related Professions
2166788: DANA, CHARLES A. - Recollections of the CIVIL War: With the Leaders at Washington and in the Field of the Sixties
1863156: DANA, RICHARD HENRY, JR. - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea
2066760: DANCE, S. PETER - Shells (Eyewitness Handbooks)
1533097: DANE, REBECCA; MACNEALE, CRAIG - Tales of Haunting and Horror Around the North of England
1533098: DANE, REBECCA; MACNEALE, CRAIG - Ghostly Encounters of the Chilling Kind, from the Northern Counties and the Lake District
1536604: DANFORTH, JOHN - Faith and Politics: How the Moral Values Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together
1743653: DANGERFIELD, CLINTON - Lost Canyon
2157328: DANIEL, LARRY J. - Battle of Stones River: The Forgotten Conflict between the Confederate Army of Tennessee and the Union Army of the Cumberland
1287358: DANIELS, NORMAN - Dark Desire
1929292: DANIELS, DOROTHY - Shadows of Tomorrow
2165877: DANIELS, JIM - Flint Adams and the Stage Coach
1991351: DANIELS, A.C. - The Cat
1514061: DANIELSON, PETER - The Shepherd Kings (Children of the Lion Series Book 2)
1509820: DANIELSON, FRANCES W; MOORE, JESSIE E. - Three Years Old
2147056: VON DANIKEN, ERICH - In Search of Ancient Gods: My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible
1981951: DANKERS, JASPAR; SLUYTER, PETER; MURPHY, HENRY C. (TRANSLATOR) - Journal of a Voyage to New York and a Tour in Several of the American Colonies in 1679-80, Translated from the Original Manuscript in Dutch (Memoirs of the Long Island Historical Society. Volume I. )
1309309: DANN, JACK - The Man Who Melted: First Edition
1529273: DANN, JACK - Starhiker
1520162: DANTO, ARTHUR C.; SILVERS, ANITA, ET AL - The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (Volume 40, Number 3, Summer 1991)
2060238: MING-DAO, DENG - Scholar Warrior: An Introduction to the Tao in Everyday Life
2190601: DARDEN, DEE - Inside the Ropes: A Look at the Lpga Tour Through the Lens of Photographer and Caddie Dee Daren
1540473: DARE, PHILIP N. - Lexington Theological Quarterly: Volume 32, Number 3, Fall 1997
1949171: DARLING, LOUIS - The Gull's Way
1722795: DARROCH, G.R.S.; MAXSE, L.J. (PREFACE) - Deeds of a Great Railway: A Record of the Enterprise and Achievements of the London and North-Western Railway Company During the Great War, with Illustrations
1517309: DARVILL, TIMOTHY - Prehistoric Britain
1951419: DARWIN, CHARLES; RALLING, CHRISTOPHER - The Voyage of Charles Darwin: His Autobiographical Writings
2085015: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man (Great Minds Series)
2187666: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Voyage of the H.M. S. Beagle
2193553: DARWIN, CHARLES - Descent of Man
1973270: DARWIN, ERASMUS - Zoonomia; or the Laws of Organic Life. In Three Parts. , Complete in Two Volumes - Part I. Containing the Immediate Causes of Animal Motions, Deduced from Their More Simple or Frequent Appearances in Health; and Applied to Explain Their More Intricate or Uncommon Occurrences in Diseases. ; Part III. Containing the Articles of the Materia Medica, with an Account of the Operation of Medicines. ; Part II. Containing a Catalogue of Diseases, Distributed Into Natural Classes, According to Their Proximate Causes, with Their Subsequent Orders, Genera, and Species, and with Their Method of Cure.
2174190: DARWIN, CHARLES; POHL, FREDERIK - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life
1508502: DATE, HENRY - Pentecostal Hymns No. 1: A Winnowed Collection for Evangelistic Services, Young People's Socities and Sunday-Schools
1514568: DATLOW, ELLEN; WINDLING, TERRI (EDITORS) - The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection
1515143: DAUGHERTY, SARAH B. - The Literary Criticism of Henry James
1677941: DAVENPORT, EMILY - Eggheads
1500815: DAVENPORT, JOHN; MURPHY, CHARLES J.V. - The Lives of Winston Churchill: A Close Up -- First Edition
2147055: DAVENTRY, LEONARD - A Man of Double Deed
1514445: DAVEY, NORMAN - Guinea Girl: A Melodrama in Three Acts, Together with the Incidental Music, Here Presented for the Entertainment of the Curious
1817441: DAVEY, CYRIL J. - The Yellow Robe: The Story of Sadhu Sundar Singh (the Torch Biographies Series)
1517533: DAVEY, NORMAN - The Pilgrim of a Smile
1678347: DAVID, PETER - Star Trek : The Rift : 57
1703893: DAVID, PETER - Star Trek: The Next Generation - a Rock and a Hard Place
2187403: DAVID, DONALD - Divided We Fought
1676202: DAVID, PETER - Strike Zone (the Next Generation #5)
1678302: DAVID, PETER - Q-in-Law (Star Trek the Next Generation, No 18)
1676192: DAVID, PETER - A Rock and a Hard Place
1530327: DAVID, PETER - Babylon 5: In the Beginning
1926023: DAVID, PETER - Fable: Blood Ties
1737540: DAVIDSON, AVRAM - Clash of Star-Kings
1923177: DAVIDSON, AVRAM - The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Twelfth Series
1747098: DAVIDSON, MARION - The Campfire Girls on the Ice, or, the Mystery of a Winter Cabin [Camp Fire Girls] (Girl's Prize Library)
1747099: DAVIDSON, MARION - The Campfire Girls, or, the Secret of an Old MILL [Camp Fire Girls] (Girl's Prize Library)
1528558: DAVIDSON, MORRIS - Understanding Modern Art
1527997: DAVIDSON, DIANE MOTT - Sweet Revenge: A Novel of Suspense
2194649: DAVIDSON, JESSE - How to Build Solid Scale Model War Planes
1923057: DAVIDSON, AVRAM; BALLARD, J.G.; CARR, TERRY; ET AL - The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Fourteenth Series
1814459: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - 500 Years of Life in America: An Illustrated History
1520132: DAVIDSON, RICHARD J.; SCHWARTZ, GARY E.; SHAPIRO, DAVID (EDITOR) - Consciousness and Self-Regulation: Advances in Research and Theory, Volume 3
1536321: DAVIDSON, THOMAS N. - To Preserve Life: Hostage-Crisis Management
1529554: DAVIDSON, OSHA GRAY - Broken Heartland: The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto
1310161: DAVIE, MAURICE R. - World Immigration, with Special Reference to the United States
1979964: DAVIE, MICHAEL - Lbj: A Foreign Observer's Viewpoint [Lyndon Baynes Johnson]
2150483: DAVIES, VALENTINE - Miracle on 34th Street
1532967: DAVIES, HUNTER - A Walk Around the Lakes: A Visit to Britain's Lake District
1535803: DAVIES, VALENTINE - Miracle on 34th Street
2191560: DAVIES, VALENTINE - Miracle on 34th Street
2152004: DAVIES, MARTIN - The Gutenberg Bible
1906422: DAVIES, L.P. - The Artificial Man
1305938: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - One Half of Robertson Davies: Stories, Lectures, Jeux D'Esprit, and Advice on Writing and Writers, Books, and Literature
1284384: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Lyre of Orpheus (the Cornish Trilogy Book 3)
2147982: DAVIES, L.P. - Twilight Journey
1305937: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - A Mixture of Frailties (the Salterton Trilogy Book 3)
1305936: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Leaven of Malice (the Salterton Trilogy Book 2)
1929028: DAVIES, L.P. - The Artificial Man
1901617: DAVIES, L.P. - Psychogeist
2120820: DAVIES, VALENTINE - Miracle on 34th Street
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1894081: DREPPERD, CARL W. - Pioneer America: Its First Three Centuries
1686787: DREW, WAYLAND - Dragonslayer
1306294: DREWE, ROBERT - Ned Kelly
1521102: DREWITZ, INGEBORG (EDITOR); BRINKER-GABLER, GISELA; GERHARD, UTE, ET AL - The German Women's Movement: The Social Role of Women in the 19th Century and the Emancipation Movement in Germany
2188913: DREYER, J.L.E. - A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler (Formerly Titled: History of the Planetary Systems from Thales to Kepler)
1923447: DREYFUS, HUBERT; KELLY, SEAN DORRANCE - All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age
1306260: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Oliver Cromwell: A Play
2059831: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY; FRECHETTE, LOUIS (INTRODUCTION) - The Habitant and Other French-Canadian Poems
2029733: DRURY, GEORGE H. - The Train-Watcher's Guide to North American Railroads
1694389: DRURY, ALLEN - Advise and Consent: A Novel of Washington Politics
2164058: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Dryden. With Memoir and Introductions to Poems.
2179705: PLUTARCH; DRYDEN, JOHN - Plutarch: The Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, in Five Volumes (Easton Press Deluxe Limited Edition)
2059947: DRYER, BERNARD VICTOR - Murder in Port Afrique
1678334: DUANE, DIANE - Doctor's Orders (Star Trek, Book 50)
1676168: DUANE, DIANE; MORWOOD, PETER - The Romulan Way (Star Trek: The Original Series, No. 35)
1678337: DUANE, DIANE - My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek: The Original Series, No. 18)
1676187: DUANE, DIANE - The Wounded Sky
1520532: DUBOIS, THEODORE - The Seven Last Words of Christ: A Sacred Cantata for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra (G. Schirmer's Collection of Oratorios and Cantatas)
1520836: DUBOIS, ROCHELLE H. - Pangs: A Novella
1540512: DUBOIS, THEODORA - Rogue's Coat
1726836: VIOLLET-LE-DUC, E.; BUCKNALL, BENJAMIN (TRANSLATOR) - Annals of a Fortress [Translated from the French Histoire D'Une Forteresse]
1506643: DUCAT, STEPHEN J. - The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, & the Politics of Anxious Masculinity
1519351: DUCK, STEVE - Relating to Others (Mapping Social Psychology Series)
2008345: DUDLEY, THOMAS; FARMER, JOHN - Gov. Thomas Dudley's Letter to the Countess of Lincoln, March, 1631. With Explanatory Notes (Colonial Tracts No 16)
1527944: DUERDEN, FRANK - Great Walks - North Wales
1531014: DUFF, J. CLARENCE - Pen Sketches of Historic Toronto
2071667: DUFFUS, R.L. - The Santa Fe Trail
1540202: DUFFY, CHRISTOPHER - Fire & Stone: The Science of Fortress Warfare, 1660-1860
2022010: DUFFY, CLINTON T.; LINKLETTER, EVA IRENE; CRANSTON, ALAN - From Heroin to San Quentin: A Novel
1540196: DUFFY, CHRISTOPHER - Siege Warfare: The Fortress in the Early Modern World, 1494-1660
1540198: DUFFY, CHRISTOPHER - The Fortess in the Age of Vauban and Frederick the Great, 1660-1789 (Siege Warfare Volume II)
1534066: DUFFY, STELLA - Mouths of Babes (Bloody Brits)
1511870: DUFRESNE, JOHN - The Way That Water Enters Stone
1308304: DUGGAN, ALFRED - Three's Company: A Novel About the Triumvirate: First Edition
1974162: DUKORE, BERNARD F. - American Dramatists, 1918-1945
1806148: DUMAS, ALEXANDER [ALEXANDRE] - The Black Tulip
2144147: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE [ALEXANDER]; LANG, ANDREW - The Three Musketeers (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
1889876: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers
2066286: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE [ALEXANDER] - Chicot, the Jester (la Dame de Monsoreau): A Sequel to 'Marguerite de Valois. ' - the Second Volume in the Series of Historical Stories Known As the 'Valois Romances. ' (Cornell Series)
1777262: DUMOND, DWIGHT LOWELL - The Secession Movement, 1860-1861
2178814: DUNCAN, PAUL - Marilyn Monroe (Movie Icons)
1533295: DUNCAN, DAVE - A Rose-Red City
2174185: COPERNICUS; DUNCAN, A.M.; DEKOSKY, ROBERT M. - De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium: Copernicus on the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
1705943: DUNCAN, DAVE - The Coming of Wisdom
1705945: DUNCAN, DAVE - The Destiny of the Sword
1304878: DUNCAN, NORMAN - Doctor Luke of the Labrador
1500753: DUNCAN, GREGORY - Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops
1970340: DUNCAN, ANDREW; DYCKMAN, JACOB - The Edinburgh New Dispensatory: Containing I. The Elements of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. II. The Materia Medica; or the Natural, Pharmaceutical and Medical History, of the Substances Employed in Medicine. III. The Pharmaceutical Preparations and Compositions. Including Translations of the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, Published in 1805, of the Dublin Pharmacopoeia, in 1807, and of the London Pharmacopoeia, in 1815. Illustrated and Explained in the Language, and According to the Principles, of Modern Chemistry. With Numerous Tables; and Plates of Pharmaceutical Apparatus. From the Eighth and Last Edinburgh Edition. With Large Additions, Relating Principally to the Vegetable Productions of the United States.
1530078: DUNCAN, JANE E. - A Summer Ride Through Western Tibet
1533543: DUNCAN, DAVE - Hero!
2129896: DUNCAN, HENRY - Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons; Illustrating the Perfections of God in the Phenomena of the Year. Spring.
1821303: DUNCAN, NORMAN; GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Battles Royal Down North
1534699: DUNCKER, PATRICIA - The Doctor: A Novel
2185101: DUNKLEBERG, GROVER J. - You, Too, Can Fly!
1530072: DUNKLEY, W.G. - Belts for Power Transmission: A Systematic Treatment of Belt Materials and Types of Belts, and of the Transmission of Power by Belting, with Specially Calculated Tables (Pitman's Primers)
2108635: DUNLAVY, JOHN - Manifesto or a Declaration of the Doctrines and Practice of the Church of Christ
1538800: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years
1528026: DUNN, JAMES R. - Characteristics of Various Aggregate Producing Bedrock Formations in New York State (Phase 3 of Physical Research Project No. 4 - Acceptability Tests for Coarse Aggregates, Engineering Research Series Rr 63-3, November 1963)
1642371: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years: Signed Copy
1795018: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years (Signed Copy)
1643869: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years
1536713: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years
1937657: DUNN, EMELENE ABBEY; [DUNN, MARY] - Mediterranean Picture Lands
1681312: DUNN, ESTHER A. - Webster Through the Years
1527249: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Game of Kings (the Lymond Chronicles Book 1)
1527248: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Queens' Play (the Lymond Chronicles Book 2)
1524751: DUNNING, JOHN S.; RIDGELY, ROBERT S. - South American Land Birds: A Photographic Aid to Identification
2144917: DUPRE, JUDITH; SMITH, ADRIAN - Skyscrapers
2119364: DURAND, JOHN - New Materials for the History of the American Revolution, Translated from Documents in the French Archives
1787047: DURANT, FREDERICK, C. & JAMES, GEORGE S. (EDITORS) - First Steps Toward Space: Proceedings of the First and Second History Symposia of the International Academy of Astronautics at Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 26 September 1967, and New York, U.S. A. , 16 October 1968 (Smithsonian Annals of Flight, Number 10)
1915453: DURDEN, KENT - A Fine and Peaceful Kingdom
1638910: DURELL, ANN (EDITOR); SACHS, MARILYN - The Big Book for Peace
2194688: DURER, ALBRECHT; STRAUSS, WALTER L. (EDITOR) - The Complete Engravings, Etchings & Drypoints of Albrecht Durer
1516049: DURHAM, PHILIP; JONES, EVERETT L. (EDITORS) - The Frontier in American Literature
1789537: DURHAM, MEENAKSHI GIGI; KELLNER, DOUGLAS M. - Media and Cultural Studies
1522958: DURHAM, MARILYN - The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
1540469: DURNBAUGH, DONALD F. (EDITOR) - To Serve the Present Age: The Brethren Service Story
2004917: DUROZOI, GERARD; ANDERSON, ALISON - History of the Surrealist Movement
1515269: DURRELL, LAWRENCE; JENNINGS, ELIZABETH; THOMAS, R.S. - Penguin Modern Poets 1: Lawrence Durrell, Elizabeth Jennings; R.S. Thomas
2003819: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Alexandria Quartet Complete in Four Volumes: Justine; Balthazar; Mountolive; Clea
1681308: DURSTON, GEORGE - Boy Scouts' Defiance
1309723: DURYEA, PERRY B. - State of New York Fish and Game Law Syllabus 1945
1874758: DUSINBERRE, WILLIAM - Strategies for Survival: Recollections of Bondage in Antebellum Virginia (Carter G. Woodson Institute Series)
2108679: DUSS, JOHN S. - The Harmonists: A Personal History
1862810: DUTT, W.A. - The Norfolk Broads
2144242: DUVAL, PAUL - The Art of Glen Loates
1676180: DVORKIN, DAVID - The Trellisane Confrontation (Star Trek, No 14)
1676190: DVORKIN, DAVID & DANIEL - The Captain's Honor (Star Trek: The Next Generation, No. 8)
1678335: DVORKIN, DAVID - Timetrap (Star Trek, No 40)
1512546: DYER, WAYNE W. - Gifts from Eykis: A Story of Self-Discovery
2188022: VAN DYKE, HENRY - Days Off and Other Digressions
1298194: DYKEMAN, WILMA - Look to This Day
1788596: DYKEMAN, WILMA; STOKELY, JAMES - Seeds of Southern Change: The Life of Will Alexander
2178457: DYLAN, BOB - Tarantula
2008070: S.E. - Further Queries Upon the Present State of the New-English Affairs. (Sabin's Reprints, Quarto Series. No. VIII. [8])
1838300: EAGLETON, MARY (EDITOR) - Feminist Literary Theory: A Reader
1930590: EARLE, EDWARD MEAD (EDITOR); CRAIG, GORDON A.; GILBERT, FELIX - Makers of Modern Strategy: Military Thought from Machiavelli to Hitler
1540265: EARLE, A.B. - Bringing in Sheaves
2005180: EARLE, ALICE MORSE - Customs and Fashions in Old New England
1503717: EARLEY, PETE - Prophet of Death: The Mormon Blood-Atonement Killings
1941751: EASTMAN, GEORGE - Chronicles of an African Trip
2155393: EASTMAN, CHARLES A. [ALEXANDER] - Indian Boyhood
2188001: EASTMAN, CHARLES A. (OHIYESA) - From the Deep Woods to Civilization: Chapters in the Autobiography of an Indian
1716248: EASTMAN, GEORGE - Chronicles of an African Trip
1838960: EASTMAN, WHITNEY HASKINS - The Advantage of Being Born Poor (Special Signed Copy)
1768549: EASTMAN, GEORGE - Chronicles of an African Trip
2082154: EASTMAN, RALPH M. - Some Famous Privateers in New England
2054797: EASTON, MICHAEL; NOVAK, LEAH; SMITH, ZACK - Soul Stealer Book Two: Blood and Rain
1533233: EASTON, M. COLEMAN - Masters of Glass (Questar Fantasy)
2054795: EASTON, MICHAEL; PARK, JASON; STRAUB, PETER - Soul Stealer Book One: The Beaten and the Damned
1684836: EASTON, M. COLEMAN - Swimmers Beneath the Bright
1533206: EASTON, M. COLEMAN - Iskiir
1845420: EASTON, THOMAS A. - Silicon Karma
2120223: EASYRIDERS - Easyriders: Entertainment for Adult Bikers - Bound Volume of Twelve Issues, January, 1978 - December, 1978 (Vol. 8, No. 55 - 66)
1534321: EATON, ELON - Birds of New York, Complete in Two Volumes with Supplemental Volume of Plates (New York State Education Department, Memoir 12)
1929322: EATON, EVELYN - Restless Are the Sails
1304881: EATON, ANNE T. - Reading with Children
1539617: EATON, ELON HOWARD - New York State Museum Memoir 12: Birds of New York, in Two Volumes
2123399: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN (GREY OWL); EAYRS, HUGH - Pilgrims of the Wild
1540339: EBERHARD, HEMPEL - Das Werk Michael Pachers
2149160: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - With This Ring (Dell Mapback No. 83)
2149147: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - The Man Next Door (Dell Mapback No. 161)
1519723: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Dead Men's Plans
2149157: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - With This Ring (Dell Mapback No. 83)
2149164: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Speak No Evil (Dell Mapback No. 628)
1535743: EBERLY, WILLIAM R. - Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Church of the Brethren, 1965-1969
1535742: EBERLY, WILLIAM R. - Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Church of the Brethren, 1970-1974
1504737: EBERTS, MARJORIE & GISLER, MARGARET - Careers for Bookworms & Other Literary Types (Vgm Careers for You Series)
1788479: EBLING, JACK; FARINA, JOHN - Magic Moments: A Century of Spartan Basketball
1525161: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - The Wading Birds of North America (North of Mexico)
1676178: ECKLAR, JULIA - The Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek, No. 47)
1697731: ECKLAR, JULIA - Regenesis
1857313: ECO, UMBERTO; GUIDALL, GEORGE (NARRATOR) - The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana - Unabridged Fiction Audio Cd
2093235: ECONOMIDES, MICHAEL J.; D'ALEO, DONNA MARIE - From Soviet to Putin and Back: The Dominance of Energy in Today's Russia
1310541: EDDINGS, DAVID - Sapphire Rose (the Elenium Book 3)
1703869: EDDINGS, DAVID - Demon Lord of Karanda (Book Three of the Malloreon)
1703872: EDDINGS, DAVID - King of the Murgos (the Malloreon Book 2)
1522092: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Pulpit and Press (Authorized Edition)
2141713: EDELMAN, SCOTT - Last Wave, Winter 1986, Number Five
G87: EDELMAN, SCOTT (EDITOR) - Last Wave: The Last Best Hope of Speculative Fiction (October 1983: Volume One, Number One)
1295268: EDELMAN, ROBERT - Gentry Politics on the Eve of the Russian Revolution: The Nationalist Party, 1907-1917
2181923: REYNOLDS, NOEL B. (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY) - Book of Mormon Authorship: New Light on Ancient Origins
2166800: MCCLURE, ALEXANDER K. - EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION - Lincoln's Own Yarns and Stories: A Complete Collection of the Funny and Witty Anecdotes That Made Abraham Lincoln Famous As America's Greatest Story Teller
2194702: L.A.R.S. (EDITEUR) - Suit (Souvenirs / Uniformes / Insignes / Techniques): La Legion, No. 3, Avril 1985
2194619: FRANCE EDITIONS - Avions Anglais: Photographies Fiches Techniques
1292616: VANTAGE PRESS EDITORS - New Voices in American Poetry 1975: First Edition
1863527: EDMONDS, WALTER D.; CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The First Hundred Years: 1848-1948
1803630: EDMONDS, WALTER D. [DUMAUX] - Drums Along the Mohawk
1803542: EDMONDS, WALTER D. [DUMAUX] - Drums Along the Mohawk
1926035: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - Young Ames
1800968: EDMONDS, WALTER D.; CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The First Hundred Years: 1848-1948
1905727: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - Five by Walter Edmonds: The Boyds of Black River; Young Ames; the Big Barn; Erie Water; Chad Hanna
1679589: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - Mostly Canallers: Collected Stories
1855297: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - Mostly Canallers: Collected Stories
1714542: EDMONDSON, G.C. - The Man Who Corrupted Earth
1708118: EDMONDSON, G.C. - The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream
1300705: EDMONSON, MUNRO S. - Status Terminology and the Social Structure of North American Indians
1729320: EDMUNDS, JAMES - The Medical Use of Alcohol and Stimulants for Women
1809134: EDSON, J.T. - . 44 Caliber Man
1809113: EDSON, J.T. - The Making of a Lawman
1764182: EDSON, WILLIAM D.; VAIL, H.L.; MAY, EDWARD L. - Steam Locomotives of the New York Central Lines Volume I, Parts 1 & 2: Nyc & Hrrr and B & a
1809119: EDSON, J.T. - The Floating Outfit
1832860: EDSON, J.T. - Sidewinder/the Nighthawk
1716720: NY DEPT OF EDUCATION - The American Flag
2093252: EDWARD, EARL OF CLARENDON - The History of the Rebellion and CIVIL Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641: With the Precedent Passages, and Actions, That Contributed Thereunto, and the Happy End, and Conclusion Thereof by the King's Blessed Restoration, and Return Upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660. In Three Volumes.
2151054: EDWARDS, DONALD A. - A Private's Diary
1926054: EDWARDS, SAMUEL - That Randall Girl
2139439: EDWARDS, SAMUEL - Rebel! a Biography of Tom Paine [Thomas]
1531528: EDWARDS, ALFRED GEORGE - Landmarks in the History of the Welsh Church
1539178: EDWARDS, C.OLIVER - Old Paris: From Saint-Gervais to Saint-Merri - Text and Drawings (Viator Series)
2076181: EDWARDS, KENNETH - Operation Neptune
1892167: EDWARDS, CLAYTON - A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines: A Record of High Endeavor and Strange Adventure from 500 B.C. To 1920 A.D.
2165875: EDWARDS, SAM - Danny Meets the Cowboys
1293566: EFROS, SUSAN - Walking Vanilla: An Oral Novel to Be Danced to
1292501: EGEJURU, PHANUEL AKUBUEZE - Towards African Literary Independence: A Dialogue with Contemporary African Writers (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies Series Number 53)
2068724: EGGELS, ELLE - The House of the Seven Sisters: A Novel of Food and Family
1720614: EGGERS, JOHN H. - The 27th Division: The Story of Its Sacrifices and Achievements
1521488: EGGLESTON, EDWARD - The Hoosier School-Master: A Novel
2191539: EGGLESTON, GEORGE CARY - A Rebel's Recollections
1523805: EGIDO, JOSE CARLOS BRASAS - Guide to Segovia
1926040: EHRLICH, LEONARD - God's Angry Man
1526196: EICHENBAUM, ROSE; BARNES, CLIVE (FOREWORD) - Masters of Movement: Portraits of America's Great Choreographers
2188891: EICHER, JERRY - Sarah: A Novel
2187086: EIG, JONATHAN - Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig
2174186: EINSTEIN, ALBERT; SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - The Meaning of Relativity: Including the Relativistic Theory of the Non-Symmetric Field
2165808: EINSTEIN, CHARLES - The Day New York Went Dry
1781079: EISENBERG, EVAN - The Recording Angel: The Experience of Music from Aristotle to Zappa
1521587: EISENBERG, JEROME M. - A Collector's Guide to Sea Shells
2001733: EISENHOWER, DAVID - Eisenhower: At War 1943-1945
1720785: EISENHOWER, JOHN S.D. & JOANNE T. - Yanks: The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I
2134779: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D. - Crusade in Europe: A Personal Account of World War II
2142345: EISENHOWER, JOHN S.D. - Agent of Destiny: The Life and Times of General Winfield Scott
1816741: EISENSTADT, PETER - Affirming the Covenant: A History of Temple B'Rith Kodesh Rochester, New York, 1848-1998
2172382: EISENSTADT, PETER - Affirming the Covenant: A History of Temple B'Rith Kodesh Rochester, New York, 1848-1998
1529623: EISENSTEIN, HESTER; JARDINE, ALICE - The Future of Difference
2194697: EISENSTEIN, ELIZABETH L. - The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe
2161956: EISLER, BENITA - The Lowell Offering: Writings by New England MILL Women, 1840-1845
2105710: EISNER, THOMAS; WILSON, EDWARD O. - For Love of Insects
1708403: EKLUND, GORDON - Star Trek - Devil World
1706030: EKLUND, GORDON; ANDERSON, POUL - Inheritors of Earth
2106279: ELAM, AIDA; WALL, MIRIAM - History of the Shakers: Education and Recreation
2118834: ELDER, ART - Spike Kelly of the Commandos: An Original Story (the Better Little Book Series 1467)
1522926: ELDER, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Eros in Orbit: A Collection of All New Science Fiction Stories All About Sex
2194371: ELDER, ART - U.S. Fliers in Action!

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