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2158169: THUCYDIDES; WARNER, REX (TRANSLATOR); FINLEY, M.I. (INTRODUCTION/NOTES) - History of the Peloponnesian War
1679846: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - All the King's Men
1514043: WARREN, GEORGE A. - The Banner Boy Scouts Snow Bound, or, a Tour on Skates and Iceboats
2076191: WARREN, C.E.T. - Will Not We Fear
1937662: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - All the King's Men
1964255: WARREN, MAUDE RADFORD; DAVENPORT, EVE - Mother Hubbard's Wonderful Cupboard (Mother Goose and Her Friends)
1309129: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - World Enough and Time: A Romantic Novel
1534269: EDITORS OF ROLLING STONE; GEORGE-WARREN, HOLLY (INTRODUCTION) - Neil Young: The Rolling Stone Files -- the Ultimage Compendium of Interviews, Articles, Facts and Opinions from Teh Files of Rolling Stone (Advance Uncorrected Proofs)
2012651: WARREN, JOHN C. - Physical Education and the Preservation of Health.
2120119: WARREN, LARRY - Honda CIVIC & Acura Integra Automotive Repair Manual (Haynes Automotive Repair Manual)
2098862: WASASIER, HARRY C. - The Cookie Jar
2008352: WASHBURN, WILCOMB E. - Governor Berkeley and King Philip's War
2180862: WASHBURN, STANLEY - Tydol Flying Stamp Album of American Aviation (America Aloft)
2180863: WASHBURN, STANLEY - Tydol Flying Stamp Album of American Aviation (America Aloft)
1299288: WASHBURNE, HELUIZ - Rhamon: A Boy of Kashmir
1978944: WASHINGTON, GEORGE; KITMAN, MARVIN - George Washington's Expense Account
2185743: WASIF, ANDY; D'ELIA, RICK - How to Talk to a Yankee Fan
1726779: WASSING, R.S. - African Art: Its Background and Traditions
2190025: WATANABE, YOHJI - Pictorial History of Air War over Japan: Japanese Army Air Force
1508274: WATERHOUSE, ERIC S. - Psychology and Pastoral Work
1753440: WATERHOUSE, JO - Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders' Art
1523681: WATERMAN, THOMAS G. - The Justice's Manual: Or, a Summary of the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace, in the State of New-York; Containing a Variety of Practical Forms, Adapted to Cases CIVIL and Criminal
2139763: WATERS, GUY PRENTISS - Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul: A Review and Response
2004871: WATERS, THOMAS FRANKLIN - A Sketch of the Life of John Winthrop the Younger, Founder of Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1633 (Publications of the Ipswich Historical Society VII [7])
1303582: MEEHAN-WATERS, BRENDA - Cahiers Du Monde Russe Et Sovietique - Tirage a Part (Volume XII, MCMLXXI, 1 -2 Cahier)
2008085: WATERS, HENRY F.; BANKS, CHARLES E. - A True Relation Concerning the Estate of New-England As It Was Presented to His Matie.
1521788: WATKINS, PAUL - Thunder God
1986960: WATSON, BRAD - Last Days of the Dog-Men: Stories
1733831: WATSON, HARRY - Aviation History of World War One: 1914-1916
2193433: WATSON, JOHN O. - Air Force
2179974: WATSON, COLIN - Snobbery with Violence: Crime Stories and Their Audience
2161038: WATSON, IRVING A. - Public Health Papers and Reports Volume XX [20], Presented at the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Montreal, Canada, September 25-28, 1894, Together with Other Papers and an Abstract of the Records and Proceedings - Quarterly Series, Volume I [1]
1518604: WATSON, JOHN B. - Behaviorism: A Book That Initiated a Revolution in Its Attempt to Make Psychology an Objective Science
1792175: WATSON, HILDEGARDE WHITIN; WOLFE, ANDREW D.; PEET, ANNIE OLMSTEAD; SELDEN, GEORGE - Genesee Country Scrapbook (Volume VIII, Number 1 - Fall 1960)
1932348: THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ETCHERS; WATSON, FORBES (INTRODUCTION) - Year Book of American Etching 1914, Illustrated with One Hundred Reproductions of Etchings Shown at the Annual Exhibition of the American Society of Etchers
1684110: WATSON, JOHN; VARLEY, IAN - Nanoware Time / the Persistence of Vision (Science Fiction Double)
1804659: WATSON, HILDEGARDE LASELL - The Edge of the Woods: A Memoir
2034903: WATSON, FREDERICK - Civilization and the Cripple
1722758: WATT, RICHARD M.; FALLS, CYRIL (INTRODUCTION) - Dare Call It Treason
1536529: WATTS, MABEL - Little Fox (8077)
1913483: THE BROTHERS GRIMM; WATTS, BERNADETTE - The Elves and the Shoemaker
2184308: WAUGH, JOHN C. - Reelecting Lincoln: The Battle for the 1864 Presidency
1889172: WAUGH, EVELYN - Officers and Gentlemen
1309232: WAUGH, E.D.J. - West Point: The Story of the United States Military Academy Which Rising from the Revolutionary Forces Has Taught American Soldiers the Art of Victory
1518843: FOURTH WAY - Nimbus: The Creation Story According to Mr. G.
2029743: WAYMAN, TOM - Paperwork: An Anthology
2068419: WCRMSC - Company Fare
1731877: WEAVER, BEN - Patriots in Arms
1703779: WEAVER, INGRID - Brothers in Arms
2067060: WEAVER, CLIFTON S.; DU PONT, JOHN E. - The Living Volutes: A Monograph of the Recent Volutidae of the World (Monograph Series No. 1)
1703772: WEAVER, BEN - Rebels in Arms
1517200: WEAVER, WARD - Hang My Wreath
1526794: WEBB, R.K. - The American Historical Review (Volume 77, Number 1, February 1972)
1909965: WEBB, CHARLES - The Graduate
1526839: WEBB, R.K. - American Historical Review (Volume LXXV, Number 7, December 1970)
1507219: WEBB, ROBERT N. - We Were There on the Nautilus
1526843: WEBB, R.K. (EDITOR) - The American Historical Review (Volume LXXV, Number 6, October 1970)
1526802: WEBB, R.K. - The American Historical Review (Volume 76, Number 1, February 1971)
1526801: WEBB, R.K. - The American Historical Review (Volume 76, Number 2, April 1971)
1526800: WEBB, R.K. - The American Historical Review (Volume 76, Number 3, June 1971)
1526799: WEBB, R.K. - The American Historical Review (Volume 77, Number 3, June 1972)
1526625: WEBB, R.K. (EDITOR) - The American Historical Review (Volume 77, Number 5, December 1972)
1526622: WEBB, R.K. (EDITOR) - The American Historical Review (Volume 78, Number 1, February 1973)
2067049: WEBB, WALTER FREEMAN - Handbook for Shell Collectors
2008313: WEBB, ROBERT LLOYD - On the Northwest: Commercial Whaling in the Pacific Northwest, 1790-1967 (Pacific Maritime Studies Series)
1526795: WEBB, R.K. - EDITOR - The American Historical Review (Volume 77, Number 2, April 1972)
1532286: WEBB, MARY; BARALE, MICHELE (INTRODUCTION) - The Golden Arrow (a Virago Modern Classic)
1535866: WEBBER, GEORGE W. - Today's Church: A Community of Exiles and Pilgrims
1520385: WEBBER, EVERETT & OLGA - Rampart Street: Turbulent Romance and Hot-Blooded Adventure in Old New Orleans
1703780: WEBER, DAVID - In Enemy Hands
1708072: WEBER, DAVID - Changer of Worlds (Worlds of Honor #3)
G104: WEBER, CARL J. - Fore-Edge Painting: A Historical Survey of a Curious Art in Book Decoration
1708076: WEBER, DAVID; RINGO, JOHN - March to the Sea
1708075: WEBER, DAVID - March to the Stars
1693503: WEBER, DAVID; WHITE, STEVE - Insurrection
1695513: WEBER, DAVID; RINGO, JOHN - March Upcountry
1843028: WEBER, DAVID; RINGO, JOHN - The Prince Roger Series Vols. 1-3 (March Upcountry; March to the Sea; March to the Stars)
1703784: WEBER, DAVID - Honor Harrington: Flag in Exile
1703783: WEBER, DAVID - Honor Harrington: Field of Dishonor
1695516: WEBER, DAVID - The Armageddon Inheritance
1695519: WEBER, DAVID; FLINT, ERIC; DRAKE, DAVID; - The Warmasters
1695520: WEBER, DAVID - Ashes of Victory
1695521: WEBER, DAVID - Echoes of Honor (the Honor Harrington Series Book 8)
1695523: WEBER, DAVID - Apocalypse Troll
1695525: WEBER, DAVID - Honor Among Enemies: Honor Harrington #6
2029738: WEBSTER, ELAINE - Dawn Dancing
2125473: WEBSTER, NOAH; GOODRICH, CHAUNCEY A. (EDITOR) - An American Dictionary of the English Language; Containing the Whole Vocabulary of the First Edition in Two Volumes Quarto; the Entire Corrections and Improvements of the Second Edition in Two Volumes Royal Octavo; to Which Is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation on the Origin, History, and Connection, of the Languages of Western Asia and Europe, with an Explanation of the Principles on Which Languages Are Formed; Revised and Enlarged by Chauncey A. Goodrich with Pronouncing Vocabularies of Scripture, Classical, and Geographical Names
1509430: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - The Young Treasure Hunter or Fred Stanley's Trip to Alaska
2029739: WEBSTER, ELAINE - Seeking Balance
1532770: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - The Newsboy Partners or Who Was Dick Box?
1532738: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - Dick the Bank Boy or a Missing Fortune
2162314: WEBSTER, NOAH - The Elementary Spelling Book
2184297: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Great Orations and Senatorial Speech of Daniel Webster, Comprising Eulogy on Adams and Jefferson; First Settlement of New England; Bunker Hill Monument; Reply to Hayne.
1818789: WEBSTER, BUD; BOVA, BEN; LARSEN, DOUG - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - June 1996
2150824: WEBSTER, DOTTIE & VICKY; WOODFORD, JACK - You Only Live Twice: The Secret and Private Writings of Two Strip Teasers
1509585: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - Jack the Runaway or on the Road with a Circus
1509595: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - The High School Rivals or Fred Markham's Struggles
1977609: WEBSTER, NOAH; GOODRICH, CHAUNCEY A. (EDITOR) - An American Dictionary of the English Language; Containing the Whole Vocabulary of the First Edition in Two Volumes Quarto; the Entire Corrections and Improvements of the Second Edition in Two Volumes Royal Octavo; to Which Is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation on the Origin, History, and Connection, of the Languages of Western Asia and Europe, with an Explanation of the Principles on Which Languages Are Formed; Revised and Enlarged by Chauncey A. Goodrich with Pronouncing Vocabularies of Scripture, Classical, and Geographical Names
2035153: WEBSTER, NOAH; SPECTOR, BENJAMIN; SIGERIST, HENRY E.; MILLER, GENEVIEVE - Noah Webster: Letters on Yellow Fever Addressed to Dr. William Currie (Supplements to the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, No. 9)
1800069: WECTER, DIXON - When Johnny Comes Marching Home
1894615: WEDDINGTON, SARAH - A Question of Choice (Signed)
2191624: WEEKS, ALVIN G. - Massasoit of the Wampanoags
1768237: WEEKS, ALBERT L.; BARGHOORN, FREDERICK C. (FOREWORD) - The First Bolshevik: A Political Biography of Peter Tkachev
1736933: WEEKS, JOHN - Assault from the Sky: The History of Airborne Warfare
2112360: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD - Peary: The Explorer and the Man
1999471: WEES, FRANCES S. - The Maestro Murders
2161227: WEGLYN, MICHI; MICHENER, JAMES A. - Years of Infamy: The Untold Store of America's Concentration Camps
2121487: WEGSCHEIDER, SHARON; SATIR, VIRGINIA; WILLIAMS, KENNETH - Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family
1507081: WEHR, JULIAN - Little Red Riding Hood, Animated
2165809: WEI, WANG - Laughing Lost in the Mountains: Selected Poems of Wang Wei
1523260: WEIB, GEORG - Das Haben Wir Gleich Sprach Der Scheich: Ratsel Und Denksport Fur Pfiffige Leser
1985179: WEIDENSAUL, SCOTT - Duck Stamps: Art in the Service of Conservation
1790736: WEIDMAN, JEROME - Hand of the Hunter
1529961: WEIDMAN, JUDITH L. (EDITOR) - Christian Feminism: Visions of a New Humanity - Christian Women on Spirituality, Jesus, Ministry, Language of Scripture, Lifestyles, Sexuality, Work, Sexism
2194742: WEIGLEY, RUSSELL F. - A Great CIVIL War: A Military and Political History, 1861-1865
1690991: WEIMER, DAVID. R; WEIMER, JOAN MYERS - America - 19th Century Poetry: Innocence and Experience
1309095: WEINBERG, HERMAN G. - A Manhattan Odyssey: A Memoir
2179094: WEINER, ERIC - The CIVIL War (Facts America Series)
1773588: WEINGARTNER, STEVEN - A Weekend with the Great War: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Great War Interconference Seminar, Lisle, Illinois, 16-18 September 1994
1517174: WEINREB, NATHANIEL NORSEN - The Babylonians: A Novel About Beladar - Nebuchadnezzar's Physician and Companion
1517440: WEINREB, NATHANIEL NORSEN - The Sorceress: A Novel of the Conquest of Canaan by the Tribes of Israel
1676120: WEINSTEIN, HOWARD - Deep Domain (Star Trek, Book 33)
1678303: WEINSTEIN, HOWARD - Exiles (Star Trek the Next Generation, No 14)
1676138: WEINSTEIN, HOWARD - Power Hungry (Star Trek: The Next Generation #6)
1527902: WEINSTEIN, ALLEN; WILSON, R. JACKSON; GLAD, PAUL W. - EDITORS - The Random House Readers in American History: Volume II - Essays on the National Past, 1860 to the Present
1538120: WEINSTEIN, HOWARD - V: East Coast Crisis
1538121: WEINSTEIN, HOWARD - Prisoners and Pawns (V, Book 6)
1719443: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - A Stillness Heard Round the World: The End of the Great War: November 1918
2183135: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - General Sherman's Christmas: Savannah, 1864
2166806: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - General Sherman's Christmas: Savannah, 1864
1931308: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Victoria: An Intimate Biography
1709903: WEIR, GARY E. - Building American Submarines, 1914-1940 (Contributions to Naval History Series No. 3)
1701686: WEIS, MARGARET; HICKMAN, TRACY - The Darksword Trilogy Volume 2: Doom of the Darksword
1683232: WEIS, MARGARET; PERRIN, DON - The Knights of the Black Earth
1708124: WEIS, MARGARET; HICKMAN, TRACY - The Seventh Gate
1683241: WEIS, MARGARET; PERRIN, DON - Robot Blues
1708125: WEIS, MARGARET; HICKMAN, TRACY - Fire Sea: The Death Gate Cycle 3
1706079: WEIS, MARGARET - King's Test: Star of the Guardians Vol. 2
2108952: WEISBROD, CAROL - The Boundaries of Utopia
1523275: WEISE, LEOPOLD VON, PROF. DR. - Soziologie: Geschichte Und Hauptprobleme (Sammlung Goschen, Band 101)
2084323: WEISE, ARTHUR JAMES - The Discoveries of America to the Year 1525
2174867: WEISE, ARTHUR JAMES - The City of Troy [N.Y. ] and Its Vicinity
2164004: WEISER, CONRAD; MUHLENBERG, HIESTER H.; PEALE, REMBRANDT; BANKS, ANDREW; TROUT, JOAB - Narrative of a Journey from Tulpehocken, in Pennsylvania, to Onondaga, the Headquarters of the Six Nations of Indians, Made in 1717
1509882: WEISS, MARVIN D. - Microprocessors in Industrial Measurement and Control
1896345: WEISS, JOHN - The Immortal Life
1518871: WEITZ, MORRIS (EDITOR) - 20th-Century Philosophy: The Analytic Tradition (Readings in the History of Philosophy Series)
1536396: WELCH, SHARON D. - A Feminist Ethic of Risk
2141267: WELCH, EARL - Whisper Magazine - April 1957 (Vol. 11, Number 4, Marilyn Monroe Cover)
1523578: WELD, MINOT; KNOBLAUCH, WAYNE; REGENSTEIN, JOE - An Economic Analysis of Freshwater Finfish Aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic States (June 1990, A.E. Res. 90-8)
2012744: WELLCOME, HENRY - The Wellcome Research Institution and the Affiliated Research Laboratories and Museums - Exhibits at the Chicago Exposition, 1934
2182578: WELLIKOFF, ALAN - The CIVIL War Supply Catalogue: A Comprehensive Sourcebook with Products from the CIVIL War Era Available Today
1720348: WELLMAN, WILLIAM A. - A Short Time for Insanity: An Autobiography
1964230: WELLMONT, EMMA - Uncle Sam's Palace; or, the Reigning King
1818071: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames, Army Nurse (the Cherry Ames Nursing Stories Series Book 3)
1506575: WELLS, REBECCA - Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
1971798: WELLS, A.F. - Structural Inorganic Chemistry
2135537: WELLS, CAROLYN - Dick and Dolly's Adventures
1305065: WELLS, ANGUS - Usurper: The Second Book of the Kingdoms
1818074: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse (the Cherry Ames Nursing Stores Series Book 2)
1909896: WELLS, JAYE - Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane Book 3) - Uncorrected Proof
1779258: WELLS, IDA B.; DECOSTA-WILLIS, MIRIAM (EDITOR); WASHINGTON, MARY HELEN (FOREWORD); STERLING, DOROTHY (AFTERWORD) - The Memphis Diary of Ida B. Wells: An Intimate Portrait of the Activist As a Young Woman
1816798: WELLS, H.G. - Mr. Britling Sees It Through
1525763: WELLS, H.G. - The Sea Lady: A Tissue of Moonshine (Classics of Science Fiction)
1875061: WELLS, WILLIAM; RICHARDSON, ANNA; HOFFMAN, ELLIOTT W. (EDITOR) - A Vermont Cavalryman in War & Love: The CIVIL War Letters of Brevet Major General William Wells and Anna Richardson
1818073: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames Student Nurse (Cherry Ames Nurse Stories Book 1)
2144550: WELLS, H.G. - H.G. Wells: The Classic Novels in Five Volumes: The First Men in the Moon; the Island of Dr. Moreau; the War of the Worlds; the Time Machine; the Invisible Man (Easton Press Limited Edition)
2066708: WELSCH, ROGER L. - Sod Walls: The Story of the Nebraska Sod House
1794673: WELSH, DOUGLAS - The Usa in World War I (Americans at War)
1779368: WELSH, IRVINE - Glue
2020029: WELSH, DOUGLAS - The CIVIL War: A Complete Military History
2139699: WELTER, RUSH - The Mind of America, 1820-1860
1863860: WELTY, EUDORA - Losing Battles
2063060: WELZL, JAN; WEATHERALL, M. & R.; GOLOMBEK, BEDRICH; VALENTA, EDVARD - The Quest for Polar Treasures
2048765: WEMYSS, STANLEY - The General Guide to Rare Americana, with Auction Records and Prices. A Hand Book and Guide to the Rare and Notable Books Relating to America. With Chronological and Regional Inventories of Early Printed Books in the United States, and a Key to American Imprints 1639-1889, in Two Volumes: 1493-1699; 1700-1943; [with] a Key to American Imprints - 1638-1889
1530355: MOLTMANN-WENDEL, ELISABETH; GRITSCH, RUTH C. (TRANSLATOR) - Liberty, Equality, Sisterhood: On the Emancipation of Women in Church and Society
2135208: HESIOD; THEOGNIS; WENDER, DOROTHEA - Hesiod and Theognis: Theogony; Works and Days; Elegies
1527284: WENDLAND, HEINZ-DIETRICH - Vita E Condotta Dei Cristiani (Studi Biblica 39)
1309083: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Key: A Miss Silver Mystery: First Edition
1682340: WENTWORTH, K.D. - The Imperium Game
2084304: WENTWORTH, RUTH STARBUCK; HUSSEY, ROLAND B. - Nantucket's First Tea: The Romantic Story of Ruth Starbuck Wentworth and Her Eventful Experience on the Sea-Girt Island
1309084: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Black Cabinet
1639549: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - The Watersplash
2176822: WERNER, BRET - First Special Service Force 1942-44 (Osprey Elite)
2191207: WERT, JEFFRY D. - A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee's Triumph, 1862-1863
2006111: WERTENBAKER, THOMAS JEFFERSON - The Puritan Oligarchy: The Founding of American Civilization (the Universal Library Ul-9)
1528144: WERTHAM, FREDERIC - Dark Legend: A Study in Murder
1706946: WERTHEIMER, JACK (EDITOR) - The American Synagogue: A Sanctuary Transformed
2108983: WERTKIN, GERARD C. - The Four Seasons of Shaker Life: An Intimate Portrait of the Community at Sabbathday Lake
2170680: WERTZ, JAY - The CIVIL War Experience
1528562: WESCOTT, GLENWAY - Household in Athens: A Novel
1514512: WESKER, ARNOLD - I'm Talking About Jerusalem: The Final Play of the Wesker Trilogy
1298605: WESSEL, MILTON R. - Science and Conscience
1924491: WEST, WARD - Halfway to Timberline
1310127: WEST, JESSAMYN - Double Discovery: A Journey
1293178: WEST, JERRY - Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery
2172094: WEST, REBECCA [CICELY ISABEL FAIRFIELD] - Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia -- One-Volume Edition
1809420: WEST, NICK - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Coughing Dragon (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Series, No. 14)
1539540: WEST, ROBERT D. - No One Noticed When God Died
2180849: WEST, TOKEN - Georgia Girl
1514665: WEST, YVONNE - Rosemary for Remembrance
1817141: WEST, MAUDE I. - Irondequoit Story: A History of the Town of Irondequoit (Suburb of Rochester, County of Monroe, State of New York) Covering the Years 1839-1957
1534709: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery
1534707: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
1520635: WEST, JOSEPH A. - Showdown at Two-Bit Creek: A Ralph Compton Novel by Joseph A. West
2038710: WEST, NATHANIEL - The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: Or, How to Comprehend Holy Writ from Its Own Interpretation, Containing the Whole of the Old and New Testaments, Collected and Systematically Arranged in Thirty Books; Together with an Introduction, Setting Forth the Character of the Work, and the Immense Facility This Method Affords the Reader for Understanding the Word of God. Also, Three Different Tables of Contents Prefixed, a General Index of Subjects, a Scripture Index, and Tables of Principal Subjects with Their Parallel Sections Subjoined, So Elaborated and Arranged in Alphabetical Order As to Direct at Once to Any Subject Required. Including a Map of Palestine, a Family Record, a Pronouncing Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, an Interpreting Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, Tables of Scripture Measures, Weights, and Coins, with Full Explanations, Statistics of the Existing Religious Denominations in the World, and the History of the Bible. Diligently Revised and Enlarged.
1534710: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters (the Happy Hollisters Series Book 1)
1926257: WEST, MAE - The Constant Sinner (Babe Gordon)
1934212: WEST, JESSAMYN - Categorically Speaking
1745020: WESTALL, ROBERT - Echoes of War
1300697: WESTBROOK, PERRY D. - The Greatness of Man: An Essay on Dostoyevsky and Whitman
2153461: WESTCOTT, EDWARD NOYES - David Harum: A Story of American Life
2062444: WESTCOTT, LINN H. - How to Wire Your Model Railroad
1535244: WESTHEIMER, DAVID - Von Ryan's Express: A Novel of Agonizing Suspense
1681618: WESTON, JAMES; D.J. D. - Bible Stories and Pictures
1536440: WESTON, KATH - Families We Choose: Lesbians, Gays, Kinship
2106298: WESTPHAL, MEROLD - Transcendence and Self-Transcendence: On God and the Soul (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion)
2084971: WESTPHAL, MEROLD - Overcoming Onto-Theology: Toward a Postmodern Christian Faith
1921853: WESTWOOD, JOHN - The World Steam Train Album
2158220: WEXLER, BRUCE - The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes: The Illustrated Guide to the Famous Cases, Infamous Adversaries, and Ingenious Methods of the Great Detective
1534300: WEYSSE, ARTHUR W. - An Epitome of Human Histology for the Use of Students in Connection with Lectures and Laboratory Work
1847599: WHALEN, GROVER; ELSIE-JEAN - A Trip to the New York World's Fair with Bobby and Betty, As Told to Elsie-Jean (Seeing America with Bobby and Betty Series)
2119143: WHALEY, HAROLD - Whatsoever Things Are True
1512825: WHARTON, ANTHONY - Be Good, Sweet Maid
2093269: WHARTON, EDITH - Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belport (the War on All Fronts, Volume III [3]) [Dunkirk]
1865239: WHARTON, EDITH - Certain People
1716623: WHARTON, EDITH - The Marne
1538612: WHARTON, EDITH - Ethan Frome: Tie-in Edition
1710555: WHARTON, ANNE HOLLINGSWORTH; TAYLOR, EMILY DRAYTON - Heirlooms in Miniatures, with a Chapter on Miniature Painting, with Numerous Reproductions of the Best Examples of Colonial, Revolutionary, and Modern Miniature Painters
2076787: WHARTON, EDITH; MOONEY, BEL - The House of Mirth
1527212: WHEAT, MAXWELL CORYDON, JR. - Thermalling / Trillium (2 Vol. Chapbook Set)
2078209: WHEATLEY, RONALD - Operation Sea Lion
1965252: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - They Found Atlantis: A Novel
2070539: WHEDBEE, CHARLES HARRY - Legends of the Outer Banks and Tar Heel Tidewater
2162664: WHEELAN, JOSEPH - Mr. Adams's Last Crusade: John Quincy Adams's Extraordinary Post-Presidential Life in Congress
2015969: WHEELER, BENSON - I, Becky Barrymore
2005503: WHEELER, THOMAS - Captain Thomas Wheeler's Narrative. 1675. (Old South Leaflets No. 155)
2191205: WHEELER, RICHARD - Sword over Richmond: An Eyewitness History of Mcclellan's Peninsula Campaign
1771273: ROLT-WHEELER, FRANCIS - The Boy with the U.S. Aviators (U.S. Service Series)
1533003: WHEELER, MARGARET L. - A Bird Watcher's Guide to Mexico (Minutiae Mexicana Series)
2179155: WHEELER, RICHARD - Witness to Gettysburg
2183125: WHEELER, RICHARD - Voices of the CIVIL War
2008332: WHEELWRIGHT, JOHN; BELL, CHARLES H. - John Wheelwright: His Writings, Including His Fast-Day Sermon, 1637; and His Mercurius Americanus, 1645; with a Paper Upon the Genuineness of the Indian Deed of 1629, and a Memoir (Burt Franklin: Research and Source Works Series #131) (American Classics in History and Social Science #2)
1776929: WHELAN, GLORIA - Smudge and the Book of Mistakes: A Christmas Story
2141733: WHICHER, GEORGE F. - The Goliard Poets: Medieval Latin Songs and Satires
2099563: WHICHER, GEORGE F. - Walden Revisited: A Centennial Tribute to Henry David Thoreau
2184318: WHIPPLE, WAYNE - The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln
2084280: WHIPPLE, A.B.C. - Yankee Whalers in the South Seas (Tut Books)
2123456: WHIPPLE, SIDNEY B. - The Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann: Edited with a History of the Case [Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping]
G106: JON WHISTLER - One Light
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