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65-3524: LIVING BIBLE INTERNATIONAL. - Slovo zhizni: Novij Zavet v sovremennom perevode = Russian Living New Testament.
15-9159: ALBUM INTERNATIONAL (GENEVA). - Album International. Edition Limitee et Numerotee a 50 Exemplaires. Works by Pablo Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, Henry Moore & others.
15-9265: GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL (OAKLAND, CA). - Color Etchings by Josef Eidenberger. Retail Price list.
15-9266: GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL (OAKLAND, CA). - Dealer's Bulletin, Spring-Summer 1975. Josef Eidenberger Completes the First Williamsburg Etchings and Receives New Commissions.
15-9267: GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL (OAKLAND, CA). - Introducing Herta Czoernig, Austrian Etcher (1886 - 1970).
15-9307: UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS INTERNATIONAL. - China And the Chinese: A Dissertation Bibliography.
63-0011: FALTERI GRAFICA ANTICA E MODERNA (FLORENCE);COMITATO MOSTRA MERCATO INTERNAZIONALE. - Mostra Della Grafica Originale Antica E Moderna: Palazzo Corsini - Firenze, 17-19 Ottobre, 1997.
15-10014: FALTERI GRAFICA ANTICA E MODERNA (FLORENCE);COMITATO MOSTRA MERCATO INTERNAZIONALE. - Mostra Della Grafica Originale Antica E Moderna: Palazzo Corsini - Firenze, 17-19 Ottobre, 1997.
15-1599: INTERPLAYERS (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - The Madwoman of Chaillot by Jean Giradoux.
15-1598: INTERPLAYERS (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - Ring Round the Moon: A Charade by Jean Anouilh; Translated by Christopher Fry. Opening March 9.
15-1513: INTERSECTION (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - Intersection Tuesday Nights Poetry Series flyer, featuring poets David Plumb, Andrei Codrescu, Jack Hirschman, Mark Linenthal and Jan Zaleski.
15-9339: INTERSECTION (SAN FRANCISCO). - The Second Coming of Gorf. Now at Intersection, 756 Union, Near Columbus.
59-2582: INVERNO. - 20th Anniversary Museo Italo Americano, 1978 - 1998.
59-2581: INVERNO. - Inverno '98. Catalog no. 141.
65-2574: ARCHBISHOP IOANN. - Pravilo duha = The Article of Spirit.
65-2516: ARCHBISHOP IOANN. - Tolstoj i cerkov' = Tolstoj and the Church.
65-2738: HIEROMONK IOANN. - Nad evangeliem (slovar' evangel'slih fraz i vyrazhenij) = On Gospels (a dictionary containing gospel phrases and expressions).
65-3601: B. F. PLUZHNIKOV; E. A. IOFIS. - Zanimatel'naja fotografija: razlichnye sposoby s'emki i pechjatanija. Izdanie vtoroe = Different Methods of Capturing an Image and Printing It.
15-7944: GABRIELLE IONESCO (PARIS). - Beaux Tableaux Anciens, Tableaux Modernes, Beaux Bijoux, et al.
07-0162: IONESCO, EUGÈNE, MARK TOBEY, EZRA POUND, ET AL. - Erker-Treffen 1.
07-0152: IONESCO, EUGÈNE. - "Laissez faire..."
05-0598: IONESCO, EUGENE.  - Rhinoceros and other plays.
15-4294: IOWA MACHINE, NOVELTY, & BRASS WORKS. - Are You An Inventor? Do You Own A Patent? Do You Need Any Machine Repairs, Working Models, Or Novelties, In Machinery, Or Patterns?
15-4318: IOWA MACHINE, NOVELTY, & BRASS WORKS. - Working Models, Patterns, Experimental & Special Machines & Tools. Light Machinery & Repairing of Machinery a Specialty. Inventions Developed.
15-4115: IPCAR, DAHLOV. - Dust-Jacket for The Wonderful Egg.
04-1856: IPOUSTEGUY. - Ipousteguy. Études Anotomiques. Dessins.
65-0919: IRAZU, PELLO & IBANEZ, MARTA. - Pello Irazu.
59-4051: IRBY, KENNETH. - [Planks Turned To Marble].
65-0284: IRELAND, GARY. - Seated Woman with Folded Arms in the style of the Bay Area Figurative School.
15-9612: EIREANN; FREE STATE OF IRELAND. - An Bhratach Naisiunta (The National Flag of Ireland).
15-9613: CORAS IOMPAIR EIREANN; FREE STATE OF IRELAND. - Amchlar Traenacha Samhradh. Train Timetable: Summer 1970.
15-9614: CORAS IOMPAIR EIREANN (PROVINCIAL BUS SERVICES); FREE STATE OF IRELAND. - Amchlar Bus do na Cuigi Samhradh 1970. Provincial Bus Timetable: Summer 1970.
07-1155: IRISH CULTURE & CRAFTWORK, LTD. - Personalised Stationery for the Surname Fox.
19-0885: IRONSIDE, ROBIN. - Painting Since 1939.
19-2730: LEIGH H. IRVINE. - A History of The New California Its Resources and People, Volumes I & II.
19-2776: LEIGH H. IRVINE. - History of Humboldt County California, With Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County who have been Identified with its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present. Illustrated Complete In One Volume.
16-1220: IRVING, WILLIAM HENRY. - John Gay's London: Illustrated From the Poetry of the Time.
08-0249: IRVING, JOHN. - The Hotel New Hampshire.
10-0139: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada from the Mss. of Fray Antonio Agapida
15-9060: IRVING BERLIN, INC. (NEW YORK); IRVING BERLIN. - Let Yourself Go. Let's Face The Music And Dance. From the RKO Musical Production "Follow The Fleet" Starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.
15-9078: IRVING BERLIN, INC. (NEW YORK); JOE YOUNG; SAM M. LEWIS; GEORGE W. MEYER. - Cover Me Up With The Sunshine of Virginia.
15-9560: IRVING BERLIN, INC. (NEW YORK). - Heat Wave.
15-9563: IRVING BERLIN, INC. (NEW YORK). - The Girls of My Dreams. F. Ziegfeld Jr. Presents Ziegfeld Follies of 1920. Staged by Edward Royce.
15-9725: IRWIN, A. F. - MSS letter from A. F. Irwin to C. Dellinger of New York, Nov. 15th, 1852.
59-3612: ISAACS, EDITH J. R., KENNETH MACGOWAN, STARK YOUNG (EDS.). - Theatre Arts Magazine, Vol VI, No 1, January, 1922.
65-2933: A. ISAAKJAN. - Izbrannoe = Collection of Works.
65-2401: ISAEV, D. - V chuzhih krajah = In Foreign Lands.
65-2993: I. A. ISAEV. - Puti evrazii = Eurasia and its Ways.
15-1629: ISAKOVSKIY, MIKHAIL. - Rossiya rodina moya; biblioteka russkoi sovestkoi poezii v 50 knigah = [Russia, my homeland].
50-0892: ISCAN. - Galerie de Ventadour [poster].
50-0893: ISCAN. - Galerie 9 [poster].
54-0829: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Lions and Shadows. An Education in the Twenties.
54-0830: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Christopher and His Kind, 1929-1939.
13-0551: ISHIHARA, SHINOBU. - Ishihara's Tests for Colour-Blindness [incomplete].
15-10946: AFTER TOYONOBU ISHIKAWA (1711-85). - Courtesan Taifu And Hage. 20th Century woodcut reproduction of original (ca. 1749).
50-0537: L'ISLE, GUILLAUME DE. - Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France. Canada Map.
10-0262: ISMAEL RODRÍGUEZ, DIRECTOR. - Amor Indio (aka Tizoc).
12-0353: ISRAEL, CHARLES, ED. - Ignite: The Art of Lighting Design Alliance.
05-2289: ISRAEL, MARGARET. - Margaret Israel: Sculpture and Paintings.
50-0510: ISRAELS, JOSEF (AFTER). - Man Pulling Skiff.
65-3389: E. S. ISTRINA. - Rukovodstvo po istorii russkago jazyka s hrestomatiej, snimkami s drevnih rukopisej i dvumja kartami v kraskah = Guide to the History of Russian Language.
19-0666: ISWOLSKY, HELENE. - Christ in Russia: The History, Tradition, and Life of the Russian Church.
10-0243: GALLITZIN ITEM (PA.) - Gallitzin Item (Pa.), Friday, September 13, 1918.
15-1369: IL'IN, IVAN. - Put' k ochevidnosti = The Road to Awakening.
13-0498: IVANIC, IVAN. - Macedonija i macedonci: Putopisne beleshke = Macedonia and Macedonians: Travel Writings.
03-0232: IVANOFF, V. - Alpine farm scene.
13-0378: IVANOV, LEONID, ET AL. - Novyj Mir. Vol. XXXVI, No. 3, March 1960 = New World.
65-3265: P. IVANOV. - Tajna Svjatyh: vvedenie v apokalipsis, Tom I i II = The Mystery of the Saints: an Introduction to the Apocalypse; vol. 1 - 2.
65-2606: G. CHULKOV; V. IVANOV. - Ideaja neprijatija mira i misticheskij anarhizm = Mysterious Anarchism.
65-2610: V. IVANOV, M. O. GERSHENZON. - Perepiska iz dvuh uglov = A Correspondence From Two Corners.
15-3244: IVANOV-RAZUMNIK, R. - Devjatisotye gody. Istorija russkoj obshchestvennoj mysli; chast' VIII, izd. 5 pererabotannoe = Nineties. Part 8, 5th edition.
15-3245: IVANOV-RAZUMNIK, R. - Russkaja literatura ot semidesjatyh godov do nashyh dnej; izdanie shestoe pererabotannoe = Russian Literature, 6th edition.
65-2511: IVANOV, I. - Est' li zhizn' na marse? Komediaja (a mojet byt', tragediaj) v 3-h aktah s prologom i èpilogom = Is There Life on Mars?
15-3243: IVANOV, GEORGIJ. - Peterburgskija zimy = Petersburg Winter.
65-3100: N. IVANOV. - Kniga chudesnaja: Kratkij ocherk istorii biblii = The Book of Wonders: a short essay on the History of Bible.
65-2402: IVANOV, V. AND M. O. GERSHENZON. - Perepiska iz dvuh uglov = A Correspondence From Two Corners.
15-1627: IVANOV, U.I. - Poeti pushkinskoi epohi = [Poets of the Pushkin Era].
15-1566: IVANOV, V. V. - Kratkij ocherk istoricheskoj fonetiki russkogo jazika = Abridged notes on the history of phonetics of the Russian language.
13-1057: IVANOV, ANATOLIJ A., ET AL. - Al'bom Indijskich i Persidskich Miniatjur XVI-XVIII VV = [Album of Indian and Persian Miniatures of the XVI-XVIIIth Centuries].
65-2331: IVANOV, V. - Dikie Ljudi = Savages.
65-3303: A. IVANOV. - Materialy po Kitajskoj filosofii: vvedenie. Shkola Fa. Chan' Fèj-Czy; perevod = Chinese Philosophy; Han Feizi.
15-2161: IVANOV, I., ET AL. - Mezhdunarodnaja Zhizn'. March 1989.
19-1054: IVANOV, VJACHESLAV. - Vjacheslav Ivanov: Stihotvorenija I Poemy = The Poetry and Songs of Vyacheslav Ivanov.
19-1059: IVANOV, VSEVOLOD. - Vsevolod Ivanov P'esy = The Poems of Vsevolod Ivanov.
19-1060: IVANOV, VSEVOLOD. - Vsevolod Ivanov Izbrannye Proizvedenija V Dvuh Tomax, Tom Pervyj = The Collected Works of Vsevolod Ivanov in Two Volumes, Volume One.
19-1061: IVANOV, VSEVOLOD. - Vsevolod Ivanov Izbrannye Proizvedenija V Dvuh Tomax, Tom Vtoroj = The Collected Works of Vsevolod Ivanov in Two Volumes, Volume Two.
19-1075: IVANOVA, V. V. - Leonid Sergeevich Viv'en Aktjor Rezhissjor Pedagog = Leonid Sergeevich Vivien: Actor, Director, Pedagogue.
15-1805: IVASK, GEORGE. - Konstantin Leont'ev's Fiction.
65-2494: IVASL, JU. - Hvala = Praise.
65-1204: IVERD, EUGENE. - Looking Forward.
11-0002: CURRIER & IVES. - Life in the Country: Morning.
11-0003: CURRIER & IVES. - The Morning Prayer.
11-1126: CURRIER & IVES. - The Meeting of the Waters In the Vale of Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland.
10-0180: CURRIER & IVES. - Die Koenigliche Familie von Preussen.
11-0001: CURRIER & IVES. - Choice Fruit.
16-2988: CURRIER & IVES - Rounding A Bend on the Mississippi. Queen of the West.
04-1634: GLOFFSTEIN AFTER IVES. - Black Cañon.
03-0815: CURRIER & IVES. - The Soldiers Home, the Vision.
11-0018: CURRIER & IVES. - Prairie Fires of the Great West.
51-0197: IN THE STYLE OF CURRIER AND IVES. - City Fire with Firemen.
15-7704: SEATTLE ART MUSEUM; PORTLAND ART MUSEUM; WILLIAM IVEY. - William Ivey: An Exhibition of Paintings.
12-0237: IVEY, WILLIAM AND ROBERT SARKIS. - William Ivey: Three Decades of Painting (Presentation Copy with Two ALSs).
12-0238: IVEY, WILLIAM. - William Ivey: Paintings from 1950-1992.
65-3480: ALEKSA IVIC. - Matica Srpska 1826-1926.
65-2392: IVIN, A. A. - Osnovy teorii argumentacii = On the Foundations of Argumentation Theory.
60-0499: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - The Print Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York [electronic file].
61-0045: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - A Scrap-Book of Ornament [electronic file].
61-0006: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - William Hogarth: A Note in Passing [electronic file].
60-0308: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - Piranesi and "Le Carceri d'Invenzione" [electronic file].
60-0165: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - A Note on Goya [electronic file]. With: "'The Caprices': A List of Titles, together with translation of Goya's own notes upon the etchings included in this series"; bibliography.
60-0005: IVINS, WILLIAM M., JR. - The Woodcuts of Albrecht Altdorfer (1480?-1538) [electronic file].
15-9706: IVINSKAYA, OLGA. - A Captive of Time: My Years With Pasternak.
13-1032: IVLEV, JURIJ. - Soderzhatelnaja semantika modalnoj logiki = [Comprehensive Semantics of Modal Logic].
51-0899: IZARD, MAURICE. - Peintres du Spectacle.
65-3657: JU. A. IZRAÈL'. - Issledovanie èkosistemy Beringova morja = Bering Sea Ecosystem Research.
65-3640: P. JA. CHAADAEV; V. S. STEPIN, ET AL. - P. Ja. Chaadaev: sochinenija = P. Y. Chaadaev: Collected Works.
19-2504: S. JA. MARSHAK; V. LEBEDEVA (ART.), M. I. TITOVA (ED.) ET AL. - Kto Kolechko Najdet? Skazka - Igra = Who Will Find the Ringlet?
59-3886: JABLANOVEC, IDA THERESE, SUSEN JAMES AND JOSE CHAVEZ. - Stray Bullets: A Celebration of Chicago Saloon Poetry.
15-7508: MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE; JESSICA JACBOBS. - Word Works. April 16-May 9, 1974.
13-0930: JACK, IAN. - English Literature, 1815-1832.
15-1056: JACK, IAN. - Pope.
13-0879: JACK, IAN. - English Literature 1815-1832.
15-9567: JACK MILLS, INC. (NEW YORK); SUNNY CLAPP. - Girl of My Dreams.
65-1040: JACKLIN, BILL. - Bill Jacklin: New York City - the collective image monoprints and etchings.
16-3039: JACKSON, JESSE - Jesse Jackson. President '88 [Poster]
16-3040: JACKSON, JESSE - Jesse Jackson. '88 [Poster]
15-6434: JACKSON, HARTLEY H. T. - Progressive, Yet Deficient.
16-0968: JACKSON, ROBERT WYSE. - Jonathan Swift: Dean And Pastor.
16-2093: JACKSON, HOLBROOK. - The Eighteen Nineties: a Review of Art and Ideas at the Close of the Nineteenth Century.
15-5383: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT; BOOK CLUB OF CALIFORNIA. - My Day In The Wilderness. Six California Tales: Number Six.
11-0967: JACKSON, JOHN. - A Treatise on Wood Engraving, Historical and Practical. (With the George Baxter colour woodcut)
08-1045: JACKSON, MEIGHEN; GOODMAN, JONATHAN. - Meighan Jackson: Visionary Ecologies. February 3 - 28, 2007.
07-1029: JACKSON, RICHARD. - The Big Idea.
05-2229: JACKSON, JOHN, R.A. - ANS regarding submission for exhibition.
05-2227: JACKSON, JOHN, R.A. - ANS regarding submission for exhibition, "The Countess of Mulgrave."
05-1477: JACKSON, JIM, BETH CHRISTOPHERSON, ET AL. - 8 cookery advertising brochures and small books.
60-0449: JACKSON, F. ERNEST. - Modern Lithography [electronic file].
55-0563: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY, EDITOR. - Gold Rush Album.
55-0364: JACKSON, DONALD AND MARY LEE SPENCE. - The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont. Volume I, Travels from 1838 to 1844 [prospectus].
55-0272: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT. - Ah-wah-ne Days. A Visit to Yosemite Valley in 1872 [prospectus].
03-0671: JACKSON, SIR CHARLES JAMES. - English Goldsmiths and their Marks.
19-2781: JOSEPH HENRY JACKSON. - Anybody's Gold: The Story of California's Mining Towns.
59-3832: JACKSON, THOMAS W. - Thos. W. Jackson Catches a Fish and Tells the Story.
59-1647: JACKSONS (CEDAR FALLS, IOWA). - Important American & European fine art and antique auction. (Include collection George Nelle Estate, et al.)
12-0253: JACOB, MIRA. - Paul Delvaux: Graphic Work.
03-0404: JACOB, K. - Vorplatz.
50-0705: JACOB, IRENE. - Galerie Furstenberg [poster].
66-0351: JACOB, WALTER (ED. ). - American Reform Responsa: Jewish Questions, Rabbinic Answers.
12-1689: JACOBI, FREDERICK. - Toccata for Piano Solo (from Prelude and Toccata).
12-1688: JACOBI, FREDERICK. - Introduction and Toccata for Piano Solo.
01-0807: JACOBI, KATHRYN. - Photo archive of Kathryn Jacobi.
01-0778: JACOBI, KATHRYN. - Photo archive of Kathryn Jacobi.
01-0779: JACOBI, KATHRYN. - Photo archive of Kathryn Jacobi.
11-1049: JACOBOWITZ, ELLEN S. AND STEPHANIE LOEB STEPANEK. - The Prints of Lucas Van Leyden & His Contemporaries.
19-0034: JACOBS, RABBI LOUIS. - A Guide to Yom Kippur.
15-4087: JACOBS, LOUIS. - Jewish Mystical Testimonies.
66-0350: JACOBS, LOUIS. - We Have Reason to Believe (3rd Revised Edition).
15-4690: JACOBS, DR. A. A., GENERAL MERCHANDISE; DR. N. L. KNUDSEN. - Two Receipts for Goods Sold, dated 1897, one from Stent, the other from Sonora, both in Tuolumne County, California.
15-3579: JACOBS, THORNWELL; JAMES ROUTH; ROBERT ENGLAND (EDS.). - The Westminster Magazine, Summer 1933, Vol.XXII, No. 2.
66-0394: JACOBS, LOUIS. - Seeker of Unity: the Life and Works of Aaron of Starosselje.
66-0354: JACOBS, LOUIS. - Holy Living: Saints and Saintliness in Judaism.
07-1068: JACOBS, CHARLES, ED. - LeRoy & Ballard's 1572 Mellange de Chansons.
59-1010: JACOBS, C. - Raumstimmung.
59-1002: JACOBS, C. - Corridorwand für Schulhaus.
03-0397: JACOBS, CARL. - Diele.
03-0398: JACOBS, CARL. - Raumstimmung. Blatt III.
03-0401: JACOBS, CARL. - Raumstimmung. Blatt I.
50-0268: JACOBS, CARL. - Fassaden-Dekoration.
15-4440: JACOBSEN, EGILL. - Egill Jacobsen, Nature And Imagination.
07-0036: JACOBSON, KAREN, ED. - Snapshot: New Art from Los Angeles.
59-0002: JACOTTET, LOUIS JULIEN. - Thoune: Vue prise du pavillion de St. Jacques.
59-0331: JACOTTET, J. - Vallée du Rhône: Cascade du Trient.
59-0321: JACOTTET, J. - Vallée du Rhône: Gorge du Trient, L'Église.
59-0296: JACOTTET, J. - Glacier de Rosenlaui, Wellhorn et Wetterhorn.
59-0262: JACOTTET, J. - Berne: La Cathédrale.
05-1716: JACOULET, PAUL. - Coucher de soleil à Menado, Celébes = [Sunset in Menado, Celebes].
03-0277: JACOULET, PAUL. - Watercolors of Paul Jacoulet. November 22, 1989 through April 22, 1990. Exhibition poster depicting South Seas Woman with Red Earring.
15-8758: JACOULET, PAUL. - Paul Jacoulet: February 20 - March 23, 1996.
10-0274: JACQUE, CHARLES. - Paysage, soir (Landscape, Evening).
09-0519: JACQUE, FRÉDÉRIC (ETCHER) - Le Livre d'Or de L'Angelus to Millet.
09-0517: JACQUE, FRÉDÉRIC (AFTER). - Maison de Millet.
09-0518: JACQUE, FRÉDÉRIC (ETCHER) - Le Livre d'Or de L'Angelus to Millet.
09-0510: JACQUE, CHARLES EMILE . - A River Scene.
09-0509: JACQUE, CHARLES EMILE . - Religious personnages in a grotto.
62-0139: JACQUEMIN, ANDRÉ. - Two prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.
02-1004: JACQUES, M. - Green-Winged Teal.
02-1005: JACQUES, M. - Bufflehead.
02-0954: JACQUES, T. G. (ARTIST). - At Waikiki.
02-0945: JACQUES, T. G. (ARTIST). - Coral Sands.
59-3027: JACQUES. - Palais de Fontainebleau, L'étang aux Carpes.
51-0998: JACQUET, RENÉ. - Birdseye view of the Seine with Notre Dame.
15-6251: JACQUOT, JEAN. - Lyrisme Et Sentiment Tragique Dans Les Madrigaux d'Orlando Gibbons. Reprint from Editions Du Centre National De la Recherche Scientifique, 1954.
16-0583: JACQUOT, JEAN. - George Chapman (1559-1634) Sa Vie, Sa Poesie, Son Theatre, Sa Pensee.
05-0130: JAEGER. - Napoli. [Two drawings of Farmers and Farm animals].
12-1812: JAEGER, C. STEPHEN. - The Crown of Virtues in the Cave of Lovers Allegory of Gottfried's Tristan.
15-8271: JAFFE, ARTHUR (COLLOTYPE); SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS; HENRY E. HUNTINGTON LIBRARY. - Diana [Sackville], Viscountess Crosbie. Arthur Jaffe Collotype after Sir Joshua Reynolds.
65-3205: A. T. JAGODOVSKAJA. - Andrej Rublev 'Troica" = Trinity by Andrei Rublev.
51-0859: ART JAGONASI. - Poster for the Names Project National Tour 88.A National Aids Memorial.
50-0281: JAHNSDINGER. - Karlskirche.
13-0973: UNBEKANNTER MEISTER DES 18. JAHRHUNDERTS. - Sonate für Altblockflöte in f' (Querflöte, Oboe, Violine) und Cembalo (Klavier), Gambe (Violoncello ad lib.).
55-0554: MUSEUMS DES 20 JAHRHUNDERTS. - Die Wahrheit is Unteilbar. Oskar Kokoschka.
59-4250: JAKOBSON, ROMAN. - Illustrations to the Paper Poetry of Grammar and Grammar of Poetry, No. 2, and two reprints from For Roman Jakobson on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday.
15-2304: JAKOVLEV, A., ET AL. - Novyj mir. Kniga tret'ja mart.
65-3284: G. P. BERDNIKOV; V. JAKOVLEVA. - A. I. Gercen: povesti i rasskazy = A. I. Gertsen: A Collection of Short Stories and Novels.
12-0567: JALAIN, FRANCIS AND CONFRÉRIE DES CHEVALIERS DU TASTEVIN. - Chemin de vigne bordé de murs en pierres séches. Menu cover for the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.
05-0123: JALANRAYA, PETA. - Semenanjung Malaysia.
15-8623: NATIONAL ART GALLERY (KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA); SYED A. JAMAL. - Contemporary Paintings of Malaysia.
15-6027: YURII KAZAKOV; C. V. JAMES. - Pergamon Oxford Russian Series. Selected Short Stories.
15-6026: PAVEL NILIN; C. V. JAMES. - Pergamon Oxford Russian Series. Zhestokost' = Cruelty.
15-3878: JAMES, HENRY. - Stories Revived. Volume One. First Series: The Author of 'Beltraffio', Pandora, A Light Man, A Day Of Days, The Path Of Duty, Georgina's Reasons, A Landscape-Painter.
15-3876: JAMES, HENRY. - What Maisie Knew.
15-3874: JAMES, HENRY; JOSEPH PENNELL (ILLUSTR.). - A Little Tour In France.
15-3865: JAMES, HENRY. - The Ambassadors.
15-8401: JAMES LINDEN, PUBLISHER; ROBINSON JEFFERS, MICHAEL MUNDY; WESLEY B. TANNER (PRINT). - Shine, Perishing Republic. Michael Mundy: Four Photographs.
15-3863: JAMES, HENRY. - Roderick Hudson.
15-8887: JAMES M. RAIT, REAL ESTATE BROKER, MINNEAPOLIS, MN. - Business Correspondence.
15-8368: JAMES, WILL. - The Dark Horse.
15-8367: JAMES, WILL. - Flint Spears. Cowboy Rodeo Contestant.
19-0135: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD; PHIZ (HABLOT KNIGHT BROWNE). - The Commissioner: or, De Lunatico Inquirendo.
50-0894: JAMES, EDITH. - Galerie Dauphine [poster].
15-3859: JAMES, HENRY. - The American.
16-1805: JAMES, J. G., N. R. WAYTE (ED.). - The Resuscitator: Poetry, Criticism, Short Stories, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 1964.
15-11492: JAMES LAUGHLIN; JAMES PURDY, DELMORE SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL MCCLURE, GILBERT SORRENTINO, ET AL. - New Directions: An International Anthology Of Prose & Poetry 32.
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