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003273: WAUGH, EVELYN - Monsignor Ronald Knox, Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and Protonotary Apostolic to His Holiness Pope Pius XII
003284: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scott-King's Modern Europe
006850: WAUGH, EVELYN - A Handful of Dust
002692: BARDIN, C. WAYNE AND RICHARD J. SHERINS (EDS) - Cell Biology of the Testis. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences series Vol. 383)
005486: WEATHERLEY, F. E. - Told In The Twilight. Illustrated by M. Ellen Edwards and John C. Staples
005609: WEAVER, MURIEL PORTER - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors
001422: WEBB, MARIE ANNETTE - One-Act Plays
000173: WEBER, EVA - Great Photographers of the American West
006046: WEBER, MAX - Exhibition and Sale of Max Weber Drawings May 9-27, 1972
005605: WEBSTER, NOAH - An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking. Calculated to Improve the Minds and Refine the Taste of Youth. And Also to Instruct Them in the Geography, History, and Politics of the United States. To Which Are Prefixed,etc. - 13th Edition
005177: KINKEAD-WEEKES, MARK - Samuel Richardson; Dramatic Novelist
005829: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - William Wegman's Puppies
001181: WEIDENMULLER, RALF - Papermaking: The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
001459: WEIGOLD, MARILYN E. - The American Mediterranean: An Environmental, Economic and Social History of Long Island Sound
005925: WEINBERG, GERHARD L. - A World At Arms: A Global History Of World War Ii
001590: WEINSTEIN, MATT;BARBER, LUKE - Dogs Don't Bite When a Growl Will Do: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Living a Happy Life
003838: WEINSTEIN, WARREN - Historical Dictionary of Burundi
001288: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Handel
001622: WEISMAN, JACOB - Treasury of the Fantastic: Romanticism to the Early Twentieth Century Literature
004269: WEISS, DAVID W. - Wings of the Dove
001082: WEITZMANN, KURT - Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination
000627: WELDON, FAY - Life Force
000019: WELDON, FAY - Leader of the Band
004064: WELLER, MICHAEL - Moonchildren
004848: WELTY, EUDORA - Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
002589: WELTY, EUDORA - Losing Battles
001285: WERNER, ERIC - Mendelssohn : A New Image of the Composer and His Age
006050: WERNER, ALFRED - Tully Filmus
006475: WESCHER, PAUL - Jean Fouquet and His Time
006558: WESCOTT, ISAAC - The souvenir: a monthly magazine, devoted to historical tales, historical and biographical sketches, antiquarian researches, poetry, and general Miscellany
000785: WEST, REBECCA - 1900
004701: WEST, RICHARD - Second Admiral: Life of David Dixon Porter 1813-1891
006670: WEST, REBECCA - Rebecca West, a Celebration
006846: WEST, REBECCA - The Strange Necessity. Essays and Reviews
005677: WESTER, WILLIAM C. - Clinical Hypnosis: A Multidisciplinary Approach
000680: WESTLAKE, DONALD E.; WESTLAKE, DONALD - Watch Your Back!
007298: WESTON, EDWARD; NANCY NEWHALL, ED. - Daybooks Of Edward Weston Volume 1 Mexico
002540: WESTPHAL, UWE - The Bauhaus
003630: WETHERBEE, F I - Juvenile Painting Gallery
001189: WHALLEY, JOYCE IRENE - Cobwebs to Catch Flies: Illustrated Books for the Nursery and Schoolroom, 1700-1900
004860: WHARTON, EDITH - The Writing of Fiction
005526: WHARTON, W. - Birdy
004020: WHARTON, EDITH - The Old Maid
001369: WHARTON, WILLIAM - Scumbler
004029: WHARTON, JOHN FRANKLIN - Life among the Playwrights: Being Mostly the Story of the Playwrights' Producing Company, Inc.
001760: WHEELER, RUSSELL C. - Textbook of Dental Anatomy and Physiology
001047: WHEELER, DAVID - Panoramas of English Gardens
002816: WHIPPLE, HAROLD E. (EDITOR) - Evaluation and Mechanisms of Drug Toxicity: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 123, Art 1
001466: WHITAKER, STEVE - The Encyclopedia of Cartooning Techniques
002195: WHITCROSS, JOHN - The Assembly's Shorter Catechism, Illustrated By Appropriate Anecdotes; Chiefly Designed to Assist Parents and Sabbath School Teachers in the Instruction of Youth. New Edition
001415: WHITE, VIOLA - Not Faster Than a Walk - A Vermont Notebook
002897: WHITE, LESLIE A. - The Social Organization of Ethnological Theory
004685: WHITE, TRUMBULL - United States in the War with Spain and the History of Cuba
001512: WHITE, ARTHUR SILVA - From Sphinx to Oracle Through the LIbyan Desert to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon
000544: WHITE, ANNE - An Affinity for Murder
003376: WHITE, BETTY - Betty White's Dancing Made Easy - Revised Edition
005455: WHITE, RICHARD GRANT - Book of the Prophet Stephen, Son of Douglas, Wherein Marvellous Things are Foretold of the Reign of Abraham
006126: WHITE, R. J. - Dr Bentley: A Study in Academic Scarlet
006842: WHITECHURCH, VICTOR L. - Murder at the College
004557: WHITING, CHARLES - Siegfried: The Nazis' Last Stand
006408: WHITLOCK, REVERDY - The Parish of Amity
004118: WHITNEY, CHARLES S. - Bridges: A Study in Their Art, Science and Evolution
006902: WHITNEY, JAN - The Journal of John Woolman
006912: WHITNEY, JOHN - Digital Harmony: On the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art
005110: WHITTEN, MAURICE M. - The Gunpowder Mills of Maine
003730: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. Artists' Edition in Seven Volumes: Illustrated with Steel Portraits and Photogravures (finely bound)
006448: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The American Poets: Whittier
001451: WICK, STEVE - Heaven and Earth: The Last Farmers of the North Fork
007038: WICK, PETER - The Court of Flora
006493: WICKSTEED, PHILIP H., TRANSLATOR - Our Lady's Tumbler: a Twelfth Century Legend
007040: WIEGER, LEO. TRANSLATED BY EDWARD CHALMERS WERNER - A History of the Religious Beliefs and Philosophical Opinions in China from the beginning to the present Time
005980: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rose O' the River
006845: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - New Chronicles of Rebecca
005996: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Story of Waitstill Baxter
005997: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - My Garden of Memory: an Autobiography
006847: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - New Chronicles of Rebecca
002372: WIKAN, UNNI - Behind the Veil in Arabia: Women in Oman
002779: WILBER, DONALD N. - Iran, Past and Present, from Monarchy to Islamic Republic
003555: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL - Heroes of Hebrew History
006244: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome
005860: WILDER, THORNTON - The Angel That Troubled the Waters
005811: WILEY, EDITH D. - Doings in 'Derry: Life in a Small Vermont Town
003422: WILKENSON, CHARLES F. - American Indians, Time, and the Law: Native Societies in a Modern Constitutional Democracy
004655: WILKES, LAURA E. - Missing Pages in American History: Revealing the Services of Negroes in the Early Wars in the United States of America, 1641-1815
002911: WILKINS, EARL W. - Emergency Medicine: Scientific Foundations and Current Practice Emergency Care As Practiced at the Massachusetts General Hospital
004053: WILKINSON, DAVID - Malraux; an Essay in Political Criticism
006435: WILKINSON, ENDYMION - The History of Imperial China: A Research Guide
002120: WILLARD, FRANCIS E. - Nineteen Beautiful Years: Sketches of a Girl's Life
000532: WILLARD, NANCY - Sister Water
006878: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years: The Autobiography of an American Woman
001141: WILLIAMS, PAT; HILL, DOUGLAS - The Supernatural
002716: WILLIAMS, JUDITH R. - The Youth of Haouch Harimi: A Lebanese Village - Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs 20
002865: WILLIAMS, THOMAS RHYS - Field Methods in the Study of Culture
005241: WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN BROOME - Improbable Warriors: Women Scientists and the U.S. Navy in World War II
004489: WILLIAMS, GEORGE F. - Memorial War Book
006735: WILLIAMS, COL. DION - Uniforms & Insignia of the US Navy, 1918
003682: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE;HALE, ALLEAN - Not About Nightingales
006069: WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN B. - Middletown: a Biography
002549: WILLIAMS, GRAY;WESTCHESTER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Picturing Our Past: National Register Sites in Westchester County
001939: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - The House of the Octopus
005387: WILLIAMS, JEROME - Oceanographic Instrumentation
004373: WILLIS, DEBORAH; LEWIS, DAVID L. - Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America
004037: WILLIS, JOHN - Screen World 1972 Volume 23
004038: WILLIS, JOHN - Screen World 1981 Volume 32
004039: WILLIS, JOHN - Theatre World 1965-1966 Volume 22
004040: WILLIS, JOHN - Theatre World 1967-1968 Volume 24
007137: WILLYAMS, COOPER - An account of the campaign in the West Indies in the year 1794 (Bibliotheque d'histoire antillaise)
006687: WILMERDING, JOHN - Winslow Homer
004576: WILSON, GEORGE - Mud Soldiers: Life Inside the New American Army
000989: WILSON, IAN - Jesus the Evidence
002118: WILSON, EDMUND - Upstate
002261: MONICA WILSON - Good Company: A Study of Nyakyusa Age-Villages
004311: WILSON, ROSALIND BAKER - Near the Magician: A Memoir of My Father, Edmund Wilson
000128: WILSON, ANGUS - A Bit Off the Map and Other Stories
000304: WILSON, ANGUS - The Old Men at the Zoo
000267: WILSON, EDMUND - The Shock of Recognition. The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded by the Men Who Made it
005252: WILSON, IAN - Exodus: The True Story Behind the Biblical Account
005995: WILSON, CHARLES G. - Winter in Maine and Other Poems
006441: WILSON, KATHERINE - GOLDEN GATE: The Park of a Thousand Vistas
004426: WILSON, JOHN - Armies, Corps, Divisions and Separate Brigades
005890: WILSON, JEAN MOORCROFT;MCDERMID, LEONARD - Virginia Woolf, Life and London: A Biography of Place by
001428: WILSON, EDMUND - The Shock of Recognition: The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded By the Men Who Made It
005679: WILSON, C. PHILIP;HOGAN, CHARLES C. - Psychodynamic Technique in the Treatment of the Eating Disorders
005005: WIMSATT, WILLIAM KURTZ - The Portraits of Alexander Pope
004944: WINDELER, ROBERT - Sweetheart: The Story of Mary Pickford
000284: WING, J. THURBER - Taliput Leaves: In the Path of the Sunrise {SIGNED}
005077: WINN, JAMES ANDERSON - John Dryden and His World
000766: WINN, DILYS - Murderess Ink: The Better Half of the Mystery
001160: TOM WINNIFRITH - The Brontes and Their Background: Romance and Reality
003392: PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA; WINSTON, DAVID (TRANS.) - Philo of Alexandria: The Contemplative Life, Giants and Selections
001607: WINTER, DOUGLAS E. - Stephen King: The Art of Darkness
000588: WISHINA, K. J. A. - The Glass Factory: A Filomena Buscarsela Mystery
002543: WITHERS, JOSEPHINE. - Julio Gonzalez: Les Matriaux De Son Expression
001219: WITT, LANA; SCRIBNER - Slow Dancing on Dinosaur Bones: A Novel
002585: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Girl in Blue
006929: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Prince and Betty
001228: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr. Mulliner Speaking
006930: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Intrusion of Jimmy
003923: WOFFINDEN, BOB - The Beatles Apart
005513: WOIWODE, LARRY - Poppa John
005717: WOLF, ALEXANDER - Psychotherapy of the Submerged Personality
000954: WOLF, BURT, ED. - What We Eat: The True Story of Why We Put Sugar in Our Coffee and Ketchup on Our Fries
002753: WOLF, ERIC R. - Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century
002468: WOLF, ERIC R., AND HANSEN, EDWARD C. - The Human Condition In Latin America
002745: WOLF, MARGERY - Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan
003118: WOLF, BURT; ARONSON, EMILY; FABRICANT, FLORENCE - The New Cooks' Catalogue
000372: WOLF, CHRISTA - Cassandra: A Novel and Four Essays
002382: WOLF, ERIC R. - Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis
003333: WOLF, EDWIN - A Descriptive Catalogue of the John Frederick Lewis Collection of European Manuscripts in the Free Library of Philadelphia
000791: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Good Child's River
001769: WOLFE, TOM - A Man in Full: A Novel
005563: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
001667: WOLFE, TOM - I Am Charlotte Simmons
001829: WOLFE, TOM - A Man in Full: A Novel
004024: WOLFE, TOM - The Purple Decades: A Reader
000140: WOLFF, TOBIAS - Back In The World
005506: WOLKSTEIN, DIANE;HENRIQUEZ, ELSA - The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folk Tales
000058: WOLMAN, BENJAMIN B., ED. - Handbook Of General Psychology
001537: WOLTERS, RICHARD A. - Gun Dog : Revolutionary Rapid Training Method
002685: WOOD, EDWARD W., JR. - Worshipping the Myths of World War II : Reflections on America's Dedication to War
003863: WOOD, JEAN M. - Prisms
007146: WOODBRIDGE, SALLY, ED. - Bay Area Houses. New Edition
002187: WOODRUFF, CAROLINE SALOME - My Trust and Other Verse
003977: WOODS, CRAIG - Fly Tying
001048: WOODWARD, STANLEY - The Sea - Reproductions of Paintings By Stanley Woodward
003209: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - The Common Reader
001932: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. EDITED BY ANNE OLIVER BELL - Granite & Rainbow ( Essays)
002223: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
003210: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - The Years
005847: WOOLF, LEONARD - Sowing
002953: WORSLEY, PETER - Modern Sociology. Introductory Readings
002766: WORTIS, JOSEPH M.D. - Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: Vol. IV
002765: WORTIS, JOSEPH M.D. - Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: Vol. VI
005251: WRAGG, DAVID W.;WRAGG, DAVID - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: 20th Century Military Blunders
003527: WRAXALL, NATHANIEL WILLIAM - The Historical and Posthumous Memoirs of Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall 1772-1784 Volume 1
003528: WRAXALL, NATHANIEL WILLIAM - The Historical and Posthumous Memoirs of Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall 1772-1784 Volume 4
001346: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD; KAUFMAN, EDGAR (EDITOR) - An American Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright
001803: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., GEORGE B. TATUM, JOHN W. MCCAUBREY, AND ROBERT C. SMITH - The Arts in America - The Colonial Period
003455: WRIGHT, CHARLES - Appalachia
003849: WRIGHT, RICHARD - The Long Dream
006931: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD; KAUFMAN, EDGAR (EDITOR) - Genius and the Mobocracy
003484: WRIGLEY, ROBERT - Moon in a Mason Jar: Poems
005812: WRISTON, JOHN C., JR. - Vermont Inns &Taverns Pre-Revolution to 1925
007244: WRISTON, JOHN C., JR. - Vermont Inns &Taverns Pre-Revolution to 1925
005528: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIME WRITERS - Murderous Schemes: An Anthology of Classic Detective Stories
001594: WU, RUSONG;WANG, HONGTU;HUANG, YING;PEARCE, RICHARD R. - Sun Zi's Art of War and Health Care
006851: WULLNER, ADOLPH - Lehrbuch der Experimentalphysik. Fifth Edition
005041: WULP, JOHN - John Wulp
003564: WYDENBRUCK, NORA - Rilke: Man and Poet
005813: WYETH, ANDREW - Wyeth at Kuerners
003067: WYLIE, LAURENCE - Village In The Vaucluse: An Account Of The Life In A French Village
004503: WYLLIE, ROBERT E. - Orders, Decorations and Insignia: Military and Civil
001943: WYMAN, DAVID S. - The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945
003850: WYNNE, ANTHONY - Death Out of the Night
006165: WYSS, JOHANN.; GILBERT, JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Swiss family Robinson; or, Adventures in a Desert Island. New Edition
000227: WATT, JAMES C.Y. AND FORD, BARBARA BRENNAN - East Asian Lacquer. The Florence and Herbert Irving Collection
004005: YACOWAR, MAURICE - Method in Madness: The Comic Art of Mel Brooks
004653: YADIN, YIGAEL; GOTTLIEB, GERALD - The Story of Masada, Retold for Young Readers
007233: YAHIL, LENI - The Holocaust: The Fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945 (Studies in Jewish History)
002247: YALMAN, NUR - Under the Bo Tree : Studies in Caste, Kinship and Marriage in the Interior of Ceylon
002469: YANG, MARTIN C. - A Chinese Village-Taitou, Shantung, Province
004550: YARMOLINSKY, ADAM - The Military Establishment: Its Impacts on American Society
002205: YATES, RAYMOND F. - The Hobby Book of Stenciling and Brush-Stroke Painting
002016: YATES, RAYMOND F. - Antique Reproduction for the Home Craftsman
006975: YEATS, W.B. - Early Poems and Stories
002535: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Mythologies
003623: MENUHIN, YEHUDI AND DAVIS, CURTIS W. - The Music of Man
004217: YELLIN, DAVID - Maimonides
001176: CHUNG KYUNG-YEUN - Chung, Kyung Yeun (1990 Chicago Exhibition Catalog)
001177: CHUNG KYUNG-YEUN - Artworld of Chung, Kyung-Yeun
003090: YONKMAN, FREDERICK F., ED - Reserpine in the Treatment of Neuropsychiatric, Neurological, and Related Clinical Problems. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 61 Article 1
005961: YORIZZO, JOSEPH J. (CURATOR) - The Bryant Library 100 Years 1878 - 1978
001968: NEW YORK, HASTINGS HOUSE [1967] - New England Legends and Folklore
003025: NEW YORKER - Christmas At The New Yorker: Stories, Poems, Humor, And Art
002658: YOSHIDA, TETSURO - Gardens of Japan
002724: YOUNG, T. CUYLER, ED. - Near Eastern Culture and Society: A Symposium on the Meeting of East and West
004688: YOUNG, JOHN ROBERT - The Dragon's Teeth: Inside China's Armed Forces
006963: YOUNG, NORWOOD - Napoleon in Exile at St. Helena (1815 - 1821) Volumes I and II
006180: YOUNG, JOHN E., ET AL, COMMISSIONERS - Fifteenth Annual Report of the New Hampshire State Tax Commission, Tax Year 1925
002497: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures Of The Pharaohs. The Early Period, The New Kingdom, The Late Period
006385: LU YU (BURTON WATSON, TRANS.) - Old Man Who Does As He Pleases: Poems & Prose
006330: ZACHWATOWICZ, JAN - Polish Architecture
005735: ZAHOUREK, ROTHLYN P. - Clinical Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestion in Patient Care
003063: ZARD, BARBARA; HIERONYMUS, CLARA - Requiem for a Nun: Onstage and Off
004185: ZEITLIN, SOLOMON - Maimonides : A Biography
003083: ZELLIOT, ELEANOR - Bibliography on Untouchability
000537: ZIESK, EDRA - A Cold Spring: A Novel
004803: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Prints and Their Creators: A World History. 2nd Revised Edition
005698: ZILBERGELD, BERNIE;EDELSTIEN, M. GERALD - Hypnosis: Questions & Answers
005745: ZIMBERG, SHELDON - The Clinical Management of Alcoholism
004487: ZIRBEL, CRAIG I. - Texas Connection: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
003762: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
003995: ZSUFFA, JOSPEH - Bela Balazs: The Man and the Artist
005390: ZUCKERMAN, EDWARD - The Day After World War Ill

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