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003555: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL - Heroes of Hebrew History
006244: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome
005860: WILDER, THORNTON - The Angel That Troubled the Waters
005811: WILEY, EDITH D. - Doings in 'Derry: Life in a Small Vermont Town
003422: WILKENSON, CHARLES F. - American Indians, Time, and the Law: Native Societies in a Modern Constitutional Democracy
004655: WILKES, LAURA E. - Missing Pages in American History: Revealing the Services of Negroes in the Early Wars in the United States of America, 1641-1815
002911: WILKINS, EARL W. - Emergency Medicine: Scientific Foundations and Current Practice Emergency Care As Practiced at the Massachusetts General Hospital
004053: WILKINSON, DAVID - Malraux; an Essay in Political Criticism
006435: WILKINSON, ENDYMION - The History of Imperial China: A Research Guide
002120: WILLARD, FRANCIS E. - Nineteen Beautiful Years: Sketches of a Girl's Life
000532: WILLARD, NANCY - Sister Water
006878: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years: The Autobiography of an American Woman
001141: WILLIAMS, PAT; HILL, DOUGLAS - The Supernatural
002716: WILLIAMS, JUDITH R. - The Youth of Haouch Harimi: A Lebanese Village - Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs 20
002865: WILLIAMS, THOMAS RHYS - Field Methods in the Study of Culture
005241: WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN BROOME - Improbable Warriors: Women Scientists and the U.S. Navy in World War II
004489: WILLIAMS, GEORGE F. - Memorial War Book
006735: WILLIAMS, COL. DION - Uniforms & Insignia of the US Navy, 1918
003682: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE;HALE, ALLEAN - Not About Nightingales
006069: WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN B. - Middletown: a Biography
002549: WILLIAMS, GRAY;WESTCHESTER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Picturing Our Past: National Register Sites in Westchester County
001939: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The House of the Octopus
005387: WILLIAMS, JEROME - Oceanographic Instrumentation
004373: WILLIS, DEBORAH; LEWIS, DAVID L. - Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America
004037: WILLIS, JOHN - Screen World 1972 Volume 23
004038: WILLIS, JOHN - Screen World 1981 Volume 32
004039: WILLIS, JOHN - Theatre World 1965-1966 Volume 22
004040: WILLIS, JOHN - Theatre World 1967-1968 Volume 24
007137: WILLYAMS, COOPER - An account of the campaign in the West Indies in the year 1794 (Bibliotheque d'histoire antillaise)
006687: WILMERDING, JOHN - Winslow Homer
000989: WILSON, IAN - Jesus the Evidence
002118: WILSON, EDMUND - Upstate
002261: MONICA WILSON - Good Company: A Study of Nyakyusa Age-Villages
004311: WILSON, ROSALIND BAKER - Near the Magician: A Memoir of My Father, Edmund Wilson
000128: WILSON, ANGUS - A Bit Off the Map and Other Stories
000304: WILSON, ANGUS - The Old Men at the Zoo
000267: WILSON, EDMUND - The Shock of Recognition. The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded by the Men Who Made it
005252: WILSON, IAN - Exodus: The True Story Behind the Biblical Account
005995: WILSON, CHARLES G. - Winter in Maine and Other Poems
006441: WILSON, KATHERINE - GOLDEN GATE: The Park of a Thousand Vistas
004426: WILSON, JOHN - Armies, Corps, Divisions and Separate Brigades
005890: WILSON, JEAN MOORCROFT;MCDERMID, LEONARD - Virginia Woolf, Life and London: A Biography of Place by
001428: WILSON, EDMUND - The Shock of Recognition: The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded By the Men Who Made It
005679: WILSON, C. PHILIP;HOGAN, CHARLES C. - Psychodynamic Technique in the Treatment of the Eating Disorders
005005: WIMSATT, WILLIAM KURTZ - The Portraits of Alexander Pope
004944: WINDELER, ROBERT - Sweetheart: The Story of Mary Pickford
000284: WING, J. THURBER - Taliput Leaves: In the Path of the Sunrise {SIGNED}
005077: WINN, JAMES ANDERSON - John Dryden and His World
000766: WINN, DILYS - Murderess Ink: The Better Half of the Mystery
001160: TOM WINNIFRITH - The Brontes and Their Background: Romance and Reality
007301: FRISH BRANDT; GARRY WINOGRAND - The Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand
003392: PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA; WINSTON, DAVID (TRANS.) - Philo of Alexandria: The Contemplative Life, Giants and Selections
000588: WISHINA, K. J. A. - The Glass Factory: A Filomena Buscarsela Mystery
002543: WITHERS, JOSEPHINE. - Julio Gonzalez: Les Matriaux De Son Expression
001219: WITT, LANA; SCRIBNER - Slow Dancing on Dinosaur Bones: A Novel
002585: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Girl in Blue
006929: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Prince and Betty
001228: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr. Mulliner Speaking
006930: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Intrusion of Jimmy
003923: WOFFINDEN, BOB - The Beatles Apart
005513: WOIWODE, LARRY - Poppa John
005717: WOLF, ALEXANDER - Psychotherapy of the Submerged Personality
000954: WOLF, BURT, ED. - What We Eat: The True Story of Why We Put Sugar in Our Coffee and Ketchup on Our Fries
002753: WOLF, ERIC R. - Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century
002468: WOLF, ERIC R., AND HANSEN, EDWARD C. - The Human Condition In Latin America
002745: WOLF, MARGERY - Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan
003118: WOLF, BURT; ARONSON, EMILY; FABRICANT, FLORENCE - The New Cooks' Catalogue
000372: WOLF, CHRISTA - Cassandra: A Novel and Four Essays
002382: WOLF, ERIC R. - Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis
003333: WOLF, EDWIN - A Descriptive Catalogue of the John Frederick Lewis Collection of European Manuscripts in the Free Library of Philadelphia
000791: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Good Child's River
001769: WOLFE, TOM - A Man in Full: A Novel
005563: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
001667: WOLFE, TOM - I Am Charlotte Simmons
001829: WOLFE, TOM - A Man in Full: A Novel
004024: WOLFE, TOM - The Purple Decades: A Reader
000140: WOLFF, TOBIAS - Back In The World
005506: WOLKSTEIN, DIANE;HENRIQUEZ, ELSA - The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folk Tales
000058: WOLMAN, BENJAMIN B., ED. - Handbook Of General Psychology
001537: WOLTERS, RICHARD A. - Gun Dog : Revolutionary Rapid Training Method
002685: WOOD, EDWARD W., JR. - Worshipping the Myths of World War II : Reflections on America's Dedication to War
003863: WOOD, JEAN M. - Prisms
007146: WOODBRIDGE, SALLY, ED. - Bay Area Houses. New Edition
002187: WOODRUFF, CAROLINE SALOME - My Trust and Other Verse
003977: WOODS, CRAIG - Fly Tying
001048: WOODWARD, STANLEY - The Sea - Reproductions of Paintings By Stanley Woodward
003209: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - The Common Reader
001932: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. EDITED BY ANNE OLIVER BELL - Granite & Rainbow ( Essays)
002223: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
003210: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - The Years
005847: WOOLF, LEONARD - Sowing
002953: WORSLEY, PETER - Modern Sociology. Introductory Readings
002766: WORTIS, JOSEPH M.D. - Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: Vol. IV
002765: WORTIS, JOSEPH M.D. - Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: Vol. VI
005251: WRAGG, DAVID W.;WRAGG, DAVID - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: 20th Century Military Blunders
003527: WRAXALL, NATHANIEL WILLIAM - The Historical and Posthumous Memoirs of Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall 1772-1784 Volume 1
003528: WRAXALL, NATHANIEL WILLIAM - The Historical and Posthumous Memoirs of Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall 1772-1784 Volume 4
001346: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD; KAUFMAN, EDGAR (EDITOR) - An American Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright
001803: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., GEORGE B. TATUM, JOHN W. MCCAUBREY, AND ROBERT C. SMITH - The Arts in America - The Colonial Period
003455: WRIGHT, CHARLES - Appalachia
003849: WRIGHT, RICHARD - The Long Dream
006931: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD; KAUFMAN, EDGAR (EDITOR) - Genius and the Mobocracy
003484: WRIGLEY, ROBERT - Moon in a Mason Jar: Poems
005812: WRISTON, JOHN C., JR. - Vermont Inns &Taverns Pre-Revolution to 1925
007244: WRISTON, JOHN C., JR. - Vermont Inns &Taverns Pre-Revolution to 1925
005528: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIME WRITERS - Murderous Schemes: An Anthology of Classic Detective Stories
001594: WU, RUSONG;WANG, HONGTU;HUANG, YING;PEARCE, RICHARD R. - Sun Zi's Art of War and Health Care
006851: WULLNER, ADOLPH - Lehrbuch der Experimentalphysik. Fifth Edition
005041: WULP, JOHN - John Wulp
003564: WYDENBRUCK, NORA - Rilke: Man and Poet
005813: WYETH, ANDREW - Wyeth at Kuerners
003067: WYLIE, LAURENCE - Village In The Vaucluse: An Account Of The Life In A French Village
004503: WYLLIE, ROBERT E. - Orders, Decorations and Insignia: Military and Civil
001943: WYMAN, DAVID S. - The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945
003850: WYNNE, ANTHONY - Death Out of the Night
006165: WYSS, JOHANN.; GILBERT, JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Swiss family Robinson; or, Adventures in a Desert Island. New Edition
000227: WATT, JAMES C.Y. AND FORD, BARBARA BRENNAN - East Asian Lacquer. The Florence and Herbert Irving Collection
004005: YACOWAR, MAURICE - Method in Madness: The Comic Art of Mel Brooks
004653: YADIN, YIGAEL; GOTTLIEB, GERALD - The Story of Masada, Retold for Young Readers
007233: YAHIL, LENI - The Holocaust: The Fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945 (Studies in Jewish History)
002247: YALMAN, NUR - Under the Bo Tree : Studies in Caste, Kinship and Marriage in the Interior of Ceylon
002469: YANG, MARTIN C. - A Chinese Village-Taitou, Shantung, Province
004550: YARMOLINSKY, ADAM - The Military Establishment: Its Impacts on American Society
002205: YATES, RAYMOND F. - The Hobby Book of Stenciling and Brush-Stroke Painting
002016: YATES, RAYMOND F. - Antique Reproduction for the Home Craftsman
006975: YEATS, W.B. - Early Poems and Stories
002535: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Mythologies
003623: MENUHIN, YEHUDI AND DAVIS, CURTIS W. - The Music of Man
004217: YELLIN, DAVID - Maimonides
001176: CHUNG KYUNG-YEUN - Chung, Kyung Yeun (1990 Chicago Exhibition Catalog)
001177: CHUNG KYUNG-YEUN - Artworld of Chung, Kyung-Yeun
003090: YONKMAN, FREDERICK F., ED - Reserpine in the Treatment of Neuropsychiatric, Neurological, and Related Clinical Problems. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 61 Article 1
005961: YORIZZO, JOSEPH J. (CURATOR) - The Bryant Library 100 Years 1878 - 1978
001968: NEW YORK, HASTINGS HOUSE [1967] - New England Legends and Folklore
003025: NEW YORKER - Christmas At The New Yorker: Stories, Poems, Humor, And Art
002658: YOSHIDA, TETSURO - Gardens of Japan
002724: YOUNG, T. CUYLER, ED. - Near Eastern Culture and Society: A Symposium on the Meeting of East and West
004688: YOUNG, JOHN ROBERT - The Dragon's Teeth: Inside China's Armed Forces
006963: YOUNG, NORWOOD - Napoleon in Exile at St. Helena (1815 - 1821) Volumes I and II
006180: YOUNG, JOHN E., ET AL, COMMISSIONERS - Fifteenth Annual Report of the New Hampshire State Tax Commission, Tax Year 1925
002497: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures Of The Pharaohs. The Early Period, The New Kingdom, The Late Period
006385: LU YU (BURTON WATSON, TRANS.) - Old Man Who Does As He Pleases: Poems & Prose
006330: ZACHWATOWICZ, JAN - Polish Architecture
005735: ZAHOUREK, ROTHLYN P. - Clinical Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestion in Patient Care
003063: ZARD, BARBARA; HIERONYMUS, CLARA - Requiem for a Nun: Onstage and Off
004185: ZEITLIN, SOLOMON - Maimonides : A Biography
003083: ZELLIOT, ELEANOR - Bibliography on Untouchability
000537: ZIESK, EDRA - A Cold Spring: A Novel
004803: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Prints and Their Creators: A World History. 2nd Revised Edition
005698: ZILBERGELD, BERNIE;EDELSTIEN, M. GERALD - Hypnosis: Questions & Answers
005745: ZIMBERG, SHELDON - The Clinical Management of Alcoholism
004487: ZIRBEL, CRAIG I. - Texas Connection: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
003762: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
003995: ZSUFFA, JOSPEH - Bela Balazs: The Man and the Artist
005390: ZUCKERMAN, EDWARD - The Day After World War Ill

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