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1534561: DOVER PUBLICATIONS - Japanese Circular Ornamental Designs (Pictorial Archive Series)
1511775: COLLINS PUBLISHERS; EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - A Day in the Life Series 5 Volume Set: A Day in the Life of America / Italy / China / the Soviet Union / Hollywood -- Each Photographed by the World's Leading Photojournalists on One Day
2142018: POMEGRANATE PUBLISHERS - Maps of the Ancient World: A Book of Postcards
2189230: ZONDERVAN BIBLE PUBLISHERS - The Layman's Parallel Bible: Comparing Four Popular Translations in Parallel Columns: The King James Version, the Modern Language Bible, the Living Bible, the Revised Standard Version
2155408: WESTERN WORLD PUBLISHERS - Avon (7) Seven: Western World Handbook and Price Guide to Avon Bottles
2034618: ULTIMATE PUBLISHING - Sword & Sorcery Annual 1975
2075202: SCHIFFER PUBLISHING - The 350th Fighter Group in the Mediterranean Campaign: 2 November 1942 to 2 May 1945
1788816: RH VALUE PUBLISHING - Rolls Royce Catalogue 1910-11
1856560: ANALOG PUBLISHING - Analog Science Fiction: Mid-December 1986
1512332: RH VALUE PUBLISHING - Animal Tales Library: Shelly's Shell Search, the Undersea Adventures of Digby Dolphin, Tidy Heidi, the Sculptor of Beaver Pond, Springer: The Rabbit Who Jumped Too High, Darby: The Lost and Found Puppy
2194365: DELL PUBLISHING - Battles Planes
2194367: DELL PUBLISHING - Battles Planes
2194368: DELL PUBLISHING - War Planes
1715761: PUCKLE, JOHN - The Church and Fortress of Dover Castle
1686122: PUGLIESE, MICHAEL - The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Survival Shelters Construction Manual
2166812: PULLEN, JOHN J. - Joshua Chamberlain: A Hero's Life and Legacy
1523803: PUNCEL, MARIA - La Isla de la Bruma
2183693: PUNKE, MICHAEL - The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge
1720773: PURVES, ALEC A. - Collecting Medals and Decorations
2119191: SAINT AUGUSTINE; PUSEY, EDWARD BOUVERIE - The Confessions of Saint Augustine
1806180: PUTNAM, JAMES - An Introduction to Egyptian Mythology
2029321: PUTNAM, GEO. HAVEN - Authors and Their Public in Ancient Times: A Sketch of Literary Conditions and of the Relations with the Public of Literary Producers, from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Roman Empire
1527898: PUTNEY, MAX C. - The Man of Galilee: A New Life of Jesus
1521697: DU PUY, WILLIAM ATHERTON; WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT - Green Kingdom: The Way of Life of a Forest Ranger (the Way of Life Series)
1795044: PYE, LUCIAN W. - Communications and Political Development
1951125: PYLE, ROBERT MICHAEL - Wintergreen: Rambles in a Ravaged Land
2105926: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
1923505: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
1964215: PYLE, HOWARD; JOHNSON, MERLE - Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates: Fiction, Fact & Fancy Concerning the Buccaneers & Marooners of the Spanish Main, from the Writing & Pictures of Howard Pyle
1308652: QADIR, SAYEDA ROWSHAN - Bastees of Dacca [Dhaka]: A Study of Squatter Settlement
2131706: QUAIFE, MILO M. - Lake Michigan (the American Lakes Series)
1896383: QUAMMEN, DAVID - Monster of God: The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind
2191593: QUAYLE, WILLIAM A. - In God's out-of-Doors
2153167: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Detective Fiction
2165845: QUEEN, ELLERY - Calamity Town
2155318: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Detective Short Story: A Bibliography
2171971: QUEEN, ELLERY - In the Queens' Parlour and Other Leaves from the Editors' Notebook
2173918: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes
2172004: QUEEN, ELLERY - Ellery Queen and the Adventure of the Last Man Club - a Thrilling Detective Story (the Radio Adventures of Ellery Queen) (the Better Little Book Series #1406)
2165847: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Tragedy of Y
2171978: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Queen's Awards 1946: The Winners of the First Annual Detective Short-Story Contest Sponsored by Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
2165850: QUEEN, ELLERY - There Was an Old Woman
1310663: QUENNELL, PETER - Marble Foot: An Autobiography 1905-1938
1536770: BHELY-QUENUM, OLYMPE; BLAIR, DOROTHY S. - Snares without End
2005494: HALL-QUEST, OLGA - Flames over New England - the Story of King Philip's War: 1675-1676
1734749: QUICK, R. H. - Essays on Educational Reformers
2071656: DE QUILLE, DAN - The Big Bonanza
1980700: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS; MACKENZIE, SHELTON (PREFACE) - Klosterheim; or, the Masque.
2162326: QUINN, DAVID B.; QUINN, ALISON M. - The English New England Voyages, 1602-1608
1531015: QUINN, KENNETH - Virgil's Aeneid: A Critical Description
1313054: QUINN, BRIAN P. - The Depression Sourcebook
1926041: O'QUINN, ALLEN - A Woman for Henry
1535601: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Complete Films of Ingrid Bergman
1538524: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Fredric March
1500523: QURESHI, ISHTIAQ HUSAIN - The Muslim Community of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent (610-1947)
1296933: QURESHI, ISHTIAQ HUSAIN - Akbar: The Founder of the Mughal Empire
1296553: QURESHI, ISHTIAQ HUSAIN - Education in Pakistan: An Inquiry Into Objectives and Achievements
2037533: RAACH, JOHN H. - A Directory of English Country Physicians, 1603-1643
2093352: RABB, JONATHAN - Rosa: A Novel
1296302: RABEEYA, DAVID - Treadmills I Walk
1926289: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS; LE CLERCQ; JACQUES (TRANSLATOR) - The Complete Works of Rabelais: The Five Books of Gargantua and Pantagruel in the Modern Translation (the Modern Library of the World's Best Books, Giants G65)
1303598: RABINOVICI, SCHOSCHANA - Thanks to My Mother
1536867: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. - Winston Churchill on Jewish Problems
1302661: RABINOWITCH, ALEXANDER & JANET; KRISTOF, LADIS (EDITORS) - Revolution and Politics in Russia: Essays in Memory of B.I. Nicolaevsky
1531408: RACKHAM, JOHN - Beanstalk
1313939: RADFORD, IRENE - Guardian of the Trust (Merlin's Descendants Series Volume Two [2]) (Daw Book Collectors No. 1145)
2054198: RADFORD, RUBY LORRAINE - The Mystery of the Bradley Pearls
2123382: ABELARD; HELOISE; RADICE, BETTY - The Letters of Abelard and Heloise (Penguin Classics)
1506439: RADZINSKY, EDVARD - The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II
2191289: RAE, NOEL - Witnessing America: The Library of Congress Book of Firsthand Accounts of Life in America, 1600-1900
1508916: RAEBURN, MICHAEL; KENDALL, ALAN - Heritage of Music Volume III: The Nineteenth-Century Legacy
2089128: RAFERT, STEWART - The Miami Indians of Indiana: A Persistent People, 1654-1994
1785603: RAFTER, GEO. W. - Final Report on the Genesee River Storage Project, April 1, 1894
1283964: RAGHURAM, SUNAAD - Veerappan: India's Most Wanted
1293907: RAGSDALE, HUGH - Russian Tragedy: The Burden of History
1768241: RAGSDALE, HUGH - Detente in the Napoleonic Era: Bonaparte and the Russians
1854311: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - The Yukon Trail
2171967: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD; ESTEVEN, JOHN; WALLACE, EDGAR - Star Novels Quarterly Number 1: The Banded Stars: A Novel of Courage and Daring; Voodoo: A Novel of Those Who Serve the Gods of Hate; the Three Oaks Mystery: A Novel of Death in the Dark
1853648: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - Ride the River
1522980: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - Colorado
1794991: RAINER, JEROME; RAINER, JULIA - Sexual Pleasure in Marriage
1990768: RAJS, JAKE - The Hudson River: From Tear of the Clouds to Manhattan
2009371: RALPH, DR. [JOSEPH E.] - A Domestic Guide to Medicine, by Which Individuals, Both Male and Female, Are Enabled to Treat Their Own Complaints on a Safe and Easy Principle, to This Is Prefixed a Few Remarks on the Universal Domestic Medicine of the Author, (Formerly the Improved Hygeian Pills;) Showing That This Medicine Is Founded on the Prevailing Doctrines of the Brit. College of Physicians and Surgeons, London.
1523105: RALPHSON, G. HARVEY - Boy Scouts with the Cossacks or, Poland Recaptured
1983278: RAMBOSSON, J. [JEAN PIERRE] - Histoire Des Meteores Et Des Grands Phenomenes de la Nature
1511115: RAMEE, LOUISE DE LA - The Nurnberg Stove
1506371: RAMPTON, SHELDON; STAUBER, JOHN - The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq
2035185: RAMSBOTTOM, JOHN - Mushrooms & Toadstools: A Study of the Activities of Fungi (the New Naturalist: A Survey of British Natural History)
1515353: RAMSDELL, H. J.; POORE, BEN. PERLEY - Life and Public Services of Hon. James G. Blaine, the Brilliant Orator and Sagacious Statesmen; Also the Life of the Courageous Soldier, Distinguished Senator and Nominee for the Vice-Presidency, Gen. John A. Logan
2115366: RAND, AYN - The Fountainhead: 25th Anniversary Edition
1520074: RAND, E.R. - Founders of the Middle Ages
1508650: RAND, AYN - We the Living
2105701: RAND, AYN - The Fountainhead
1724045: RANDALL, HOMER - Army Boys on German Soil: Our Doughboys Quelling the Mobs
1808903: RANDALL, CLAY - Amos Flagg: Bushwacked
1808902: RANDALL, CLAY - Amos Flagg: High Gun
2172708: RANDALL, J.G. - Midstream: Lincoln the President
1743976: RANDALL, ROBERT - Residential Structure & Framing: Practical Engineering & Advanced Framing Techniques for Builders
1538713: RANDALL, MARGARET - Walking to the Edge: Essays of Resistance
2005744: RANDALL, MARY L.; GIBSON, CHUCK; MOORE, JUDITH DOW; FROST, JOAN; MCDOWELL, CATHY S. - Cold Earth Wanderers & Other Adirondack Writings
2132181: RANDALL, DANIEL R. - A Puritan Colony in Maryland (Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science, Fourth Series, VI)
1699532: RANDALL, MARTA - The Sword of Winter
2149133: RANDAU, CARL; ZUGSMITH, LEANE - The Visitor (Dell Mapback No. 132)
2149134: RANDAU, CARL; ZUGSMITH, LEANE - The Visitor (Dell Mapback No. 132)
1683239: RANDLE, KEVIN; CORNETT, ROBERT - The Aldebaran Campaign
2028181: RANDLE, KEVIN; CORNETT, ROBERT - Fifty Million Years War Books 1-3 (Seeds of War, the Aldebaran Campaign, the Aquarian Attack)
1533423: RANDLE, KEVIN; DRISCOLL, RICHARD - Star Precinct
1533424: RANDLE, KEVIN; DRISCOLL, RICHARD - Star Precinct 3: Inside Job (Star Precinct No. 3)
1702030: RANDLE, KEVIN; DRISCOLL, RICHARD - Star Precinct: Mind Slayer
1684793: RANDLE, KEVIN - Jefferson's War: The Price of Command
1699502: RANDLE, KEVIN - Jefferson's War: The January Platoon
1937383: RANDO, THERESA A. - Treatment of Complicated Mourning
2070564: RANDOLPH, J. RALPH - British Travellers Among the Southern Indians, 1660-1763
2193789: RANKIN, ROBERT H. - A Handbook of CIVIL Defense: What Every Loyal American Can Do to Help the United States Win the War
2188865: RANSOM, JOHN L.; CATTON, BRUCE - John Ransom's Andersonville Diary: Life Inside the CIVIL War's Most Infamous Prison
1787945: RANSOM, JOHN CROWE - The World's Body
2077111: RANSOM, ELMER - The Woodland Book
1677962: RANSOM, DANIEL - Zone Soldiers
1664957: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Winter Holiday
1638283: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Missee Lee
2049075: RAPHAEL, RAY - Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past
1837999: RAPP, MARVIN A. - Canal Water and Whiskey: Tall Tales from the Erie Canal Country
1537216: RASKIN, SAUL - Hagadah for Passover
1923770: RATCLIFFE, DAVID - Prisoners of Limbo
1976322: RATHBUN, JOHN B. - Aeroplane Construction, Operation and Maintenance: Notes on Practical Aerodynamics, Constructional Detail, Performance, Practical Flight, Engines, Propellers, Control Systems and Types of Planes. Transport and Pleasure Craft for 1929 Seventh Edition: A Comprehensive Manual of Instruction for Amateurs, Students, Aviators, Constructors and Air-Mechanics, Adapted for School Use or for Home-Study.
1798635: RATNER, VADDEY - In the Shadow of the Banyan
1518102: RAVIV, DAN; MELMAN, YOSSI - Friends in Deed: Inside the U.S. - Israel Alliance
2118832: RAWLENCE, CHRISTOPHER - The Missing Reel: The Untold Story of the Lost Inventor of Moving Pictures
2161011: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Yearling
1519640: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Yearling: 50th Anniversary Edition
2060209: RAWLINGS, FRANK - The Lisping Man
1308104: RAWLINSON, D.H. - The Practice of Criticism
2150126: RAWSON, CLAYTON - No Coffin for the Corpse: A Great Merlini Mystery (Dell Mapback 258)
2174964: RAWSON, CLAYTON - No Coffin for the Corpse [a Great Merlini Mystery]
2190321: RAY, JIM - The Inside Story of the Flying Fortress Boeing B-17
1522225: RAY, ANN - Journey Into Light: The Story of a Woman's Love
2187683: RAY, JIM - The Story of the U.S. Army Air Forces
2141786: RAY, JANISSE - Drifting Into Darien: A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River
2179089: RAY, DELIA - A Nation Torn: The Story of How the CIVIL War Began (Young Readers' History of the CIVIL War)
1979663: RAYBACK, ROBERT J. - Millard Fillmore: Biography of a President (Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society Volume 40)
1530440: RAYE, HELEN A.; SCHNEIDER, CLAIRE - Circa 1900: From the Genteel Tradition to the Jazz Age
1533174: RAYE, KIMBERLY - A Body to Die for (Harlequin Blaze)
2144236: RAYMOND, HENRY J.; CARPENTER, FRANK B.; [LINCOLN, ABRAHAM] - The Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States; Together with His State Papers, Including His Speeches, Addresses, Messages, Letters and Proclamations, and the Closing Scenes Connected with His Life and Death. (Easton Press Collector's Edition)
1893275: RAYMOND, ROSSITER W. - Mineral Resources of the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains.
1722477: U.S. ARMY RESERVE COMPONENTS PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION CENTER (RCPAC) - Information Pamphlet for Officers of the United States Army Reserve, February 1978 (Rcpac Pamphlet No. 140-1)
1798272: READ, KENNETH E. - High Valley
1294393: READ, KENNETH E. - High Valley
1519418: MISS READ - Village Diary
1539942: READ, JAN - Wines of Portugal
2121544: READE, COMPTON - The Smith Family: Being a Popular Account of Most Branches of the Name - However Spelt - from the Fourteenth Century Downwards, with Numerous Pedigrees Now Published for the First Time
1513376: READE, CHARLES - Cloister and the Hearth
1296815: READE, CHARLES - Foul Play
1859243: READING, AMY - The Mark Inside: A Perfect Swindle, a Cunning Revenge, and a Small History of the Big Con
1818844: READY, CHRISTIAN; DELANEY, JOSEPH H.; JANIFER, LAURENCE M.; BURNS, STEPHEN L.; PLANTE, BRIAN - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - January 1997
1832749: THE LADY'S REALM - The Lady's Realm: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Vol. XVI, May 1904 to October 1904
2140059: REBERT, ROBERT J. - Indian Education: An Annotated Bibliography of Young People's Books on American Indians
1848812: RECHNITZER, F.E. - Captain Jeep (Whose Mysterious Appearance Brings Adventure to Bartonsburg) Signed First Edition
1526628: RECK, MICHAEL - Ezra Pound: A Close-Up
1527358: RECK, ANDREW J. - Speculative Philosophy: A Study of Its Nature Types and Uses
1519758: REDCAY, T.J. - The Old Order Amish in Plain Words and Pictures
2157850: REDDING, M. WOLCOTT - Antiquities of the Orient Unveiled, Containing a Concise Description of the Ruins of King Solomon's Cities, Together with Those of Forty of the Most Ancient and Renowned Cities of the East, Including Babylon, Nineveh, Damascus, and Shushan.
G5: REDFIELD, JAMES - Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness
1518552: REDIGER, PAT - Great African Americans in Music
2194718: REDMAN, CHARLES L. - Human Impact on Ancient Environments
2151645: REDMOND, D.A. - B.S. J. 1946-69: A Cumulated Index to the Baker Street Journal, Dedicated to the Study of Mr. Sherlock Holmes
1536498: REDMOND, THOMAS B.; PATTERSON, DEAN C. - Compressive Strength of Composite Brick and Concrete Masonry Walls
2174276: AN OLD LAWYER [REED, HENRY] - Bigamy and Polygamy. Review of the Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, Rendered at the October Term, 1878, in the Case of George Reynolds, Plaintiff in Error, Vs the United States, Defendant in Error.
1299338: REED, GEORGE D.; SHUTT, ERWIN E. - Supervisors' Manual: A Digested Treatise and Compendium of the Law on Supervisors, County and Town Officers Containing Full and Complete Annotations, Necessary Forms and a Reference Table of Laws and Statutes -- Second Enlarged Edition
1788605: REED, MICHAEL - The Age of Exuberance 1550-1700 (Making of Britain, 1066-1939)
1779072: REED, BILLY; BOLUS, JIM (EDITOR); WOODEN, JOHN (FOREWORD) - Born to Coach: How Denny Crum Built the University of Louisville Into a Basketball Powerhouse
2068974: REEMELIN, CHARLES - The Vine-Dresser's Manual, an Illustrated Treatise on Vineyards and Wine-Making
1673215: REES, GILBERT - Respectable Women: A Novel of Kansas in the 1890's
1718168: REEVES, GEORGE W. - Jefferson County in the World War: A Record of the Activities of the Various Organizations and Individuals Who Devoted Their Energies to the Cause of Freedom in the Great Conflict of 1914-1918, Containing the Honor Roll of Those Who Served in the Army, Navy and Marine and the Portraits of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice
1771003: REEVES, GEORGE W. - Jefferson County in the World War: A Record of the Activities of the Various Organizations and Individuals Who Devoted Their Energies to the Cause of Freedom in the Great Conflict of 1914-1918, Containing the Honor Roll of Those Who Served in the Army, Navy and Marine and the Portraits of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice
1520898: REEVES, MICHAEL - Travolta: A Photobio
1529359: REEVES, RICHARD - Passage to Peshawar: Pakistan: Between the Hindu Kush and the Arabian Sea
2066674: REEVES, RICHARD STONE; ROBINSON, PATRICK; MURLESS, NOEL - The Golden Post: An Artistic Study of the Tumultuous Events That Led to the Day When They Ran for Ten Million Dollars
2166489: REGER, JAMES P. - The Battle of Antietam (Battles of the CIVIL War)
1769417: NINTH REGIMENT, FORTY SEVENTH INFANTRY - Raiders of the 9th, Vol. 1 No. 9, Christmas Edition, 1944
2108079: REIBEL, DANIEL B. - A Guide to Old Economy
1518149: REICH, ROBERT B. - The Future of Success
1522516: REICHERT, MICKEY ZUCKER - Western Wizard (the Last of the Renshai Book Two [2])
1674069: REICHS, KATHY - Devil Bones
1806156: REID, MAYNE - The Tiger-Hunter; or, a Hero in Spite of Himself
1843650: REID, W. MAX - The Mohawk Valley: Its Legends and Its History
1795562: REID, PETER - Medieval Warfare: Triumph and Domination in the Wars of the Middle Ages
1717098: REID, P.R. - Escape from Colditz: The Two Classic Escape Stories - the Colditz Story and Men of Colditz - in One Volume
2174923: REID, BRIAN HOLDEN - America's CIVIL War: The Operational Battlefield, 1861-1863
1928336: REID, ALAN - Rosyth Castle: A Notable Fifeshire Ruin.
1819873: REID, AILEEN - Beardsley
2093688: REID, WILLIAM - Arms Through the Ages
1518082: O'REILLY, BILL - Who's Looking out for You?
2148280: REILLY, HELEN - Staircase 4 (Dell Mapback No. 498)
2149137: REILLY, HELEN - The Opening Door (Dell Mapback No. 200)
1512913: REILLY, MORGAN; TEMPEST, JOANNA - The Pocket Book of Death: An Unfortunate Look at the End of the Line
2165831: REILLY, HELEN - Death Demands an Audience
1760610: O'REILLY, HENRY - Settlement in the West. Sketches of Rochester; with Incidental Notices of Western New-York. A Collection of Matters Designed to Illustrate the Progress of Rochester During the First Quarter-Century of Its Existence. Including a Map of the City and Some Representations of Scenery, Edifices, Etc.
2149167: REILLY, HELEN - Murder at Arroways (Dell Mapback No. 576)
2165852: REILLY, HELEN - Three Women in Black: An Inspector Mckee Mystery
2029699: O'REILLY, ELIZABETH BOYLE - How France Built Her Cathedrals: A Study in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
1526544: REINER, MARIAN - Month-by-Month Poetry: December, January & February
2190613: REINHARTZ, DENNIS - The Art of the Map: An Illustrated History of Map Elements and Embellishments
1527988: REINHOLD, MEYER - Classical Drama: Greek and Roman
1533139: REISDORF, CHARLES A.; KOSCIS, STEPHEN J. (EDITOR) - Comin' on Strong: The Arcade and Attica Railroad
1539553: REITER, ESTER - Making Fast Food: From the Frying Pan Into the Fryer
1525044: REKTORYS, KAREL (EDITOR) - Survey of Applicable Mathematics
2172454: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA; HANSEN, HARRY - All Quiet on the Western Front (the Collector's Library of Famous Editions)
1768224: REMEIKIS, THOMAS - Opposition to Soviet Rule in Lithuania, 1945-1980
1516037: REMINGTON, FREDERIC; ALLEN, DOUGLAS - EDITOR; MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - INTRODUCTION - Frederic Remington's Own Outdoors: The Great Western Artist's Stories and Sketches of the Sporting Scene
1527580: REMINGTON, PRESTON - English Domestic Needlework of the XVI, XVII, and XVIII Centuries
1959237: REMINGTON, CAROLYN LYON; WHALEN, ELIZABETH C. (EDITOR); VAN VOORHIS, JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - Vibrant Silence: A Biography of Edmund Lyon and Carolyn Hamilton Talcott
2055205: REMINI, ROBERT V. - The House: The History of the House of Representatives
1307746: REMONDINO, P.C. - History of Circumcision from the Earliest Times to Present, Moral and Physical Reasons for Its Performance with a History of Eunuchism, Hermaphrodism, Etc. , and of the Different Operations Practiced Upon the Prepuce (Ready Reference Series No. 11)
1695269: REMUS, TIMOTHY - Arlen Ness: Master Harley Customizer
1520026: RENAULT, MARY - The Bull from the Sea
1520798: RENAULT, MARY - Funeral Games: A Novel
1800033: RENDELL, JOANNE - Crossing Washington Square: A Novel
2102903: RENEHAN, EDWARD J., JR. - John Burroughs: An American Naturalist
2095013: RENNERT, JACK - 100 Years of Bicycle Posters
1832908: RENO, CLINT - Sierra Massacre
2123689: REPPLIER, F.O. - As a Town Grows
2058118: RESNICK, MIKE - The Doctor and the Rough Rider (a Weird West Tale)
1851951: RESNICK, MIKE (EDITOR); - Women Writing Science Fiction As Men
1851954: RESNICK, MIKE (EDITOR) - Men Writing Science Fiction As Women
1701717: RESNICK, MIKE - Soothsayer
1684185: RESNICK, MIKE - The Widowmaker Reborn (Widowmaker Trilogy , No 2)
1702006: RESNICK, MIKE - Oracle
1682375: RESNICK, MIKE - The Widowmaker Unleashed
1531359: RESNICK, MICHAEL - Redbeard
1684183: RESNICK, MICHAEL D.; RESNICK, MIKE - Widowmaker (the Widowmaker Trilogy Book 1)
1853608: RESNICK, LAURA - Disappearing Nightly
1684187: RESNICK, MIKE; GREENBERG, MARTIN H. - Return of the Dinosaurs
1702047: RESNICK, MIKE - Walpurgis III
1518829: RESTAK, RICHARD M. - The Modular Brain: How New Discoveries in Neuroscience Are Answering Age-Old Questions About Memory, Free Will, Consciousness, and Personal Identity
1516287: RESTAK, RICHARD - The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own: Insights from a Practicing Neurologist
1727847: RETI, LADISLAO; DIBNER, BERN - Leonardo Davinci: Technologist
2111169: RETTIG, LAWRENCE - Amana Today: A History of the Amana Colonies from 1932 to the Present
1530015: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO; HURLEY, ANDREW (TRANSLATOR); PATEL, LINA - The Queen of the South Audio Book on 10 Cassettes (Unabridged)
1775905: ALUMNI-ALUMNAE REVIEW - The University of Rochester: The First Hundred Years, 1850-1950
1298666: TULANE DRAMA REVIEW - Tulane Drama Review
1306825: REX, JOHN - Key Problems of Sociological Theory
2015762: REXALL - For Your Good Health
1511291: REY, H. A. - Curious George Gets a Medal
1894717: DEL REY, LESTER - The Best of C.L. Moore
2031549: DEL REY, LESTER [DEL RAY, LESTER] - Gods and Golems
2055225: DEL REY, LESTER - Nerves
1822429: REY, ROBERT - American Etchers Vol. VI [6]: Arthur Wm. Heintzelman
2165555: REY, H.A. [HANS AUGUSTO] - The Stars: A New Way to See Them (Enlarged World-Wide Edition)
2047911: DEL REY, JUDY-LYNN (EDITOR) - Stellar Science-Fiction Stories 8-Volume Set
1705965: DEL REY, JUDY LYNN (EDITOR) - Stellar
1506551: REY, H.A. - Curious George Rides a Bike
2147082: DEL REY, LESTER (EDITOR) - The Best of Frederik Pohl
1520808: DEL REY, LESTER - Nerves
1506194: REYES, ELIZABETH V.; ZIALCITA, FERNANDO NAKPIL; ALCAZAREN, PAULO - Tropical Living: Contemporary Dream Houses in the Philippines
1500287: REYES, ELIZABETH V.; ZIALCITA, FERNANDO NAKPIL; ALCAZAREN, PAULO - Tropical Living: Contemporary Dream Houses in the Philippines
1714150: REYNOLDS, MACK - Commune 2000 A.D.
1731472: REYNOLDS, MACK; CHANDLER, A. BERTRAM - Nebula Alert / the Rival Rigelians
1527318: REYNOLDS, RUTH SUTTON - The Bible & People Who Lived and Wrote It: A Layman's Discovery of the Fascination of the Old Testament and of Its Influence on the New
1731499: REYNOLDS, MACK; TUBB, E.C. - Death Is a Dream / Computer War
1708410: REYNOLDS, MACK - Police Patrol: 2000 A.D.
1817165: REYNOLDS, GEORGE W.M. - Lady Saxondale's Crimes Volume II
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1530776: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A. - Passing Strange: A Gilded Tale of Love and Deception Across the Color Line
2180760: SANDYS, DUNCAN; BRITISH INFORMATION SERVICES - AN AGENCY OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT - Report on the Flying Bomb (British Information Services - an Agency of the British Government, Information Division, Id 549, September, 1944)
1525631: SANN, PAUL - Fads, Follies and Delusions of the American People: A Pictorial Story of Madnesses, Crazes and Crowd Phenomena
2140039: SANTE, L.R. - Manual of Roentgenological Technique: 13th Edition
1944211: SANTOS, JOHN PHILLIP - Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation
2012636: SAPPINGTON, JOHN; STITH, FERDINANDO - The Theory and Treatment of Fevers
1538552: SAPPINGTON, ROGER E. - Brethren Social Policy, 1908-1958
1889151: SARACHAN, HERMAN A. - The History of Flower City Lodge No. 910: Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York, 1914-1964
1849798: SARACHAN, HERMAN A. - Dear Brother Herman: Answering Questions Relating to Freemasonry
1298644: SARAH, THE DUCHESS OF YORK - Energy Breakthrough : Jump-Start Your Weight Loss and Feel Great
2063806: SARAMAGO, JOSE - Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis; the Gospel According to Jesus Christ; Blindness
1678324: SARGEN, PAMELA; ZEBROWSKI, GEORGE - Heart of the Sun (Star Trek, No. 83)
2194615: SARGENT, ERIC - What Is That Aeroplane?
1678295: SARGENT, PAMELA; ZEBROWSKI, GEORGE - Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Fury Scorned
1909893: SARGENT, PAMELA; YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN (INTRODUCTION) - Eye of Flame: Fantasies - Signed First Edition
1924463: THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART; [SARGENT, JOHN SINGER] - Memorial Exhibition of the Work of John Singer Sargent (January 4 Through February 14, 1926)
2194612: SARGENT, ERIC - Allied and Enemy Aircraft
1840663: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - Here Comes There Goes You Know Who
1508571: SARTON, MAY - The Birth of a Grandfather
1530322: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL; HOARE, QUINTIN (TRANSLATOR) - The War Diaries of Jean-Paul Sartre: November 1939-March 1940
2189260: SASS, WILLIAM O. - Pledge at Fort Niagara: A Novel
2109050: SASSON, DIANE - The Shaker Spiritual Narrative
1636431: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Sherston's Progress
2187665: SATO, SHOZO - The Art of Arranging Flowers: A Complete Guide to Japanese Ikebana
2150082: SAUNDERS, AUDREY - Algonquin Story
1747704: SAUNDERS, JOHN MONK - Wings
1681236: SAUNDERS, DON - When the Moon Is a Silver Canoe
2054206: SAUNDERS, LAWRENCE - The Columnist Murder
1862822: SAUNDERS, RICHARD WEST - Skallagrim (Grim the Bald): An Operetta in Three Acts
1984820: WOOSNAM-SAVAGE, ROBERT C.; HALL, ANTHONY - Brassey's Book of Body Armor
2119201: SAVAGE, MINOT J. [JUDSON] - Life Beyond Death: Being a Review of the World's Beliefs on the Subject, a Consideration of Present Conditions of Thought and Feeling, Leading to the Question As to Whether It Can Be Demonstrated As a Fact: To Which Is Added an Appendix Containing Some Hints As to Personal Experiences and Opinions
1529636: SAVAGE, LES - The Royal City
1921213: SAVAGE, ERNEST - Painting Landscape in Pastel
2085899: SAVIN, MAYNARD - Thomas William Robertson: His Plays and Stagecraft (Brown University Studies Series Volume 13)
1535176: SAVISHINKSY, JOEL S. - The Ends of Time: Life and Work in a Nursing Home
1540503: SAVITT, SAM - Midnight, Champion Bucking Horse
1707212: SAVITT, SAM - Vicki and the Black Horse
1818812: SAWYER, ROBERT J.; PEIRCE, HAYFORD; ROBINSON, SPIDER; STINE, G. HARRY - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - August 1996
1819183: SAWYER, ROBERT J.; STRATMANN, H.G.; STROCK, IAN RANDAL; OLTION, JERRY; SHELLEY, RICK; REYNOLDS, TED - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - October 1996
2085879: SAWYER, DONALD J. - Shoo-Fly and Other Folk Tales from Upstate
1818828: SAWYER, ROBERT, J.; LIGON, TOM; LARSEN, DOUG; DELANEY, JOSEPH H.; SPARHAWK, BUD - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - July 1996
1897170: SAWYER, THOMAS J. - Memoir of Rev. Stephen R. Smith
1515874: SAWYER, MARY - The Story of Mary and Her Little Lamb, As Told by Mary and Her Neighbors and Friends, to Which Is Added a Critical Analysis of the Poem
1722158: SAWYER, RUTH - The Long Christmas
1697720: SAWYER, ROBERT J. - End of an Era
1929301: SAXON, PETER - The Killing Bone (the Guardians #1)
1300746: SAXON, VICTORIA & CHUNG, SUZIE - Hello, Funny Face!
1934855: SAXTON, MARTHA - Louisa May Alcott: A Modern Biography
1538283: SAY, ELIZABETH A. - Gays, Lesbians & Family Values
2159312: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Busman's Honeymoon: A Love Story with Detective Interruptions
2142317: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Strong Poison (a Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery)
2031552: SAYERS, DOROTHY - In the Teeth of the Evidence
2180725: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Nine Tailors: Changes Rung on an Old Theme in Two Short Touches and Two Full Peals [the Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery Series Book 11]
1999516: SAYRE, LEWIS A. - A Practical Manual of the Treatment of Club-Foot.
1969115: SCAGNETTI, JACK - The Life of Loves of Gable
2194692: SCAHILL, JEREMY - Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield
1502633: SCAMBRAY, JOEL; MCCLURE, STUART - Hacking Exposed: Windows Server 2003
2112398: SCAMMON, CHARLES M. - The Marine Mammals of the North Western Coast of North America
1313003: SCANTLING, SANDRA; BROWDER, SUE - Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex: Every Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Beyond
1296846: SCARROW, SIMON - Eagle's Conquest
1965786: SCARRY, RICHARD - Busy, Busy World: 33 Exciting Adventures for Girls and Boys (a Giant Golden Book)
1798346: SCHAAF, WILLIAM L. - Mathematics for Mechanics
1978942: SCHACHNER, NATHAN - Thomas Jefferson: A Biography
2048770: SCHAD, ROBERT O. - Henry Edwards Huntington: The Founder and the Library
2067959: SCHAEFER, RUDOLPH J.; GERMAN, ANDREW W.; SCHAEFER, JANET U. - J.E. [James Edward] Buttersworth: 19th-Century Marine Painter
1761500: SCHAEFER, VINCENT J.; LANNI, THOMAS (PREFACE) - Dutch Barns of New York: An Introduction
2169813: SCHAFF, MORRIS - The Sunset of the Confederacy
1522202: VAN SCHAICK, KATHY, ET AL - Le Mot Juste 2008: A Poetry Anthology by Members of Just Poets
1522203: VAN SCHAICK, KATHY; MARBACH, DONNA, ET AL - Le Mot Juste 2009: A Poetry Anthology by Members of Just Poets
1522259: VAN SCHAICK, KATHY, ET AL - Le Mot Juste 2008: A Poetry Anthology by Members of Just Poets
1522261: SCHAICK, KATHLEEN; MARBACH, DONNA M., ET AL - Le Mot Juste 2009: A Poetry Anthology by Members of Just Poets
1875067: SCHALLER, FRANK; SCHALLER, MARY W. & MARTIN N. (EDITORS) - Soldiering for Glory: The CIVIL War Letters of Colonel Frank Schaller, Twenty-Second Mississippi Infantry
2125977: SCHAMA, SIMON - A History of Britain 3-Volume Hardcover Set: Vol. I. At the Edge of the World 3000 Bc - Ad 1603; Vol. II. The Wars of the British 1603-1776; Vol. III. The Fate of Empire 1776-2000
1795055: SCHAMA, SIMON - Dead Certainties (Unwarranted Speculations)
2115339: SCHAMA, SIMON - A History of Britain 3-Volume Hardcover Set: Vol. I. At the Edge of the World 3000 Bc - Ad 1603; Vol. II. The Wars of the British 1603-1776; Vol. III. The Fate of Empire 1776-2000
1795315: SCHAMBER, DEAN - Simply Performed Tests of the Hand
2187992: SCHARF, J. [JOHN] THOMAS - History of the Confederate States Navy from Its Organization to the Surrender of Its Last Vessel. Its Stupendous Struggle with the Great Navy of the United States; the Engagements Fought in the Rivers and Harbors of the South, and Upon the High Seas; Blockade-Running, First Use of Iron-Clads and Torpedoes, and Privateer History.
1842605: SCHATZ, SCHERELENE L. - The Adirondacks
1524750: DE SCHAUENSEE, RODOLPHE MEYER - A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela
2172693: SCHAUER, DAVID C. - Trackside Around Duluth, 1957-1960 with Wayne C. Olsen
2172696: SCHAUER, DAVID C. - Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway in Color
1309104: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN - Enjoy Living: An Invitation to Happiness
2080325: SCHECHTER, ALAN H. - Contemporary Constitutional Issues
1966172: SCHEFFER, VICTOR B. - The Year of the Seal
1294521: SCHEFFER, VICTOR B. - The Year of the Whale
2183741: SCHEID, SAMMLUNG UWE - Die Erotische Daguerreotypie
2100375: SCHELKUNOFF, SERGEI A. - Electromagnetic Fields
1306895: SCHELL, ORVILLE - In the People's Republic: An American's Firsthand View of Living and Working in China
1295115: SCHELLING, FELIX E. [EMMANUEL] - Elizabethan Drama, 1558-1642: A History of the Drama in England from the Accession of Queen Elizabeth to the Closing of the Theaters... , in Two Volumes
1535208: SCHENCK, ROB - The Ten Words That Will Change a Nation: The Ten Commandments
2173899: SCHENKER, HEINRICH; OSTER, ERNST - Free Composition: Volume III of New Musical Theories and Fantasies, in Two Volumes (Der Freie Satz) (Longman Music Series)
1516677: SCHERER, KLAUS R. (EDITOR) - Facets of Emotion: Recent Research
1966158: SCHERMAN, KATHARINE - Spring on an Arctic Island
1716994: SCHIAVONE, FRANCIS P. - The Honor Legion
1537196: SCHIELE, EGON - Egon Schiele Print Portfolio (Catalog No. 339)
2177780: SCHIFF, STACY - Cleopatra: A Life
2025046: SCHIFF, STACY - Cleopatra: A Life
2151997: SCHIFFRIN, ANDRE - The Business of Books: How International Conglomerates Took over Publishing and Changed the Way We Read
2157830: SCHILLER, ELY - Jerusalem in Rare Lithographs and Engravings
1736243: SCHLAFLY, PHYLLIS; WARD, CHESTER - The Gravediggers
1926043: SCHLAFLY, PHYLLIS; WARD, CHESTER - Strike from Space (a Megadeath Mystery)
1823385: SCHLEGEL, WILLIAM R.; GLEASON, LAWRENCE J.; MCCONNELL, GEORGE - West Webster Volunteer Firemen's Association, the First 60 Years: 1926-1986
1529863: SCHLEIFER, JAMES T. - The College of New Rochelle: An Extraordinary Story
2185722: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. - The Age of Jackson
2048812: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M.; HIGGINSON, FRANCIS LEE - Prelude to Independence: The Newspaper War on Britain, 1764-1776
1539272: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. - Journals: 1952-2000
1979417: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M., JR. - The Crisis of the Old Order: 1919-1933 (the Age of Roosevelt Volume 1)
1532664: VON SCHLICHT, BARON (COUNT VON BAUDISSIN) - Life in a German Crack Regiment
1939360: SCHLICHTING, KURT C. - Grand Central's Engineer: William J. Wilgus and the Planning of Modern Manhattan (the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science, 130th Series, Book 1)
2166448: SCHLISSEL, LILLIAN - Black Frontiers: A History of African American Heroes in the Old West
1789480: SCHLISSEL, LILLIAN; GIBBENS, BYRD; HAMPSTEN, ELIZABETH - Far from Home: Families of the Westward Journey
2187962: SCHMECKEBIER, LAURENCE F. - The Office of Indian Affairs: Its History, Activities and Organization (Institute for Government Research, Service Monographs of the United States Government No. 48)
2032010: SCHMIDT, CARL F.; SHELGREN, OLAF WILLIAM - Cobblestone Masonry
2190628: SCHMIDT, CARL F. - Greek Revival Entrances: Part VI
1818767: SCHMIDT, STANLEY - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - July 1969
1697403: SCHMIDT, DENNIS - Twilight of the Gods: The First Name
1749194: SCHMIDT, DENNIS - Labyrinth (the Questioner Trilogy #1)
1749196: SCHMIDT, DENNIS - Dark Paradise (the Questioner Trilogy #3)
1526555: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - Lives of the Poets
1816790: SCHMIDT, CARL F.; PARR, PHILIP; LANE, WILLIAM - More About Octagons
2092793: SCHMIDT, CARL F.; KAELBER, WILLIAM - Greek Revival Architecture in the Rochester Area
2094972: SCHMIDT, CARL F.; MERRILL, ARCH; - The Octagon Fad
1516121: SCHMITT, VICTORIA SANDWICK - Rochester's Frederick Douglass (Two Volume Set, Rochester History Vol. LXVII Summer/Fall 2005, Nos. 3 & 4)
2112407: SCHMITT, FREDERICK P. - Whale Watch: The Story of Shore Whaling Off Nassau County, New York
1818769: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - Analog: Science Fiction and Fact - December 1968
1309287: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - A Tale of 2 Clocks
1901893: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - The Demon Breed
2031550: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - The Witches of Karres
2029600: SCHMITZ, LEONHARD - A Manual of Ancient History, from the Remotest Times to the Overthrow of the Western Empire, A.D. 476. With Copious Chronological Tables.
1965812: SCHMUCKER, SAMUEL M. [MOSHEIM] (SMUCKER) - The Life of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, and of Other Distinguished American Explorers: Containing Narratives of Their Researches and Adventures in Remote and Interesting Portions of the Globe.
2194635: SCHNAPPER, M.B. - U.S. Aviation in Wartime
2174196: SCHNEIDER, STEVE - That's All Folks!: The Art of Warner Bros. Animation
1512491: SCHNEIDER, BRUNO F. - Renoir
1913199: SCHNEIDER, BILL - Where the Grizzly Walks: The Future of the Great Bear
1516077: SCHNEIRLA, T.C.; ARONSON, LESTER R.; LEHRMAN, DANIEL S. , ET AL - Selected Writings of T.C. Schneirla
2120235: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR; DRAKE, WILLIAM A. - Theresa: The Chronicle of a Woman's Life
1717800: SCHOCH, BRUCE P.; LEONARD, CHARLES R.; GORDON, DENNIS; ETHRIDGE, KENNETH E.; AKER, FRANK; - Allied Intervention in Russia, 1917-1921 (Weapons and Warfare Special No. 38)
2164011: SCHOFIELD, ROBERT E. - The Enlightenment of Joseph Priestley: A Study of His Life and Work from 1733 to 1773
2164012: SCHOFIELD, ROBERT E. - The Enlightened Joseph Priestley: A Study of His Life and Work from 1773 to 1804
1518707: SCHOGGEN, PHIL; FOX, KARL A. - Behavior Settings: A Revision and Extension of Roger G. Barker's 'Ecological Psychology'
2151992: SCHOLDERER, VICTOR - Johann Gutenberg: Inventor of Printing
1520404: SCHOLES, ROBERT - Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction
1771029: SCHOLES, ROBERT - Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction
2026791: SCHOLTEN, CATHERINE M.; WITHEY, LYNNE - Childbearing in American Society: 1650-1850 (the American Social Experience Series Volume 2)
1716562: COAST ARTILLERY SCHOOL - Gunners' Instruction (Gun Companies): Company, Fort, 1923 [Fixed Guns] - Sixteenth Edition
1719435: STUDENTS OF THE BROCKPORT NORMAL SCHOOL - The Stylus, Vol. V, No. 1, March, 1918
1719712: THE INFANTRY SCHOOL, FORT BENNING, GA - Scouting and Patrolling
2062114: SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY ROWE - Travels Through the Northwestern Regions of the United States [Narrative Journal... From Detroit Through the Great Chain of American Lakes to the Sources of the Mississippi River. Performed As a Member of the Expedition Under Governor Cass. In the Year 1820. ] (Great Americana Series)
1892245: NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY; SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY R. - Proceedings of the New York Historical Society. For the Year 1846. ; with an Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society, at Its Forty-Second Anniversary, 17th November, 1846 - Incentives to the Study of the Ancient Period of American History.
2193870: MARINE CORPS SCHOOLS - Identification of Aircraft
2146997: SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE - Central Passage: A Novel of the Not-So-Distant Future
1935505: SCHRAMM, JACK E.; HENNING, WILLIAM H. - Detroit's Street Railways, Volume 1: City Lines, 1863-1922 (Central Electric Railfans' Association Bulletin 117)
1806211: SCHRAMM, HENRY W.; ROSEBOOM, WILLIAM F. - Syracuse: From Salt to Satellite - a Pictorial History
2100536: SCHREINER, OLIVE - Dreams
2032365: SCHREYER, LOWELL H. - The Banjo Entertainers: Roots to Ragtime - a Banjo History
1833419: SCHROEDER, PATRICK A. - Tar Heels: Five Points in the Record of North Carolina in the Great War of 1861-5.
2025596: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - Shaking It Rough: A Prison Memoir
1536241: SCHUBERT, ALBERT; DAVIS, ROBERT - Alternative Natural Energy Sources in Building Design
1510689: SCHULER, LOU - The Testosterone Advantage Plan
1504384: SCHULMAN, BRUCE J. - Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism: A Brief Biography with Documents
2153522: SCHULTZ, ERIC B.; TOUGIAS, MICHAEL J. - King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict
2184280: SCHULTZ, DUANE - Most Glorious Fourth: Vicksburg and Gettysburg, July 4, 1863
2171997: SCHULTZ, JAMES WILLARD - Plumed Snake Medicine
1641164: SCHULTZ, WALTER E. - How to Make Wooden Toys and Games
2142329: SCHULZ, BRUNO - The Street of Crocodiles: Writers from the Other Europe
1295822: SCHULZ, ERNST B. - Democracy
2174280: SCHULZ, CHARLES - It's a Dog's Life, Snoopy
1722479: SCHULZ, PAUL; OTOUPALIK, H.; GORDON, D. - World War One Collector's Handbook Volume 2
2098795: SCHULZ, REGINE; SEIDEL, MATTHIAS; BRYAN, BETSY; HENRY, CHRISTIANNE - Egyptian Art: The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
1517900: SCHUMPETER, JOSEPH A.; ARIS, R. (TRANSLATOR) - Economic Doctrine and Method: An Historical Sketch
1529894: SCHUSTER, HAL - The Trekker's Guide to Voyager: Complete, Unauthorized and Uncensored - Covers All Episodes from the First Two Seasons
1520511: SCHUTT, MARIE - Wives of Alcoholics: From Co-Dependency to Recovery
1301464: SCHUTZ, SUSAN POLIS - I'm Not That Kind of Girl
1539826: SCHWALJE, MARJORY - Raggedy Ann and the Tagalong Present (Whitman Tell-a-Tale)
2170927: SCHWARTZ, THOMAS F. - Lincoln: An Illustrated Life and Legacy
1527882: SCHWARTZ, CHARLES - Cole Porter: A Biography
1510701: SCHWARTZ, MORRIE - Letting Go: Morrie's Reflections on Living While Dying
2182237: SCHWARTZ, MILTON L.; MAGUGLIN, ROBERT O. - The Howard Hughes Flying Boat
1528731: SCHWARTZ, GARY - Bets and Scams: A Novel of the Art World
1749500: SCHWARTZ, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Habitats
1531082: SCHWARTZ, ERIKA - The 30-Day Natural Hormone Plan: Look and Feel Young Again - without Synthetic Hrt
2139708: SCHWEIKART, LARRY; ALLEN, MICHAEL - A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror
1313209: SCHWEITZER, DARRELL - The Mask of the Sorcerer
2140083: THE GILBERT HALL OF SCIENCE - American Flyer Trains: Official Train Book from the Gilbert Hall of Science
1684813: SCITHERS, GEORGE H. (EDITOR); SCHWEITZER, DAVID (EDITOR); - Another Round at the Spaceport Bar
1508562: SCOPPETTONE, SANDRA - I'LL Be Leaving You Always
1508564: SCOPPETTONE, SANDRA - My Sweet Untraceable You
1508563: SCOPPETTONE, SANDRA - Let's Face the Music and Die (the Lauren Laurano Mystery Series Book 4)
1523740: SCOPPETTONE, SANDRA - I'LL Be Leaving You Always: A Lauren Laurano Mystery
2164357: SCORESBY, WILLIAM - American Factories and Their Female Operatives; with an Appeal on Behalf of the British Factory Population, and Suggestions for the Improvement of Their Condition. (Burt Franklin Research & Source Work Series #184) (American Classics in History & Social Science #27)
1821318: SCOTT, MANDA - Dreaming the Bull: A Novel of Boudica, the Warrior Queen (Boudica Trilogy Book 2)
1851980: SCOTT, MELISSA - Burning Bright
1824762: SCOTT, ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I - Volume XII - in Three Parts [I, II, III], Plus Part II Supplement: Reports; Reports; Supplement; Correspondence, Etc.
1678316: SCOTT, MELISSA - The Garden (Star Trek Voyager, No 11)
1956509: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Waverley Novels, Illustrated Edition in 48 Volumes, with the Author's Notes
2141405: SCOTT, JAMES M. - Target Tokyo: Jimmy Doolittle and the Raid That Avenged Pearl Harbor
2166776: SCOTT, ROBERT GARTH - Into the Wilderness with the Army of the Potomac
1859181: SCOTT, WALTER - The Talisman
1859186: SCOTT, WALTER - St. Ronan's Well
1859190: SCOTT, WALTER - Waverley
2075181: SCOTT, PETER - The Battle of the Narrow Seas
1893104: SCOTT, WALTER; LAKE, J.W. - The Poetical Works of Walter Scott, with a Sketch of His Life, Complete in One Volume
1863220: SCOTT, WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Including Introduction and Notes (the Lansdowne Poets)
1686776: SCOTT, MELISSA - Silence in Solitude
1677997: SCOTT, MELISSA - Proud Helios (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 9)
2129886: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; LANG, ANDREW - The Lady of the Lake
1712310: SCOTT, ALAN - The Anthrax Mutation
1824765: SCOTT, ROBERT N.; LAZELLE, HENRY M. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I - Volume XIX - in Two Parts [I, II]: Reports; Reports & Correspondence, Etc.
1521515: SCOTT, WALTER; NIDA, STELLA HUMPHREY - Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe
1736862: SCOTT, R. JACKSON - 90 Days of Rice
1536176: SCOTT, JOANNA - Tourmaline
2119159: SCOTT, WILLARD - Willard Scott's Down Home Stories

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