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1892260: BUSHNELL, ASA S. (EDITOR) - Report of the United States Olympic Committee: Games of the Xivth Olympiad, London, England, July 29 to August 14, 1948; Vth Olympic Winter Games, St. Moritz, Switzerland, January 30 to February 8, 1948
2178818: BUSKIN, RICHARD - Blonde Heat: The Sizzling Screen Career of Marilyn Monroe
2178833: BUSKIN, RICHARD - The Films of Marilyn Monroe
1518788: BUSS, ARNOLD H. - Personality: Evolutionary Heritage and Human Distinctiveness
1534272: BUSS, ARNOLD H. - The Psychology of Aggression
2174204: [BUSWELL, LESLIE]; H.D.S.; A.P.A. - With the American Ambulance Field Service in France: Personal Letters of a Driver at the Front
1931329: BUTLER, OVID; CROMELIN, L.M.; KAUFFMAN, ERLE - American Forests Volume 42, Number 4: April, 1936
2141590: BUTLER, GERALD - The Unafraid (Kiss the Blood Off My Hands) (Dell Mapback 242)
2144220: BUTLER, SAMUEL; HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Erewhon (the Collector's Library of Famous Editions)
1910191: BUTLER, ROBERT OLEN - Severance: Stories - Signed First Edition
2134747: BUTLER, FREDERICK - Sketches of Universal History, Sacred and Profane, from the Creation of the World, to the Year 1818, of the Christian Era: In Three Parts. With an Appendix, and a Chronological Table of Contents, Fourth Edition, Corrected by the Author, and Continued Down to the Year 1822.
1895704: BUTLER, KIM D. - Freedoms Given, Freedoms Won: Afro-Brazilians in Post-Abolition Sao Paulo and Salvador
2144159: BUTLER, SAMUEL; DREISER, THEODORE - The Way of All Flesh (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
1832727: BUTLER, SAMUEL; STREATFEILD, R.A. (PREFACE) - The Way of All Flesh (the Travellers' Library)
1819928: BUTLER, EVA L. - Two Little Navahos Dip Their Sheep (Picture Scripts Series)
2098874: [BUTLER, WILLIAM ALLEN] - Nothing to Wear: An Episode of City Life.
1718813: BUTLER, IVAN - The War Film
2060193: BUTLER, GERALD - Blow Hot, Blow Cold
2181992: BUTTERFIELD, MOIRA; ORR, RICHARD - Richard Orr's Nature Cross-Sections
1740182: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - In Old New England
1707196: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag [Zig-Zag] Journeys in Europe: Vacation Rambles in Historic Lands
1864934: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - A Zigzag [Zig-Zag] Journey in the Sunny South; or, Wonder Tales of Early American History. A Visit to the Scenes and Associations of the Early American Settlements in the Southern States and the West Indies.
1864936: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - A Zigzag [Zig-Zag] Journey in the Sunny South; or, Wonder Tales of Early American History. A Visit to the Scenes and Associations of the Early American Settlements in the Southern States and the West Indies.
2193533: BUTTERWORTH, ROD; FLODIN, MICKEY - Signing Made Easy: A Complete Program for Learning Sign Language. Includes Sentence Drills and Exercises for Increased Comprehension and Signing Skill.
2132502: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - The Wampum Belt; or, the Fairest Page of History: A Tale of William Penn's Treaty with the Indians
1864933: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag [Zig-Zag] Journeys in the Levant, with a Talmudist Story-Teller. A Spring Trip of the Zigzag Club Through Egypt and the Holy Land.
2190626: BUTTINO, LOU & HARE, MARK - The Remaking of a City: Rochester, New York 1964-1984
2157930: BUTZER, KARL W. - Environment and Archeology: An Introduction to Pleistocene Geography
2142306: BYERS, RICHARD LEE - The Shattered Mask (Forgotten Realms: Sembia Series, Book 3)
1533285: BYERS, EDWARD A. - The Long Forgetting
2007785: BYFIELD, NATHANIEL - An Account of the Late Revolution in New-England. Together with the Declaration of the Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and the Country Adjacent. April 18. 1689. (Sabin's Reprints, Quarto Series. No. I. [1])
G44: BYGOTT, DAVID - Gnu Book
2082123: BYINGTON, EZRA HOYT; MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER - The Puritan in England and New England
1960422: BYRD, RICHARD EVELYN - Little America: Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic, the Flight to the South Pole
2179157: BYRNE, FRANK L. - Haskell of Gettysburg: His Life and CIVIL War Papers
1851507: BYRNE, DONN - O'Malley of Shanganagh
1504293: BYRNE, JACK - Wing Shooting in New Zealand: Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Duck and Goose [Wingshooting]
2106587: BYRON, LORD (BYRON, GEORGE GORDON); COLERIDGE, ERNEST HARTLEY - The Works of Lord Byron. A New, Revised and Enlarged Edition, with Illustrations - Poetry. Vols. I-VII [1-7]
2112985: BYRON, LORD - Don Juan
2108389: PARKINSON, K.C. AND ALANA - Shakers World Magazine 32-Issue Set (Fall 1985-July 1997)
1824238: CABELL, RANDOLPH WALL - Patriotic Songs and Airs of the Confederate States of America, Selected & Edited from the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, the Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia
2095791: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Figures of Earth: A Comedy of Appearances
2130195: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The Way of Ecben: A Comedietta Involving a Gentleman
2062464: CABLE, GEORGE W. - The Grandissimes
1800037: CABLE, BOYD; GEORGE, DAVID LLOYD (PREFACE) - Doing Their Bit: War Work at Home
1535697: CABLE, W. ARTHUR; SANGER, HOMER F. - Educational Blue Book and Directory of the Church of the Brethren 1708-1923, with Biographies
1528194: CADIGAN, GEORGE L. - The Dragons and George
1791592: CAHILL, TIMOTHY - Art in Nature: The Clark Inside and out
2176510: CAIDIN, MARTIN (SIMON, MAYO - SCREENPLAY) - Marooned (Updated 1969 Film Edition)
2190063: CAIDIN, MARTIN - The Saga of Iron Annie
1792150: CAIN, JAMES M. - Past All Dishonor
1923913: CAIN, PAUL - Fast One
1931326: CAINE, HALL; KIPLING, RUDYARD; LONDON, JACK; CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER; HARDY, THOMAS; WHARTON, EDITH; ET AL - King Albert's Book: A Tribute to the Belgian King and People from Representative Men and Women Throughout the World
2054209: CAINE, HALL - The White Prophet: A Novel
2006562: CALCAGNO, XAV. - Philosophia Scholastica Secundum 'Rationem, Doctrinam Et Principia' S. Thomae Aquinatis Ad Usum Seminariorum, in Three Volumes: Volumen Primum: Introductio Generalis. Dialectica. Critica. Ontologia. Cosmologia. ; Volumen Secundum: Psychologia. Theologia Naturalis. ; Volumen Tertium: Ethica
1289040: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Dear and Glorious Physician: The Compelling Story of St. Luke
1305904: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Dear and Glorious Physician: The Compelling Story of St. Luke
1873100: CALDWELL, TAYLOR; STEARN, JESS - The Romance of Atlantis
1946709: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Wide House
1500496: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Dear and Glorious Physician: First Edition
1929326: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - A Woman in the House
1904982: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - The Earth Is the Lord's: A Tale of the Rise of Genghis Khan
1502302: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Dynasty of Death: First Edition
1308662: CALHOUN, JOHN C.; POST, C. GORDON (EDITOR) - A Disquisition on Government and Selections from the Discourse (the American Heritage Series 10)
2182559: CALKINS, CHRIS - From Petersburg to Appomattox: A Tour Guide to the Routes of Lee's Withdrawal and Grant's Pursuit
1659333: CALKINS, FRANK - Rocky Mountain Warden
1832874: CALLAHAN, JOHN; WEST, TOM - Bandit Brand / Ride for Vengeance
1734762: CALLAN, JOSEPH A. - The Senchai Mosaic: (Book One of the Fado Series)
1527458: CALLENBACH, ERNEST - EDITOR - Film Quarterly Vol. XII, No. 2, Winter 1958
1981920: CALLENDER, JOHN; ELTON, ROMEO - An Historical Discourse, on the CIVIL and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode-Island. With a Memoir of the Author; Biographical Notices of Some of His Distinguished Contemporaries; and Annotations and Original Documents, Illustrative of the History of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, from the First Settlement to the End of the First Century. (Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society. Vol. IV. )
1877812: CALLENDER, JAMES H. - Yesterdays in Little Old New York
2139107: CALVERT, HENRY MURRAY - Reminiscences of a Boy in Blue, 1862-1865
2194332: CAMELIO, PAUL - Armee de L'Air
2066464: CAMERON, RODERICK - Shells
1896366: CAMERON, JULIA - The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size
1900584: CAMERON, W. BRUCE - The Dogs of Christmas: A Novel
1515856: CAMERON, NORMAN - Personality Development and Psychopathology: A Dynamic Approach
1313204: CAMERON, JULIA - God Is No Laughing Matter: Observations and Objections on the Spiritual Path
1529405: CAMERON, ANNE - The Annie Poems
1538408: CAMERON, ANNE - Wedding Cakes, Rats and Rodeo Queens
2112383: CAMERON, IAN - Antarctica: The Last Continent
1923134: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE - The Hostage of Zir
1710253: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE - Rogue Queen
1708059: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE - The Tritonian Ring
1684117: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE - The Virgin & the Wheels
2194710: CAMP, JOHN M. - The Athenian Agora: Excavations in the Heart of Classical Athens
1743366: CITIZEN'S MILITARY TRAINING CAMP - O-D Volume III Third Corps Area Fort Eustis Virginia 1927
1731466: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - The Planeteers / the Ultimate Weapon
1971454: CAMPBELL, DONALD - A Narrative of the Extraordinary Adventures, and Sufferings by Shipwreck & Imprisonment, of Donald Campbell, Esq. Of Barbreck. With the Singular Humors of His Tartar Guide, Hassan Artaz. Comprising the Occurrences of Four Years, and Five Days, in an Overland Journey to India. In a Series of Letters to His Son.
2174981: CAMPBELL, SCOTT - An Unexpected Move; or, for Love of a Lass (Magnet Detective Library No. 355)
1749408: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. (EDITOR) - Analog 1
2029697: CAMPBELL, W. REASON - Dead Man Walking: Teaching in a Maximum Security Prison
1310098: CAMPBELL, OLIVE DAME; SHARP, CECIL J. [JAMES] - English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians: Comprising 122 Songs and Ballads, and 323 Tunes, with an Introduction and Notes: First Edition
2175592: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Astounding Science Fiction 1951 Complete Set (12 Issues)
1893746: CAMPBELL, HELEN L. - Story of Little Jan: The Dutch Boy (Children of the World Series)
2175589: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Astounding Science Fiction 1954 Complete Set (12 Issues)
1970290: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - The North West Company
G105: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Astounding Science Fiction 1953 Complete Set (12 Issues)
1749493: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - The Ultimate Weapon
1928324: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian Tale. And Other Poems. [the Pennsylvanian Cottage]
2102846: CAMPBELL, DAVID G. - The Crystal Desert: Summers in Antarctica
2034615: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Astounding Science Fiction - August 1952
2008790: CAMPBELL, MEREDITH F.; LYTTLE, JOHN D. - Pediatric Urology, with a Section on Bright's Disease in Infancy and Childhood, in Two Volumes
1519237: CAMPBELL, BYRON A.; HAYNE, HARLENE; RICHARDSON, RICK (EDITORS) - Attention and Information Processing in Infants and Adults: Perspectives from Human and Animal Research
1982428: CAMPBELL, PATRICK; CLUNE, HENRY W. (INTRODUCTION); VOLZ, ROBERT L. (PREFACE) - A Journey Through the Genesee Country, Finger Lakes Region and Mohawk Valley from Patrick Campbell's Travels in the Interior Inhabited Parts of North America in the Years 1791 and 1792.
2090649: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Islands of Space
1697686: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - Cloak of Aesir
1697725: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. - The Black Star Passes
2170922: CAMPI, JAMES JR. - CIVIL War Battlefields: Then and Now
2166493: CAMPI, JAMES JR. - CIVIL War Battlefields: Then and Now
1765586: CAMPOS, CRISTIAN (EDITOR) - Product Design Now: Designs and Sketches
1712045: CAMUS, ALBERT - Notebooks, 1942-1951
2172732: CAMUS, ALBERT; GILBERT, STUART - The Plague (the Modern Library of the World's Best Books ML 109)
2144222: CAMUS, ALBERT; GILBERT, STUART; FOWLIE, WALLACE - The Stranger (the Collector's Library of Famous Editions)
1964930: NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF CANADA - From the Heart: Folk Art in Canada
1282342: CANADAY, JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art Nine Volume Portfolio Set: What Is a Painting?; Realism; Expressionism; Abstraction; Composition As Pattern; Composition As Structure; Composition As Expression; Fresco; Tempera and Oil
1832720: CANFIELD, DOROTHY - Her Son's Wife
2179099: CANNAN, JOHN - The Atlanta Campaign: May-November, 1864 (Great Military Campaigns of the CIVIL War)
2194743: CANNAN, JOHN - The Antietam Campaign: August-September 1862
2041250: CANNARELLA, DEBORAH - Christmas Treasures
2139700: CANNATO, VINCENT J. - American Passage: The History of Ellis Island
1964616: CANNON, JAMES - Apostle Paul: A Novel
2185105: CANTOR, EDDIE - Caught Short! a Saga of Wailing Wall Street
1510659: CAPELLINI, STEVE - Massage Therapy Career Guide: For Hands on Success
1969645: CAPELOTTI, P.J. - By Airship to the North Pole: An Archaeology of Human Exploration
2187031: CAPPELEN, HERMAN - Insensitive Semantics: A Defense of Semantic Minimalism and Speech Act Pluralism
1832871: CAPPS, BENJAMIN - The White Man's Road
1296629: CAPUTO, PHILIP - Horn of Africa
1515165: CARAS, ROGER A. - North American Mammals: Fur-Bearing Animals of the United States and Canada
1940003: CARAS, ROGER - Source of the Thunder: The Biography of a California Condor
1516038: CARAS, ROGER A. - North American Mammals: Fur-Bearing Animals of the United States and Canada
2044528: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Ender in Exile
1808859: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Capitol: The Worthing Chronicle (an Analog Book)
1684217: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - The Folk of the Fringe
1699560: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - The Worthing Saga
2157935: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Pathfinder
1540016: CAREY, PETER - Oscar and Lucinda
1678308: CAREY, DIANE - Ancient Blood: Day of Honor #1 (Star Trek the Next Generation)
1677989: CAREY, DIANE - Flashback (Star Trek: Voyager)
1536216: CAREY, BILL; CAREY, CHANTAL HOWELL; KIFFMANN, SUZANNE - How to Sell Your Home without a Broker
1511116: CAREY, GEORGE - The Bible for Everyday Life
1677982: CAREY, DIANE; BEHR, IRA STEVEN; WOLFE, ROBERT HEWITT; - The Way of the Warrior (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
1677987: CAREY, DIANE - Station Rage (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 13)
1676147: CAREY, DIANE - Final Frontier (Star Trek)
1676133: CAREY, DIANE - Battlestations! (Star Trek #31)
2181952: CARHART, TOM - Sacred Ties: From West Point Brothers to Battlefield Rivals: A True Story of the CIVIL War
1535600: CARINI, ANSELMO - The Esmark Collection of Currier & Ives
1768505: CARL, LOUIS; PETIT, JOSEPH; COCHE, RAYMOND (PREFACE) - Mountains in the Desert: Exploration and Adventure in the Tefedest Range of the Central Sahara
1300325: CARLETON, WILL - Rhymes of Our Planet: First Edition
1924385: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry: A New Edition. With an Autobiographical Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and Numerous Illustrations on Wood and Steel, Volume 1
1518134: CARLIN, GEORGE - When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
1500010: CARLSON, MARIA - No Religion Higher Than Truth: A History of the Theosophical Movement in Russia, 1875-1922
1308344: CARLSON, CAROLYN E. - Behavioral Concepts & Nursing Intervention
1729629: CARLSON, CHARLES X. - Color Mixing
1729632: CARLSON, CHARLES X. - The Simplified Essentials of Oil Painting
2184271: CARLSON, MELODY - The Christmas Pony
1310569: CARLSON, ESTHER ELISABETH - Milestone
2122431: CARLTON, FRANK TRACY - Economic Influences Upon Educational Progress in the United States, 1820-1850
1816988: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Life of Friedrich Schiller: Comprehending an Examination of His Works (Collection of British Authors, Tauchnitz Edition, Vol. 1026)
2177427: CARMER, CARL - Listen for a Lonesome Drum: A York State Chronicle
2177431: CARMER, CARL - Genesee Fever: A Novel
1747971: CARMER, CARL - The Tavern Lamps Are Burning: Literary Journeys Through Six Regions and Four Centuries of New York State
2144568: CARMONY, NEIL B. - Mexican Game Trails: Americans Afield in Old Mexico, 1866-1940
2150826: [CARNE, JOHN] - A History of Early Mission to India, to Which Is Added a Memoir of Mrs. Judson. From Carne's Lives of Eminent Missionaries (Sunday School and Youth's Library 113)
2184634: CARNEGIE, DALE - Lincoln the Unknown
2127768: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Win Friends and Influence People
2184628: CARNEGIE, DALE - Lincoln the Unknown
1532280: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
2174966: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY; FOSTER, ROBERT - J.R. R. Tolkien: The Complete Guide - J.R. R. Tolkien: A Biography; the Complete Guide to Middle-Earth
1671675: CARPENTER, REGINALD - Powered Vehicles: A Historical Review
1313062: CARPENTER, WILLIAM SEAL; WINGFIELD, LEE VIRGINIA (BIBLIOGRAPHY) - Problems in Service Levels: The Readjustment of Services and Areas in Local Government
1521967: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Mexico (Carpenter's World Travels)
1538223: CARPENTER, LIZ - Ruffles and Flourishes
1313414: CARPINETO, JANE - On the Vineyard: A Year in the Life of an Island
2165837: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Lost Gallows
1838996: CARR, PAT - Mimbres Mythology
1901310: CARR, TERRY - Universe 7
1901291: CARR, TERRY - An Exaltation of Stars
1940030: CARR, ARCHIE - The Windward Road: Adventures of a Naturalist on Remote Caribbean Shores
1540306: CARR, ANNE; VAN LEEUWEN, MARY STEWART - Religion, Feminism, & the Family
1919204: CARR, ARCHIE - Ulendo: Travels of a Naturalist in and out of Africa
1901610: CARR, TERRY - Universe 4
1703864: CARR, TERRY - The Best Science Fiction of the Year #13
1901885: CARR, TERRY - Universe 3
1901626: CARR, TERRY - Universe 5
2004829: CARRADINE, B. - A Journey to Palestine
2191291: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
1309472: CARRIER, BLANCHE - Integrity for Tomorrow's Adults: Help for Parents Who Want Their Children to Develop Individuality and Character
1914186: CARRIGAR, SALLY - One Day at Teton Marsh
1913512: CARRIGAR, SALLY - Icebound Summer
1922193: CARRIGHAR, SALLY - Wild Voice of the North
2077750: CARRIKER, ROBERT C. - Fort Supply, Indian Territory: Frontier Outpost on the Plains
1774507: CARRINGTON, CHARLES - Soldier from the Wars Returning
1788892: CARRINGTON, LUCINDA - The Ninety Days of Genevieve
2132945: CARRINGTON, HENRY B.; BILLIAS, GEORGE ATHAN - Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution, with Explanatory Notes and School History References
2187041: CARROLL, ANDREW; BRINKLEY, DOUGLAS - War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars
2174826: CARROLL, LEWIS (REV. CHARLES LUTWIDGE DODGSON) - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
1996832: CARROLL, LEWIS (REV. CHARLES LUTWIDGE) - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the 100 Greatest Books of All Time)
2178397: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (2 Volume Boxed Set) (Centennial Edition)
1506659: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - Catholic Cults & Devotions: A Psychological Inquiry
2189959: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (the Winston Clear-Type Popular Classics)
2174875: CARROLL, LEWIS (REV. CHARLES LUTWIDGE); RITCHARD, CYRIL; WILDER, ALEC; THE NEW YORK WOODWIND QUINTET; CLARK, BARRETT - Riverside Presents Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: The Lewis Carroll Classic Complete on 4 Lp Records, Read and Sung by Cyril Ritchard, Original Music Score by Alec Wilder, Played by the New York Woodwind Quintet - Including a Facsimile Volume of the Rare 1865 First Edition of the Book (Riverside Sdp 22 - Modern Voices)
2140629: CARROLL, LEWIS (REV. CHARLES LUTWIDGE) - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the 100 Greatest Books of All Time)
2188872: CARROLL, GORDON (EDITOR) - The Post Reader of CIVIL War Stories (Saturday Evening Post)
1515472: CARRUTH, JANE - The Animals and the Robbers and the Pied Piper
2191620: CARSON, RACHEL; WILSON, EDWARD O. & LEAR, LINDA - ESSAYS - Silent Spring (40th Anniversary Edition)
1930701: CARSON, GERALD - A Good Day at Saratoga
1644863: CARTER, JESSIE GIDLEY - When Master Thomas Was a Boy
1731885: CARTER, LIN - Down to a Sunless Sea
1923111: CARTER, LIN - Flashing Swords! #2
1699520: CARTER, LIN - Jandar of Callisto
2174982: CARTER, NICHOLAS - The Mystic Diagram (Magnet Detective Library No. 348)
1953097: CARTER, NICHOLAS - In the Gloom of the Night; or, Nick Carter, Man of Might (New Magnet Library No. 1147 - Nick Carter Series)
1517125: CARTER, RUSSELL GORDON - The King's Spurs
1745046: CARTER, LIN - The Warrior of World's End
1744936: CARTER, LIN - The Pirate of World's End (Gondwane Epic Vol. #5, World's End Vol. #8)
1676143: CARTER, CARMEN - The Children of Hamlin (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Book 3)
1688845: CARTER, LIN - Zanthodon
2164195: CARTER, LIN - The Spawn of Cthulhu
2077471: CARTER, HERBERT - The Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge, or, Marooned Among the Moonshiners
1991332: CARTER, FORREST - The Education of Little Tree
1953095: CARTER, NICHOLAS - A Mysterious Graft; or, the Man Who Spoke (New Magnet Library No. 1158 - Nick Carter Series)
1960201: CARTER, DEREK & CHERYL - Seven Biblical Foundations Every Family Should Build on
2188009: HERODOTUS; CARTER, HARRY (TRANSLATOR) - The Histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, in Two Volumes
1953096: CARTER, NICHOLAS - A Baffled Oath; or, the Cost of Deceit (New Magnet Library No. 1180 - Nick Carter Series)
2123727: CARTER, HARVEY LEWIS - 'Dear Old Kit': The Historical Christopher Carson
1676119: CARTER, CARTMAN - Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek, No 34)
1688848: CARTER, LIN - Darya of the Bronze Age: The Adventures of Eric Carstairs in Zanthodon
1704153: CARTER, LIN - Dragonrouge
1704212: CARTER, LIN - The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 2
1686786: CARTER, FORREST - Cry Geronimo!
1745042: CARTER, LIN - The Immortal of World's End
1924504: CARTER, ALLY - Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls)
2091282: CARTER, LIN - The Quest of Kadji
1699509: CARTER, LIN - Lankar of Callisto
1699518: CARTER, LIN - Black Legion of Callisto
1699549: CARTER, LIN - The Year's Best Fantasy Stories
1924507: CARTER, ALLY - Out of Sight, out of Time (Gallagher Girls)
2013832: CARTER, JIMMY - Atlanta: The Right Kind of Courage (Urban Tapestry Series)
2179082: CARTMELL, DONALD - The CIVIL War Up Close: Thousands of Curious, Obscure, and Fascinating Facts About the War American Could Never Win
2182626: CARTMELL, DONALD - The CIVIL War Up Close: Thousands of Curious, Obscure, and Fascinating Facts About the War American Could Never Win
1837987: CARUSO, JOHN - Thendara Railroad: The Beginning of the 90's (Signed Copy)
1684112: CARVER, JOHN - Star Rigger's Way
1768858: CARVER, TERRELL - Engels (Past Masters Series)
1924454: CARVER, JEFFREY A. - Star Rigger's Way
1540017: CARY, LORENE - Black Ice
2174909: CASANOVA, GIACOMO; MONET, JOSEPH - Casanova's Memoirs
1532388: CASANOVA, GIACOMO; MONET, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Casanova's Memoirs
1514227: CASELEY, JUDITH - My Sister Celia
2067964: CASEY, HUGH J. - Engineers in Theater Operations (Engineers of the Southwest Pacific 1941-1945, Volume I [1])
1294698: O'CASEY, SEAN - Collected Plays: Juno and the Paycock; the Shadow of a Gunman; the Plough and the Stars; the End of the Beginning; a Pound on Demand
1791875: CASEY, LOUIS S. - Smithsonian Annals of Flight, Vol. 1 No. 1: The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane
2188322: CASEY, LOUIS S. - The Illustrated History of Seaplanes and Flying Boats
2048789: CASGRAIN, H.R. - Wolfe and Montcalm (Canadian University Paperbooks Number 27)
1713826: CASKELL, JANE - Strange Evil
1540511: CASPARY, VERA - Laura
1539754: TY-CASPER, LINDA - Awaiting Trespass (a Pasion)
2029741: CASSELL - Cassell's Standard Italian Dictionary
1284843: CASSIDAY, BRUCE - Rock a Cradle Empty (Marcus Welby, Md Series Book 1)
1523041: CASTANEDA, JORGE G.; SMITHIES, PADRAIC ARTHUR (TRANSLATOR) - Perpetuating Power: How Mexican Presidents Were Chosen
1506882: CASTANZA, PHILIP; POWELL, ELEANOR (INTRODUCTION) - The Complete Films of Jeanette Macdonald and Nelson Eddy
1538825: CASTLE, CHARLES - La Belle Otero: The Last Great Courtesan
1310966: CASTLE, MARIAN - Golden Fury
1517534: CASTLE, MARIAN - The Golden Fury
1529066: CASTLEMON, HARRY - Marcy the Refugee
1966132: CASWELL, JOHN EDWARDS - Arctic Frontiers: United States Explorations in the Far North
1539536: CATALLUS - Catulli Carmina I-XI
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1754698: WATERLOO MEMORIAL DAY CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - The History and Origin of Memorial Day in Waterloo, New York
2172372: DEMOCRATIC COUNTY COMMITTEE - The Monroe County Star: April 1937
1838014: COMMONS, MARIE ANDREWS - The Log of Tanager Hill
2106246: SHAKER COMMUNITY - Set of Six Pamphlets on the American Shakers (Organization of the First Communites; Principles and Practices; Early History. Persecutions; Their Mode of Worship; Industries and Craftsmanship; Their Religious Art)
2160409: PILLSBURY COMPANY - Pillsbury Complete Cookbook: Recipes from America's Most-Trusted Kitchens
1686411: STANLEY MOTOR CARRIAGE COMPANY - Pointed Questions and Direct Answers Covering the Stanley Car, Twenty-Seventh Year
2191823: NATIONAL MAP COMPANY - Official Paved Road and Commercial Survey of the United States: Sectional Road Maps Covering the Entire United States and Lower Canada - Complete Series of State Maps in Colors for Commercial Reference - a Double Page United States Map Showing Transcontinental Highways - Logs, Transcontinental Federal Highways - Map and Information Concerning Air Mail and Air Express - Maps of Principal Cities in the United States Showing Main Highways - Ready Reference Index Locating Cities, Towns and Villages with Population According to Latest Federal Census - Descriptive Gazetteer of United States and Territorial Possessions.
2098820: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Ford: The Universal Car - 1920-1921
2159327: RAND MCNALLY & COMPANY - Rand-Mcnally War Map of the Italian Front, Northern Section: A Strategic Map of the Battle Ground in Northern Italy, Swiss Border to Adriatic Sea, Showing the Farthest Advance of the Italians and the Battle Line in 1917, Compiled from the Latest Military Maps of the Army Staffs in Washington, London, Paris, and Rome, and from Other Official Sources, Showing in Minute Detail the Cities, Towns and Villages, Forts and Fortified Places, Railroads and Highways, Rivers and Canals, and the Physical and Political Features of the Regions (Five Great Military Maps of the Western Front in Europe, No. 5)
1724079: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, April 1918
1724080: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, May 1918
1724081: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, June 1918
1709820: VETERANS OF 'E' COMPANY, 101ST ENGINEERS, 26TH DIVISION - The Story of 'e' Company 101st Engineers 26th Division: A Record of Their Service from May-1917 to April-1919 Compiled by Members of the Company
1515885: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Wratten Light Filters
1534819: W.B. CONKEY COMPANY - The Story of the Bible for Young People, Profusely Illustrated
2055182: MCAVOY BREWING COMPANY - Malt Marrow Cook Book: Recipes of Quality [Cookbook]
1535379: WANTAGH RARE BOOK COMPANY - Americana - Catalogue Thirteen
2068407: AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY - Pacific Type Passenger Locomotives
2164147: GINN & COMPANY - The New England Primer: Twentieth Century Reprint
1536199: R S MEANS COMPANY; HOME PLANNERS - Builders Costs for 100 Best Selling Home Plans: The First and Only Resource That Combines Summary Cost Estimates with Designs
2162607: AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY - The American Tobacco Story
2055168: SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY - Singer Instructions for Art Embroidery and Lace Work
1536526: PORTLAND CEMENT COMPANY - Vibration for Quality Concrete
1750624: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Wooden No. 2a Lantern Slide Box, with 91 Glass Lantern Slides, Most Depicting Military Medals and Insignia, Circa World War I
1509338: F.M. LUPTON PUBLISHING COMPANY - Tic-Tac-Too: Round Table Stories and Pictures
2100401: PILLSBURY COMPANY - Pillsbury's Best Bundt Recipes
2140079: A.C. GILBERT COMPANY - Gilbert American Flyer Ho Trains and Accessories
2066627: S.D. WARREN COMPANY - Better Paper, Better Printing on Warren's Cumberland Coated Book, with Supplementary Exhibits of Halftone & Border Finishes (the Warren Service Library)
1724071: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, May 1917
1724073: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, June 1917
1724076: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, February 1918
1503691: WALT DISNEY COMPANY - Dorothy in the Ornament Rooms (Return to Oz)
1502361: WALT DISNEY COMPANY - Junior Woodchuck Jamboree: An Adventure in the U.S. A.
1629711: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodakery: A Magazine for Amateur Photographers: July 1927
1830855: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Instructions for the Kodak Pony 135 Camera
1532727: THE BLAKISTON COMPANY - American Red Cross First Aid Text-Book
1284018: F.E. COMPTON & COMPANY - Summary of the Second World War and Its Consequences: An Alphabetical Reference Book
1526378: D. APPLETON & COMPANY - The American Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1864: Embracing Political, CIVIL, Military, and Social Affairs; Public Documents; Biography, Statistics, Commerce, Finance, Literature, Science, Agriculture, and Mechanical Industry
2191625: THE BLUE BOOKS COMPANY - The Rochester Blue Book 1935
1640153: THE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY - Rules and Working Conditions Governing Clerks, Other Office and Station Employees, and Laborers Employed in and Around the Stations, Storehouses and Warehouses
1810306: THE PUBLISHERS OF THE CITY DIRECTORY (COMPILED) - Arrow Street Guide: Rochester and Suburban Street Directory (City Guide with Map)
1754362: NORWICH TOWNSHIP GRANGE (COMPILER) - Treasures of Chenango County
1851910: VIRGIL; COMSTOCK, DAVID Y. (EDITOR) - Virgil's Aeneid, Books I-VI, VIII, IX and Selections from Other Books (Latin Edition)
1540616: COMSTOCK, J.L. - Comstock's Common School Philosophy
1296545: COMSTOCK, LOUIS K. - Geofroy [Geoffroy, Geofrey, Geoffrey] Tory
2070424: CONANT, ROGER - Reptiles and Amphibians of Eastern and Central North America (Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides: The Fiftieth Anniversary Edition)
1506354: CONASON, JOE - Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth
2041018: MUSEE CONDE, CHANTILLY; LONGNON, JEAN; CAZELLES, RAYMOND; MEISS, MILLARD - The Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry
2139705: DE CONDE, ALEXANDER - This Affair of Louisiana
1509527: CONDUIT, BRIAN - The Best Pathfinder Walks
1532207: CONE, THOMAS E., JR. - 200 Years of Feeding Infants in America
1966076: CONEFREY, MICK; JORDAN, TIM - Icemen: A History of the Arctic and Its Explorers
1713502: CONEY, MICHAEL G. - Rax
1712324: CONKLIN, GROFF (EDITOR) - 5 Unearthly Visions
2091285: CONKLIN, GROFF - 17 X Infinity
1713494: CONKLIN, GROFF (EDITOR) - Another Part of the Galaxy
1534714: CONLEY, DARBY - Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury
2069310: CONLIN, MARY LOU - Simon Perkins of the Western Reserve
1982132: TERCENTENARY COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT, COMMITTEE ON HISTORICAL PUBLICATIONS - The Tercentenary Pamphlet Series, in 61 Volumes (I-LX, Plus Supplement) [Tercentenary Commission of the State of Connecticut, Committee on Historical Publications]
1717830: CONNELL, RICHARD E.; STREETER, EDWARD; DIVINE, CHARLES; BRECK, G. WILLIAM; MITCHELL, HARRY T.; FIELD, ROBERT B.; PYLES, V.E.; ASHLEY, FRED J.; JENNEY, RAY F.; KINGSLEY, J.S. - Gas Attack of the New York Division, 27th Div. , U.S. A. , Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S.C. , April 13, 1918, Vol. 1, No. 21
1717832: CONNELL, RICHARD E.; FIELD, ROBERT B.; STREETER, EDWARD; DAVENPORT, WALTER A.; DIVINE, CHARLES; ELSASER, J.A.; E.F.L.; MITCHELL, HARRY T.; SMITH, A.F.; HERTY, H.E.; JENNEY, RAY F.; ASHLEY, FRED J.; LOESER, CHARLES P.; KINGSLEY, J.S. - Gas Attack of the New York Division, 27th Div. , U.S. A. , Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S.C. , March 30, 1918, Vol. 1, No. 19
2075184: CONNELL, CHARLES - Monte Cassino
1749021: CONNELL, EVAN S. - The Aztec Treasure House: New and Selected Essays
2058113: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Black Box (Harry Bosch)
2058112: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Drop (Harry Bosch)
2161940: CONNELLY, THOMAS L. - God and General Longstreet: The Lost Cause and the Southern Mind
1527146: CONNELLY, MEGAN - Design Ideas for Curb Appeal (House Plan Bible)
1535704: CONNER, ALVIN E., M.D. - Sectarian Childrearing: The Dunkers, 1708-1900
1806177: CONNERS, MARY (TEXT); BURLINGAME, JIM (PHOTOS); STOCKSLADER, BARBARA (LAYOUT & DESIGN) - East Rochester, New York: One Hundred Years of History, 1897-1997 - the First 100 Years (Centennial Edition)
1795537: CONNERS, MARY - East Rochester, New York: One Hundred Years of History, 1897-1997 - the First 100 Years (Centennial Edition)
2037616: CONNOLLY, JAMES B. - The Book of the Gloucester Fishermen
1519108: O'CONNOR, FRANK - The Stories of Frank O'Connor
1723641: O'CONNOR, JOSEPH - The Rochesterian: Selected Writings, Volume I
1309174: CONNOR, RALPH - Black Rock: A Tale of the Selkirks
1298662: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM VAN - Forms of Modern Fiction: Essays Collected in Honor of Joseph Warren Beach
1924690: CONNOR, RALPH - The Doctor: A Tale of the Rockies - Special Limited Edition
1890798: CONNORS, JOHN E. - Pettiness in Paradise and Other Tales of Appleboom Point
1806980: CONOVER, TED - Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing
2172423: CONRAD, JOSEPH; MONSERRAT, NICHOLAS - Lord Jim: A Tale (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
1536001: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rescue, a Romance of the Shallows (the Malay Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad)
1536003: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rover (the Malay Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad)
2192658: CONRAD, JOSEPH - 'Twixt Land and Sea [a Smile of Fortune; the Secret Sharer; Freya of the Seven Isles]
1642998: CONRAD, JIM - On the Road to Tetlama: Mexican Adventures of a Wandering Naturalist
1948894: CONRAD, J. DAVID - The Steam Locomotive Directory of North America, Volume 1: Eastern United States and Canada
1945237: CONROY, JOHN - Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture
1512827: CONSTANT, LOUIS (DE SAINT-AMAND, IMBERT - PREFACE; MARTIN, ELIZABETH GILBERT - TRANSLATOR) - Private Life of Napoleon, His Family and His Court Vol. IV [4]
1783495: CONSTANTINO, MARIA - The Handbook of Knots
1536251: EDITORS OF THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION - The Jlc Guide to Production Carpentry: Proven Techniques for Framing and Finish
1826230: COMMITTEE ON AUTOMATIC TRAIN CONTROL, AMERICAN RAILWAY ASSOCAITION - Automatic Train Control Bulletin No. 8: Description of Continuous Inductive Train Control Systems of the Union Switch and Signal Company
2058948: STATE OF NEW YORK CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, 1915 - The Constitution of the State of New York, Adopted in Convention the Tenth Day of September, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifteen
1521928: CONVERSE, FRANK H. - The Island Treasure; or, Harry Darrel's Fortunes
G111: CONWAY, MICHAEL; RICCI, MARK - The Complete Films of Marilyn Monroe
2178808: CONWAY, MICHAEL; RICCI, MARK - The Films of Marilyn Monroe
1507194: CONWAY, JILL KER - The Road from Coorain
2068348: CONWAY, GERRY; GOODWIN, ARCHIE - The Amazing Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga
1539959: CONWELL, RUSSELL H. - Life of Bayard Taylor
1536539: COOEY, PAULA M.; FARMER, SHARON A.' ROSS, MARY ELLEN - Embodied Love: Sensuality and Relationship As Feminist Values
2061873: COOGAN, JIM; SHEEDY, JACK - Cape Odd: Strange and Unusual Stories About Cape Cod
2187942: COOK, JOHN R. - The Border and the Buffalo: An Untold Story of the Southwest Plains - the Bloody Border of Missouri and Kansas. The Story of the Slaughter of the Buffalo. Westward Among the Big Game and Wild Tribes. A Story of Mountain and Plain
2082756: COOK, A. ISABELLA - Pioneer History of Sodus Point
1720821: COOK, CHARLES ST. G.; COOK, DON (EDITOR) - 1914 Letters from a Volunteer
2062501: THOMAS COOK - European Sleeping Cars 1982
2176495: COOK, RICHARD - Blue Note Records: The Biography
2174984: COOK, WILLIAM WALLACE - Trailing the Josephine (the Adventure Library No. 39)
1728736: COOK, GRAEME - Air Adventures
1533273: COOK, PAUL - The Alejandro Variations
1310021: COOK, WILL - Speed Merchants: A True-to-Life Racing Adventure
2187970: COOK, JAMES H.; KING, CHARLES - Fifty Years on the Old Frontier As Cowboy, Hunter, Guide, Scout, and Ranchman
1713542: COOK, GLEN - A Matter of Time
1304075: COOK, DAVID - Horselords: The Empires Trilogy: Book One (Forgotten Realms Series)
1714227: COOK, GLEN - Doomstalker (Darkwar Trilogy #01)
1714230: COOK, GLEN - Ceremony (the Darkwar Triology, Book 3)
1501047: COOK, GLEN - The Tower of Fear
2174985: COOK, WILLIAM WALLACE - Juggling with Liberty (the Adventure Library No. 17)
2194639: COOKE, DAVID C. - War Planes of the Axis
2182227: COOKE, DAVID C. - War Planes of the Axis
1309128: COOKE, GREVILLE - The Light of the World: A Reconstruction and Interpretation of the Life of Christ
2123387: COOLIDGE, DANE - Not-Afraid
2182233: COOMBS, CHARLES - Cleared for Takeoff: Behind the Scenes at an Airport
1821510: COONEY, HELEN D.; POWELL, MARIAN C. - An Outline of the Development of Honeoye Falls, with a Bicentennial Tribute to the Town of Mendon Through the Years
2029701: COONS, WILLIAM R. - Attica Diary
1710250: COOPER, EDMUND - Kronk
1797797: COOPER, J. FENIMORE - Cooper's Novels, in Thirty-Three Volumes (New Edition)
1928973: COOPER, EDMUND - Who Needs Men?
1811312: COOPER, EDMUND - Gender Genocide
1517096: COOPER, MAE - Lily Henry
2172416: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - The Last of the Mohicans (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
1806283: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground
1675886: COOPER, SONNI - Black Fire (Star Trek)
2184612: COOPER, J. FENIMORE [JAMES] - The Spy
2172405: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; SPILLER, ROBERT E. - The Pathfinder (Masterpieces of American Literature)
2194753: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Last of the Mohicans
2148534: COOPER, COURTNEY RYLEY - The Pioneers (Dell Mapback No. 290)
2181950: COOPER, WILLIAM J. - We Have the War Upon Us: The Onset of the CIVIL War, November 1860 - April 1861
1293445: COOPER, JOSEPH D. - Honeywell Pentax Manual
2146166: COOPER, EDMUND - Five to Twelve
1710269: COOPER, LOUISE - The Outcast (Time Master Trilogy Book 2)
2115352: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; NEVINS, ALLAN - The Leatherstocking Saga: Being Those Parts of the Deerslayer, the Last of the Mohicans, the Pathfinder, the Pioneers, and the Prairie Which Specially Pertain to Natty Bumppo, Otherwise Known As Pathfinder, Deerslayer, or Hawkeye: The Whole Arranged in Chronological Order from Hawkeye's Youth on the New York Frontier in King George's War Until His Death on the Western Prairies in Jefferson's Adminis
1850207: COOPER, BRYAN - Bombers, 1914-1939 (History of the World Wars Special)
1787955: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; BEARD, JAMES FRANKLIN (EDITOR) - The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper Volume VI: 1849-1851
1906430: COOPER, EDMUND - The Slaves of Heaven
2172421: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; WINTERICH, JOHN T. - The Deerslayer; or: The First War-Path (Masterpieces of American Literature)
1531347: COOPER, EDMUND - A Far Sunset
1699863: COOPER, EDMUND - The Last Continent
1894697: COOPER, EDMUND - Sea Horse in the Sky
2055234: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; SPIEZIO, K. EDWARD - The American Democrat
1924450: COOPER, EDMUND - The Overman Culture
1988670: COOPER, TIM - How to Read Industrial Britain
2194356: COOPER, BRYAN; BATCHELOR, JOHN - Fighter: A History of Fighter Aircraft
2179979: COOPERSMITH, JEROME - Baker Street: A Musical Adventure of Sherlock Holmes (Adapted from the Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
2178564: COPELAND, DAVID STURGES - History of Clarendon, from 1810 to 1888.
2186920: COPP, TERRY - The Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade in Wwii (Stackpole Military History Series)
1720801: COPPA, FRANK J. - Planning, Protectionism, and Politics in Liberal Italy: Economics and Politics in the Giolittian Age
2174848: COPPEE, HENRY - Grant and His Campaigns: A Military Biography. [Ulysses S. Grant]
1684886: COPPEL, ALFRED - Glory's People
1682362: COPPEL, ALFRED - Glory's War
1717010: COPPENS, WILLY - Flying in Flanders
2008302: COPPINGER, R.W. - Cruise of the 'Alert': Four Years in Patagonian, Polynesian, and Mascarene Waters (1878-82)
2064688: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Michelangelo
1516175: COPPOLA, SOFIA - Lost in Translation Vhs
2142028: CORD, BARRY - Trail Boss from Texas
1832880: CORD, BARRY - Two Graves for a Gunman/the Deadly Amigos
2052613: CORDELLE, FRANK; WEINSHENKER, NAOMI - Bodies and Souls: The Century Project
1519625: CORDES, RONALD; O'TOOLE, BRIAN; STEINY, RICHARD - The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management: A Proven 6-Step Process to Meet Your Financial Goals
1536749: COREA, GENA - The Invisible Epidemic: The Story of Women and Aids
2190023: COREA, CHARLES P. - East Rochester Shopping Guide (March 22, 1956 Vol. 11 No. 12)
1525984: COREY, STEPHEN - The Georgia Review, Summer 2009 (Volume LXIII, Number 2)
2062467: CORNEBISE, ALFRED E. - The Amaroc News: The Daily Newspaper of the American Forces in Germany, 1919-1923
2159306: CORNELISEN, ANN - Women of the Shadows
2012751: CORNELL, WM. M. [WILLIAM MASON] - Consumption Forestalled and Prevented.
2012586: CORNELL, W.M. - The Journal of Health, and Monthly Miscellany. Volume I... . . 1846.
1540231: CORNEWEYLE, ROBERT; BIDDLE, MARTIN (INTRODUCTION) - The Maner [Manner] of Fortificacion [Fortification] of Cities, Townes [Towns], Castelles [Castles] and Other Places, 1559
1649204: CORNOG, EVAN; WHELAN, RICHARD - Hats in the Ring
1538632: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Scarpetta
1897651: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Postmortem (the Kay Scarpetta Mystery Series Book 1)
1294212: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Fury: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Barrosa, March 1811 (the Richard Sharpe Series Book 11)
1817558: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Trafalgar: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805
1817566: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Havoc: Richard Sharpe and the Campaign in Northern Portugal, Spring 1809 (the Richard Sharpe Adventure Series Book 7)
1768881: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Ten Volume Hardcover Set: Unnatural Exposure; Black Notice; the Last Precinct; Blow Fly; Trace; Predator; Book of the Dead; the Scarpetta Factor; Scarpetta; Port Mortuary
2066634: [CORONA, ELSA] - Victorian Scrapbook Featuring Articles on Opera Soprano Elsa Corona, Obituaries of Cyrus Clarke, Rochester Business Receipts, Fashion Plates
1540385: BLACKBOOK MEDIA CORP. - Black Book Guide to New York 2010: Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels
2140103: IDEAL PUBLISHING CORP. - Tv Star Parade Magazine March 1954 (Jack Webb Cover)
2180771: PIPER AIRCRAFT CORPORATION - Piper Aircraft Promotional Poster, Featuring the Piper Super Cruiser, Trainer, Sea Scout, and O-59
1632330: HAL LEONARD CORPORATION - Guitar One Presents Lesson Lab: The Best of 1995-2000
2186590: HANDY BOOK CORPORATION - The First Six Books of Virgil's Aeneid: The Original Text Reduced to the Natural English Order with a Literal Interlinear Translation
1730009: FRIGIDAIRE CORPORATION - Combined Frigidaire Installation and Service Manual for Air and Water Cooled Compressors
2068697: GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION - Joys of Jell-O Gelatin
1976276: CORSO, GREGORY; MORGAN, BILL (EDITOR); SMITH, PATTI (FOREWORD) - An Accidental Autobiography: The Selected Letters of Gregory Corso
1852524: CORVINO, NICK - Elvis: The Army Years, 1958-1960
1808586: CORY, DAVID - Puss-in-Boots, Jr. 6 Volume Set: The Adventure of Puss-in-Boots, Jr. ; Further Adventures of Puss-in-Boots, Jr. ; Puss-in-Boots, Jr. And Robinson Crusoe; Puss-in-Boots, Jr. In Fairyland; Puss-in-Boots, Jr. And Old Mother Goose; Puss-in-Boots, Jr. And Tom Thumb
1804767: CORY, DAVID - Billy Bunny and Daddy Fox
1804765: CORY, DAVID - Billy Bunny and Timmie Chipmunk
1712319: CORY, HOWARD L. - The Sword of Lankor
1309114: CORYN, MARJORIE - Good-Bye [Goodbye], My Son
2186990: COSKI, JOHN M.; JASMAN JR., DANIEL F.; WOODBURY, DAVID A.; SAVAS, THEODORE P. - Treasures from the Archives: Select Holdings from the Museum of the Confederacy (a Journal of the American CIVIL War, Volume 5, No. 1)
2065254: DA COSTA, EMANUEL MENDES - Elements of Conchology: Or, an Introduction to the Knowledge of Shells. With Seven Plates, Containing Figures of Every Genus of Shells.
2080391: DE COSTA, B.F. - The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America, by the Northmen, with Translations from the Icelandic Sagas.
2124268: COSTAIN, THOMAS B. [BERTRAM] - The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada -- an Intimate, Living Story of the Making of Canada
1696975: COSTAIN, THOMAS B. - Ride with Me
1304427: COSTAIN, THOMAS BERTRAM - The Silver Chalice: A Story of the Cup of the Last Supper
1526380: COSTAIN, THOMAS B. - Ride with Me: A Novel
1530832: COTT, ALLAN; AGEL, JEROME; BOE, EUGENE - Fasting: The Ultimate Diet
1515098: COTTER, GERRY - The Curlew
1824540: COTTON, JOHN W.; GRIFFITH, LUCILLE (EDITOR) - Yours Till Death: CIVIL War Letters of John W. Cotton
2150787: COUES, ELLIOTT - Field Ornithology. Comprising a Manual of Instruction for Procuring, Preparing and Preserving Birds and a Check List of North American Birds.
2117923: COULING, DAVID - Steam Yachts
1531958: COULTER, CATHERINE; COSTANZO, PAUL; RAUDMAN, RENEE - Knock out (5 Audio Cds, Abridged)
1536229: INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State
2160363: COUNTRYMAN, J. - Garden of Prayer Journal
2055252: COUNTRYMAN, EDWARD - The American Revolution
1522290: MONROE COUNTY - Enrollment List, Monroe County, Wards 18-24, 1935

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