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15-9312: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - Birthday Dinner and Row, Tuesday February 20, 1940.
15-9313: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - A Farewell Dinner to "Batch" at "The Family", Monday Evening, 7:30 P.M., May 14, 1917.
15-9314: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - Thirty-Ninth Birthday Dinner and Row, The Family, Tuesday February Eighteen, 1941.
15-9457: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - Children: There's A Picture of The Farm These Golden Days! (Closing of The Farm with Joe Ghirardelli, Saturday, November Fourth, 1933.)
15-9458: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - Ye Family Christmas. December 19, 1933.
15-9459: THE FAMILY [SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL CLUB]. - The Flight 1940. The Family Farm in the Valley of Portola.
05-1643: FAMULARO, JOE. - Celebrations: Sumptuous Meals for Festive Occasions.
15-9328: FAN K'UAN. - Travellers Among Mountains And Streams. Fan Kuan Xishan xing lü.
65-0792: FANDINO, ROBERTO. (DIR.) - La Pecadora: el cura y la santa. Con Isela Vega. (Cartel de la película).
02-0854: FANELLI, GIOVANNI AND EZIO GODOLI. - Art Nouveau Postcards.
15-5866: FANG MEI BUTTON INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - Sample Button Collection.
15-4495: FANGER, DONALD. - Three Aspects Of Beowulf and His God. Reprinted from The Bulletin Of The Modern Language Association of Helsinki, 3 LIX, 1958.
15-11295: FANTASY RECORDS (NEW YORK); LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI; CITY LIGHTS, INC.; GREGORY CORSO; ALBERT M. BENDICH (VICE-PRESIDENT OF FANTASY RECORDS. - Exclusive Recording Contract for "Gasoline." Typed unsigned CC, & Photocopy of contract signed by Bendish. Contract between Fantasy Records, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, & Gregory Corso.
08-1111: FANTAZOS, HENRYK AND PIKE, DAVID. - Henryk Fantazos: The Graphic Art.
19-0088: LE FANU, J. SHERIDAN. - Wylder's Hand: A Novel.
19-3355: ZENG FANZHI. - Zeng Fanzhi. April 2 - May 15, 2009.
19-0495: O'FAOLAIN, SEAN; HARVEY SWADOS; TOM KEOGH, ET. AL. - New World Writing: 5th Mentor Selection.
16-2209: O'FAOLAIN, SEAN; HARVEY SWADOS, THOMAS KEOGH, ET AL. - New World Writing: Fifth Mentor Selection.
00-0277: FAR, ISABELLA. - De Chirico.
59-3892: FARBER, NORMA; PACK, ROBERT; SIMPSON, LOUIS. - Poets of Today II.
15-3589: FARBER, DAVID M.; THE WESTERNERS LOS ANGELES CORRAL. - The Perils of Deep Gold Mining at Bodie, in an issue of The Branding Iron. Spring 2001, No. 223.
51-0358: FARBER, THOMAS - Compressions. A Second Helping. (Signed).
51-0357: FARBER, THOMAS - Compressions. A Second Helping.
16-2940: FARBER, THOMAS - A Prosody.
12-1026: FARBER, NORMA. - Norma Farber (1909-1984): A Commemoration of Her Life and Verse.
55-0144: WELLS FARGO. - $250 Reward.
59-0484: FARIAT, BENEDICTUS AFTER DAVID. - Portrait of Cardinal Celestino Sfondrati, O.S.B., obit. 1696.
59-2300: FARINELLA, VINCENZO; HOPKINSON, MARTIN; PACKER, WILLIAM. MANNOCCI, LINO. - Lino Mannocci. Incisioni, 1997 - 2000.
59-3018: FARINGTON, J. AND J. C. STADLER. - Putney Bridge.
01-1040: FARLEIGH, JOHN. - Letter. Farleigh, John.
63-1428: FARLET (ENGRAV.). - Moscou Et Son Kremlin (Moscow & the Kremlin).
50-0007: FARLEY, ENGRAVER. - View of San Francisco.
15-2122: B. FARMAKOVSKIJ. - Izvestija rossijskoj akademii. Tom IV = News of Russian academy.
15-5687: ROXBURGHE CLUB; DAVID FARMER. - Long Hidden mysteries Of the HRC (The Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas).
59-0890: FARN, J., ET AL. - Collection of Engravings of British Notables and one of General George Washington.
65-0363: FARNSWORTH, STANFORD, MRS., EDITOR. - Oakland Junior League News. Vol. VII, No. 3. April, 1944.
15-5617: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS & MARJORY. - Happy New Year 1950.
15-5618: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS & MARJORY. - May All The Winds Around the WorldBring Blessings to You & Happy New Year 1951.
15-8359: FARQUHAR, SAMUEL THAXTER; FRED E. ROSS (DES.). - The Making of Scholarly Books.
15-8658: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS & MARJORY. - Happy New Year 1950.
15-5754: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS & MARJORY. - Happy New Year 1950.
05-1963: FARQUHAR, DORIS. - Three ALS to Geoffrey Robinson.
19-2778: F. C. FARR (EDITOR). - The History of Imperial County California. In One Volume Illustrated.
15-10729: HENRY E. HUNTINGTON LIBRARY AND ART GALLERY; GREGG ANDERSON; MAX FARRAND. - The Work of the Merrymount Press and its Founder Daniel Berkeley Updike (1860 - 1941). An Exhibition Prepared by Gregg Anderson.
63-1688: FARRAR, STRAUS AND YOUNG (NEW YORK). - Publicity Photographs. Alberto Moravia, Author of The Woman Of Rome, Two Adolescents, and Conjugal Love, published by Farrar, Straus and Young.
08-0824: FARRAR, GERALDINE. FOX COLLECTION. - Publicity photograph of Geraldine Farrar.
16-1588: FARRAR, JOHN (ED.). - The Bookman Anthology of Verse: Second Series.
63-0204: FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX (NY); MILTON GLASER (ILLUS.). - Hermann Hesse 1975 Calendar.
16-1587: FARRAR, JOHN (ED.). - The Bookman Anthology of Verse [1922].
63-1748: [PARAMOUNT PICTURES] (HOLLYWOOD, CA); CHARLIE FARRELL. - Autographed Publicity Photograph of Charlie Farrell.
59-4159: JAMES T. FARRELL. - The Gotham Book Mart and Doubleday & Company, Inc., cordially invite you to a reception in honor of James T. Farrell and his new novel A Brand New Life.
15-1247: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN. - Francis Bacon: Philosopher of Industrial Science.
08-1242: GALLERIA D'ARTE MODERNA FARSETTI. - Opere d'Arte Contemporanea. Disegni - Gouaches - Dipinti - Sculture. Provenienti Da Raccolte Private In Vendita. 24 Novembre 1990, Ore 16.
08-1241: GALLERIA D'ARTE MODERNA FARSETTI. - Opere d'Arte Contemporanea. Disegni - Gouaches - Dipinti - Sculture. Provenienti Da Raccolte Private In Vendita. 24 Novembre 1990, Ore 11.
59-2674: FARSETTIARTE. - Opere D'Arte Contemporanea. Prato 29-30 Maggio, 1998. 81 I.
59-2675: FARSETTIARTE. - Opere D'Arte Contemporanea. Prato 29-30 Maggio, 1998. Ore 16. 81 II.
65-1668: FARSETTIPRATO. - XXVI asta mercato. 1983.
306-1: FATH, CREEKMORE. - Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton: Catalogue Raisonné.
63-1991: FATIO, LOUISE; ROGER DUVOISIN (ILLUSTR.). - Dust Jacket only for The Happy Lion.
15-4254: FATIO, LOUISE; DUVOISIN, ROGER (ILLUSTRATOR). - Dust-Jacket for The Happy Lion.
63-3282: FATIO, LOUISE; ROGER DUVOISIN (ILLUSTR.). - Dust Jacket only for The Happy Lion.
15-4255: FATIO, LOUISE; DUVOISIN, ROGER (ILLUSTRATOR). - Dust-Jacket for The Happy Lion In Africa.
63-0951: FAUGERON, ADOLPHE. - Das Erste Debut. (First Debut.)
19-0445: FAULHABER, CHARLES & STEPHEN VINCENT (ED.). - Exploring The Bancroft Library.
16-2096: FAULKNER, KARIN, DAN BREWER, VERONICA CUNNINGHAM, LUIS KONG, GRACE GRAFTON, REGINA RAMIREZ-GARCIA & JESS RIVER. (EDS.). - The Boy Who Heard a Voice: California Poets in the Schools 1989 Statewide Anthology. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Issue.
08-0737: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - The Wild Palms.
08-0736: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - The Unvanquished.
12-1322: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - Dust Jacket for Mayday.
65-3359: FAULKNER, WILLIAM; R. RAJT-KOVALEVA. - Osobnjak = The Mansion.
59-2237: FAUNCE, SARAH; NOCHLIN, LINDA; COURBET, GUSTAVE. - Courbet Reconsidered.
51-0480: FAUROT, WALTER LOWELL. - [S.S.] Monarch RA....in San Francisco.
51-0481: FAUROT, WALTER LOWELL. - Keep 'Em Frying.
51-0479: FAUROT, WALTER LOWELL. - [S.S.] President Pierce in San Francisco.
51-0477: FAUROT, WALTER LOWELL. - [S.S.] Laguardia in San Francisco.
51-0478: FAUROT, WALTER LOWELL. - Prow of the [S.S.] Manderoon Victory in San Francisco.
05-1815: FAUSSET, HUGH L'ANSON. - ALS to Roy Walker.
05-1859: FAUSSETT, MARJORIE. - ALS to [Geoffrey Robsinson].
05-1551: FAUTRIER, JEAN & GIUSEPPE UNGARETTI. - Souvenirs from Paroles Peintes II.
075-8: FAVELA, RAMON. - The Art of Rupert Garcia. A Survey Exhibition.
15-1222: FAVERTY, FREDERIC E. (ED.). - The Victorian Poets: A Guide to Research.
51-1716: FAVORSKY, VL. - Pechat' i revolutziya ( tol'ko oblozhka)
51-1047: FAVRE, GEORGES. - Produits d'Entretien. Berger-Grillon.
08-1019: FAWCETT, GLEN W. - The 19611962 Digest of Convention Locations.
15-4191: FAWSETT, MARISE. - Apes In Our Grapes.
59-4220: FAXON, CHARLES E. - Pellaea Wrightiana, Pellaea Ornithopus, Pellaea Brachyptera.
59-4218: FAXON, CHARLES E. - Pellaea Bridgesii, Pellaea Breweri, Notholaena Tenera.
59-4214: FAXON, CHARLES E. - Gymnogramme Triangularis.
59-4098: FAY, ARTHUR F., ELBERT W. GARRITY. - From Our Shoes We Shake the Sand.
15-5592: FAYE, JULES REMEDIOS; KROUPA, SANDRA. - The Ladies Printing Bee: An Anthology of Thirty-Nine Letterpress Printers Addressing the Subject of Women's Work.
66-0094: FAYYAD, TAWFIG. - al-Sharic al-'Asfar = The Yellow Street.
50-1142: FDET. - Paris, Cite Capitalle de France.
05-1984: FEARON, GEORGE. - Two ALS to Geoffrey Robinson.
05-1727: FEARON, GEORGE. - ALS to Geoffrey Robinson.
62-0086: FÉAU, AMÉDÉE. - Five prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.
04-1636: FEAVER, WILLIAM. AND ANNE GOULD. - Masters of Caricature: From Hogarth and Gillray to Scarfe and Levine.
12-0823: FECHHEIMER, HEDWIG. - Die Plastik der Ägypter.
16-0064: FEDERAL POETS OF WASHINGTON, D.C. - Poetry From the Potomac: an Anthology of Verse.
07-0443: YOUNG REPUBLICAN NATIONAL FEDERATION. - 3 Tickets for the 1968 Republican National Convention Hall Tours.
19-3610: WESTERN STATES ARTS FEDERATION. - Painting. Twenty Artists. Works on Paper.
15-2583: FEDERBUSH, S. - World Jewry Today.
65-1324: FEDERICI, RENZO; VISTOSI, LUCIANO. - Luciano Vistosi: La città immaginaria.
01-1021: FEDERICI, DANIELA. - Album Fall-Wine '94-'95. Replay. Pennsylvania.
65-0138: FEDEROFF, P. - Jewish Man.
05-2380: FEDI, FERNANDA. - Omaggio a pavese.
65-2885: K. FEDIN. - Pervye radosti = Initial Happiness.
65-2877: K. FEDIN. - Goroda i gody. Roman = Cities and Years. A Novel.
15-6816: STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA; RAYMOND CARLSON; FERENZ FEDOR (PHOT.). - See Your West Scenic Views. Acoma Water Hole, New Mexico.
19-2407: N. T. FEDORENKO ET AL. - Inostrannaja Literatura = Foreign Literature.
15-1640: FEDOROV, VASILIY. - Rossiya rodina moya; biblioteka russkoi sovestkoi poezii v 50 knigah = [Russia, my homeland].
65-3213: JU. S. MASLOV; A. V. FEDOROV. - Voprosy obshchego jazykoznanija = General Linguistics.
65-3096: M. V. FEDOROVA. - Leksiko-grammaticheskie ocherki po istorii russkih mestoimenij = Lexical and Grammatical Essays on the History of Russian Pronouns.
15-2169: FEDOT'EV, P. P. - Sovremennoe sostoianie khimicheskoi promyshlennosti v Rossii = [The State of the Chemical Industry of Russia to Date].
65-2565: G. P. FEDOTOV. - Novyj grad: sbornik statej = New Hail: A Collection of Works.
65-3043: G. P. FEDOTOV. - Imperija i svoboda: izbrannye stat'i = Empire and Freedom: selected articles from various journals 1941-1950 with a new introduction.
65-2476: FEDOTOV, G. P. - Stihi duhovnye (russkaja narodnaja vera po duhovnym stiham).
65-2785: G. P. FEDOTOV. - Novyj grad: sbornik statej = New Hail: A Collection of Works.
65-2786: G. P. FEDOTOV. - Novyj grad: sbornik statej = New Hail: A Collection of Works.
65-2320: G. P. FEDOTOV. - Novyj grad = New Hail.
56-0175: LE FEEVRE. - Daphnis and Chloë.
15-9019: P. J. HOWLEY MUSIC CO. (NEW YORK); ED. FEFEL. - Clothes (The Song With the Lazy Verse).
01-0818: FEHER, JOE. - Calendar for 1954. United Air Lines.
50-0858: FEHER, JOE. - J. C. Bellier [poster].
15-0992: FEHLE, MARTIN. - Program for Type90 Conference, Oxford.
19-1329: FREER GALLERY OF ART (WASHINGTON DC); YUAN FEI. - Photograph of Ancient Chinese Painting of Forested Cliffs.
15-1457: FEIBLEMAN, JAMES K. - Concreteness in Painting: Abstract Expressionism and After.
16-2053: FEIFER, GEORGE; VLADIMIR NABOKOV. - Vladimir Nabokov, An Interview by George Feifer, in Saturday Review, November 27, 1976.
19-4672: JOSEPH CORNELL; DONALD WINDHAM; HOWARD HUSSEY; RICHARD L. FEIGEN. - Joseph Cornell: Collages 1931-1972.
66-0393: FEIGENBERG (IMRI), RAHEL. - Hashalav ha'acharon = The last stage.
66-0250: FEILCHENFELD, ALFRED. - Denkwurdigkeiten der Gluckel von Hamelin= Memoirs of Gluckel von Hamelin.
66-0715: FEIN, RICHARD J. - Kafka's Ear.
59-2209: FEINBLATT, EBRIA; CHAGALL, MARC. - Marc Chagall: Early Graphic Works.
19-3512: KEN FEINGOLD. - Ken Feingold: Selected Works 1978 - 2007.
08-1109: FEININGER, LYONEL; MOELLER, ACHIM; DEUCHLER, FLORENS. - Lyonel Feininger: Visions of City and Sea II. A Small retrospective exhibition of drawings and watercolors. Winter 1985 - 1986.
13-0980: FEININGER, LYONEL. - Church Tower.
50-0196: FEININGER, LYONEL. - Expressionisten at the Galerie Nierendorf [poster].
54-1052: FEININGER, LYONEL. - Lyonel Feininger.
54-1053: FEININGER, LYONEL AND JULIA. - Gables: A Comprehensive Exhibition of Work from 1921 to 1954, Based on One Theme by Lyonel Feininger.
00-0001: FEININGER, LYONEL. - Visions of City and Sea II.
51-0300: FEININGER, LYONEL. - Church Tower with Waning Moon (Fantasy). Gebäude mit Mondsichel. (Set of 5).
07-0312: FEINSTEIN, RONI. - Robert Rauschenberg: The SIlkscreen Paintings 1962-64.
05-2341: FEINSTEIN, ALAN. - Autographed black and white publicity photograph of The Sex Perils of Paulette star Alan Feinstein.
16-2301: FEIRSTEIN, FREDERICK (ED.). - Expansive Poetry: Essays on the New Narrative & the New Formalism.
02-1025: FEIS, HERBERT. - Japan Subdued.
16-1713: FEJES, ENDRE. - Generation Of Rust.
19-2739: GARTH CLARK GALLERY (NEW YORK); LASZLO FEKETE. - Laszlo Fekete, March 8 - April 9, 1994.
51-1313: FELDMAN (VICTOR) (1934-1987) - Original Photographs of the British-born Jazz prodigy Victor Feldman
19-0423: UNIVERSITY OF DENVER; BURTON FELDMAN (ED.). - University of Denver Quarterly: A Journal of Modern Culture. Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 1974.
08-0114: FELDMAN, CHARLES K., DIRECTOR. - The Honey Pot.
15-1955: FELDMAN, WALTER. - ALS from Walter Feldman to Nancy Kosenka, November 12, 1992.
16-0028: FELDMAN, RUTH, & BRIAN SWANN (EDS.). - Italian Poetry Today.
67-0162: FELDMAN, IRVING. - Waking Words. Christmas Broadside Number Four.
15-10554: FELEGY, THOMAS. - Photograph of Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure.
656-7: FÉLIBIEN DES AVAUX, ANDRÉ. - Conférences de l'Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture = Conferences of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture.
04-1085: FELICE, SIMON. - Veduto...del Giardino...Prencipe Borghesi fuori di Porta Pinciana.
15-9215: FELICIE SCHUMSKY, INC. (NEW YORK); SALVADOR DALI. - Promotional Material for Salvador Dali.
15-9216: FELICIE SCHUMSKY, INC. (NEW YORK); LEROY NEIMAN. - LeRoy Neiman Promotional Postcards.
15-9217: FELICIE SCHUMSKY, INC. (NEW YORK); ALVAR; GLORIA VANDERBILT; LOUIS NIZER; BOB TIMBERLAKE. - Felicie Schumsky Promotional Postcards: Alvar; Gloria Vanderbilt; Louis Nizer; Bob Timberlake.
19-3458: ANDREW GILBERT; ZDENEK FELIX. - Andrew Gilbert: Andrew, Emperor of Africa.
16-2279: FELIX, LEESA (ET AL). - Between The Survivors And The Stars.
01-1215: MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY FELIX. - Songs without Words.
15-1154: FELIX, LEESA (ET AL). - Between The Survivors and The Stars.
50-0198: FELIXMÜLLER, CONRAD. - Conrad Felixmüller [poster].
05-1738: FELL, H. GRANVILLE. - TLS to Geoffrey Robinson regarding article on antique picture frames.
60-0361: FELL, H. GRANVILLE. - The Etched Work of Joseph Simpson [electronic file]. With catalogue.
60-0114: FELL, H. GRANVILLE. - Léon Daviel, Engraver and Painter [electronic file].
16-2083: FELLNER, HARRIET. - Hemingway As Playwright: The Fifth Column.
60-0563: FELLOWS, R. B. - Early Railway Prints [electronic file].
54-2246: FELS, FLORENCE, INTRODUCTION. - Les albums d'art Druet VII: Claude Monet.
19-4138: NINA FELSHIN. - Verbally Charged Images.
15-8656: FELT, FRANK D. - Post Card sent to San Francisco Poet David Meltzer, post marked October 18, 1965. Features poem Howdy Stranger by Frank D. Felt.
59-4149: FELVER, CHRISTOPHER. - Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua 1985.
16-2972: FELVER, CHRISTOPHER (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Golden State. A Writer for Everyone. Celebrates Poetry & Prose.
19-2079: FENADY, ANDREW J. - Claws of the Eagle.
19-3858: NAIMING CHENG; BOYI FENG. - Making a New Relationship: The Art Ethics.
15-9329: FENG-MIEN, LIN. - Lin Feng-Mien Paintings.
11-1130: FENK, STEVE. - Oregon State Basketball "The New Crew" 1995-96.
19-2073: FENN, MANVILLE G. - The Dark House. A Knot Unraveled.
16-2057: FENTON, CHARLES A. - Ernest Hemingway: The Young Years. In the March 1954 issue of Atlantic Monthly.
16-0756: FENTON, CHARLES A. - The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway: the Early Years.
15-2524: FENTON, CHARLES A. - The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway: the Early Years.
15-2541: FENTON, CHARLES A. - The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway: the Early Years.
15-3902: FENTON, EDWARD; PÈNE DU BOIS, WILLIAM (ILLUSTRATOR). - Dust-Jacket for Fierce John.
16-0513: FENTON, CHARLES A. - The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway: the Early Years.
08-1107: FERBER, HERBERT AND STEIN, DONNA. - Herbert Ferber: A Drawing Survey 1945 - 1985.
07-0673: FERBER, LINDA S. AND WILLIAM H. GERDTS. - The New Path: Ruskin and the American Pre-Raphaelites.
54-2164: FERBER, EDNA. - Show Boat.
05-0547: TIROLER LANDESMUSEUM FERDINANDEUM. - Führer durch die Schausammlungen.
63-2187: BLACK CAT PRESS; NORMAN W. FORGUE; H. N. FERGUSON. - A Tale of the Old West.
11-0649: FERGUSON, BRUCE W., ET AL. - Eric Fischl: Paintings.
15-3847: FERGUSON, JOHN. - Mr. Kello.
59-3552: FERGUSON, DONALD. - Chums of Scranton High Out for the Pennant; or, In the Three Town League.
08-0923: FERGUSON, RICHARD. - Polar Life: 6 amazing pop-up scenes.
08-0924: FERGUSON, RICHARD AND GREENWOOD, MARIE. - Jungle: 6 amazing pop-up scenes.
54-0337: FERGUSON, CARRA, ET AL. - Medieval & Renaissance Miniatures from the National Gallery of Art.
01-0097: FERGUSON, ROBERT, REV. - California Legislature. Prayers offered at daily sessions of the Assembly.
01-0096: FERGUSON, ROBERT, REV. - California Legislature. Prayers offered at daily sessions of the Assembly.
50-1236: ALLEN & FERGUSON. - Stirling Castle from Bridge of Allan.
16-0647: FERGUSON, PETER, AND DENNIS KEENE (ED.). - Oxford Poetry.
16-0021: FERGUSON, DELANCEY. - Pride And Passion: Robert Burns, 1759-1796.
15-8052: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (CHICAGO); RUSSELL FERGUSON. - Hand-Painted Pop: American Art In Transition, 1955-1962.
15-1735: FERGUSON, ALAN D. - A Bibliography of the Works of Professor George Vernadsky.
16-0410: FERGUSSON, ROBERT. - The Works of Robert Fergusson. To Which is Prefixed a Sketch of the Author's Life.
16-0329: FERICANO, PAUL F. (ED.). - Stoogism Anthology.
15-5798: SIERRA CLUB; WILLIAM E. COLBY LIBRARY; GARY SNYDER; LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI. - Sierra Club Poetry Series. Gary Snyder, May 18, 1984. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, June 8, 1984.
16-1796: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE. - After The Cries of the Birds.
59-4254: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE. - The Jack of Hearts.
59-3545: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE, R. B. KITAJ. - Prospectus for a deluxe limited edition of A Coney Island of the Mind.
16-3059: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE - Open Eye [Broadside]
51-0254: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE. - The World is a Beautiful Place if you don't mind happiness not always being so very much fun . . . Gryphon Poetry Broadside no. .
11-0227: FERMIN, KERSTIN. - Sleeping with Scissors.
11-0226: FERMIN, KERSTIN. - Two Lovers.
11-0225: FERMIN, KERSTIN. - Trying to Fall Asleep.
63-1457: LUCIEN PISSARRO; ALAN MAXWELL FERN (ED.). - Notes On The Eragny Press.
65-0744: FERNÁNDEZ, RAÚL. (DIR.) - La guerrera vengadora. Con Rosa Gloria Chagoyán, Edna Bolkan, María Cardinal. (Cartel de la película).
59-1521: FERNÁNDEZ, ANGEL AND CARSON, TARIK. - La Sombra que Alguanos Hacen.
59-2296: FERNÁNDEZ, ELIDETH; NAGEL, ANDRES; TASENDE, JOSE M. - Andres Nagel: Esculturas. Exposición organizada por Jose M. Tasende.
03-0612: FERNANDEZ, VICENTE. - El Albanil. [Movie poster Cartel de la película].
11-0712: FERNS, RONALD (ILLUS.) - Alice Versary, 1759-1959. The Guinness Birthday Book.
16-2146: FEROE, PAUL (ED.). - Silent Voices: Recent American Poems On Nature.
16-2145: FEROE, PAUL (ED.). - Silent Voices: Recent American Poems On Nature.
16-1070: FEROE, PAUL (ED.). - Silent Voices: Recent American Poems On Nature.
16-2274: FERRALL, RUSSELL (ED.). - Prize Poems Of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies 1981.
16-0612: FERRALL, RUSSELL (ED.). - Prize Poems Of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies 1982.
15-1989: FERRALL, RUSSELL. - Prize Poems of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies 1979.
16-0323: FERRALL, RUSSELL (ED.). - Prize Poems Of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies 1982.
51-1652: FERRARI, GIUSEPPE (1844 - 1898 - Carved Wood Cabinet by Giuseppe Ferrari, of New York at the American Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia. 1876.
09-0370: FERRATO, PHILIP; PARRISH ART MUSEUM. - The Porter Family.
15-6528: FERRAZZA, ROBERTA. - Elia Volpi E Il Commerco Dell'Arte Nel Primo Trentennio Del Novecento. Studi E Ricerche di Collezionismo E Museografia Firenze 1820-1920.
59-1524: FERREIRA, HILDA. - Jardinero.
59-1485: FERREIRA, HILDA. - Homenaje a Heber Nieto.
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54-2096: GROVAS-ORO FILMS. - Ahí está el detalle.
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54-2094: GROVAS-ORO FILMS. - Ahí está el detalle.
54-2093: GROVAS-ORO FILMS. - Ahí está el detalle.
54-2092: GROVAS-ORO FILMS. - Ahí está el detalle.
54-2091: GROVAS-ORO FILMS. - Ahí está el detalle.
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63-1513: SAMUEL JAMES HUME (BERKELEY, CA); JACQUES CALLOT; C. & I. K. FLETCHER (LONDON). - A Facsimile Reproduction of the Balli Di Sfessania by Jacques Callot, the most important document contemporary with the early performances of the Commedia Dell'Arte.
19-2813: RUSSELL HOLMES FLETCHER (EDITOR). - Who's Who In California: A Biographical Reference Work of Notable Living Men and Women of California. Vol. I: Two Years, 1942-1943.
19-2814: RUSSELL HOLMES FLETCHER (EDITOR). - Who's Who In California: A Biographical Reference Work of Notable Living Men and Women of California. Vol. I: Two Years, 1942-1943.
61-0120: FLETCHER, GILBERT. - The Wood Blocks of Herbert Pullinger [electronic file].
13-0891: FLETCHER, JOHN AND NANETTE CLERI CLINCH. - A Critical Edition of John Fletcher's Comedy Monsieur Thomas or Father's Own Son.
63-3217: FRANK H. FLETCHER. - MS with Original Autograph signed by Frank H. Fletcher, Cartoonist known for work on Bringing Up Father, on letterhead.
55-1100: ROGERS AFTER FLETCHER. - Adbury Park, the Seat of H. Drummond, Esquire, Surrey.
55-1101: ROGERS AFTER FLETCHER. - Pepper Harrow Park, Seat of Middleton, Surrey.
61-0107: FLETCHER, GILBERT. - Experiences in Linoleum Block Printing [electronic file].
60-0322: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. - The Woodcuts of Gwendolen Raverat [electronic file].
60-0286: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. - The Woodcuts of John J. A. Murphy [electronic file].
60-0201: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. - Blair Hughes-Stanton [electronic file].
60-0191: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. - Gertrude Hermes and Blair Hughes-Stanton [electronic file].
60-0064: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. - The Woodcuts of Cecil Buller [electronic file].
54-1065: FLETCHER, CARLTON. - Carlton Fletcher: Landscapes.
03-0592: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Floral Still Life.
03-0594: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Floral Still Life.
03-0595: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Still Life with lemon and bowl.
03-0590: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Floral Still Life.
03-0588: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Floral Still Life.
03-0489: FLETCHER, PHYLLIS. - Floral Still Life.
02-0884: BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. - The Maide's Tragedy.
15-11330: IFAN KYRLE FLETCHER. - TLS Ifan Kyrle Fletcher to Geoffrey Robinson, October 11, 1950.
01-0332: FLETCHER, WILLIAM YOUNGER. - Foreign bookbindings in the British Museum: illustrations of sixty-three examples selected on account of their beauty or historical interest, with introduction and descriptions...
16-1641: FLETCHER, HARRIS. - Milton's E Nostro Suburbano.
16-1640: FLETCHER, HARRIS. - Milton's [Index Poeticus]--The Theatrum Poetarum by Edward Phillips.
15-1290: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD (ED.). - American & British Verse: From The Yale Review.
16-1635: FLETCHER, ANGUS. - The Transcendental Masque: An Essay on Milton's Comus.
54-1066: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS. - A Speech Given on the Occasion of the Exhibition. Colonial & Federal Portraits. September 13, 1966.
59-2975: FLIBORG, JOHN. - Bird in the Air.
05-1267: FLIEDL, GOTTFRIED. - Gustav Klimt, 1862-1918: Le monde à l'apparence féminine.
05-1266: FLIEDL, GOTTFRIED. - Gustav Klimt, 1862-1918: Le monde à l'apparence féminine.
55-0535: GALERIE KARL FLINKER. - Brauer.
15-6112: FLINT, JOSEPH MARSHALL. - The Growth of the Bronchial Tree.
00-0582: FLINT, JANET A. - Jacob Kainen: Prints, A Retrospective.
62-0091: FLINT, WILLIAM RUSSELL. - Eight prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.
54-1429: FLINT, JANET A. - Raphael Soyer: Drawings and Watercolors.
54-1083: FLINT, JANET A. - Chaim Gross: Sculpture and Drawings.
54-0640: FLINT, JANET A. - The Print in the United States from the Eighteenth Century to the Present.
54-0309: FLINT, RALPH. - Contemporary American Etching.
312-6: FLINT, JANET A. - Peggy Bacon: A Checklist of the Prints.
030-X: FLINT, JANET A. - The Prints of Louis Lozowick: Catalogue Raisonné.
15-10305: HIRSCHL & ADLER GALLERIES (NEW YORK); JANET A. FLINT (INTR.). - American Prints: Recent Acquisitions. October 2 - November 7, 1987.
19-3413: FLINZER, JOCHEN. - Jochen Flinzer.
59-0159: FLIPART, JEAN CHARLES AFTER RAPHAËL. - Jesus Christ au Jardin des Oliviers.
65-3363: A. FLIT. - Basni i literaturnye parodii = Fables and Literary Parodies.
15-1857: FLORENSKIY, P.A. - Stolp i utverzhdenie istiny = [The Pillar and Affirmation of Truth]. Book 1.
54-1282: FLORISOONE, MICHEL. - Gustave Pimienta.
05-2114: FLORSHEIM, RICHARD ABERLE. - City View.
05-2115: FLORSHEIM, RICHARD ABERLE. - Sailboats in Port.
05-2078: FLORSHEIM, RICHARD ABERLE. - Neon Canyon.
59-0065: FLOS, CLAUDE DU AFTER RAPHAËL, - La Sainte Vierge,
59-0161: FLOS, CLAUDE DU AFTER RAPHAËL. - Jesus Christ mis au Tombeau.
59-0061: FLOS, CLAUDE DU AFTER RAPHAËL. - Saint Michel.
59-0051: FLOS, CLAUDE DU (AFTER PIERRE PERUGIN). - Jesus Christ au tombeau.
00-0599: CASS AND FLOSS. - Alexandre Gabriel Decamps.
12-0765: FLOTOW, FRIEDRICH AND ANN RONELL. - Martha: Opera in Three Acts.
15-5995: FLOTOW, FRIEDRICH VON. - Marta, An Opera In Four Acts.
55-0862: ALLOM AFTER FLOYD. - Wynyard, Seat of Maquis of Londonberry, Durham.
55-0813: ALLOM AFTER FLOYD. - Corby Castle, Seat of Henry Howard, Esquire,Cumberland.
59-2367: FLOYD, W.; ALLOM, T. (AFTER). - Palace of the Tuileries.
54-2188: FLYNN, ERROL AND ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD. - The Adventures of Robin Hood.
15-8674: KRCC FM (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO.). - Photographs From a KRCC Radio Show, Host is Blind-folding Participants, ca. 1950s.
60-0050: FOCILLON, HENRI. - Theodore Brenson [electronic file].
162-X: FOCILLON, HENRI. - Giovanni-Battista Piranesi: Essai de catalogue raisonné de son oeuvre.
19-3577: ASSUME VIVID ASTRO FOCUS. - Cyclops Trannies.
13-0859: FOERSTER, NORMAN, ET AL. - Literary Scholarship: Its Aims and Methods.
15-6245: FOGEL, EPHIM G. - The Mythical Sorrows of Astrophil. Reprint from Studies In Language And Literature, 1966.
16-2952: FOGERTY, BOB (PHOTOGRAPHER) - John Fogerty. Poster
59-1461: FOGERTY, J. - Side view of a large house.
65-0322: FOGG, HOWARD. - Historic Locomotives of the Southern Pacific.
65-0316: FOGG, HOWARD. - Southern Pacific's "Daylight".
65-0314: FOGG, HOWARD. - Southern Pacific's "Mountain" type locomotive.
65-1267: FOGHER, VALENTINA. VENINI, PAOLO; VENINI, ANNA. - Venini: Glass & Design.
54-0946: FOGHER, VALENTINA. - Beniamino Bufano: A Retrospective.
59-0320: FÖHN, M. - Canton de Thurgovie: Suisse Costumes Moderne.
16-0160: FOHS, FRANCES, HELGA WOLSKI (EDS.). - Mills Manuscripts.
01-0240: FOLENGO, TEOFILO (OR GIROLAMO). - Opus Merlini Cocaii Poetae Manuanti Macaronicorum.
63-1725: KPFA (94 FM, BERKELEY, CA); JACK FOLEY. - Foley On The Radio. Sunday August 14, [1988]: Jack Interviews Julia Vinograd. Sunday August 28, [1988]: Jack Interviews Joyce Jenkins.
63-1726: KPFA (94 FM, BERKELEY, CA); JACK FOLEY. - Foley On The Radio. Sunday November 13, [1988]: Jack Interviews Ishmael Reed. Sunday November 27, [1988]: Jack Interviews Andrew Joron.
65-1465: FOLEY, JOAN M. - The Printed Image of European Modernism.
54-1396: FOLEY, SUZANNE. - Recent Paintings by Jerry Rudquist.
01-0742: FOLEY, JOHN HENRY. - ALS to Mrs. Hall.
16-0068: FOLEY, MARTHA, & DAVID BURNETT (EDS.). - The Best American Short Stories 1966 And the Yearbook of the American Short Story.
05-0754: FOLKEMA, JACOB. - Young Man attacking older men.
67-0321: VON FÖLKERSAM, ARMIN FREIHERR - [Heraldic bookplate for Karl Emich, zu Leiningen-Westerburg.]
16-2869: FOLON - il dissenso culturale nei paesi dell'est (Biennale de Venezia)
59-2074: FOLON, JEAN-MICHEL. - Giorgio Morandi.
09-0361: FOLON, JEAN-MICHEL. - Maitres-graveurs contemporains 1978. With lithograph by Folon.
51-0588: FOLON, JEAN-MICHEL. - Poster for Folon Exhibition.
65-0391: FOLON, JEAN MICHEL - Jean Michel Folon: Sculptures récentes.
16-3131: FOLON, JEAN MICHEL - Jean Michel Folon. Dealer archive of offers and price lists
09-0314: FOLON, JEAN-MICHEL - The Guitar as a Conductor.
65-1508: FOLPE, EMILY KIES. - Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect. Museum of Modern Art, February 20 - May 10, 1994.
12-1323: FONES, ROBERT. - Prospectus for Anthropomorphiks by Robert Fones.
19-4677: WEN FONG. - The Lohans and a Bridge to Heaven. [Freer Gallery of Art Occasional Papers, Volume 3, Number 1.]
51-0595: FONG, WYLOG. - Daang-loong (The Lantern).
19-4149: FONG, WEN (ED); MA CHENGYUAN (CUR); KWANG-CHIH CHANG; ROBERT THORP, ET AL. - The Great Bronze Age of China; An Exhibition from the Republic of China.
50-0875: GARCIA-FONS. - Art de France [poster].
65-0754: FONS, JORGE. (DIR.) - El Quelite. Con Manuel López Ochoa, Héctor Suárez, Lucha Villa. (Cartel de la película).
65-0689: FONS, JORGE. (DIR.) - Cinco mil dolares de recompensa. Con Claudio Brook, Jorge Luke, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Lorena Velázquez, Silvia Pasquel. (Cartel de la película).
50-0876: GARCIA-FONS. - Galerie Framond [poster].
19-3521: CAIO FONSECA. - Caio Fonseca: Paintings 2011 - 2012.
16-2905: FONTAINE, GEORGES. - Petits et Grands Meubles Nouveaux. Deuxième Série.
05-2342: FONTAINE, JOAN. - Autographed black and white publicity photograph of the second Mrs. de Winter, Joan Fontaine.
03-0788: FONTAINE, HAROLD. - Cable Car next to a waterway.
51-1194: LA FONTAINE, J[EAN] DE (AUTHOR) AND JEAN-BAPTISTE OUDRY (ARTIST) - Fables choisies, mises en vers par J. de la Fontaine. (A collection of 249 engravings from the first edition)
67-0277: FONTANA, ERNESTO. - Ex Libris Ios Cavalieri.
05-2382: FONTANA, GIOVANNI. - Ssst! Zitti Tutti! Sento uno strano rumore..., with two poems.
15-1905: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF WINE & FOOD (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - The American Institute of Wine & Food.
05-0523: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Santa Clara, 9261931.
01-1273: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Pittsburgh.
01-0846: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Southern California. 10191957.
01-0849: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Southern Methodist. 9211957.
01-0850: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Ohio State. 61st Tournament of Roses Annual Football Game.
01-0851: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Stanford Football. Big Game. 83rd Annual Football Game.
01-0853: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Stanford. Big Game. 81st Annual Football Game.
01-0845: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Stanford. Big Game. 81st Annual Football Game.
01-0852: STANFORD FOOTBALL. - Stanford vs. California. Big Game. 53rd Annual Football Game.
01-0841: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Stanford. Big Game. 51st Annual Football Game.
01-0847: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Navy. 10121957.
01-0575: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Washington. 1171931.
01-0576: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Washington.
01-0577: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Santa Clara.
01-0582: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Southern California. 12th Annual Football Game.
01-0583: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Saint Mary's College. 15th Annual Football Game. 1051929.
01-0581: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Saint Mary's College. 17th Annual Football Game. 1031931.
01-0585: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Olympic Club. 41st Annual Football Game. 10101931.
01-0586: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Idaho. 11141931.
01-0580: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOOTBALL. - California vs. Nevada. 10311931.
01-0572: STANFORD FOOTBALL. - Stanford vs. California. Big Game. 38th Annual Football Game.
15-5508: FOOTE, I. P. (ED.); ALEXANDER SERGEYEVICH PUSHKIN. - A Pushkin Verse Reader.
03-0023: FORAIN, JEAN. - Le Café de la Nouvelle Athènes.
03-0022: FORAIN, JEAN. - Les Deux gommeux.
03-0015: FORAIN, JEAN. - Une Victime de la guerre.
03-0014: FORAIN, JEAN. - Les Notables.
03-0012: FORAIN, JEAN. - Le Royaume de Pologne Rétabli.
03-0013: FORAIN, JEAN. - Paysages de guerre (III).
03-0010: FORAIN, JEAN. - Poum! Poum! Poum!
03-0011: FORAIN, JEAN. - Le permissionnaire s'en va
03-0009: FORAIN, JEAN. - Plus Bas. Paysages de Guerre (IV).
11-0958: FORAIN, JEAN-LOUIS. - Portrait of Ambroise Vollard.
12-0401: FORBES, DUNCAN. - Oriental Penmanship: An Essay for Facilitating the Reading and Writing of the Ta'l k Character as Generally Used in the East in Persian and Hind st ni Manuscripts and Printed Works.
13-0122: FORBES, JACK D. - Mexican-Americans: A Handbook for Educators.
59-4175: FORBES, JAMES. - 'A View of Cubbern Burr, the celebrated Banian Tree, on an island in the Nerbudda, drawn from nature 1772. J. Forbes, 1811 Printed from stone by D Redman.'
15-1880: FORBES, ALLAN AND RALPH M. EASTMAN. - Yankee Ship Sailing Cards.
51-1913: FORBES, EDWIN (1839-1895) - Cotton team in North Carolina (two African-American men with bales of cotton on wagon drawn by three horses and an ox.)
11-0127: REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL TASK FORCE (WASHINGTON, D.C.). - Republican Presidential Task Force Charter Member Honor Role, awarded to one Rev. Bartholomew Ruxton Fox, November 15, 1989.
16-0087: AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE. - Yanks A. E. F. Verse: Originally Published In "The Stars And Stripes."
01-1030: UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCES. - United States Army Air Forces Bombardier School Graduation brochure.
63-2495: FORCHE, CAROLYN; GERALD LANGE (DES.). - The Colonel.
15-1941: COPPER CANYON PRESS (PORT TOWNSEND, WASH.) AND CAROLYN FORCHÉ. - Prospectus for The Country between Us by Carolyn Forché.
15-4016: FORD, FORD MADOX. - The Queen Who Flew. A Fairy Tale by Ford Madox Ford.
19-4495: GORDON ONSLOW FORD. - Yves Tanguy and Automatism.
51-1808: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - . . . the pioneer Painter . . Signed.
51-1809: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Memory of Paris Dream Drawings now lost.Signed.
19-4665: GORDON ONSLOW-FORD. - X is. Artists Space 223 W. Broadway N.Y.C. April 1986.
59-3996: FORD, MICHAEL C. - Whatever Happened to the Orange-Groves, Grandma?
19-4658: GORDON ONSLOW-FORD. - Space Elements.
19-4656: GORDON ONSLOW-FORD. - Painting in the Instant.
51-1782: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Being in Common. Signed.
51-1781: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Original Color drawing. Signed.
51-1780: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - New. Signed.
51-1779: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - In Place. Signed.
51-1778: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Original Color drawing and watercolor.
51-1777: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Original Color drawing in the Pursuit of the Marvelous. Signed.
51-1776: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - We a grain. Signed.
51-1768: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW (1912-2003) - Man in Space. 1962. 70" x 118". Parle's paint on canvas
15-3818: FORD, FORD MADOX. - Joseph Conrad: A Personal Remembrance.
08-1108: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW. - Insights.
15-6404: FORD, GEORGE H., ET AL. - Dickens Criticism, Past, Present, and Future Directions: A Symposium.
59-1336: FORD, GERALD. - President Ford '76.
04-1301: FORD, COLIN AND ROY STRONG. - An Early Victorian Album: The Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson.
01-1069: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW. - Insights.
01-0643: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW. - Ecomorphology. A direction in painting that leads to seeing in depth.
01-0170: FORD, GERALD. - Ford - Dole. Neighborhood Headquarters [poster].
01-0165: FORD, GERALD. - President Ford '76 [poster].
51-0387: FORD, TENNESSEE ERNIE AND PETER HOWARD. - Tennessee Ernie Ford Appraisal.
59-3669: FORD, JON (ED.). - Poetry Flash Number 68, Nov. 1978. Special Festival issue.
67-0179: FOREMAN, PAUL. - Correspondence between Paul Foreman and Norman Moser.
63-0763: BROADSHEET KING (15 MORTIMER TERRACE, LONDON, NW5); JOHN FOREMAN. - The Peace Egg. Printed for The Troubadour.
15-5102: FOREMAN, PAUL. - The Unknown Law.
63-0718: FORES, SAMUEL WILLIAM. - Monopolizers Caught In Thier [sic] Own Trap or a Companion to the Farmers Toast.
63-0719: FORES, SAMUEL WILLIAM; JAMES GILLRAY (PRINTMAKER). - The Dispute: To Be or Not To Be a Protestant.
51-0957: DE FOREST, ROY. - Poster for 35th Annual San Francisco Arts Festival, 1981
19-0403: ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS. - Constitution And By-Laws of Court Pepperell, No. 7619, Ancient Order of Foresters, of the Town of Pepperell, Mass.
07-0631: FORGE, ANDREW. - Al Held: Watercolors.
00-0595: WILDE AND FORGE. - Robert Rauschenberg.
63-2179: BLACK CAT PRESS; NORMAN W. FORGUE. - Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days.
50-0864: FORISSIER. - Galerie Jean Saint-Georges [poster].
63-1265: FRAUEN VON FORJOK. - Russische Trachten (Russian Costumes).
05-1652: HÁJEK-FORMAN. - Japanese Woodcuts: Early Periods.
15-10989: FORMAN, BEDRICH. - Borobudur: The Buddhist Legend In Stone.
54-0825: FORMHALS, HUGH. - The Jolliest Game Under the Sun. A Beginner's Guide to Cricket.
65-1633: FORRESTER, VIVIANE. - Repères, Cahiers D'art Contemporain N°3. The Kienholz women.
65-1120: FORRESTER, VIVIANE. - Ed Kienholz, Nancy Reddin-Kienholz: The Kienholz Women. Repères: Cahiers d'art contemporain no 3.
50-0540: FORSELL, WALKER. - Denmark Map.
16-1337: FORSTER, JOHN. - Walter Savage Landor: A Biography.
59-1298: FORSTER, TONI. - Ex Libris Franz Levy.
59-1299: FORSTER, TONI. - Ex Libris Julie Tretter.
59-1297: FORSTER, TONI. - Ex Libris Philipp Schinhan.
59-1296: FORSTER, TONI. - Birth Announcement for Anton and Maria El Forster. Ein Knäblein.
13-0269: FÖRSTER, M. - Altenglisch Stor, ein Altirisches Lehnwort.
01-0948: FORSTER, G. - Letter. Forster, G.
16-0212: FORSTER, MARGERET. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning: A Biography.
66-0181: FORSTER, ARNOLD. EPSTEIN, BENJAMIN R. - Cross-Currents: The Book That Tells How Anti-Semitism Is Used Today as a Political Weapon.
63-3299: GORDON FORSYTH. - Dust Jacket only for 20th Century Ceramics.
19-4044: PAUL FORTE. - Above & Below: Poems.
19-3263: PAUL FORTE (KINSTON, RI). - Poetic Vision: The art of Paul Forte. Selected Works 1974-2014. Kingston, RI. September 8, 2014 - October 3, 2014
50-1503: FORTESCU, ANTON. - Continuous.
50-1501: FORTESCU, ANTON AND TASHIMOTO. - "Parfait". (Two downhill skiers).
50-1502: FORTESCU, ANTON. - Theory.
05-2080: FORTESS, KARL EUGENE. - Tree with Brick Wall.
15-4615: INTERNATIONAL POETRY FORUM. - Presents Jerzy Kosinski, Wednesday, April 5, 1972, 8:30 PM, Carnegie Lecture Hall.
65-1004: FOSSATI, PAOLO. - Gli anni 30 di Bice Lazzari.
19-2832: CAROLINE H. W. FOSTER (AMY ELIZABETH LEIGH). - California for the Tourist. The Charm of the Land of Sunshing by Summit, Sea and Shore.
16-1604: FOSTER, O'KANE. - In The Night Did I Sing.
15-6496: FOSTER, ADRIANCE S. - Venative & Foliar Sclevids.
15-3786: FOSTER, CHARLES J. - The White Horse of Wootton.
08-0943: FOSTER, ORVILLE R. - Fun at the Hammond: a collection of instruction articles.
59-0314: FOSTER, B. - Basle.
03-0812: KIMMEL & FOSTER. - Mrs. McClellan. Wife of General McClellan.
00-0321: FOSTER, JOSEPH K. - Marc Chagall: Poster and Personality.
15-5018: THE GROLIER CLUB; ALLEN EVARTS FOSTER. - Max Beerbohm. The Grolier Club, March 16, 1944.
19-0604: FOSTER, JOSEPH K. - Marc Chagall: Posters and Personality.
16-0451: FOSTER, D. M., & D. K. LYALL (ED.). - The Empathy Experiment.
19-0609: FOSTER, JOSEPH K. - Marc Chagall: Posters and Personality.
15-1174: FOSTER, BIRKET. - Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso.
59-3595: FOSTER, STEPHEN. - The Soldier's Home. Words by George Cooper, Composed by Stephen Foster.
16-0946: FOSTER, MILTON P. (ED.). - A Casebook on Gulliver Among the Houyhnhnms.
15-9070: JACK SNYDER (NEW YORK); STEPHEN FOSTER. - Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming.
50-0865: FOTIOU. - Galerie Saint-Placide [poster].
00-0433: FOUCHET, MAX-POL. - Johnny Friedlaender: Oeuvre, 1961-1965.
50-0866: FOUGERON. - Galerie Katia Granoff [poster].
15-9747: STAR MINING COMPANY (CHERRY CREEK, NEV); L. M. FOULKE. - MS Letter from L. M. Foulke, signed and dated April 22, 1881, on Star Mining Company letterhead.
15-5304: THE FOUR SEASONS FOUNDATION. - The Four Seasons Foundation Announces the Publication of Two New Books.
12-0718: JOHN SIMON GUGGENHEIM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION (NEW YORK, N.Y.). - Directory of Fellows, 1925-1974: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.
12-0649: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS FOUNDATION (WASHINGTON, D.C.). - That Red Head Gal: Fashions and Designs of Gordon Conway 1916-1936.
59-2662: SOLOMON R. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUMTHANNHAUSER FOUNDATION. - Masterpieces of Modern Art. A Picture Book of 19th and 20th Century Masterpieces from the Thannhauser Foundation.
56-0144: FREDERICK R. WEISMAN FOUNDATION. - Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, Volume One.
54-0133: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS FOUNDATION. - Painting in France, 1900-1967: A Loan Exhibition Organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Le Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris.
54-0124: ARMAND HAMMER FOUNDATION. - The Armand Hammer Collection.
15-5120: BORDERLANDS SCIENCES RESEARCH FOUNDATION. - Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation 1990 Catalog 1-A, Research Resources.
15-4980: NATIONAL POETRY FOUNDATION. - National Poetry Foundation Catalog 1984.
15-4905: THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES AND THE ACADEMY FOUNDATION. - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy Foundation Present A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, Wednesday December 5, 1984.
12-1798: JOAQUIN MILLER FOUNDATION (OAKLAND, CALIF.). - The Board of Trustees Extends a Cordial Invitation to Become a Member of the Joaquin Miller Foundation, Inc.
15-6100: LANNAN FOUNDATION. - History Of The Lannan Foundation, Lannan Literary Program, 1992 Lannan Literary Awards.
19-2051: LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY FOUNDATION (NEW YORK). - The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation 2011 Awards in Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Video, and Craft Media.
15-9456: NATIONAL BOOK FOUNDATION (NEW YORK). - Press Materials for 2006 National Book Awards.
54-0277: AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS. - American Type Founders. Brochures.
07-0704: PB EIGHTY-FOUR. - Modern and Colonial Latin American Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture and Prints. Sale 759.
02-0288: FOURNEL, PIERRE. - Building by waterway [poster].
50-0867: FOURNIER, A. - Galerie des Orfèvres [poster].
50-0868: FOURNIER, GABRIEL. - Galerie Katia Granoff [poster].
59-0114: FOURNIER. - Vue prise près la Valleé de Montmorency.
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16-1736: FOURTOUNI, ELENI (TRANSL.). - Contemporary Greek Women Poets.
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15-6200: PACE GALLERY; ILYA & EMILIA KABAKOV; KATE FOWLE (INTR.). - Ilya & Emilia Kabakov.
19-3520: FOWLER, LUKE. - Luke Fowler.
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05-1424: FOWLER, P. M. - TLS to Geoffrey Robinson regarding the manuscript for A Philosophy of Work in the Crisis of Prosperity, possibly by Björn Sjøvall.
12-1196: FOWLER, GENE (AFTER). - Story Outline for "Shoe of the Wild Mare."
15-9727: FOWLER BROTHERS: BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, ENGRAVERS, PRINTERS (LOS ANGELES); MRS. R. S. ALLEN. - Monthly Statements of Books Sold to Mrs. R. S. Allen, September - November 1926.
19-4357: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. - Flight of the Phoenix.
63-1743: 20TH CENTURY FOX (HOLLYWOOD, CA). - Publicity Photograph for 20th Century Fox.
19-4878: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. - Fat Albert
59-3463: FOX, EMMET. - The American Spirit: The Principles Underlying the Constitution.
15-5764: SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY; GEORGE K. FOX. - An Exhibit of Books & Presses: San Francisco Poetry 1950-1970. From the Collection of George K. Fox.
13-1326: FOX, EMMET. - The American Spirit: The Principles Underlying the Constitution.
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09-0373: FOX, CONNIE; SCHWABSKY, BARRY. - Connie Fox.
08-0791: FOX COLLECTION. WAGHORN, TOM. - London, U.K. Assorted Postcards.
08-0777: FOX COLLECTION; KING, HOWARD AND YULE, DOUG. - Coastal Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens).Collection of Three Color Postards.
07-1019: FOX, CARL AND H. LANDSHOFF. - The Doll.
04-1508: FOX-DAVIES, ARTHUR CHARLES AND CAROL BELANGER GRAFTON. - Heraldry. A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers.
19-4372: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. - Kinsey.
51-1120: FOX, GEORGE AND AND JAMES CHADWICK - Appraisal and correspondence related to the Library of William Everson (1912-1994).
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19-4367: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. - Elektra.
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15-5778: FRACCHIA, CHARLES A. ET AL. - The Argonaut: Journal of the San Francisco Historical Society. Volume 7 No. 2, Winter 1996-97. Andrea Sbarboro: An Early American Success Story. The Memoir of an Italian-American Entrepreneur and Pioneer.
63-1962: FRACE, CHARLES. - Chinese Treasure.
63-1963: FRACE, CHARLES. - Surprise.
63-1964: FRACE, CHARLES. - A Radiant Moment.
63-1965: FRACE, CHARLES. - Safe Return.
63-1961: FRACE, CHARLES. - Ambassadors.
63-1959: FRACE, CHARLES. - Powerful Presence.
63-1960: FRACE, CHARLES. - Partners.
05-0227: FRACHT, RUDOLF. - Berlin: 21 postcards between late 1930 to 1949.
19-2773: E. M. FRADKINA. - Elena Mihajlovna Fradkina = Elena Fradkina.
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65-0254: FRAGONARD, JEAN-HONORÉ. - At the Painter.
65-0253: FRAGONARD, JEAN-HONORÉ. - Surprise.
65-0247: FRAGONARD, JEAN-HONORÉ. - La Chemise Enlevée.
65-0248: FRAGONARD, JEAN-HONORÉ, AND GUERFANT, E. - La Chemise Enlevée.
03-0823: FRAGONARD, JEAN-HONORÉ. - Le Baiser à la dérobée.
13-0794: FRAMELINE (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.) - 21st San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. June 20-29, 1997.
15-7319: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE; COMITE NATIONAL DE LA GRAVURE FRANCAISE. - Nouvelles De L'Estampe. Juillet 1990, No. 111.
10-0256: JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE (PARIS, FRANCE). - Journal Officiel de la République Française (Paris, France), dimanche, 29 juin 1919.
65-0852: LA PREMIÈRE ARMÉÉ FRANÇAISE. - Du Rhin a Carlsruhe. 1ère Armée Francaise. Rhin et Danube.
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15-10282: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE; COMITE NATIONAL DE LA GRAVURE FRANCAISE. - Nouvelles De L'Estampe. Mars-Avril 1991, No. 115.
15-10283: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE; COMITE NATIONAL DE LA GRAVURE FRANCAISE. - Nouvelles De L'Estampe. Mai-Juin 1991, No. 116.
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15-10286: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE; COMITE NATIONAL DE LA GRAVURE FRANCAISE. - Nouvelles De L'Estampe. Decembre 1991, No. 120.
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07-0490: ASSOCIATION NATIONALE POUR LA DÉFENSE DES IDÉES FRANÇAISES À L'ÉTRANGER. - Bulletin de l'idée française à l'étranger.
50-0081: AIR FRANCE. - Toward New Skies [poster].
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05-1511: CONSULTAT GÉNÉRAL DE FRANCE. - ALS to Geoffrey Robinson.
54-2252: GALERIE DE FRANCE. - Gillet.
01-0764: L'AUTOMOBILE-CLUB DE FRANCE. - Chambres à Coucher et Cabinets de Toilette.
01-0647: PLAISIR DE FRANCE. - Plaisir de France.
01-0493: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - Pierre Nozière.
01-0489: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - Le Lys Rouse.
01-0485: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - Les Contes de Jacques Tournebroche.
01-0486: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - Abeille.
12-1398: INSTITUT DE FRANCE. - Musée Jacquemart-André: Catalogue itinérare.
15-10548: AIR FRANCE. - Air France Takes Pleasure In Certifying that Mr. Joseph Gold Crossed the Sound Barrier on December 22, 1976, Aboard a Concorde.
59-3640: FRANCES, HARRIETTE. - Poem for Paul Mariah.
59-0497: FRANCESCHINI, V. AFTER NELLI. - Portrait of Cardinal Carlo Maria Marini, obit. 1745.
65-3216: V. JU. FRANCHUK. - Narechija, obrazovannye ot imen prilagatel'nyh, v russkom literaturnom jazyke XVIII v. = Adverbs formed from Adjectives in the Russian Literary languages of the 18th Century.
60-0249: FRANCIS, HENRY S. - St. Luke by the Master E.S. [electronic file].
05-1567: FRANCIS, JOHN. - ALS of apology to Geoffrey Robinson.
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08-1103: FRANCIS, SAM AND YOUNG, CHARLES. - Sam Francis: Prints and Drawings 1957 - 1989.
51-0490: FRANCIS, SAM. - Blue Ball. Hanging Ornament.
60-0395: FRANCIS, HENRY S. - Dirk Vellert-Etcher [electronic file].
09-0121: FRANCIS, SAM. - Sam Francis: Paint on Paper & Original Print.
60-0381: FRANCIS, HENRY S. - Six Drawings from the Life of Pulcinella by the Younger Tiepolo [electronic file].
60-0347: FRANCIS, ERIC C. - Augustin de Saint Aubin [electronic file].
60-0281: FRANCIS, ERIC C. - J. M. Moreau [electronic file].
60-0256: FRANCIS, HENRY SAYLES. - A Gothic Table Fountain and Engraved design for one by the Master W A. [electronic file].
60-0222: FRANCIS, ERIC C. - N. Lavreince [electronic file].
60-0086: FRANCIS, ERIC C. - Chardin and his Engravers [electronic file].
60-0019: FRANCIS, ERIC C. - P. A. Baudouin [electronic file].
60-0029: FRANCIS, HENRY SAYLES. - The Lithographs of George Wesley Bellows [electronic file].
54-1085: FRANCIS, SAM & MICHAUD, YVES. - Sam Francis Yves Michaud. Entretiens.
02-0232: FRANCIS, SAM. - Venice Art Walk.
02-0233: FRANCIS, SAM. - A Festival of Japanese Poetry.
15-11325: BASIL FRANCIS. - ALS Basil Francis to Geoffrey Robinson, October 5, 1950.
12-1369: FRANCIS, EDWARD. - Weber: A Short Account of His Life and Works.
08-0077: DE FRANCISCIS, ALFONSO, ET AL. - Campania.
63-1178: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco Will Meet on Tuesday, September Fourth, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Eight, at Half After Six O'Clock p.m., at Frank's Restaurant, 447 Pine Street. Our Genial Member Charles P. Cutten will entertain the meeting with an informal talk about his own library and his bibliographic idiosyncracies.
63-1172: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco Will meet at New Frank's Restaurant, 447 Pine St. on Monday evening, October 8th, at half after six 0'clock to listen to a talk by our only Los Angeles member Arthur M. Ellis.
63-1173: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - To All Ye Of The Roxburghe Club.
63-1174: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco Fourth Anniversary Dinner.
63-1176: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco Will Meet on Monday Evening, November Twelfth, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Eight, at Half Past Six O'Clock, at Pierre's Restaurant, 447 Pine Street, to Listen to our Distinguished Mountaineering Member, Mr. Francis Farquhar.
63-2619: S.F. ART FRANCISCO. - Black & White Photograph of two girls.
19-0242: CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO. - Personal Property Taxes of C. Musante, 639 King, filed 1883. Stamped Nov 23, 1898.
15-5370: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - George Kane: Printer, Publisher, Book Dealer, Roxburgher force eluminure, will address our members and guests at the Fall dinner meeting of the Roxburghe Club.
15-5493: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - George Kane: Printer, Publisher, Book Dealer, Roxburgher force eluminure, will address our members and guests at the Fall dinner meeting of the Roxburghe Club.
02-1093: ASIAN ART MUSEUM OF SAN FRANCISCO. - A Decade of Collecting. An Exhibition Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
15-5628: ROXBURGHE CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - My Worst Book Or, Book Collectors' (Mostly) True Confessions. Wm. P. Barlow, Jr., Principal Inquisitor.
15-1489: BOOK CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO. - Prospectus for A Typographical Masterpiece: An Account by John Dreyful of Eric Gill's Collaboration with Robert Gibbings in Producing the Golden Cockerel Press Edition of 'The Four Gospels' in 1931.
11-0687: FRANCISCO, MAIA. - Designing with One Color and Two Colors.
12-1693: BAR ASSOCIATION OF SAN FRANCISCO. - Quarter Annual Meeting and Banquet.
15-11003: LUCY LIM; CHINESE CULTURE CENTER OF SAN FRANCISCO. - Six Contemporary Chinese Women Artists.
15-9348: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR (SAN FRANCISCO); FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO - The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Bay Area Graphic Arts Council Cordially Invite you to a Preview of the Exhibitions on Friday May 21, 1976.
08-0990: FRANCISCONE, SERGIO, (DIRETTORE). - Galleria Brera: 300 Dipinti e Disegni di Maestri Contemporanei
08-0991: FRANCISCONE, SERGIO, (DIRETTORE). - Galleria Brera: 300 Dipinti e Disegni di Maestri Contemporanei
67-0195: FRANCK, PHILIPP. - Ex Libris Carl Ludwig Franck.
67-0303: FRANCK, PHILPP. - Ex Libris Martha Franck.
67-0304: FRANCK, PHILPP. - Ex Libris Carl Ludwig Franck.
04-1509: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Vagabonding Down the Andes.
03-0748: FRANCK, PHILIPP. - Farmhorses and rider.
63-0426: CONTEMPORARY RECORDS (LOS ANGELES); KEN FRANCKLING (PHOTO). - Tom Harrell: Publicity Photo for Contemporary Records.
63-3137: CONTEMPORARY RECORDS (LOS ANGELES); KEN FRANCKLING (PHOTO). - Tom Harrell: Publicity Photo for Contemporary Records.
55-0173: FRANCL, JOSEPH. - The Overland Journey of Joseph Francl. The First Bohemian to Cross the Plains to the California Gold Fields [prospectus].
19-3250: JAMES FRANCO. - James Franco: New Film Stills.
51-1105: MILLET. JEAN FRANÇOIS (1814-1875) (AFTER) - A Shepherd with his Sheep.
15-4217: FRANCOISE. - Dust-Jacket for Jeanne-Marie At The Fair.
15-4220: FRANCOISE. - Dust-Jacket for Springtime For Jeanne-Marie.
15-4219: FRANCOISE. - Dust-Jacket for The Thank-You Book.
15-4218: FRANCOISE. - Dust-Jacket for Minou.
63-3300: FRANCOISE. - Dust Jacket only for Springtime For Jeanne-Marie.
15-2035: FRANEK, ALBERT D. - TLS to Prof. George B. Noyes, December 23, 1942.
65-3226: S. L. FRANK. - Religija i nauka, No. 1 = Religion and Science, No. 1.
19-3873: ALICE HUTCHINS; MERRILY PEEBLES; PETER FRANK. - Magnetic Encounters: Alice Hutchins.
19-3656: ALICE HUTCHINS; MERRILY PEEBLES; PETER FRANK. - Magnetic Encounters: Alice Hutchins.
16-2263: FRANK C. HAVENS SCHOOL, PIEDMONT, CALIFORNIA. - Verses By Young Poets of Frank C. Havens School, Piedmont, California.
15-9031: HERBERT S. FRANK MUSIC CO. (WILKES-BARRE, PA); HERBERT S. FRANK. - Billy Sunday's Victory March
19-2744: DANESE (NEW YORK); JAN FRANK. - Paintings, December 5, 1997 - January 10, 1998.
16-2592: FRANK, STUART M. - Dictionary of Scrimshaw Artists.
65-2595: S. L. FRANK. - Real'nost' i chelovek. Metafizika chelovecheskogo bytiya = Human Being and Reality.
65-2387: FRANK, S. L. - Iz istorii russkoj filosofskoj mysli konca i nachala = History of Russian Philosophical Thought; End of 19th and beginning of 20th century.
08-0122: FRANK, MELVIN, PRODUCER. - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
59-1288: FRANK, SEPP. - Ex Libris.
09-0164: FRANK, PETER; FRANKENTHALER, HELEN. - Frankenthaler: Paintings and Works on Paper.
65-1257: FRANK, ELIZABETH; TWORKOV, JACK. - Jack Tworkov: Paintings 1930 - 1981.
03-0762: FRANK, TEUBER, POHL, DÄNZER, KASTER. - Graphische Kunst. Heft. 61. Jahgang.
03-0739: FRANK, A. - Deer in a Landscape.
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15-3605: FRANK, R. B. (ED.). - Panache: New Writing. Number 11. 1973.
15-3606: FRANK, R. B. (ED.). - Panache. 1971.
19-3948: DOUGLAS ARGUE; MARY E. FRANK. - Doug Argue: Palimpsests.
19-0882: FRANK, R. B. (EDITOR). - Panache Number 3 1969.
15-1567: FRANK, JOSEPH. - Dostoevsky; The Stir of Liberation, 1860-1865.
15-1568: FRANK, JOSEPH. - Dostoevsky; The Years of Ordeal, 1860-1859.
15-1569: FRANK, JOSEPH. - Dostoevsky; The Seeds of Revolt, 1821-1849.
15-1570: FRANK, JOSEPH. - Dostoevsky; The Years of Ordeal, 1850-1859.
12-1148: FRANK, JOSEF MARIA. - Prospectus for Berliner Carpiccio.
13-0118: FRANK, SEMEN L. - Ztjudy o Pushkine = Studies on Pushkin.
15-2153: FRANK, S.L. - Po tu storonu pravogo i levogo = [On the opposite side of left and right].
15-9836: FRANK, R. B. (ED.). - Panache. 1971.
15-9838: FRANK, R. B. (ED.). - Panache. No. 11. 1973.
15-9839: FRANK, R. B. (ED.). - Panache. No. 3. 1969.
09-0455: KARLMANN & FRANKE. - Wien. [Original photographs of Vienna in 1890].
12-1089: FRANKE, HERBERT. - Max Webers Soziologie der ostasiatischen Religionen.
15-6491: FRANKEL, MAX. - Ausgrabungen Zu Pergamon: Die Inschriften.
15-8563: FRANKEL, HERMANN. - A Thought Pattern In Heraclitus. Reprinted from American Journal of Philology, July 1938.
12-0651: FRANKEL, DEXTRA. - Overglaze Imagery: Cone 019-016.
15-10033: FRANKEL, ELLEN & ALLISON MURRAY MORRIS. - Bathroom Styles.
55-0448: FRANKEN, ROSE. - Claudia.
59-4168: FRANKENBERG, LLOYD. - The Gotham Book Mart Houghton Mifflin and Columbia Records cordially invite you to meet Lloyd Frankenberg on the joint publication day of Pleasure Dome: On Reading Modern Poetry and Pleasure Dome: An Audible Anthology of Modern Poetry Read by Its Creators.
01-0502: FRANKENHEIMER, JOHN. - The Train.
01-0259: FRANKENHEIMER, JOHN. - Seconds.
15-2243: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED AND GRADY MCDONALD. - Grady McDonald: Selected Paintings 1974-1979.
15-1378: FRANKFURT, U. I. - Ocherki po istoirii specialnoj teorii otnositel'nosti = Notes on the history of specialized theory of relativity.
15-5949: FRANKFURTER, ALFRED (ED.). - Art News. 25th Annual Christmas Edition, In two parts: Part II. November 1955.
05-0613: FRANKL, FRANZ. - Swiss lake with trees.
05-0612: FRANKL, FRANZ. - Swiss pond with trees.
05-0611: FRANKL, FRANZ. - Swiss stream with birch trees.
15-10030: BYRNE GALLERY; R.W. FRANKLIN. - Dreaming In Color: R.W. Franklin Recent Works.
51-1583: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN (1706-1790) - Benjamin Franklin Facsimile Documents and Portrait.
63-2470: FRANKLIN ROSEMONT (ED.); PENELOPE ROSEMONT, PAUL GARON. - Surrealist Insurrection No. 4.
15-1014: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. - Address by Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, September 1787.
15-6878: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN; WALLACE KIBBEE (DES.). - Address By Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, September 1787.
63-2450: FRANKLIN ROSEMONT (ED.); PENELOPE ROSEMONT, PAUL GARON. - Surrealist Insurrection No. 4.
12-1585: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. - Benj. Franklin, Republican Printer, January 17, 1706-April 17, 1790.
65-1457: FRANKLIN, CONSTANCE, ED. - Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America, 5th Ed.
65-1458: FRANKLIN, CONSTANCE, ED. - Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America, 6th Ed.
54-1584: FRANKLIN, COLIN. - Themes in Aquatint. Publisher's Prospectus.
01-0945: FRANKLIN, GEORGE. - Letter. Franklin, George.
99-0069: FRANKLIN, COLIN. - Fond of Printing. Gordon Craig as Typographer and Illustrator [prospectus].
07-1084: FRANKS, PAMELA. - The Tiger's Eye: The Art of a Magazine.
12-1576: FRANKS, A. WOLLASTON. - Address of Sir A. Wollaston Franks...President of the Society of Antiquaries of London, Delivered at Their Anniversary Meeting, April 23, 1896.
16-2983: FRANKSY. - African or Caribbean Women Carrying Fruit.
137-9: FRANQUI, CARLOS. - Derrière le Miroir. DLM #190. Calder.
65-1820: FRANZ, WILLIAM HENRY. - Untitled (Polk Bros.).
63-2010: FRASER, BEATRICE AND FERRIN; NORA S. UNWIN (ILLUSTR.). - Dust Jacket only for A Song Is Born. A Story of Music for Beginners.
16-1396: FRASER, G. S. (ED.). - Poetry Now.
59-1055: FRASER, BRUCE W. - African-American Man.
59-1054: FRASER, BRUCE W. - Green Eyed Woman.
01-0950: FRASER, ALEXANDER. - Letter. Fraser, Alexander.
59-3283: FRASER, CLAUD LOVAT. - The Festival of Christmas.
59-4013: FRASER, KATHLEEN. - These Labdanum Hours.
59-3284: FRASER, CLAUD LOVAT. - The Festival of Christmas.
12-0293: FRASHERS, INC. (POMONA, CALIF.). - Scenic Views of Lake Tahoe, June Lake Loop, Mt. Whitney, Lone Pine, Death Valley, and Big Sur Lodge.
12-0281: FRASHERS, INC. (POMONA, CALIF.) AND W.M. CLINE CO. (CHATTANOOGA, TENN.). - Souvenir from San Xavier Mission, Tucson, Arizona and Walnut Canyon National Monument.
59-3908: FRATELLI POZZO, PRINTERS. - Carta Generale delle Strade Ferrate italiane, e Linee di Navigazione.
12-1216: LEATHER FRATERNITY. - Happy Holidays.
19-2671: DELORME & FRAYSSE (PARIS). - Manuscrits et Archives XIIIe Au XIXe Siècles; Livres Anciens et Modernes. 7 May, 1996. Lot #s 1 - 371.
65-2334: FRAZIER, EDWARD FRANKLIN. - Negry v Soedinennyh Shtatah = The Negro in the United States.
15-11184: FRED WEBER, DIRECTEUR GENERAL FONDATEUR PUBLICITE; LIDO CABARET, ET AL. - French Travel Brochures (5) from the 1950 - 60s: Aujourd'Hui A Paris; Lido, Champs Elysees, Paris, The Most Famous Cabaret in the World; Carcassonne, Hotel de la Cite; Son Et Lumiere Sur Les Iles (Cannes); Longchamp, Chantilly, Deauville, "La Cloche" Grand Hotel (Dijon).
59-3825: FRED H. CHASE & CO., W. H. HORD. - Catalogue of Absolute Disposal Sale. Thoroughbreds and Trotting Stock; Catalogue of Absolute disperal sale of Trotting-Bred Brood Mares, Colts and Fillies.
63-2336: FRED O'DONOVAN, MARGERET JOHNSTON, HUGH BURDEN, & [L. F.] COMPTON. - Original Autographs by Fred O'Donovan, Margeret Johnston, Hugh Burden, & [L. F.] Compton.
63-2330: FREDA JACKSON, ET AL. - Original Autographs by Desiree Denys-Barton, Lilly Walden, Olive Davey, Jose Trafford, Peggy J. Carter, A. J. Irving, L. K. U. Richards; on verso: Audrey Teesdale, Freda Jackson, Elyn Rood-Jones.
63-1753: HARTSOOK PHOTO (SAN FRANCISCO & LOS ANGELES, CA); PAULINE FREDERICK. - Autographed Publicity Photograph of Pauline Frederick
65-1088: FREDERICK BAKER, INC. - Fine Prints of the 19th & 20th Centuries.
59-3456: FREDERICKS, CLAUDE. - Psalms cl & cxxxiii.
05-0195: FREDERICKSEN, BURTON B., ED. - The Index of Paintings Sold in the British Isles during the Nineteenth Century, 1806-1810.
01-0298: FRÉDOL, ALFRED. - Le Monde de la mer.
63-2453: FREE SPIRITS, ANNALS OF THE INSURGENT IMAGINATION; GUILD BOOKS & PERIODICALS (CHICAGO); FRANKLIN ROSEMONT, PENELOPE ROSEMONT, PAUL BUHLE, JAYNE CORTEZ, PHILIP LAMANTIA, NANCY JOYCE PETERS. - Come To A Party for Free Spirits! Celebrating the First Issue of the New City Lights Annual Free Spirits, Annals of the Insurgent Imagination & the 15th Anniversary of Black Swan Press Surrealist Editions.
15-6165: FREEBERG, ANDY; CLIFFORD J. LEVY. - Guardians of Russian Art Museums.
16-1774: FREED, RAY (ED.). - Doctor Generosity's Almanac: 17 Poets.
66-0133: FREEDMAN, SHALOM. - Learning in Jerusalem: Dialogues with Distinguished Teachers of Judaism.
13-0836: FREEDMAN, WILLIAM. - Laurence Stern and the Origins of the Musical Novel.

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